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‘s Omegas Santa Monica Pier Arrival

Day 20: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – Alfa Reaches Omega

Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA had it’s third finisher early this morning when Alfa’s Omegas reached the Santa Monica Pier in 19 Days, 8 Hours, 0 Minutes.

The podium finish for the Omegas is a sweet finish for this rags to riches team. They covered just 87.36 miles and sat in dead last place after leaving New York City nearly three weeks ago. Led by team captain Alfa Severino’s steady stream of encouragement, inspiration, and big miles she put down every day, the Omegas got stronger and grew as a team as they climbed the standings while crossing the country.

Alfa’s Omegas – 19 Days, 8 Hours, 0 Minutes
Total Team Miles by Runner

  1. Alfa Severino – 444.70 miles (22.44)
  2. Ryan Malecha – 333.71 miles (16.69)
  3. Allison Barcelona – 292.43 miles (14.62)
  4. Kelly Paul – 290.76 miles (14.54)
  5. Fiona McMillen – 284.12 miles (14.21)
  6. David Essary – 246.97 miles (12.35)
  7. Houston Wolf – 245.58 miles (12.28)
  8. Jaime Grammer – 245.29 miles (12.26)
  9. Rob Kelly – 225.37 miles (11.27)
  10. Eric McMillen – 206.04 miles (10.30)
  11. Gibson Kelley – 129.41 miles (6.47)

ALFA’S OMEGAS – Day 20: 98.63 Miles (FINISHED) – 3rd overall

The team has reached the Santa Monica Pier after 2,907.00 miles.

AO’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Ryan Malecha – 23.14 miles
  2. Houston Wolf – 20.39 miles
  3. Allison Barcelona – 20.06 miles

Congrats to Alfa and Alfa’s Omegas!

Top Teams on Day 20

  1. Crowe Bars – 242.95
  2. Tuck n’ Stroll– 171.81
  3. Trip 2 My Lou – 158.59
  4. Kicking Glass – 158.34
  5. The Beetroots – 153.19
  6. Mojo Rising – 134.34
  7. Grapes of Rath – 129.64
  8. Eli’s PR Ice – 125.91
  9. Peers One – 104.63
  10. Alfa’s Omegas – 98.63

Link to the Google Map showing where each team is on it’s Race Across the USA

Race Across the USA Overall Standings (daily total)

  1. Rev Run – 2,907.00 miles – FINISHED – 13 Days, 20 Hours, 17 Minutes
  2. The Metcalvary – 2,907.00 miles – FINISHED – 18 Days, 14 Hours, 30 Minutes
  3. Alfa’s Omegas – 2,907.00 miles – FINISHED – 19 Days, 8 Hours, 0 Minutes
  4. Crowe Bars – 2,862.63 miles (242.95)
  5. Tuck ‘n Stroll – 2,787.26 miles (171.81)
  6. Grapes of Rath – 2,638.65 (129.64)
  7. Mojo Rising – 2,601.82 miles (134.34)
  8. Kicking Glass – 2,365.86 miles (158.34)
  9. Trip 2 My Lou – 2,338.27 miles (158.59)
  10. The Beetroots – 2,245.32 miles (153.19)
  11. Peers One – 2,098.35 miles (104.63)
  12. Eli’s PR Ice – 2,049.55 miles (125.91)

New York City to Santa Monica Pier Distance: 2,907.00 Miles

Donna Bullington is the Race Across the USA Peak Performer of the Day with 32.33 miles for Tuck n’ Stroll.

Top 10 Miles of the Day

  1. Cathy Downes (CB) – 66.54
  2. Lisamarie Griffin (GOR) – 45.30
  3. Rene Fosdal-Griffin (TNS) – 41.64
  4. Seth Crowe (CB) – 36.22
  5. Steve Troxel (CB) – 35.78
  6. Marylou Corino (LOU) – 35.00
  7. Jimmy Girten (CB) – 33.22
  8. Donna Bullington (TNS) – 32.33
  9. Ximena Kriete (TNS) – 31.27
  10. Marj Mitchell (CB) – 31.21

The Day’s Quick Team-by-Team Recaps

  1. REV RUN – FINISHED – 13 Days, 20 Hours, 17 Minutes
  2. THE METCALVARY – FINISHED – 18 Days, 14 Hours, 30 Minutes
  3. ALFA’S OMEGAS – FINISHED – 19 Days, 08 Hours 00 Minutes

CROWE BARS – Day 20: 242.95 Miles (1st) – 4th overall

The Crowe Bars had it’s biggest total of the entire race on the 20th day, and they’ve had some big days. Today it seems as if every runner just emptied the tank for miles, and miles, and miles.

They were led by the exquisite Cathy Downes with 66.54 miles, by far the most by anyone today. Behind her was team captain Seth Crowe with 36.22 miles and trusty Steve Troxel with 35.78 miles.

And just to show the depth of firepower on the team Jimmy Girten threw up 3’s and 2’s along with Marj Mitchell’s 50K day. They should make it to the pier by noon tomorrow.

The team is currently in San Dimas, California just 44.37 miles from the finish.

CB’s Top of the Day

  1. Cathy Downes – 66.54 miles
  2. Seth Crowe – 36.22 miles
  3. Steve Troxel – 35.78 miles
  4. Jimmy Girten – 33.22 miles
  5. Marj Mitchell – 31.21 miles

TUCK N’ STROLL – Day 20: 171.81 Miles (2nd) – 5th overall

Tuck put it’s self in position to finish tomorrow with a monster day of 171.81 miles. They were led by Rene Fosdal-Griffin with 41.64 miles. But Tuck’s star for the day was Donna Bullington with 32.33 miles, a race high for her. And as always Ximena Kriete was a 50K machine. Tomorrow is their day to finish this amazing, beautiful journey.

The team is currently in Barstow, California just 119.74 miles from the finish.

TNS’s Top Performers of the Day.

  1. Rene Fosdal-Griffin – 41.64 miles
  2. Donna Bullington- 32.33 miles
  3. Ximena Kriete – 31.27 miles

GRAPES OF RATH – Day 20: 129.64 Miles (7th) – 6th overall

The two heavy-hitters on this team hit again today,big time as Lisamarie Griffin went long and deep for 45.30 miles. Chris Clemens hit 20+ miles for the 1,452,111th consecutive day. Scott Devona, whose wife Lisa has been waiting on the beach in Santa Monica for him over a week, had 13.32 miles.

The team is in currently in Klinefelter, California.

GOR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisamarie Griffin – 45.30 miles
  2. Chris Clemens – 22.20 miles
  3. Scott Devona – 13.32 miles

MOJO RISING- Day 20: 134.34 Miles (6th) – 7th overall

Another day, another step up in miles for Lindsay Phenix. She had 29.01 miles on the day and has 475.42 for the race. Mark Atkins ran a heavy half marathon to help the team. They remain consist come rain or shine or 7th. Anthony Ohrey was just short of a half marathon with 12.55 miles.

The team is currently in Powell, Arizona.

MR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lindsay Phenix – 29.01 miles
  2. Mark Atkins- 13.75 miles
  3. Joshua Holmes – 12.76 miles

KICKING GLASS – Day 20: 158.34 Miles (4th) – 8th overall

In the Devil’s Canyon, Kicking Glass kicked up enough hell and brimstone to stay just ahead of Trip 2 My Lou. They were led by Yvette Campos’s big 30.12 mile day. Yvette has had double-digit miles every day of the race so far. She was assisted by Joan Lamayo-Buse’s 25.32 miles and Lisa Van Wolde’s 23.10 miles.

The team is in Canyon Diablo, Arizona.

KG’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Yvette Campos – 30.12 miles
  2. Joan Lamayo-Buse – 25.32 miles
  3. Lisa Van Wolde – 23.10 miles

TRIP 2 MY LOU – Day 20: 158.59 Miles (3rd) – 9th overall

A major bounce today from the Trips with a big mile day from Christy Brewer with 31.10 miles, along with Jeremy Kluttz’s 23.81 miles provided the help team captain Marylou Corino has been needing the last few days. Corino was wonderful again going for 35.00 miles. She now has 585.40 miles in the race.

The team is currently in Joseph City, Arizona.

LOU’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Marylou Corino – 35.00 miles
  2. Christy Brewer – 31.10 miles
  3. Jeremy Kluttz – 23.81 miles

THE BEETROOTS – Day 20: 153.19 Miles (5th) – 10th overall

Back to back really strong days for The Roots. Today, Glenn Richardson dug deep to deliver team captain Lance McDermott a 50K of work. He wasn’t alone with big miles though as Sue Stephens-Wright ran 28.12 miles. Amy Costa was wonderful once again going for over 20 miles.

The team is currently in Gallup, New Mexico.

BR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Glenn Richardson- 31.10 miles
  2. Sue Stephens-Wright – 28.12 miles
  3. Amy Costa – 20.31 miles

PEERS ONE- Day 20: 104.63 Miles (9th) – 11th overall

Big days from Wayne McComb with 25.01 miles and Sofie Romero with 21.00 helped Peers go over 100 miles on the day. Rich Peers was great again with 19.63 miles.

The team is in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

PR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Wayne McComb – 25.01 miles
  2. Sofie Romero – 21.00 miles
  3. Rich Peers – 19.63 miles

ELI’S P.R. ICE – Day 20: 125.91 Miles (8th) – 12th overall

A really great day for The Ice. They were led by Francesca Muccini’s 30.09 miles. She had some amazing support from Veronique Bourbeau who walked 28.06 massive miles to help the team. Crystal Baumberger also stepped up with 12.31 miles. A big day that this team needed for morale.

The team is in Corners, New Mexico.

ELI’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Francesca Muccini – 30.09 miles
  2. Veronique Bourbeau – 28.06 miles
  3. Crystal Baumberger – 12.31 miles

Finished Teams – New York City to Los Angeles

1) Rev Run’s – 13 Days, 20 Hours, 17 Minutes
Total Team Miles by Runner

  1. Lisa Devona – 500.78 miles (35.77)
  2. Ed Ettinghausen – 426.62 miles (30.47)
  3. David Pharr – 329.28 miles (23.52)
  4. Emily Ryan – 307.73 miles (21.98)
  5. Karl Studtmann – 266.80 miles (19.06)
  6. Steve Snyder – 265.83 miles (18.99)
  7. Sherry Meador – 237.99 miles (17.00)
  8. Reich Gapasin – 227.40 miles (16.24)
  9. Jeremy Reed – 225.44 miles (16.10)
  10. Jeff Lea – 86.94 miles (6.21)
  11. Renee Holcomb – 83.51 miles (5.97)

2) The Metcalvary’s – 18 Days, 14 Hours, 30 Minutes
Total Team Miles by Runner

  1. Andy Glaze – 479.13 miles (25.22)
  2. Randy Broadway – 420.02 miles (22.11)
  3. Jen Metcalf – 376.42 miles (19.81)
  4. Elissa Higgins – 350.68 miles (18.46)
  5. Erik Pascual – 325.05 miles (17.11)
  6. Heather McComb – 258.93 miles (13.63)
  7. Kelly Tipple – 250.00 miles (13.16)
  8. Randy Marks – 193.04 miles (10.16)
  9. Lauren Glaze – 119.89 miles (6.31)
  10. Taylor Dupler – 102.94 miles (5.42)
  11. Brooke King – 45.00 miles (2.37)
    100% Full Daily Contributions Entire Race

Daily Updates and Standing Archive


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Day 13: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – Barr None

Run It Fast’s ‘Race Across the USA‘ went boom, boom, shake the room on Day 13 with the Suzy Michelson Team exploding for 331.52 miles. This was fueled by major outbursts from Texan Alex Barrientos with 69.06 miles, Tennessean Thomas Fowler with 50.01 miles, and Kentuckian David Nichols with 41.20 miles.  The Suzys won the day, by far, by over a 100 miles, but there were other standout performances from the other teams as well that we will get to in a moment.

The Jeffrey Price Team rebounded after a rough week with 228.68 miles to finish second for the day. The Hope Shull Team had their very best day of the entire race with 205.43 miles and finished in third today. The Charlie Taylor Team went over 200 miles, with 201.00, but were at the rear of the chow line today.

Let’s get into the stats, standings, and recaps from the road…

Day 13 Mileage Results of the Race Across the USA

  • Suzy Michelson Team – 331.52 miles (22.10 mi/runner)
  • Jeffrey Price Team – 228.68 miles (15.25 mi/runner)
  • Charlie Taylor Team – 201.00 miles (13.40 mi/runner)
  • Hope Shull Team – 205.43 miles (13.70 mi/runner)

RIF’s Race Across the USA Overall Standings 

  1. Suzy Michelson Team – 2,582.75 miles (198.67/day, 88.9% completed)
  2. Jeffrey Price Team – 2,136.29  miles (164.33 mi/day, 73.5% completed)
  3. Charlie Taylor Team – 2,010.96 miles (154.69 mi/day, 69.2% completed)
  4. Hope Shull Team – 1,723.58 miles (132.58 mi/day, 59.3% completed)

Click HERE to view where the teams are on the Google Map

Suzy Michelson Team: Today, Anthony Ohrey did zero miles.

Suzy Team Data at a Glance
Place: 1st
Day 13 Miles: 331.52 (1st)
Total Miles: 2,582.75

Top 5 SMT Runners (Day 13)

  1. Alex Barrientos – 69.06
  2. Thomas Fowler – 50.01
  3. David Nichols – 41.20
  4. Chris Clemens – 32.95
  5. JR Reynolds – 30.21

Jeffrey Price Team: The Weekend Warriors is an apt name for the Jeffs. They always put down a lot of miles on the weekend. Mama Bear Melissa Price inspired her team today putting down a marathon of miles (26.18). While the team still got their usual 20’s from Heather ‘Double-Dime’ McComb (20.60) and Tom Orr (20.44), the team got a massive boost today from Sofie Romero with a big 34.00 mile day and Alicja G. Miles with 25.15 miles.

The team was able to pad their lead over the third place team by 27 miles today, gaining back some ground they lost earlier in the week.

The Jeffs are currently in Crab Orchard, Tennessee. Tomorrow, they aim to make it to Johnson City near the Virginia border.

Jeffrey Team Data at a Glance
Overall Place: 2nd
Day 13 Miles: 228.68 (2nd)
Total Miles: 2,136.29
Miles Back: -446.46

Top 5 JPT Runners (Day 13)

  1. Sofie Romero – 34.00
  2. Melissa Price – 26.18
  3. Alicja G. Miles – 25.15
  4. Heather McComb – 20.60
  5. Tom Orr – 20.44

Charlie Taylor Team: The Chucks finished last for the day, but still roamed for over 200 miles. They would have been lost in the kiddie pool without arm floaties today though if it were not for 35.42 miles from Elva Matamoros and 26.29 miles from, the Queen of Pinson Mounds, Marj Mitchell.

The team continued to rely on Steve Acciarito’s hot streak (20.75), and got one of Aimee Shilling’s biggest days of the race with 17.12 miles. Renee Holcomb dug deep to contribute 10.01 miles.

The Chucks have stopped at Jill Williams’ house for a BBQ and to hang out with her family Her daughter Lily volunteered to do the next leg for the team. The Chucks are about 10 miles shy of downtown Nashville and restarting in the morning.

Charlie Team Data at a Glance
Overall Place: 3rd
Day 13 Miles: 201.00 (4th)
Total Miles: 2,010.13
Miles Back: -571.79

Top 5 CTT Runners (Day 13)

  1. Elva Matamoros – 35.43
  2. Marj Mitchell – 26.39
  3. Steve Acciarito – 20.75
  4. Aimee Shilling – 17.12
  5. Joshua Holmes – 15.21

Hope Shull Team:  The best day of the race for the Hopes, and they deserved it. They’ve battled the entire race chugging-a-long up the mountain, but never giving up. They had five team members go over 20 miles today which was the reason for their big output.

They were led by Lori Robinson with 26.25 miles. Captain ‘Lou added 25.00 miles and her tag-team partner Kit Brazier nearly matched her with 24.92. Sub-18 hour 100-miler Cathy Downes finished the afternoon with 22.02 miles and Downtown Randy Broadway held the gas handle a millisecond too long and ended the day with 20.01 miles.

The team is just crossed the White River (which was not white) and is now in Biscoe, Arkansas. All eyes are on Memphis, Tennessee tomorrow.

Hope Team Data at a Glance
Overall Place: 4th
Day 13 Miles: 205.43 (3rd)
Total Miles: 1,723.58
Miles Back: -859.17

Top 5 HST Runners (Day 13)

  1. Lori Robinson – 26.25
  2. Marylou Corino – 25.00
  3. Kit Brazier – 24.92
  4. Cathy Downes – 22.02
  5. Randy Broadway – 20.01

Team Mileage Leader of the Day

  • Suzy Michelson Team – Alex Barrientos (69.03 mi)
  • Jeffrey Price Team – Sofie Romero (34.00 mi)
  • Charlie Taylor Team – Elva Matamoros (35.43 mi)
  • Hope Shull Team –  Lori Robinson (26.25 mi)

Top 10 Mega-Miles of the Day

  1. Alex Barrientos (SMT) – 69.03
  2. Thomas Fowler (SMT) – 50.01
  3. David Nichols (SMT) – 41.20
  4. Elva Matamoros (CTT) – 35.43
  5. Sofie Romero (JPT) – 34.00
  6. Chris Clemens (SMT) – 32.95
  7. JR Reynolds (SMT) – 30.21
  8. Barry Reece (SMT) – 27.06
  9. Marj Mitchell (CTT) – 26.39
  10. Lori Robinson (HST) – 26.25
  11. Melissa Price (JPT) – 26.18

Top 10 Race Mile Leaders

  1. Chris Clemens (SMT) – 334.98
  2. Alex Barrientos (SMT) – 278.68
  3. David Nichols (SMT) – 278.52
  4. Barry Reece  (SMT) – 272.44
  5. Heather McComb (JPT) – 272.33
  6. Tom Orr (JPT) – 269.65
  7. Karl Studtmann (JPT) – 255.40
  8. Marylou Corino – (HST) – 252.80
  9. Kit Brazier (HST) – 236.68
  10. Jeremy Reed (CTT) – 225.62

Alex Barrientos, with his 69.06 miles for the Suzy Michelson Team, is the ‘Race Across the USA’ –  Peak Performer of the Day. The biggest single-day mark in the race so far.

The Suzys: Truly a remarkable day. The performances from Alex, Thomas, David, along with their thoroughbred Chris Clemens going for 32.95 miles. Barry Reece chipped in 27.06 as well. They had 10 members contribute 13 miles or more…which is astonishing.

They are looking to hopefully wrap this up on Monday. The team is currently in Woodstock, Virginia which is close to Washington, DC.

Daily Updates and Standings Archive

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Charlie Taylor Hope Shull Award 2014

Charlie Taylor is RIF’s 2014 ‘Hope Shull Inspirational Runner Award’ Winner

Charlie Taylor - Run It Fast Pistol - Hope Shull Award

I’m honored and happy to announce that the 2014 ‘Hope Shull Inspirational Runner Award‘ goes to RIF #353 Charlie Taylor from Gallatin, Tennessee.

Last year’s winner RIF #5 Lisa Gonzales beautifully captures why Charlie Taylor is this year’s winner of the ‘Hope Shull Inspirational Runner Award’:

Last year, I was honored to be named the 2013 Hope Shull Inspirational Runner Award. When RIF #1 Joshua Holmes asked me who I felt was deserving of the 2014 award, quite a few RIFers came to mind but one runner stood out – RIF #353 Charlie Taylor.

Charlie is an ultra runner and a survivor of cancer. Having survived cancer myself, he was inspiring to me because he not only battled it with determination and humor but he also didn’t let it stop him from living life the way he wanted to.

Many of my friends in Run It Fast are friends with him and I would see his posts or posts about him and I got to follow his story. Charlie is a survivor of colon & liver cancer. He went through surgeries to remove first the colon cancer and then the liver cancer last January. Once he was recovered from that, he then had to do 12 rounds of chemo but as soon as he was given the all clear post-surgery, he was back to running. He was a running machine!

If you have never gone through chemo, let me tell you what it’s like: Chemo is like having your life ripped out from under you. Everything, and I mean everything, changes. It makes you feel like you’ve aged 50 years in a day. Every detail of your life is focused on not getting sick from the treatment, surviving the treatment, and then recovering from it. You feel like your life has been hijacked. You are exhausted and food tastes like crap and things don’t work the way they used to. You have to worry about white blood cell counts and not getting a cold because your immune system is shot. And then there’s chemo brain – forgetfulness and not being able to focus. Honestly, if given a choice, I’m not sure I would do it again. That’s how bad it is.

I had to stop running for a while because of my tumor and the surgery to remove it but I ran a little through chemo. Mostly though, I was happy that I could continue to work and function on my own. I was so excited when my 6 rounds of chemo were done because I thought I would immediately bounce back and start running long again. But that didn’t happen and I was tired for months after my last chemo treatment. I was trying to get back into running but was this close to giving up. I was just too tired and frustrated.

Charlie Taylor PWB w Wife - Run It Fast

But then last July, I saw that Charlie was going to run the Vol State 500K (314 miles across Tennessee) as part of 3 person relay team. I remember thinking how can he do that? How can he run that much? I was barely running 5Ks and I’d been done with chemo for months. But he did it and he and his team set a course record! Then Charlie ran a 50K in August…the same month he finished his last chemo session. Charlie was running ultras in the midst of 12 sessions of chemo! How could he do that? Where did he find the energy? Or even the desire to do it?

In the year since Charlie had his surgery last January, he ran 12 races including 8 ultras (one of them being the Pistol 100 Miler!). As I started back running , posts about him would periodically pop up and I would tell myself to “Suck it up buttercup!”. Surely, if he can do all that, I could run a half marathon, right? And if he could do ultras during chemo, I could run a marathon a year after I was done with chemo, right?

Seriously, I still don’t know how he did it. He is made up of some strong stuff! He inspired me to be that strong too and to push myself.

The great thing about Charlie is that he is always smiling or cracking a joke in his photos. The cancer that he is dealing with is scary and has daunting odds but Charlie is positive and squeezing all he can out of this life. I think where I had seen myself as a victim of cancer, Charlie didn’t even give cancer the power to affect him at all. That was what was most inspiring to me. He battled it on his own terms and in his own way and inspired me to do the same.

This year, Charlie will be running the Barkley Marathons (one of the toughest, most insane 100 milers in the world). I look forward to seeing what he does there! If you want to be inspired, you should follow him too!

Thank you Lisa for those powerful words that summarize why Charlie is the winner of the Hope Shull Award for 2014.

Charlie Taylor Hope Shull Award 2014

The other Run It Fast members that were finalists for the award this year included Mark Hellenthal, Nathan Bass, Amber Goetz, and Marj Mitchell. They all inspired us in 2014 and continue to with their drive and indomitable will to be stronger than any obstacle they might face.

What is the Hope Shull Inspirational Runner Award?

In January 2012, we presented Hope Shull with a membership to Run It Fast – The Club at the Race for Hope 5K in Henderson, Tennessee.

The 5K was held to honor Hope as she had terminal cancer with just a few weeks to live. She died shortly after the race was held.

Hope Shull with Marj Mitchell Race for Hope

Hope was a personal friend to myself and many other of the early members of Run It Fast. I ran several of my very first 5K races with Hope and her good friend Marj Mitchell in West Tennessee.

I wrote Hope a letter to be presented to her at the Race for Hope 5K last January that Marj read to her at the race.  The letter included a permanent membership to Run It Fast along with a few other words that included the creation of an award in her honor –  ‘The Hope Award.’

January 12, 2012


I’m amiss that I can’t be at the race today.  I’m in Los Angeles, but you are on my mind as you often are.

I asked Marj if it would be ok ,and she thought it would be, so I want to proudly announce you as the newest member of Run It Fast – The Club.

You will always be RIF #225, a special number to me as 25 has always been one of my two most favorite numbers.  You will always be a part of the club no matter what transpires from this day forward between any of us.

I’ve always wanted you to be a part of the club because you embody EVERYTHING that Run It Fast was created to become. Run It Fast is a club full of members that have this deep down desire to overcome obstacles in life and limitations that most others let hold them back or down. Run It Fast members don’t let their situation or hardship in life dictate their life for them.

Instead they go out and conquer life by digging deep to train hard, run races, and forge friendships along the way that inspire others to do things that perhaps they didn’t think were possible either.

Also, I want to announce that starting this year, at the end of the year, the Run It Fast – Club will annually give one member the honor of being named the Hope Shull Inspirational Runner of the Year!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the example you’ve set for me not only with running but with life.  I’ll never forget sharing the car ride back to the start of the Labor Day 5 Miler with you a couple of years ago. That was a beautiful day and a lot of fun.

With my utmost love, respect and admiration,

Joshua Holmes

Run It Fast ® (RIF #1)

Congrats to Charlie on joining Lisa as the winners of this prestigious award. Thank you for the inspirational you have and continue to provide for Run It Fast members and runners all over the globe.

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Southern Tennessee Power Classic Marathon Medal 2014 – Run It Fast

Southern Tennessee Power Classic Marathon Medal (2014)

Southern Tennessee Power Classic Marathon Medal 2014 - Run It Fast

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Southern Tennessee Power Classic Marathon that took place on October 4, 2014 in Winchester, Tennessee.

This was the 5th running of this race. For the first four years it was called the Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon.


[medal photo submitted by RIF #4 Marj Mitchell (@marathonmarj)]

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Stanky Creek 50K-25K Medal – 2014 – Run It Fast

Stanky Creek 50K/25K Medal (2014)

Stanky Creek 50K-25K Medal - 2014 - Run It Fast

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Stanky Creek 50K/25K that took place on September 14, 2014 in Bartlett, Tennessee.


[medal photo submitted by RIF #4 Marj Mitchell – follow her on Twitter @marathonmarj]

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Tupelo Marathon Medal – 2014 – Run It Fast

Tupelo Marathon & Half Marathon Medal (2014)

Here are the finisher’s medals from the Tupelo Marathon & Half Marathon that took place on August 31, 2014 in Tupelo, Mississippi.


[marathon medal photo submitted by RIF #4 Marj Mitchell – follow her on Twitter @marathonmarj and half marathon photo submitted by Daniel Butler – follow him on Twitter @RunDanRun26]

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Dragonfly Jackal Marathon Medal 2014

Dragonfly Jackal Marathon Medal (2014)

This is the finisher’s medal for the Dragonfly Jackal Marathon that took place on June 24, 2014 in Pinson Mounds State Park, Tennessee.

This was part of a 5 race series in and around Jackson, TN. They are put on by Run It Fast founder Joshua Holmes (RIF #1 @bayou):

The Jackal Trail Marathon
The Backass Jackal Marathon
The Asphalt Jackal Marathon
The Dragonfly Jackal Marathon
The Native Jackal Marathon

Runners could run 1, 2 or all 5 of the marathons…and some did!

You can check out more about these races (including results and photos) on The Jackal Marathons Facebook page.


[Medal submitted by RIF #4 Marj Mitchell. Follow her on Twitter @marathonmarj]

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Run Under The Stars Endurance Run Medal 2014

Run Under The Stars (RUTS) Endurance Run Medal (2014)

This is the finisher’s medal for the Run Under The Stars Endurance Run that was held on June 7-8 in Paducah, Kentucky.

The race starts at 8 pm (on a horse track) and finishes at 6 am so you really do run under the stars.


[Medal submitted by RIF #4 Marj Mitchell. Follow her on Twitter @marathonmarj]

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Warrior Run Half Marathon Medal 2014

West Tennessee Warrior Run Half Marathon Medal (2014)

This is the finisher’s medal for the West Tennessee Warrior Run Half Marathon that took place on May 24, 2013 in Gadsden, Tennessee.

Also pictured is the Age Group medal that RIF #4 Marj won at the event. Congrats Marj!


[Medal submitted by RIF #4 Marj Mitchell. Follow her on Twitter @marathonmarj]

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Strolling Jim 40_20 Mile Medal 2014

Strolling Jim 40/20 Mile Medal (2014)

This is the finisher’s medal for the Strolling Jim 40 Mile/20 Mile Run that took place on May 3, 2014 in Wartrace, Tennessee.

Here’s another view of the medal:


[Medals submitted by RIF #4 Marj Mitchell – follow her on Twitter @marathonmarj and by RIF #1 Joshua Holmes – follow him on Twitter @bayou]

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