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Josh Hite – Feb Boswell 2011 Scenic City Trail Marathon

2011 Scenic City Trail Marathon Race Report – Josh Hite

Scenic City Trail Marathon (May 20, 2011)

Mid May 2009 I watched the video over and over.  It was what I wanted – a trail marathon that was nearby.  Tired of driving to Pennsylvania and just west of Little Rock, I wanted a fast, trail marathon that was still a trail.  Rails to trails would not satiate my craving.  I grew up on trails.  I used to drive from my house in Valley Forge to Hampton.  There I could hit the AT in just about three miles.  Later I was able to drive fifteen minutes to get lost on the trails of the Big South Fork.  Now, it was time to return to my roots.  The Scenic City Trail Marathon, where a new state record could easily be accomplished (or so they said), was just a few days out.  I sat in my office chair and watched the five minute video (more than once).

A few days before eyeing this marathon my second son was born.  A few days before that, I couldn’t run.  The sciatic nerve stopped me in my tracks.  There were several days of walking without any running.  Now, not just tackling this trail marathon but placing in the trail marathon became a new goal.

That was all two years ago.  I hurt that marathon.  I felt the injury, but I ran well enough to place second.  The next year I wanted to go sub three and take a new state record for a trail marathon.  Dane and Nick had different ideas.  Nick beat me by almost three minutes, and Dane beat me by more than a decade, or so it felt.  When I came out of the woods, I saw the clock tick from 2:59:59 to 3:00:00.  Still good enough for third.

2011 would be another strike at sub three on the Scenic City Trail Marathon course.  I didn’t even think about first place; Josh Wheeler was in the race.  He beat me daily on the stage race.  When I crushed the first half of the Lookout Mountain 50 miler (not knowing what I was doing), he was the only one in front of me.  Boy Wonder excelled at the trails.  He is an amazing Rock/Creek teammate, and I didn’t even think about pulling an upset over him.  Then I was given bib 1.  He was bib 4.  Feb Boswell, a friend from Memphis, with whom I had raced several times, was bib 2.  With the first few bibs in seeded order, this meant I had a target on my back.  A thirty minute delay of the start helped others see my displayed target.  All this was working on me mentally.  What little mental stability I had was disappearing.

We started with a helicopter overhead.  The first part of the course had been changed, but we bulleted out.  Everyone must have wanted to make up the thirty minute delay.  I ran a sub 6:00 pace with a dozen people in front of me.  Wheeler was out there.   My friend and teammate Owen Bradley led around the first corner.  Two weeks earlier I ran a mile with him at the Strolling Jim.  He chatted leisurely at me while I tried to stay with him from mile 29-30 of the race.  He ran ten more miles than I did at that time, and I thought I was going to die trying to stay with him at that pace.  This time, I didn’t see him again until when I finished.  He explained what I saw slightly after the start of the race: everyone in front of Feb and I ran into the woods too early.  Wheeler and two others came back out confused and right in front of us.  They were directed to turn (as the old course did), but it was not the new course.  The hit trails a half mile too early.  Some may have lost thirty seconds with the wrong turn.  Teammate Matt Sims came up beside Feb and I in the first mile to help assure me that I was going the right way.  Feb and I hit the trails together, where we were supposed to hit them.

The first two miles clicked on my watch and were verified by a sign some ten feet later.  Just under thirteen minutes meant we were too fast.  6:52 gets you through if you are trying to break three.  6:30 is too fast.  We both said we should slow down.  After all, we decided, Wheeler was the only marathoner in front of us.  We hit the five mile mark at 32:40.  We slowed by :03 per mile – not enough.  Feb and I switched front and back and pushed on.  My watch was about 5% off on the measurement.  Feb said his was off by almost 15%.  Cursed technology!!!  By the time we hit ten miles, his was off by nearly 20% and mine was off by 8%.  63:20 for ten miles means that you have been running a 6:20 pace (on trails!).  6:20 pace translates to a 2:47 marathon.  We both realized that if we did not slow down, we would be slowing down in a non-voluntary fashion.  We would blow up.  I just wanted to hang on until the top of the hill at eighteen.  I could take the rest if this were the case.  We hit the twelve mile mark at 1:17.  Last year, I slowed to ask how far back I was.  This year I asked for water.  Dawson Wheeler poured into my small flask and questioned what I was doing with such a small water bottle.  My only answer was that I was trying to catch his son.  With a smirk, he sent me on my way with a full flask.  The water stop at fifteen met me with the doubts of hitting the top of the next hill with all me energy.  I was starting to blow up.

Feb pulled away.  He was out of sight by the time I hit the base of the hill.  The mental dagger was only dulled with the thought that I was still third.  I gave the hill and the next a strong showing.  I was starting to lap people.  I came on Angela Ivory first.  Her smile seems to always make my pain go away.  It did this time too, just temporarily.  At twenty-two a lady told me I could catch the guy ahead of me if I push it.  I thought Feb must have been fading.  She then said, “You’re in fourth!!!”  How could this be?  Fourth?  She had to be mistaken.  Only Wheeler was fast enough to be in front of Feb and me for the first blazing half.  I knew that she was confused.  Then I started thinking.  I started doubting.  I was souring.  It could have been the heat.  My Patagonia shirt had never been so wet.  Not even in the washing machine could it be this drenched.  It was not the heat, it was fatigue.  Bumping my mileage by almost thirty miles per week starting in May could be a downfall.  My legs were not tired though.  My heart was.  The race did not click mentally anymore.  By the time I hit the hill at twenty two and two ladies told me there was a snake on the trail, I was walking in front of people.  The news of being in fourth place had been the proverbial straw.  My back broke.

Encouragement at 22.1 water stop helped me muster some “running” legs.  I stumbled along trying to catch Feb.  I saw him on a ridge ahead of me.  Feb was weak, but I could tell he had more strength than me at this time.  He had put in a good run.  When I exited the woods, I looked for him crossing the finish line.  It had happened a few minutes before that.  He was third.  I was fourth.  My family greeted me after the finish.  I did not expect their presence but welcomed it.

I spent the next few hours shaking hands and cheering people to the finish.  The lesson from this race took a while to come to me.  The next day I ran twenty in order to try to prepare for the stage race.  I guess that I can use the mileage, but I was a little disappointed with my run.  What did not disappoint me were the people and the race itself.  My running friends are always a blessing.  I have been lucky that I have been able to experience that blessing towards the end of May for the past three years.  I tell people that I will be back.  The first year I was second.  The second year I was third.  The third year I was fourth.  I must come back and get fifth next year. …maybe a sub three too.

Josh Hite

2011 Scenic City Trail Marathon Finisher’s Medal

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Race Bandits Run Again

We sit on Madrid’s Plaza Mayor drinking beer and eating blood sausage, Albino and I.

My overnight flight into Madrid arrived this Saturday morning. Albino drove down to meet me from his home in Burgos, a city in the mountains 150 miles north of here. After walking around Madrid a bit, we’ve landed here. It is a little chilly but pleasantly sunny this February afternoon.

We sit at a table outside, the busy plaza spread before us.

Sharing our table are Belen and Yeya, two young women Albino called a few minutes ago. They are his age, which is half my age. I’m too sleepy to care about that, having missed a night’s sleep on the plane. We order another round of beer, another plate of tapas. Belen puffs Marlboros, Ducados for Yeya. The marathoners abstain.

You could argue that Albino and I ought to not be here. We are scheduled to run the Barcelona Marathon. We should be resting, saving our energy for the big show. But then that’s not until next weekend. Meanwhile, we have business here.

Read the full story by Dallas Smith by clicking HERE

Start of Madrid's Third Latina Half Marathon

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Kentucky Derby Festival Medal 2011

2011 Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon Medal

Here is the impressive and massive finisher’s bling from the 2011 Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon that took place in Louisville, Kentucky on April 30, 2011.

The overall winner was Peter Kemboi (2:24:59) and the female winner was Veronika Lopatina (2:41:24).

Photos of the Kentucky Derby Festival Finisher’s Medal

Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon & Mini Marathon Website

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Scenic City Trail Marathon Medal with Ribbon 2011

2011 Scenic City Trail Marathon Medal

Here are a couple of photos of the 2011 Scenic City Trail Marathon finisher’s medal from the race that is put on by local outdoor store Rock Creek.

The marathon and half marathon take place on Raccoon Mountain just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The 2011 Scenic City Trail Marathon was won by Aaron Saft (2:47:44) and Sarah Woerner (3;13:34 course record).

Rock Creek does a great job with their trail series. They put on several well attended trail races throughout the year.

2011 Scenic City Trail Marathon Finisher’s Medal Photos

Rock Creek Trail Series Website

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Emily Conley & Old Cranky

Run It Fast’s Emily Conley Spotlighted in Memphis Paper

Ultra trail marathoner Emily Conley, who contributes to Run It Fast from time to time, was featured in an article about her running in the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper this morning.

Conley told the CA, “Trail runs are primarily what I do,” she said. “It’s an opportunity to unplug from gadgets and from commitments. It’s a real release being out in nature. It’s almost therapeutic.”


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Sammy-Wanjiru-Beijing Olympics

Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist Sammy Wanjiru Found Dead at 24

Kenyan marathoner Sammy Wanjiru was found dead in Kenya today. He was just 24-years old.

One report has that he died after jumping off the balcony at his Kenyan home.

Wanjiru won gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics with an Olympic record time of 2:06:32.  He also won the London and Chicago Marathons.

His fastest marathon was a 2:05:10 at the 2009 London Marathon.

American marathon champ Ryan Hall tweeted his condolences, “Incredibly sad news about Sammy. I am shocked and saddened.”

Wanjiru’s manager Federico Rosa has confirmed Sammy’s death.

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Drew Carey Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon Time

Drew Carey Runs Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in 1:57:02

Actor/comedian Drew Carey finished the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon on Sunday morning with an unofficial time of 1:57:02 according to a tweet Carey sent immediately after the race.

Carey, a former Marine, has lost nearly a 100 pounds over the last couple of years after doctors told him he was going to die if he didn’t change his eating and exercise habits.  He trained hard for his first half-marathon as his finishing time shows.

Congrats to Drew on his first half marathon!  Hopefully he will continue to run and inspire others!

Read More About Drew Carey

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The Middle Half Marathon Logo

Murfreesboro’s ‘The Middle Half’ Has 500 Spots Left

I received an email this morning from Melinda Tate, the RD for The Middle Half (Marathon) in Murfreesboro, TN, that the race has less than 500 spots left for the popular half marathon that takes place on October 15th.

Less that 500 spots are available for The Middle Half which will be held Saturday, October 15, 2011.

Once the race sells out, the cap will not be increased and there is no waiting list.


Thanks to those of you who have already signed up…it’s going to be a fun year!

Melinda Tate
Race Director

The course is extremely flat and a great one to set a PR on.

Estes better hop on this now to retain his title as the ‘Half King!’


The Middle Half Website

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Strolling Jim 33 Winner 2011 Leah Thorvilson, Joshua Holmes,  Jeff Matlock, Josh Hite, Charlie Taylor, Trent Rosenbloom

33rd Annual Strolling Jim 40 Miler Results

Here are the results from the 33rd Annual Strolling Jim 40 Miler Ultra Marathon that took place on May 8, 2011 in Wartrace, TN.  Arkansas native Leah Thorvilson was the overall winner and set the female course record by nearly thirty minutes as well.

Owen Bradley was the first male across the finish line. He finished almost six minutes behind Leah.

40 Mile
Place Name City Bib No Age Chip Time Total Pace
1 Leah Thorvilson Little Rock  AR 6 32 4:44:49.1 6:55/M
2 Owen Bradley Birmingham  AL 8 31 4:50:23.8 7:03/M
3 Jadyn Stevens Fairview  TN 70 34 4:55:57.0 7:11/M
4 Ashly Dewberry Franklin  TN 136 37 5:12:22.6 7:35/M
5 Eric Schotz Decatur  AL 18 39 5:12:52.0 7:36/M
6 Robert Youngren Huntsville  AL 75 36 5:18:51.0 7:44/M
7 Blake Thompson Huntsville  AL 42 30 5:23:47.7 7:52/M
8 Dewayne Satterfield Huntsville  AL 40 46 5:28:12.8 7:58/M
9 Carl Laniak Arnoldsville  GA 11 29 5:28:30.9 7:58/M
10 Eric Charette Huntsville  AL 101 35 5:31:17.5 8:02/M
11 David Jones Eagleville  TN 9 59 5:32:48.6 8:05/M
12 Nelson Armstrong II Castalian Springs  TN 65 37 5:39:16.3 8:14/M
13 Joe Fejes Hoschton  GA 117 45 5:39:41.4 8:15/M
14 Eric Fritz Huntsville  AL 78 43 5:41:30.1 8:17/M
15 Sung Ho Choi Jacksonville  FL 109 35 5:43:59.3 8:21/M
16 Brian Hutto Lebanon  TN 20 31 5:44:18.4 8:21/M
17 Kevin Dorsey Memphis  TN 85 40 5:44:19.6 8:21/M
18 Dink Taylor Hampton Cove  AL 5 45 5:46:46.2 8:25/M
19 Tom Possert Huntsville  AL 4 48 5:48:59.6 8:28/M
20 Stan Ferguson Conway  AR 26 47 5:55:34.6 8:38/M
21 Doug Cassiday Maysville  GA 54 45 6:02:39.2 8:48/M
22 Shawn Cissel Port Tobacco  MD 103 25 6:08:29.1 8:57/M
23 Beth McCurdy Dacula  GA 124 41 6:18:53.5 9:12/M
24 Brian Lewis Clinton  TN 69 38 6:20:21.9 9:14/M
25 Case Cantrell Murfreesboro  TN 3 29 6:22:39.2 9:17/M
26 Carol Gensheimer Georgetown  KY 91 46 6:23:58.3 9:19/M
27 Gary Dawkins South Pittsburg  TN 98 28 6:30:16.5 9:28/M
28 Jeff Matlock Ashland City  TN 88 46 6:31:05.9 9:30/M
29 Zane Smith Columbia  TN 52 38 6:31:11.6 9:30/M
30 Andy Bruner Augusta  GA 60 30 6:34:21.7 9:34/M
31 Jeff Walton Ashland City  TN 24 35 6:34:36.9 9:35/M
32 Justin Keller Nashville  TN 99 30 6:34:37.1 9:35/M
33 Jeff Hager Madison  AL 94 48 6:38:00.5 9:40/M
34 Patrick Binienda Smyrna  GA 77 56 6:38:57.8 9:41/M
35 Kelley Wells Columbia  SC 131 37 6:39:56.1 9:42/M
36 Mike Gleman Palm Beach Gardens  FL 102 63 6:40:05.9 9:43/M
37 Joshua Kennedy Big Cove  AL 46 39 6:40:33.2 9:43/M
38 Tim Dines Clarksville  TN 87 31 6:43:54.1 9:48/M
39 Sal Coll Rossville  GA 150 50 6:50:29.0 9:58/M
40 Charlie Taylor Gallatin  TN 27 51 6:51:19.5 9:59/M
41 Carl Jordan Douglasville  GA 36 39 6:51:55.4 10:00/M
42 Steve Durbin Paducah  KY 129 56 6:54:31.7 10:04/M
43 Daniel Randolph Collierville  TN 59 41 6:54:44.7 10:04/M
44 Lisa Zaccarelli Nashville  TN 121 41 6:54:59.6 10:04/M
45 Chris Clemens Belvidere  TN 84 44 6:56:11.8 10:06/M
46 William Arnold Nashville  TN 128 31 6:57:35.9 10:08/M
47 Hal McClure Jacksonville  FL 113 48 6:59:30.1 10:11/M
48 Brooke McClanahan Forsyth  GA 35 35 7:00:06.1 10:12/M
49 Joe Ninke Sebastian  FL 13 42 7:01:35.4 10:14/M
50 Joshua Holmes Jackson  TN 130 33 7:04:32.2 10:18/M
51 Carissa Skrivanek Augusta  GA 133 27 7:07:22.4 10:22/M
52 Sean O Atlanta  GA 132 38 7:07:23.1 10:22/M
53 Candy Findley Mableton  GA 79 38 7:07:56.7 10:23/M
54 Jennifer Whitley Murfreesboro  TN 107 44 7:12:19.1 10:30/M
55 Richard King Madisonville  KY 108 56 7:13:15.2 10:31/M
56 Bill Dyer Murfreesboro  TN 32 54 7:23:20.3 10:46/M
57 William Keane Winston Salem  NC 38 66 7:23:27.6 10:46/M
58 Chrissy Ferguson Conway  AR 25 50 7:25:02.0 10:48/M
59 Trent Rosenbloom Nashville  TN 86 41 7:26:25.1 10:50/M
60 Christy Scott Owens Cross Roads  AL 90 38 7:33:47.9 11:01/M
61 Stephanie James Montgomery  AL 74 37 7:39:40.3 11:09/M
62 Ami Roach Dacula  GA 61 35 7:39:40.5 11:09/M
63 Sarah Saenz Lawrenceville  GA 12 18 7:39:40.7 11:09/M
64 Juli Aistars Lake Zurich  IL 76 52 7:40:20.2 11:10/M
65 Mike Samuelson Lakeland  TN 15 45 7:45:11.6 11:17/M
66 David Etheridge Paducah  KY 134 63 7:47:10.3 11:20/M
67 Matthew Jackson Fort Benning  GA 140 26 7:49:05.2 11:23/M
68 Steve Richey Aurora  IL 21 55 7:49:44.8 11:24/M
69 Philip Waters Lexington  KY 141 59 7:53:13.1 11:29/M
70 Jeremy Fields Lexington  KY 31 31 7:55:33.4 11:33/M
71 Bjoerg Edberg Nashville  TN 37 28 8:03:50.8 11:45/M
72 Steven Preston Little Rock  AR 100 28 8:05:12.3 11:47/M
73 Tim Harrington Conway  AR 45 41 8:05:49.9 11:48/M
74 James Thornton Frankfort  KY 7 61 8:06:19.1 11:48/M
75 Rick Caffy Murfreesboro  TN 51 51 8:06:43.4 11:49/M
76 Michael Montgomery Franklin  TN 14 64 8:07:20.8 11:50/M
77 Jonathan Young Benton  AR 123 29 8:08:11.3 11:51/M
78 Philip Miller Mcminnville  TN 93 36 8:08:12.0 11:51/M
79 Chad Helberg Thompson Station  TN 97 39 8:11:13.3 11:55/M
80 Mike Youngblood Shelbyville  TN 16 48 8:12:25.0 11:57/M
81 Sulaiman Seriki La Vergne  TN 48 39 8:12:25.2 11:57/M
82 Seth Elsheimer Winter Park  FL 47 58 8:16:59.0 12:04/M
83 Mike Greeson Murfreesboro  TN 72 46 8:19:11.1 12:07/M
84 Karl Kersey Nashville  TN 73 44 8:19:11.7 12:07/M
85 Paul Arnette Christiana  TN 57 44 8:19:12.2 12:07/M
86 Paul Stone Tyler  TX 89 49 8:19:39.5 12:08/M
87 Yen Nguyen Houston  TX 33 49 8:20:34.7 12:09/M
88 Brad Williamson Knoxville  TN 44 41 8:27:30.3 12:19/M
89 Joseph Nance Watertown  TN 116 33 8:32:30.8 12:26/M
90 Peter Bennett Houston  TX 138 36 8:42:36.0 12:41/M
91 Daryl Hallmark Alabaster  AL 92 53 8:55:52.2 13:00/M
92 Jim Emig Roswell  GA 67 64 9:01:24.6 13:08/M
93 Amiee Cantrell Bell Buckle  TN 2 26 9:03:06.1 13:11/M
94 Ray Krolewicz Pontiac  SC 49 55 9:03:18.6 13:11/M
95 Trent McDowell Franklin  TN 66 39 9:09:29.4 13:20/M
96 Naresh Kumar Hermitage  TN 120 28 9:12:38.5 13:25/M
97 Dean Deziel Knoxville  TN 95 43 9:12:38.5 13:25/M
98 Maria Littlejohn Fleming Island  FL 111 39 9:20:54.2 13:37/M
99 Christy Miller Fleming Island  FL 110 37 9:20:54.2 13:37/M
100 Kristie Matherne Fleming Island  FL 112 28 9:20:54.6 13:37/M
101 Shannon Burke Corydon  IN 139 36 9:28:33.3 13:48/M
102 Janet Duncan Huntsville  AL 118 55 9:31:43.9 13:53/M
103 Christine Lawson Kissimmee  FL 41 40 9:35:08.8 13:58/M
104 Graham Gallemore Huntsville  AL 80 68 9:56:56.3 14:29/M
105 Stu Gleman Franklin  NC 125 65 10:04:01.6 14:40/M
106 Dan Thompson Murray  KY 58 56 10:18:26.9 15:01/M
107 Susan Anger Winter Park  FL 106 49 11:46:41.2 17:09/M
108 Diane Taylor Nashville  TN 135 54 11:46:41.9 17:09/M
109 Angela Ivory Nashville  TN 81 43 12:07:46.3 17:40/M
110 David Hoover Milton  TN 114 54 13:44:32.6 20:01/M
111 Angela Cloud Wartrace  TN 122 35 13:53:39.6 20:14/M
112 Lazarus Lake Bell Buckle  TN 1 56 18:33:58.0 27:02/M

Friends and readers of Run It Fast are listed in BOLD.

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Brett S. Henderson Flying Pig Marathon Streaker Mug Shot

Naked Man Tasered Running Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon

Brett S. Henderson, from St. Paris, Ohio, was tasered by Cincinnati police after running part of the Flying Pig Marathon naked (plus running shoes).

Police say Henderson was told to exit the race and get in a police car but he refused, running around an officer and continuing to run in the race. Eventually, Henderson was instructed to get in a car or he would be Tased. Henderson kept on running and an officer Tased him.

Henderson was charged with public indecency and obstructing official business.

Witnesses claim that Henderson was not just naked, but naked fast, maintaining a 7:30 pace until cops tasered him.

The real question is, at a 7:30 pace, how in the world did a cop catch him?

Henderson’s mother claims her son’s shorts were just too big and kept falling down.  One report stated that he had borrowed them from his father.

Like experienced runners will tell you, “Run the race in what you train with!”

I ran the Flying Pig this past weekend, and I’m glad I didn’t run into Henderson’s piggie tail.

Perhaps it’s best for this streaker that mug shots are taken from the neck up.

[mug shot: WKRC Cincinnati]

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