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Lazarus Lake at The Barkley Fall Classic by Jobie Williams – Run It Fast

The Inaugural Barkley Fall Classic Results (2014)

Lazarus Lake at The Barkley Fall Classic by Jobie Williams - Run It Fast

Lazarus Lake and Steve Durbin debuted the inaugural Barkley Fall Classic on September 20, 2014 at Frozen Head State Park in East Tennessee. The race took place on the famed trails where the Barkley Marathons (100 Miler), the toughest footrace in the world, takes place every spring.

This was a scaled down ‘runner friendly’ version with aid stations, course markings, and was advertised as a 50K but many runners claimed it was closer to 36 miles on the rough and wicked trails of FHSP.

Read more (click HERE) about The Barkley Fall Classic description from Laz’s announcement of the race back earlier this year.

The finishing times were a bit faster than expected but still very slow by any 50K standard.

Darren Thomas was the winner finishing in 6:28:26. He was closely tailed by runner-up Scott Breeden in 6:33:25 with Henry Wakley not too far behind in 6:41:02 for third.

Top 10 Overall The Barkley Fall Classic

  1. Darren Thomas – 6:28:26
  2. Scott Breeden – 6:33:25
  3. Henry Wakley – 6:41:02
  4. Michael Jones – 7:54:44
  5. Andrew Snope – 8:12:17
  6. Jack Kurisky – 8:15:02
  7. Brad Reed – 8:31:25
  8. Nicklaus Combs – 8:32:45
  9. Keith Knipling – 8:32:45
  10. Jeffrey Garstecki – 8:37:58

Kathy Smith was the female winner in 8:56:16. She was chased by runner-up Beth Frye who finished ten minutes back in 9:06:08. Third place went to Brooke McClanahan in 9:32:23

Top 5 The Barkley Fall Classic Women

  1. Kathy Smith – 8:56:16
  2. Beth Frye – 9:06:08
  3. Brooke McClanahan – 9:32:23
  4. Kendra Versendaal – 9:44:39
  5. Michelle McLellan – 9:46:41

The Run It Fast®- Club had several members at the race. Nicklaus Combs finished highest in 8th place in 8:32:45. Shane Tucker 12:08:28. Tim Waz 12:14:00. Roy Tamez 12:22:48. Terri Durbin 12:51:29.

The race had 156 finishers with David Milner being the last runner across the finish line in 13:18:01.

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[image: Jobie Williams/RIF]

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