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Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Oct 1-2, 2011)

Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Oct 1-2, 2011)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 32 of you responded!

Where You Are Running This Weekend:

Joshua Holmes – @bayou – Southern TN Plunge Marathon in Winchester, TN

Rocio Martinez – @rociomartinezg – the next! 9.10 the international marathon in buenos aires! Good luck everybody!

Mari Hansen – @MariHansen – don’t know but it will finally be OUTSIDE!!! Can’t wait!

Kevin Leathers – @kevinleathers – Tour d’Esprit 24 Hour Run!

Adam Trausch – @atrausch – Warrior Invite!

Sylvia Jiminez – @sylchichi – 8k race against breast cancer

Casey – @VivaRunVegas – I’ll be supporting my husband who is racing the St George Marathon. I didn’t get picked on the lotto for the 2nd time!

Nicholas Flom – @nflom09 – Twin Cities Marathon

Nancy Waggoner – @nlwdreamer – Devil Mountain 50 mile in Pagosa Springs, CO.

Alen Zelenika – @alenAdepto – Nike We Run Zagreb @jarun, Zagreb, Croatia

Veronica – @duncandesign – Probably on & around the #BostonMarathon route from Newton to Boston!

Larae – @LaraeTX – I’m running in Belton, Tx at the UMHB Cru 5K Sat Oct 1

Bill – @billrbrown – Twin Cities 10K!!

JKL – @JamieKL – Manhattan Beach 10k!

Jeremy Holley – @jeremy_ms – I’m running the Corinth Rotary 5K on Saturday in Corinth, MS. My first race since June 4.

Kevin Wiens – @kwiens4 – I’m running in Calgary XC trail race on Saturday (includes 2 river crossings). Should be great

Naomi Pipes – @NaomiPipes#SusanGKomen #RacefortheCure 5K in Houston.

Andrew McGuire – @WTGWTG1911 – racing the beautiful Bridge to bridge event in San Francisco on Sunday

Jamie Yardley – @yadman00 – running in Great Edinburgh Run on Sunday

Lisa Trevino – @malzabarea – Odessa, TX

Heather Weins – @Runsforfood – The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday.

Kristine K. McGilvray – @kkolzing – I’ll be running my last “long” run (easy 10 miler) before #ChiMarathon next weekend! #chicagomarathon

Miriam Ferrari – @admiradora – This wk I`m running in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, over the 32th Street.

Patrick McGilvray – @patrick_mcg – 10-miler this Sunday. Last significant run before #ChiMarathon!

Dean – @deanlu1 – Long run – Rehoboth Beach, DE !!!

Ashley Hart – @World_to_Dust – 16 miles along the Erie Canal bike path

JJ Frankleman – @jjfrankelman – 12 miler to prepare for my Oct. 29th half marathon!

Meyer – @florencemeyer – running 10km in Paris for #odyssea with 9 colleagues!

Laurie – @LZalac – 18 mile training run in Savannah!

Wrytersview – @wrytersview – First run in new neighborhood. Be making up my route as I go.

Jordan Lee – @JoJo_runnr – running @STG_Marathon by this time tomorrow I will have my BQ!!

Scott Stader – @ScottStader – how bout the Stader double! Shelby Bottoms 15k in Nash on Sat and Music City Half on Sun – also in Nashvegas

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Reebok RunTone Action

Reebok to Pay Customers $25 Million to Settle FTC Complaint Over False RunTone Shoe Claims

Shoe company Reebok International Ltd. has agreed to pay $25 million to settle a complaint from the Federal Trade Commission for misleading advertising and claims.

The company will give refunds to customers who bought the RunTone running shoes($80-100/pair), EasyTone running shoes, and EasyTone flip flops ($60/pair).

The FTC found that Reebok couldn’t back up the claims they were making about the shoes (and flops):

The FTC said ads for the shoes claimed that a special technology in the sole featured pockets of moving air that created “micro instability” that toned and strengthened muscles as a person walked or ran.

In ads that began appearing in 2009, Reebok said walking in the shoes had been proved to provide 28% more strength and tone in the buttock muscles compared with regular walking shoes, 11% more in the hamstring muscles and 11% more in the calf muscles, the FTC said.

The agency’s investigation found Reebok was unable to back up those claims, Vladeck said.

Customers can apply for a refund on the FTC website. The size of the refund will depend upon how many apply for it.  So if you are the only one to apply for it then you won the lottery. 😉

Reebok has agreed to the settlement but stands by it’s product and will continue to produce it:

“Settling does not mean we agree with the FTC’s allegations; we do not,” Reebok said. “We have received overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback from thousands of EasyTone customers, and we remain committed to the further development of our EasyTone line of products.”

Reebok can’t make any more health claims about the shoes unless they can back it up with scientific data.

Where was the FTC back in the 80’s and 90’s when Nike was claiming that it’s Air Jordan and various Air models would help Joe White-boy be able to jump 5-feet off the ground and be able to dunk?

What do you think? Did you ever own or try out the Reebok RunTone running shoes?

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Fox Cities Marathon – 2011

Fox Cities Marathon Medal (2011)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the 2011 Fox Cities Marathon that took place on September 18, 2011.

Michael Heidke won the race with a time of 2:39:25.

The Marathon Maniacs held it’s annual reunion at Fox Cities this year.

Fox Cities Marathon Website

[medal image submitted by @scottstader]

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Beth McCurdy Iron Horse 100

What is Your Fueling Strategy?

Fueling before and during races seems to be a topic that runners like to discuss at length. It’s such an interesting topic with a variety of responses. What may work well for one person, may not work at all for another. And, as Sally Brooking puts it, “How you decide to fuel is also related to your particular training/running/racing goals”.

Figuring out fueling before and during shorter distances can be a little more simple for the most part, however it can have it’s own challenges depending on the runner.  What becomes more complicated is attempting to understand what your own body can handle while running for hours on end.

Ultra marathons require a little more strategy and planning. Sometimes we have to find out the hard way what works and what doesn’t work. The suggestion of always trying something new in a training run or a race that you don’t care about seems to work well. However, unfortunately this is not always an indicator of that particular fueling method will work in the actual event.

I’ve been running races since 1995, marathons since 2004, and ultra marathons since 2007. I’m still trying to figure out what works for me and am regularly experimenting with different products, foods, and fluids. I asked some veteran and top performance ultra runners what they fuel up with the night before and during the race.  I’ve learned a lot from friends and others over the past several years when it comes to fueling.

Joe Fejes

The day or night before I try to eat at Sweet Tomatoes restaurant which has a wide variety of my favorite salads, soups and pastas. I stay away from ice cream and anything that is odd or heavy. My favorite prerace breakfast is hardees ultimate omelete biscuit or a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich from Waffle House. During a 50 or 100 miler I get most of my calories from liquids such Boost, V8 and Gatorade, although I also will eat fruit and cold salty potatoes if available.-Joe Fejes

Jacqueline Melchoir

The night before my race I try to eat pasta, salmon with a pinch of spinach. Race morning I try to eat a half a bagle, with peanut butter and honey and I love drinking a can of Verve for a extra boost. During my run I drink NUUN and gatorade and depending on the distance will have 2 gels. Jacqueline Melchior

Bill Keane

*Pre-Race – I normally fuel up on red meat protein and high carbohydrate foods. The family likes to go out on Friday’s to one of our many Chihuahua restaurants and that means lots of TexMex starches and cerveza grandes.

*During a Race – I will eat steadily cycling thru GU Gels, oatmeal cookies, crackers (Nabs), raisins, beef jerky, and augment that with whatever aid treats the race provides. As for race fluids, I have run on Conquest for 20 years. I am down to my last can for Hinson Lake. After the Conquest is gone, I may have to get a new hobby. I will also go through a lot of S-Caps and Excedrin.

*Post Race – I always do some serious rehydration which always means more beer. This regimen had gotten me thru 258 ultras todate. Bill Keane

Sarah Woerner

The day before i try to make sure i really focus on hydrating well and try to stay away from caffeine after my morning cup of coffee. For my dinner, i almost always eat a steak and salad with some bread. i usually have a granola bar a little before bed. On race morning, i have to have a cup of coffee and usually eat a couple granola bars and some fruit. I can also do pb toast or some cereal but not much milk.

During the race, i drink G2 or diluted gatorade/powerade if possible. Heed can really mess up my stomach. I don’t eat much at all in a 50k, maybe a gel or two and some orange slices at the aid station. For longer races, i eat more solid food like pb&j, chips, etc and try to space my gels out because i can only tolerate a few of them. At Pinhoti 100, i ate mostly solid food including an egg and cheese sandwich! -Sarah Woerner

Jon Obst

The day before a race, I like to have a steak or chicken along with veggies, pasta and red wine-something substantial and healthy. Race morning PB&J is my staple with strong coffee. During a race, I use a lot of gu’s throughout and solid fuels, like burgers ,pizza, potatoes, meat, soup, especially in a 100, 24hr.-Jon Obst

Janice Anderson

The days before the race I try to eat easily digestible foods, plenty of calories, and usually a beer or two. During the race always depended on how close i was running to my max. Shorter races-just fluids (like CLIF now-Conquest used to be the only thing) and gels. For longer things (100s) usually gels for awhile, but by mid-day- cheese sandwiches, potatoes, salty stuff, fruit, chicken broth, and anything that looks good at the aid stations works. Oatmeal is my go-to now before the race. it is very easy on the stomach but lots of good carbs/calories-Janice Anderson

Jennifer Vogel

I stay way from gluten and dairy at all costs the night before. I usually make a noodle bowl with rice noodles, a pretty salty broth, eggs and some veggies. For racing I use all Hammer products. Hammer gels in races 2-8 hrs. Perpetuam mixed in after the 8 hr mark. Fruit or anything fructose will shut my stomach down. One beer or alcoholic drink during peak training or racing season, especially in the heat, makes me violently hungover.-Jennifer Vogel

Sally Brooking

The night before a race I usually eat pasta or pizza and try to limit myself to two beers. I try to stay away from greens ie salads. Race day I eat oatmeal and a banana in the a.m. Shorter races I may eat Gu and anything that looks good on the aid station. Longer runs, I like cheese, beef jerky and Gobstoppers. I am not particular as to what I eat or drink unless it’s HEED or Hammer Gel products….I stay away from those at all costs. A beer during the race is not out of the question-Sally Brooking

How do you fuel up the night before and during a big event? The more we share with eachother, the more it will help by giving us ideas of new things to try so that we can perform at our best.

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Berlin Marathon Medal 2011 – 38th Berlin Marathon

38th Berlin Marathon Medal (2011)

Here is the 38th Berlin Marathon finisher’s medal from the grand marathon that was run on September 25, 2011 where Patrick Makau set the world record in a time of 2:03:38.

More 2011 Berlin Marathon Stories

[medal image via @runkino who set his own PR at the race in a time of 3:38 (just a week after running 104 miles in 24 hours). Congrats, Kino!]

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38th Berlin Marathon Results (2011)

Kenya’s Patrick Makau set the world record Sunday morning at the 38th BMW Berlin Marathon by running a 2:03:38. Congrats to Patrick!

Top 10 Male Finishers from the 2011 Berlin Marathon:

  1. Patrick Makau (Kenya) – 2:03:38
  2. Stephen Kwelio Chemlany (Kenya) – 2:07:55
  3. Edwin Kimaiyo (Kenya) – 2:09:50
  4. Felix Limo (Kenya) – 2:10:38
  5. Scott Overall (Great Britain) – 2:10:55
  6. Ricardo Serrano (Spain) – 2:13:32
  7. Pedro Nimo (Spain) – 2:13:34
  8. Simon Munyutu (France) – 2:14:20
  9. Driss El Himer (France) – 2:14:45
  10. Hendrick Ramalaa (South Africa) – 2:16:00

RELATED: Patrick Makau Smashes World Record at Berlin Marathon

Kenya’s Florence Kiplagat was the female winner with a time of 2:19:44.

Top 10 Female Finishers from the 2011 Berlin Marathon:

  1. Florence Kiplagat (Kenya) – 2:19:44
  2. Irina Mikitenko (Germany) – 2:22:18
  3. Paula Radcliffe (Great Britain) – 2:23:46
  4. Atsede Habtamu (Ethiopia) – 2:24:25
  5. Tatyana Petrova (Russia) – 2:25:01
  6. Anna Incerti (Italy) – 2:25:32
  7. Rosaria Console (Italy) – 2:26:10
  8. Valeria Straneo (Italy) – 2:26:33
  9. Eri Okubo (Japan) – 2:28:49
  10. Miranda Boonstra (Netherlands) – 2:29:23

RELATED: 2011 Berlin Marathon Live Blog/Results/PHOTOS

(Look up results on the BMW Berlin Marathon WEBSITE)

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Patrick Makau Smashes World Record at 38th Berlin Marathon

Patrick Makau Smashes World Record at 38th Berlin Marathon

Kenya’s Patrick Makau destroyed Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie world record in the marathon when he ran a 2:03:38 at the 38th Berlin Marathon on Sunday in Berlin, Germany. Makau broke Gebrselassie’s world record by 21 seconds.

2011 Berlin Marathon Live Blog & Photos

Haile had the lead and set the pace for most of the race before stepping off the course around the 27th km with what appeared to be either a side cramp or bad back. He started back but was unable to finish.

Top 10 Berlin Male and Female Winners/Finishers

The 10 Fastest Male Marathon Times of All-Time

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Berlin Marathon – Patrick Makau Winner

2011 Berlin Marathon Live Blog & Results

2011 Berlin Marathon Live Blog Coverage & Results: (REFRESH FOR UPDATES)

10:32am – 38th Berlin Marathon Male and Female Elite Results (LINK)

10:25am – UK’s Paula Radcliffe finishes 2:23:46 (unofficial)

10:20am – Kenya’s Florence Kiplagat wins the women’s title in a time of 2:19:44 (unofficial)

Patrick Makau Smashes World Record at 38th Berlin Marathon


11:00am – 18 seconds ahead of the pace with about 1 km to go.

10:58am – 1:57:15 at 40km for Patrick Makau (2:03:40). Less than 6 minutes til we know…

10:57am – Florence Kiplagat at 1:56:10 at the 35km mark.

10:56am – Approaching 40km for Patrick Makau. 2:03:20 projected finishing time. 39 seconds ahead of the WR pace that Haile holds.

10:53am – 10 minutes until we have a new record. Will it fall? I’ll let you know in 10 min.

10:52am – 38km for Makau

10:49am – 15 minutes til a World Record for Patrick Makau

10:47am -6km to go!

10:46am – Makau with a 2:37 lead over Haile. Edwin Kimaiyo is 2:44 back.

10:44am – 1:42:16 for Makau at the 35km. The world record is in sight. Let’s go Patrick!

10:43am – Makau is trying to repeat…he won Berlin last year.

10:36am – 51 seconds ahead of WR at 33km

10:33am – 49 seconds ahead of the world record pace at 32km for Makau.

10:30am – Patrick Makau is at the 30km mark in 1:27:38. 2:03:02 predicted finishing time which would be a new world record. 12km to go.

10:26am – Florence reached 25km in 1:23:15. Paula Radcliffe is back by a large margin now.

10:26am – Makau has a sizable lead now.

10:25am – Haile is back on the course but is over a minute back.  Never underestimate the heart of this champion, but it is looking like he will have no chance to win today.

10:24am – Haile Gebrselassie is DONE! DNF FOR HAILE – He was so strong but has stepped off the course and is done.

10:23am – Haile and Makau are starting to posture each other as the gaming is in full effect now.

10:21am – The pacemakers are falling as the leading men will have to fight it out over the last 15km to see who will win today.

10:19am – Haile Gebrselassie is showing some signs of fatigue. I’d still never bet against him. Never underestimate the heart of a champion and the world record holder.

10:16am – Patrick Makau has taken over the lead (albeit a short one) at the 25km split.  Still tightly bound near the top for the men.

10:13am – 19 seconds back is Paula from Florence at the halfway point for the women.  Florence continues to run strong (and fast). There might be something wrong with Paula who often has injuries pop up from time to time in between her greatness.

10:09am – Paula has lost 8 more seconds to Florence at the 2okm mark and is now 17 seconds back. Flo hit 20km in 1:06:32

10:04am – At the half way point the men are on a world record pace with 5 men within a second.

10:00am – Men hit 20km at 58:30

9:58am – A rather boring race to this point as the men are nearing the halfway point.

9:55am – Haile has too many pacers in my opinion. As a viewer, they make it hard to see him during the race.  I have nothing against pacers in general but they should be limited to 1 or 2 per runner.

9:52am – Florence Kiplagat is at 15km split in 49:50 with Radcliffe 9 seconds back. Radcliffe is continuing to lose distance. Commentators race side think she might be having an issue or injury.

9:46am – Haile 15km split – 43:51

9:39am – Overhead look at Paula and Flo’s lead pack (w/ Flo’s pacers)

9:34am – Paula and Florence reach 10km at 33:16.

9:32am – Very fast pace so far led by Haile. Edwin Kimaiyo and Patrick Makau are there as well.  Lead men did 11th-km in 2:55.

9:30am – Men reach 10km at 29:17 (Haile) 2:03:30 pace

9:28am – Haile and his pacing team (below).

9:23am – Florence and Paula just hit the 7km mark.  The men are at the 8.5km mark.

9:20am – Haile running at about 23 KPM

And Florence Kiplaglat is leading the women at the 5K mark in 16:37. Radcliffe is literally on her heels.

9:16am – Haile hits the 5K mark at 14:36

9:07am – Berlin is the third largest marathon in the world. 1. New York City, 2. Chicago

9:04am – 3rd time in marathon history that the male and female marathon record holders have been in the same race.

9:04am – 40,963 runners today starting the race. 23% are women.

9:03am – This is Radcliffe’s first marathon since the birth of her second child.

9:00am – And we are off!!!!! The 38th Berlin BMW Marathon is now underway.

Almost perfect conditions: Sunny, only a slight wind, 12 Celsius at the start. Humidity is still a bit high with 75 %

8:58am – Could the Berlin Marathon bibs be any bigger? Placards!!

8:57am – Paula Radcliffe is being mentioned most often at the moment on Twitter with tweets offering her the best of luck.

8:55am – Mixed field today, so sorry women….no world records (STORY!!!)

8:50am – 10 minutes til the start!  125 nations represented.

8:41am (Berlin time) – Several tweets about horrible organization at the start of the Berlin Marathon.

All of the elites are ready to try to set new World Records (or is it World Bests?)

Universal Sports LINK to Watch the Race Live

Will Paula Radcliffe win her 4th Berlin Marathon today? Or perhaps will Irina Mikitenko be able to pull off the upset?

Berlin Marathon Website

2011 Berlin Marathon Elite Field


Haile Gebrselassie ETH 18.4.1973 2:03:59
Patrick Makau KEN 2.3.1985 2:04:48
Gilbert Yegon KEN 6.8.1988 2:06:18
Driss El Himer FRA 4.4.1974 2:06:48
Hendrick Ramalaa RSA 2.2.1972 2:06:55
Samuel Kosgei KEN 20.1.1986 2:07:47
Simon Munyutu FRA 27.12.1977 2:09:24
John Kyui KEN 20.10.1984 2:10:00
Emmanuel Samal KEN 5.6.1989 2:10:27
Mikhail Lemaev RUS 23.11.1986 2:10:41
Edwin Kimaiyo KEN 9.2.1986 2:11:22
Sergey Rybin RUS 30.9.1985 2:11:48
James Theuri FRA 30.10.1978 2:12:05
Pedro Nimo ESP 5.6.1980 2:12:10
Joseph Chirlee USA 14.2.1980 2:12:10
Dan Robinson GBR 13.1.1975 2:12:13
Yohanis Abera ETH 13.1.1987 2:12:44
Falk Cierpinski GER 17.5.1978 2:13:30
Jose Moreira POR 5.5.1980 2:13:37
Martin Beckmann GER 15.7.1977 2:13:42
Jose-C. Hernandez ESP 17.3.1978 2:13:46
Martin Fagan IRL 26.6.1983 2:14:06
Ben Whitby GBR 6.1.1977 2:15:09
Andi Jones GBR 10.10.1978 2:15:20
Stefano Scaini ITA 4.5.1983 2:16:48
Markus Weiß-Latzko GER 6.7.1984 Debut


Paula Radcliffe GBR 17.12.1973 2:15:25
Irina Mikitenko GER 23.8.1972 2:19:19
Lidia Simon ROM 4.9.1973 2:22:54
Lidiya Grigoryeva RUS 21.1.1974 2:25:10
Tatyana Petrova RUS 8.4.1983 2:25:53
Nailya Yulamanova RUS 6.9.1980 2:26:05
Rosaria Console ITA 17.12.1979 2:26:45
Anna Incerti ITA 19.1.1978 2:27:33
Claudia Dreher GER 2.5.1971 2:27:55
Anne-Mette Aagaard DEN 5.8.1973 2:35:00
Maja Neuenschwander SUI 13.2.1980 2:35:07
Eri Okubo JPN 2.6.1983 2:35:24
Helen Decker GBR 12.9.1979 2:35:43
Michelle Ross-Cope GBR 31.1.1972 2:36:02
Rebecca Robinson GBR 28.10.1982 2:37:14
Amy Whitehead GBR 29.7.1978 2:39:27
Florence Kiplagat KEN 27.2.1987 Debut
Sonia Samuels GBR 16.5.1979 Debut

Berlin Marathon Website

Berlin Marathon Twitter Photos

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Leah Thorvilson Little Rock Marathon Winner

I.A.A.F. Gives Women Marathoners the Middle Finger

The International Association of Athletics Federations (I.A.A.F.) has given the middle finger to women marathoners all across the world.

Per the New York Times the IAAF will no longer recognize records that women marathoners set when sharing road courses with male marathoners.

The world governing body for track and field decided in late August that records in women’s road racing will count only if they are set in women’s-only events, to nullify the benefits of pacesetting by faster male runners, a dynamic that can exist in some marathons, half-marathons and 10-kilometer races where men and women are in the same field.

How silly is this ruling? Very….for example:

What was understood to be the women’s world marathon record — the 2 hours 15 minutes 25 seconds that (Paula) Radcliffe ran over 26.2 miles at the 2003 London Marathon, in a mixed race with male pacesetters for elite women — is now out of consideration. So is the 2:17:18 she ran at the Chicago Marathon, another mixed race, in 2002.

What is now the record — yet only the third-fastest race that Radcliffe has run — is the 2:17:42 that she ran in London in 2005. In that race, elite women started 45 minutes ahead of the men’s field, racing and finishing separately, now a common practice in major marathons.

It gets even sillier!  The IAAF now calls Radcliffe’s 2:15:25 a ‘World Best.’  So it is no longer the ‘World Record’ but is now a ‘World Best.’

“I also think it is a little unfair to set it like that retroactively,” Radcliffe told Runner’s World.

AUDIO LINK to Radcliffe talking about the IAAF decision.

World Best? That sounds like a cheesy saying off a button from a party store that you give your boss or mother of your kids.

Mary Wittenberg (assumed to be a female), RD of the New York City Marathon and on the IAAF’s road racing commission, had this to say about the new rule:

“The I.A.A.F. wanted to show that women can stand on their own two feet, that they don’t need guys to help them get to world records,” Wittenberg said. “There’s definitely a difference. Women run faster with men as pacers, about a two-minute differential on average.”

The Big Lead’s Sam Eifling, in his blog post on the rule change, put it this way:

And then there was this joint statement by the Association of International Marathons (with 300 member marathons) and the World Marathon Majors (representing the Boston, New York, Chicago, London and Berlin marathons): “The current situation where the fastest time is not now recognized as a record is confusing and unfair and does not respect the history of our sport.”

“It’s a move that could only have been made by an organization that doesn’t know its public relations ass from its elbow,” is how Philip Hersh wrote it in the Chicago Tribune, a family newspaper.

But one of the few charms of road running is that it often allows women and men on the same field, at the same moment. And elite women distance runners tend to hold up relatively well against men. The current women’s world record in the mile, for instance, is about where the men’s world record was 94 years ago. In the marathon, Radcliffe’s times would have beaten the men’s record as recently as 1958.

Professional marathoner Sarah Stanley had this to say about it when I asked her about the ruling:

“The new ruling is absurd. A world record is a world record regardless if it is run in mixed company. Have we reverted back a few century’s? We shouldn’t separate women from the men in races. It is a equal opportunity sport and elite men and women need our support.”

It’s a dumb ruling and to apply it retroactively by take records away from women who have already celebrated setting world records…years ago is even dumber.

When will the IAAF rule that no record can be set at a race where elite runners have specialized sports and nutrition drinks laid out at aid tables for them before the race?  That seems like more of an unfair advantage than women running with male pacesetters.  Shouldn’t all the runners at a marathon have to drink the same water and sports drink on the course?

I mean if we are going to start dissecting marathoning just for the sake of creating controversy.

[image: Leah Thorvilson]

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Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Sep 24-25, 2011)

Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Sep 24-25, 2011)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and you responded!

Where You Are Running This Weekend:

Joshua Holmes – @bayou – West TN School for the Deaf 5K

Lindsay Edwards – @RuNnaroundD – XC meet at FSU tonight!! Let’s go university of tampa spartans!! @utspartans

Brad Dulay – @braddulay – Newport Liberty Half in Jersey City on Sunday!

Lisa Gonzales – @runlikeacoyote – I’m just running a local trail. But it will be the first time in months so I’m excited!

Amy Trent – @amylynnetrent – 10-Miler Lynchburg VA!!!!

Sarah Matthews – @SarahEMatthews8 – Running the Northeastern University Big Dog 5k race on Saturday in Boston. It’s an alumni tradition!

Tim Savoy – @tsavoy1 – this Saturday in Vienna VA…. Vinson hall run with the Warriors 5K! Donations go to wounded warrior project

Lauren Chin-You – @Lchinyou – Toronto Zoo 5k tomorrow and the Oakville 1/2 marathon on Sunday!!

Molly P. – @MollyMarie4 – In southern Indiana, a four mile trail run!

Underground Fitness – @UfitAZ – Our very own @Ufit_Steph is doing a Rim-to-Rim race in the Grand Canyon!

Kaci Mercer – @kn_mercer – Fort Wayne @Fort4Fitness half marathon!

Laura Raeder – @LauraRaeder – Omaha!

Megan Duron – @meganduron – running a long run tomorrow around Plano, TX!

Jordan Lee – @JoJo_runnr – I’m running @STG_Marathon on Oct 1st!! Its my time for a BQ!!!

Herpreet Kaka Virk – @Kakavirk – running London half marathon run to the beat on Sunday

Adele Read – @AdeleRead – Toronto Zoo 10k run

Best of luck to all of you and be sure to Run It Fast!!!

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