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Sharon Carver The Rock Vol State 500K 2018

Day 9 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)

Congrats to Jackson, Tennessee’s David Oglesby on reaching The Rock to finish the prestigious Last Annual Vol State 500K.

I met David at local 5K’s in Jackson 8+ years ago and dubbed him ‘5K Dave’ because that’s where I would always see him. He then delved into the dark side and ran a half marathon, marathon, ultramarathon, 100 miler, and now a 314 mile ultra from Missouri all the way to Georgia.

From this day forward ‘5K Dave’ is now ‘500K Dave.’

He is the fifth Jacksonian to ever complete the Vol State 500K and was the 50th finisher. 5, 50, 500.

You define what Run It Fast is all about, David. That relentless attitude to give it all. He was also one of RIF’s very first members being RIF #19.

Run It Fast’s Sharon Carver had never gone further than 40 miles before starting LAVS as a unscrewed runner. She had her highs and lows throughout the race along with her doubts but her positive spirit carried her 314 miles to The Rock where she finished in 8:10:59:02. A new personal long by +274 miles. Congrats, Sharon.

Overall Top Finishers – tracker
1. Grant Maughan – 3:22:02:59 – 314 Miles – KING OF THE ROAD
2. Rhoda Smoker – 4:12:05:35 – 314 Miles – First Female to The Rock (3rd fastest female time ever)
3. Andrea Kooiman – 4:14:40:59 – 314 Miles (2nd Female, 4th fastest female time ever) RIF
4. Brian Trinkle – 4:19:59:23 – 314 Miles
5. Alan Abbs – 4:19:59:40 – 314 Miles
6. Regina Sooey – 4:20:27:54 – 314 Miles (3rd female)
7. Rich Flint – 5:00:19:35 – 314 Miles
8. Douglas Long – 5:01:17:13 – 314 Miles
9. J.T. Hardy – 5:01:19:13 – 314 Miles
10. Tim Purol – 5:11:45:45 – 314 Miles
11. Kimberly Durst – 5:19:06:50 – 314 Miles (4th female)
12. Rob Greer – 5:20:41:40
13. Carl Kidwell – 5:21:28:14
14. Cathy Downes – 5:21:28:59 (5th female) RIF
15. Bo Millwood – 5:21:43:43
16. James Fleming – 6:00:34:51
17. Terry Bonnett – 6:07:04:36
18. Lisa Van Wolde – 6:07:13:11 RIF
19. Steven Smith – 6:07:30:09 RIF
20. Seth Crowe – 6:09:05:45 RIF
21. Seth Wolpin – 6:09:55:16
22. Chris Clemens – 6:15:34:57 RIF
23. Ben Yancey – 6:18:37:39
24. Chad Burgess – 6:23:20:06
25. Rebecca Gartell – 6:23:20:28
26. Ken Chappell – 6:22:44:59
27. Jim Halsey – 7:01:35:07
28. Eric Houser – 7:03:13:34
29. Sherry Meador – 7:04:00:40 RIF
30. Anastasia Hutchings – 7:04:01:04
31. Sal Coll – 7:04:01:57 RIF
32. Cary Long – 7:06:24:24 RIF
33. David Nichols – 7:06:39:29 RIF
34. Ray Krolewicz – 7:06:54:32
35. Angie White – 7:10:30:41
36. Kelly Shaer – 7:10:31:19
37. Rob Donkersloot – 7:11:56:04
38. Sergio Bianchini – 7:18:55:10
39. Rick Lehto – 7:18:55:56
40. Kendra Schoffstall – 7:20:32:36 RIF
41. Harold Donnelly – 7:21:02:20
42. Danny Warren – 7:22:34:17
43. Bernadette Dubois – 7:23:51:30
44. Natalia Harrison – 7:23:52:52
45. Shenoa Creer – 8:03:13:33
46. Polly Choate – 8:03:32:30
47. Jameelah Abudul-Rahim Musaahid – 8:04:25:04
48. Tasha Holland – 8:05:52:42
49. Cathy Nevans – 8:07:07:03
50. David Oglesby – 8:07:08:14 RIF
51. Ruth Cunningham – 8:08:42:20
52. Janet Duncan – 8:09:57:53
53. Sharon Carver – 8:10:59:02 RIF
54. Laurie Matecki – 8:11:17:33
55. Cherie McCafferty – 8:13:47:34
56. Ray Baum – 8:14:30:22
57. Clay Vick – 8:15:03:21
58. Karen Heath – 8:15:37:35
59. Colin Heath – 8:15:38:02
60. Michael Crenshaw – 8:16:14:45

216 Hour Run It Fast at LAVS Check-In Update
Andrea Casella Kooiman – 4:14:40:59
Cathy Downes – 5:21:28:59
Lisa Van Wolde – 6:07:13:11
Steven Smith – 6:07:30:09
Seth Crowe – 6:09:05:45
Chris Clemens – 6:15:34:57
Sherry Meador – 7:04:00:40
Sal Bill Coll – 7:04:01:57
Cary Long – 7:06:24:24
David Nichols – 7:06:39:29
Kendra Fields Schoffstall – 7:20:32:36
David Oglesby – 8:07:08:14
Sharon Carver – 8:10:59:02
Beth Ann Russell Hosick – 301

Day 8 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)
Day 7 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)
Day 6 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)
Day 5 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)
Day 4 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)
Day 3 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)
Day 2 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)
Day 1 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)

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Kevin Gerteisen David Nichols VS500K 2018

Day 2 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)

Day 2 is always brutal at the Vol State 500K. The excitement and adrenaline is gone, the sun is hotter and brighter, and the miles are slower….and slower…and slower. It even had a shocker as 3x King of the Road RIF Greg Armstrong dropped from the race at mile 113 just past Parsons, TN. This left the Australian Grant Maughan with the lead and at the end of day 2 (48 Hours) Grant had accumulated 162 miles.

On the women’s side there was a change overnight as Regina Sooey, who was 1 mile behind of Andrea Kooiman, at the 36 hour check in, took over the lead at the 48 hour check in with 159 miles. Amazing performance so far as she seems to be getting stronger and is second overall to Grant just by 3 miles.

Kooiman had a strong second day as well putting down 63 miles and currently resides at 154 miles for 3rd overall/2nd female.

Other notable mentions are Cathy Downs who put down a very strong 50 miles on day 2 and is currently at 117 miles and is 5th female. Steven Smith continues to use his VS experience to move up the leaderboard as does former King Juli Aistars.

Cary Long, despite his comedy show tapings of death, continues to impress with actual numbers as he is at 107 miles. The Double D(iane)’s keep pushing the field forward from behind with 70/71 miles. If Seth Crowe would have had a few more dimes for Sandy he might be a bit further down the road as well. However, without Sandy he’s put down an impressive 105 miles.

David Nichols is at a cool 102 miles as well after some Armour from RIF Kevin Gerteisen, who after DNFing has remained on the course to help and crew other runners. Bravo!

The Double Diane’s (D’s) Diane Taylor and Diane Durden continue to push the field from behind with 71 and 70 miles.

Sadly we lost Tom Orr to the Meat Wagon this morning. That leaves 18 of the 21 RIF members who started the race in contention for The Rock.

Run It Fast Members @ LAVS
48 Hour Totals (miles) – tracker
Andrea Casella Kooiman – 154 (3rd overall/2nd female)
Cathy Downes – 117 (5th female)
Steven Smith – 113
Lisa Van Wolde – 113
Juli Aistars – 107
Cary Long – 107
Seth Crowe – 105
Rachael Anderson – 102
David Nichols – 102
Chris Clemens – 99
Sherry Meador – 92
Kendra Fields Schoffstall – 92
Sharon Carver – 82
Beth Ann Russell Hosick – 82
David Oglesby – 82
James Tom Orr – DNF 82
Sal Bill Coll – 77
Diane Durden – 71
Diane Taylor – 70
DNF’s: Kevin Gerteisen 57, Greg Armstrong 113, Tom Orr 82

The road is long and hard…cleansing and rewarding. Great work by everyone that remains on the long road to The Rock.

Day 1 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)

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‘The Rock’ – Marylou Corino’s Vol State 500K Race Report (2015)

‘The Rock’ – Marylou Corino’s Vol State 500K Race Report (2015)

Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde Finish Vol State 500K First Females - Run It Fast 2015

The Rock

“We were born to blaze new trails and roads, partake in great adventures, take daring risks, be God strong and foolishly courageous. “Let faith not fear be your compass” and so began on Thursday July 9th, 2015 at 7:30am, a journey of a lifetime, a journey to the rock.

Just before the Last Supper, Greg Armstrong and his beautiful wife Shelley spent almost 2 hrs with Lisa Van Wolde and I, going over the route, showing us maps and providing us with amazing insights about the race. We greatly appreciated them graciously giving their time to help us, newbies to Volstate. People like them truly make our sport the best in the world. At the LAST SUPPER, we met Lazarus Lake (the Race Director), got our shirts and went over a few rules. Things were becoming real and nerves were beginning to form.

Vol State 2015 Run It Fast Members Ferry

The next day, we were to meet at 7am at the Dorena-Hickman ferry. I, of course wanted to be there super early for fear of getting caught in morning rush hour traffic or lost. Lisa just shook her head at me. There is no traffic in Hickman Kentucky, none what so ever and getting lost was unlikely. Needless to say we were the first ones there. Due to high water levels, we had a 20 minute virtual ferry ride (which entailed standing for 20 minutes ) and then off we went.

We made it through Hickman Kentucky with relative ease and passed the Tennessee State Line. We would be in this wonderful “state on the sun” ( our new name for it ) for a good part of our journey.

Josh Tyner Vol State 500K with Marylou Corino and Lisa - Run It Fast

We were quite charmed by the little towns we were passing and were greeted by a few Run It Fast® members. Thank you Josh and Jamie! It was great to see them out there! ( a special thank you to Jamie’s wife for allowing us into her work to cool off). It was on our way from Martin to Dresden where we caught our first glimpse of heat and humidity. It seemed like the state road was freshly paved and that steam was rising from the ground. It was also the middle of the afternoon which probably didn’t help matters. Our focus changed quickly however because it was here were we first experienced the warmth and kindness of the people of Tennessee. This was to continue through the duration of our journey. Many handed us popsicles, freezes, water, ice and although we had crew, these were still uplifting moments. We made sure to tell every person we met that there were runners doing this on their own and to please find as many of them as they could.

Vol State Day 2 Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde

Our goal was to reach 9o miles (the town of Lexington) in the first day. That was our plan ( silly naïve Canadians- throw away the plan right Joshua Holmes? ) We didn’t quite make it there. Our total distance for day one was 76 miles. We knew after day one that our goals from then on would be the following a)not to plan b)survive the heat, c)keep moving forward, and d)listen to our bodies and enjoy this tremendous experience as it was already shaping out to be.

On day two, we made it to Lexington but not before passing some pretty towns, in particular Hungtindgon. In Lexington, we rewarded ourselves with sonic slushies and sweet tea. These two things were to be a staple for the remainder of this “ vacation on foot” as some people have called it. Once we turned left out of Lexington we knew we would be on the US 412 for roughly 95 miles until we hit Colombia. For a moment that seemed quite daunting but we knew it was the only way to get to the rock. We passed many towns on this long stretch of road including Parsons where we enjoyed a nice dinner listening to live music. We made the trek through the town of Linden at night and this seemed to be just one never ending climb with really no shoulder to run/walk on. We made it to the other end of town and took a much needed nap in the car. We ended day two with another 65 miles for a total of 141 miles.

Lisa Van Wolde and Marylou Corino Day 3 Vol State 500K Waterfall - Run It Fast

It was much hotter on day three and day four and it was starting to show. These two days were our low mileage days but included some incredible moments. We reached the halfway point ( 157) where we enjoyed a beautiful waterfall.

Marylou Corino Vol State 500K Bench of Despair 2015 - Run It Fast

We made a concentrated effort to look at the miles we covered and not the ones we still had yet to do. We hit the famous “Bench of Despair” which made us quite emotional. The store owners left a barrel of ice and water bottles and markers to sign our names and times on the bench which we gladly did.

The next 7-8 miles were quite beautiful and went by rather quickly. It was also on this road where a family left lawn chairs, an umbrella, food, shirts, salt pills and a number of different items for volstate runners. Again, one can’t help but get emotional at such a selfless act of kindness. We were going through a particularly hard, hot, humid, and hilly stretch into Lewisburg. We jokingly said that we could cross off running on the sun from our bucket list. We honestly felt like our skin was going to peel off. I remember making very small conversation with Lisa at which point she turned me and said “Mare I flatlined 3 hills ago” and that summarizes how we felt at times. Oddly enough, our skin didn’t peel off nor did we flatline. Day 3 and 4 saw us do 44 and 49 miles respectively for a total of 234 miles by the end of day 4.

The start of day 5 brought us to see our fourth sunrise. As the sun rose, so did we. It rejuvenated us. It was a new day, a new dawn. We had made it through yet another day in the Volstate. We also found this on the start of day 5 and were wondering if by using it we would get to the rock faster.

Day 5 Vol State 500K Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde

Running highs were amplified but so were the lows at Volstate. We embraced the highs, became humbled with the lows and moved one foot in front of the other. We thoroughly enjoyed running to the town of Wartrace and from there to the US41. It was early in the morning, quiet, scenic and peaceful, just us and the road. The miles flew by during this section and we both could say we were in a dream like running state. I had never felt that before. I made sure I was present for every step because I knew deep down, I was probably never going to feel that again. It was along US41 where Whitney, a runitfast member came to see us bringing with her strawberry popsicles and some much needed salt pills. Thank you! The end of Day 5 saw us climb 3 miles up Monteagle. We stopped at the top, lay on the floor and admired the sky full of stars trying to absorb this whole experience. We ended day 5 with 44 miles and a total of 278 miles. In the last five 5days, we spent approximately 2 hours out of the sun each day and rested on average between two to three hours at night. This strategy worked for us for every time we hit the road we felt re-energized and ready to move sometimes slow, sometimes slower but always forward.

We woke up on day 6 knowing that we were going to make it to the rock. We made it through Tracy City, Jasper and Kimball where we saw Lazarus, Steven ( who had finished Volstate the day before),
Bill ( who crewed Steven but always made sure we were okay when he saw us, Thank you Mr. Baker! ), John ( two time Volstate finisher- uncrewed) and Sue ( women’s record holder for Volstate!) Seeing them made us smile. We were near the 300 mile mark at this point.

Marylou Corino Vol State 500K Resting in Alabama - Run It Fast

We made it to the bottom of the Mountain, dug deep and began our 6 mile climb into Alabama through the cornfields to the rock.

Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde Finishing the 2015 Vol State 500K - Run It Fast

We had done it. 5 days , 8 hours , 6 minutes and 52 seconds later, we had made it.

There are so many people that were instrumental in our success. A special thank you to both our husbands who entertained the thought of us participating in this race and for taking care of things back home while we were away. To our crew. Alissa, Nikki Laura Lee and Bill. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel towards you and all you did for us over the 5 days, stopping every 3 miles, cooling us down, getting us food, being patient while we tended to our feet and just being positive and encouraging. We will forever be appreciative. ( I think Bill was taking the picture!)

Vol State 500K 1st Female Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde - Run It Fast

To all of you that came by to visit, to those at home cheering for us, and sending us positive vibes, Thank you! We used that to fuel us and keep going. A special mention to Joshua Holmes for believing that I could finish this race when I asked him about it back in December. Thank you. It was everything you said it would be and more. To God, who shined his light on us every day we were out there. Congratulations to all Volstate finishers this year and to those who didn’t finish, congratulations for having the courage to tow the start line. A special congratulations to my running partner and great friend Lisa who not only completed her first multiday but was “officially” the first female to touch the rock. I would not have had it any other way.

Vol State 500K Lisa Van Wolde and Marylou Corino with Lazarus Lake in Kimball 2015 - Run It Fast

This race enters your blood and becomes part of who you are. It touches your core and captures your soul. One lives so much in those 314 miles that it undeniably leaves its mark on you permanently. We are definitely not the same people that started the race. It is an experience that develops your character but at the same time reveals it. It tested our limits and in the process, made us go beyond them. The journey inspired us, brought us to your knees and at times made us feel broken physically, mentally and spiritually BUT it didn’t defeat us. Somehow ,somewhere , someway along this journey we become MORE stubborn and relentless than the VOL STATE and step by step we overcame and made it to the rock.

Marylou Corino (RIF #410)
July 9-15, 2015
Vintage Vol State 500K Race Reports

Day-by-Day Vol State 500K Recaps

Historical Vol State 500K Results

Run It Fast®

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Vol State Logo Rock 500K Last Finishers Diane Taylor Jay Hamilton Ben Pennington Terrie Wurzbacher – 2015

Day 11: The Vol State 500K Live Blog/Standings (2015)

Vol State Logo Rock 500K Last Finishers Diane Taylor Jay Hamilton Ben Pennington Terrie Wurzbacher - 2015

The final countdown is over as the 10 day, 240 hour clock has ticked out but not before all 5 remaining on the course finished 2015’s The Vol State 500K.

Congrats to Diane Taylor, Paul Heckert, Ben Pennington, Jay Hamilton, and Terrie Wurzbacher on their finishes. Terrie is the oldest female to every finish The Vol State 500K. Just an amazing feat for her and everyone.

Unofficial Final Standings below!

240 Hour Vol State 500K Standings 7:30am Sunday, July 19th (59 Finishers, 21 DNFs)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 3 days 22 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds (King of the Road)
  2. Johan Steene – 3 days 23 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds (uncrewed course record, 2nd overall)
  3. John Fegyveresi – 4 days 19 hours 28 minutes 54 seconds (3rd overall, uncrewed)
  4. Steven Smith – 4 days 20 hours 3 minutes 48 seconds
  5. Lisa Van Wolde – 5 days 8 hours 6 minutes 47 seconds (1st Female)
  6. Marylou Corino – 5 days 8 hours 6 minutes 52 seconds (T-1st/2nd Female)
  7. Jeremy Ebel – 5 days 16 hours 42 minutes 30 seconds (uncrewed)
  8. Andrea Stewart – 5 days 21 hours 33 minutes 59 seconds (3rd female, uncrewed)
  9. Jay Dobrowalski – 5 days 23 hours 34 minutes 38 seconds (uncrewed)
  10. James Adams – 6 days 5 hours 47 minutes 12 seconds (uncrewed)
  11. Sal Coll – 6 days 8 hours 4 minutes 25 seconds (uncrewed, 4x finisher)
  12. Bo Millwood – 6 days 10 hours 11 minutes 20 seconds (uncrewed)
  13. Karen Jackson – 6 days 10 hours 11 minutes 40 seconds (uncrewed)
  14. Rick Gray – 6 days 11 hours 10 minutes 8 seconds
  15. Lisa Hazlett – 6 days 11 hours 22 minutes 27 seconds
  16. David Lettieri – 6 days 15 hours 43 minutes 46 seconds (uncrewed)
  17. Michael Callans – 6 days 17 hours 17 minutes 5 seconds (uncrewed)
  18. Thomas Alm – 6 days 17 hours 29 minutes 9 seconds
  19. Timothy Daily – 6 days 17 hours 29 minutes 39 seconds
  20. Edward Masuoka – 6 days 20 hours 3 minutes 9 seconds (uncrewed)
  21. Ben Herron – 6 days 21 hours 5 minutes 29 seconds (uncrewed)
  22. Tim Purol – 6 days 21 hours 47 minutes 8 seconds (uncrewed)
  23. Jeffrey Stephens – 6 days 22 hours 20 minutes 44 seconds (uncrewed)
  24. Tom Dekornfield – 6 days 23 hours 4 minutes 42 seconds (uncrewed)
  25. Scott Krouse – 7 days 3 hours 32 minutes 27 seconds (uncrewed)
  26. Gina Fioroni – 7 days 7 hours 2 minutes 59 seconds (uncrewed)
  27. Thomas Skinner – 7 days 8 hours 15 minutes 34 seconds (uncrewed)
  28. Caleb Nolen – 7 days 9 hours 48 minutes 10 seconds (uncrewed)
  29. Shelly Mack – 7 days 10 hours 32 minutes 13 seconds
  30. Allen Wrinkle – 7 days 12 hours 0 minutes 2 seconds (uncrewed)
  31. John Sharp – 7 days 12 hours 0 minutes 18 seconds (uncrewed)
  32. Sherry Meador – 7 days 12 hours 58 minutes 18 seconds (uncrewed)
  33. Ally Gregory – 7 days 14 hours 25 minutes 40 seconds
  34. Christian McMahon – 7 days 16 hours 25 minutes 59 seconds
  35. Sergio Bianchini – 7 days 16 hours 46 minutes 9 seconds (uncrewed)
  36. Christopher Knight – 7 days 18 hours 8 minutes 52 seconds
  37. Shane Tucker – 7 days 23 hours 11 minutes 44 seconds
  38. Gregg Ellis – 8 days 1 hour 24 minutes 40 seconds
  39. Joshua Swink – 8 days 4 hours 38 minutes 32 seconds
  40. Johnny Adams – 8 days 5 days 22 minutes 28 seconds
  41. Richard McKnight – 8 days 5 hours 8 minutes 20 seconds
  42. John Price – 8 days 6 hours 13 minutes 1 second
  43. Don Winkley – 8 days 7 hours 36 minutes 14 seconds
  44. Dallas Smith – 8 days 10 hours 9 minutes 11 seconds
  45. Jameelah Abdul-Rahim – 8 days 12 hours 13 minutes 34 seconds
  46. Fred Davis III – 8 days 12 hours 47 minutes 38 seconds
  47. Gilbert Gray – 8 days 12 hours 48 minutes 21 seconds
  48. Troy Johnson – 8 days 22 hours 52 minutes 54 seconds
  49. Cathie Johnson – 8 days 22 hours 52 minutes 59 seconds
  50. Garry Price – 9 days 4 hours 40 minutes 23 seconds
  51. Lynda Webber – 9 days 4 hours 58 minutes 39 seconds
  52. Tim Loudermilk – 9 days  8 hours 8 minutes 10 seconds
  53. Joseph Kowalski – 9 days 9 hours 17 minutes 50 seconds
  54. Bill Haecker – 9 days 12 hours 42 minutes 8 seconds
  55. Paul Heckert – 9 days 15 hours 46 minutes 37 seconds
  56. Diane Taylor – 9 days 21 hours 29 minutes 8 seconds
  57. Ben Pennington – 9 days 21 hours 29 minutes 47 seconds
  58. Jay Hamilton – 9 days 21 hours 30 minutes 24 seconds
  59. Terrie Wurzbacher – 9 days 21 hours 30 minutes 37 seconds

DID NOT FINISH (21): Richard Westbook 257 miles, Remy Brandefalk 249 miles, Sandy Geisel 189 miles, Francesca Muccini 188 miles, Jeff McGonnell 165 miles, Nathan Dewall 145 miles, Joe Ninke 145 miles, Mike Delang mile 135, Curt Chambers mile 130, Dale Rucker mile 125, Marcia Rasmussen mile 125, Ronald Trignano 109 miles, Sue Scholl mile 107, John Rasmussen mile 92, Ann Kerkman 83 miles, Troy Varney 83 miles, Brian Pickett mile 78, Betty Holder 56 miles, Michael Melton mile 54, Amanda McMahon mile 45, Larry Phillips mile 39

*bold = Run It Fast Club members



Day-by-Day Vol State 5ooK Recaps

Vintage Vol State 500K Race Reports

Historical Vol State 500K Results

– Run It Fast®

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Upchuck 50K Trophy – 2015 – Run It Fast

Upchuck 50K Trophy (2014)

Upchuck 50K Trophy - 2015 - Run It Fast

Here is one of the trophies from the Upchuck 50K that took place on November 8, 2014 in Chattanooga, TN.


[medal photo submitted by Nathan Holland – @ndholland]

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Karl Studtmann Fastest Mile in Jackson Awards

Matt Joyner Wins The Fastest Mile in Jackson (Results)

Matt Joyner and Foster Johnstone - Fastest Mile in Jackson BD

Jackson native Matt Joyner won The Fastest Mile in Jackson (TN) on December 26, 2014, with a time of 4:30.0. He was able to hold off a charging Foster Johnstone, who finished in 4:31.4. Third place went to Jack Goodwin in 4:46.6.

The race took place in North Jackson on the Frontage Road next to the 45-Bypass.

Kayla Puzdrakiewicz was the female winner finishing with a time of 6:00.1. Second place female was Erin Ross in 6:57.3 and third place female went to Myra Krenis in 7:23.0.

Karl Studtmann Fastest Mile in Jackson Awards

Karl Studtmann dominated the Masters (40+) winning with a time of 5:42.5. Second masters was James Krenis 6:08.0 and third masters went to Mike Bell in 6:19.0.

The Fastest Mile in Jackson Results
1. Matthew Joyner – 4:30.0 (21)
2. Foster Johnstone – 4:31.4 (20)
3. Jack Goodwin – 4:46.6 (17)
4. Benj Lance – 5:22.3 (26)
5. Andrew Hill – 5:28.9 (33)
6. Will Pucek – 5:33.0 (13)
7. Luke Simon – 5:33.0 (25)
8. Joshua Holmes – 5:37.4 (36)
9. Karl Studtmann – 5:42.5 (51) – Master’s Winner
10. Ben Pennington – 5:59.1 (29)
11. Kayla Puzdrakiewicz – 6:00.1 (16) Female Winner
12. James Krenis – 6:08.0 (48)
13. Mike Bell – 6:19.0 (46)
14. Kevin Knott – 6:24.9 (49)
15. Erin Ross – 6:57.3 (34)
16. Myra Krenis – 7:23.0 (35)

More Detailed Look at TFMIJ Results

The Fastest Mile in Jackson on Facebook

[Race hosted by Run It Fast® via Joshua Holmes]

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Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon Logo

Chickamauga Marathon Women’s Winner DQ’d for Finishing Too Fast

Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon Logo

Tabatha Hamilton was the female winner of the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon on Saturday finishing in 2:55:39 seconds. A very fast time for a female finisher of any marathon. And even more impressive is the way she closed in posting one of the biggest negative splits in marathon history by running the last 13.1 miles in 49 minutes, after she had, in comparison, slowly ran the first half in 2 hours 6 minutes and 51 seconds.

Red flags were flown immediately upon analysis of the numbers and the race officials of the race disqualified Hamilton for finishing too fast aka cheating.

Race officials determined that it was impossible for Hamilton to cover the last half of the marathon in 49 minutes after finishing the first 13.1 miles in 2:06:51, according to the Chattanooga Track Club.

The 31-year-old Trenton, Ga., resident told at least one person, when asked if she did the full marathon, that she ran all 26.2 miles, crossed the final timing mat at 2 hours, 55 minutes, 39 seconds.

She was removed from the official results Sunday night.

Contacted early this afternoon, Hamilton told the Times Free Press that no one had told her she had been disqualified, and she insisted again that she completed the full marathon. She disputed the reported time for her first 13.1 miles, saying that her husband was looking at his watch as she ran by and called out to her then that she was at 1:36:51. [Chattanooga Times Free Press

Nashville’s Lillian Gilmer, from Nashville, finished a distance second in 3:21:28 to Hamilton but having actually ran all 26.2 miles. Gilmer has now been named the rightful winner of the 2014 Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon. Congratulations to Lillian!

More and more stories of cheating are starting to pop up at marathons and ultramarathons across the country. There is also probably a good bit of doping going on as well by those looking for a competitive edge to be the king or queen of the amateurs.

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Southern Tennessee Power Classic Marathon Medal 2014 – Run It Fast

Southern Tennessee Power Classic Marathon Medal (2014)

Southern Tennessee Power Classic Marathon Medal 2014 - Run It Fast

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Southern Tennessee Power Classic Marathon that took place on October 4, 2014 in Winchester, Tennessee.

This was the 5th running of this race. For the first four years it was called the Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon.


[medal photo submitted by RIF #4 Marj Mitchell (@marathonmarj)]

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Barkley Fall Classic Medal 2014 – Run It Fast

The Barkley Fall Classic Medal (2014)

Barkley Fall Classic Medal 2014 - Run It Fast

Here is the unique finisher’s medal from the The Barkley Fall Classic that took place on September 20, 2014 in Wartburg, Tennessee, at Frozen Head State Park.

An image of Barkley/Vol State 500K/Back Yard Ultra creator Lazarus Lake aka Gary Cantrell adorns the center of this medal, with the phrase ‘Where Bad Things Happen’ underneath his face, along with the name of the race at the top of the medal.

This was the inaugural running of The Barkley Fall Classic which takes place on the same gnarly and nasty trails that the infamous Barkley Marathons (100 Miler) takes place on in the Spring.

The Inaugural Barkley Fall Classic Results

The BFC was advertised as a 50K but almost every runner said it was closer to 35 or 36 miles. The course included over 10,000 feet of climbing and over 10,000 feet of descent as well.

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[medal photo submitted by RIF #317 Tim Waz – follow him on Twitter @timwaz]

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Lazarus Lake at The Barkley Fall Classic by Jobie Williams – Run It Fast

The Inaugural Barkley Fall Classic Results (2014)

Lazarus Lake at The Barkley Fall Classic by Jobie Williams - Run It Fast

Lazarus Lake and Steve Durbin debuted the inaugural Barkley Fall Classic on September 20, 2014 at Frozen Head State Park in East Tennessee. The race took place on the famed trails where the Barkley Marathons (100 Miler), the toughest footrace in the world, takes place every spring.

This was a scaled down ‘runner friendly’ version with aid stations, course markings, and was advertised as a 50K but many runners claimed it was closer to 36 miles on the rough and wicked trails of FHSP.

Read more (click HERE) about The Barkley Fall Classic description from Laz’s announcement of the race back earlier this year.

The finishing times were a bit faster than expected but still very slow by any 50K standard.

Darren Thomas was the winner finishing in 6:28:26. He was closely tailed by runner-up Scott Breeden in 6:33:25 with Henry Wakley not too far behind in 6:41:02 for third.

Top 10 Overall The Barkley Fall Classic

  1. Darren Thomas – 6:28:26
  2. Scott Breeden – 6:33:25
  3. Henry Wakley – 6:41:02
  4. Michael Jones – 7:54:44
  5. Andrew Snope – 8:12:17
  6. Jack Kurisky – 8:15:02
  7. Brad Reed – 8:31:25
  8. Nicklaus Combs – 8:32:45
  9. Keith Knipling – 8:32:45
  10. Jeffrey Garstecki – 8:37:58

Kathy Smith was the female winner in 8:56:16. She was chased by runner-up Beth Frye who finished ten minutes back in 9:06:08. Third place went to Brooke McClanahan in 9:32:23

Top 5 The Barkley Fall Classic Women

  1. Kathy Smith – 8:56:16
  2. Beth Frye – 9:06:08
  3. Brooke McClanahan – 9:32:23
  4. Kendra Versendaal – 9:44:39
  5. Michelle McLellan – 9:46:41

The Run It Fast®- Club had several members at the race. Nicklaus Combs finished highest in 8th place in 8:32:45. Shane Tucker 12:08:28. Tim Waz 12:14:00. Roy Tamez 12:22:48. Terri Durbin 12:51:29.

The race had 156 finishers with David Milner being the last runner across the finish line in 13:18:01.

VIEW ALL of the 2014 Barkley Fall Classic RESULTS

[image: Jobie Williams/RIF]

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