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A Moveable Party Called River-to-River

Theresa hands off to Sherrie

Our conveyance accrued runners as it drifted north; the Jones Creek relay team was gathering. Sherrie Giles, having already picked up Dennis Christian in Brentwood, added Bill Baker and me at a hotel near Titans Stadium in Nashville, where we left our vehicles. We headed on toward Southern Illinois where we planned to run the River-to-River Relay the next day, on Saturday. At Calvert City, Kentucky, runner Robin Robbins, whom I’d never met, and team captain John Spencer met us with a 10-person van.

We left Sherrie’s Suburban at a hotel and continued north toward Marion, Illinois. At the packet pick-up there, the girls from St. Louis met us, Tiffany Young and Rachel Langdon. We were seven runners plus a non-running captain now. One to go. After supper at Walt’s Italian restaurant we checked in at the Limited Hotel, a name that gave us some entertainment. There in the hallway we found runner Theresa Saupe together with husband Hank. Hank was to be our driver. He stood nursing a tall boy. Our team was now complete.

Getting up at 3:30 a.m. is not normal human behavior. I know; I saw a turkey hunter and they’re abnormal. My roommate Dennis and I both did. We even talked to him while we had coffee and cereal, the hunter decked out in camouflage overalls. Our idyll didn’t last long. We shoved off at 4:30 driving to the race start. Our first runner, Robin, was starting at 6:30.

Read the full story by Dallas Smith by clicking HERE

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Big Sur International Marathon Medal – 2012

Big Sur International Marathon Medal (2012)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Big Sur International Marathon that took place on April 29, 2012 in Big Sur, California.

This is one mega cool medal that has a very natural Native American feel to it.


[Submitted by RIF #18 Rick Jarvis who ran the Country Music Half Marathon the day before running Big Sur.]

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Salt Lake City Marathon Medal – 2012

Salt Lake City Marathon Medal (2012)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Salt Lake City Marathon that took place on April 21, 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This is such a strong, bold, and masculine medal.  A medal a superhero would be proud to wear as his belt buckle.

The middle part of the medal (with the runners and ‘Utah’) is a spinner.


[Submitted by Jason Howard. Follow Jason on Twitter @jasonrunsutah]

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Pleasanton Half Marathon Medal – 2012

Pleasanton Half Marathon Medal (2012)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Pleasanton Half Marathon that took place on April 29, 2012 in Pleasanton, California


[Submitted by RIF #140 Dennis Arriaga. Follow him on Twitter @dennarr]

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Glass City Half Marathon Medal – 2012

Glass City Half Marathon Medal & Beer Mug (2012)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Glass City Half Marathon that took place on April 22, 2012 in Toledo, Ohio.


[Submitted by Adam Dishong. Follow him on Twitter @IrishRunnerCLE]

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Frisco Railroad 50 Mile Run Medal Image

Leah Thorvilson Absolutely Demolishes Frisco Railroad Run 50 Mile Run

Leah Thorvilson destroyed the Frisco Railroad Run 50 Mile Race on April 28, 2012 in Williard, Missouri with a blazing time of 6:00:31.  Second place was a complete hour behind her.

Thorvilson’s time is believed to be a new course record and is easily the new female course record.

According to UltraRunning Leah’s time is the fourth fastest 50 miler by a female ever behind only Ann Trason, Donna Perkins, and Marcy Schwam.

Second place went to another female, Karen Plucinski, with a time of 7:00:44.

A dude finally placed in third with Pete Kostenlnick (7:16:51).

2012 Frisco Railroad 50 Mile Race Results

  1. Leah Thorvilson – 6:00:31
  2. Karen Plucinski – 7:00:44
  3. Pete Kostenlnick – 7:16:51
  4. Kyle Clouston – 7:48:53
  5. Jeff Jones – 8:51:52
  6. Ron Ayers – 9:03:23
  7. John Allen – 9:05:41
  8. Stacie Shaver – 9:19:17
  9. Nick Haydn – 9:24:30
  10. Cliff Ferren – 9:32:22

Leah is a member RIF #34 of Run It Fast – The Club. You can join the club and read more about it HERE.

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Ryan James – Winner St Jude Country Music Marathon 2012

19-Year Old Ryan James Wins St. Jude Country Music Marathon (Results)

19-year old Ryan James, making his marathon debut yesterday, won the 2012 St. Jude Country Music Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee with a time of 2:32:47.

James won easily by eight minutes over Arizona’s Steve Slaby (2:40:16) with third place going to Daniel Smoak (2:41:44).

Top overall female went to Georgia’s Erin Sutton in 2:54:16. It was her debut marathon as well.

Second place female was Karen Lockyer (2:56:21) and third went to Anya Bogdanets (3:02:15).

Only 11 runners of the 3,925 finishers went sub 3-hours on the hilly and hot course.

Top 10 St. Jude Country Music Marathon Finishers

  1. Ryan James – 2:32:47
  2. Steve Slaby – 2:40:16
  3. Daniel Smoak – 2:41:44
  4. Calvin Bannister – 2:51:25
  5. Timothy Clarke – 2:53:21
  6. Erin Sutton – 2:54:16
  7. Colin Meyer – 2:54:33
  8. Jadyn Stevens – 2:56:13
  9. Karen Lockyer – 2:56:21
  10. Tim Carven – 2:58:03

2012 St. Jude Country Music Marathon Searchable Results

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from Ryan and Erin.

Top 5 St. Jude Country Music Half Marathon Finishers

  1. Sammy Kiplagat – 1:10:08
  2. Johnathan Lejeune – 1:11:44
  3. Jordan Wilson – 1:12:44
  4. Bradley Chronister – 1:14:19
  5. Brian Shelton – 1:14:42

The female winner of the CMM Half Marathon was Sharon Thompson, from Franklin, with a time of 1:19:39. Second female went to Tamara Karrh (1:20:26) with third going to Ashley Evans (1:22:47).

Congrats to these top finishers and everyone who finished the Country Music Marathon or 1/2 Marathon yesterday.

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0429_1_derbymedal 01

Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon Medal (2012)

Here is the finisher’s medal from this year’s Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon.  The men’s half marathon was won by Linus Chumba 1:02:40 and Alemtsehay Misganaw won the women’s race in 1:13:46.

I’m a huge fan of this medal, especially the fact that they minimized the “Presented by Walmart,” which used to feature much more prominently in previous years’ medals.  It’s not quite as badass as last year’s medal, but an excellent finisher’s prize nonetheless.

Posted by Dan Solera.

For a picture of the very colorful ribbon, click below:


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Sheryl Crow – St. Jude Country Music Half Marathon

Sheryl Crow Runs St. Jude Country Music Half Marathon

Rock superstar Sheryl Crow ran the 2012 St. Jude Country Music Half Marathon on Saturday in Nashville, Tennessee.

The weather was hot and the hills relentless, but it didn’t stop Crow from running an impressive 1:59:10.

Crow ran with bib #15465 which was registered to a Lisa Martin, a 51-year old from Franklin, TN.

Sheryl ran the half marathon to help raise money for the New Hope Academy which is a Christ-centered private school in Franklin, TN.  Crow has two adopted sons.  She ran with her ‘Run Baby Run’ team.

[images: Sheryl Crow, The Tennessean, Competitor Group, Lester Cacho/AP]

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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (April 28-29, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (April 28-29, 2012)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 80 of you responded!

Good luck to you all this weekend and Run It Fast!

Joshua Holmes – Country Music Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee

Naresh Kumar – RIF#2 will be running the Country Music Marathon #CMM

Scott Wood – Nashville Country Music Half Marathon

Terri Selig – I’m running the KY Derby Festival Marathon!!! Woohoo!

Lia – Big Sur Marathon!

Miss Potter – I’m looking forward to the #TwitterRoadRace this Saturday! Still time to sign up…

Arturo Moreno – St. Jude Nashville Marathon

Lisa Gonzales – I’m doing back-to-back long runs on local roads & trails.

Don Newman Kazery – Starkville, Ms

Kosher Peter – barefoot on grass this weekend and a 10k in Shiprock the following weekend! 😀

Neil Zeller – Police Half Marathon in Calgary Alberta. @YYCPoliceHalf

Chris Haynes – Country Music Half Marathon, Nashville, TN!

Kat – Get in Gear Half Marathon – Minneapolis, MN

Shawna – First Full Mary!!!! @CountryMusic262 in Nashville!!!

Daniel – Eisenhower Park 4 miler!

Luis Ayala – Marvel Race!! Hulk costume!!

Alvin Lee – Local 10k Pikes Peak Rockville, MD

Jeff Burrell – nashville marathon

Jesse Schneider – Derby Festival Mini Marathon in Louisville, KY

Vanessa Goodman – the @TheGreenRun #Houston Sat. My first 10k! I’m ready to #runfast

Jesse Salazar – Big Sur marathon, CA.

Domenick P. Addesi – Tough Mudder PA baby!!! #thetimehascome

Jared Friesen – hitting the trails while in vacation on Maui!

Billy Zuccaro – Nashville TN fun race 1/2 marathon

SKORA Running – Eugene Marathon!

Erin Tucker – Running the Run For The Trees 5k in Winter Park, Fl Saturday!

Monkey Trent – Me too RT @bayou@runitfast Country Music Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee

Kelly Berry – 23-mile training run around Minneapolis – my 2nd to last long training run before #Grandma‘sMarathon in June!

Matthew Mitchell – Cleveland 10 Miler #HermesCleveland

PerOla Axelsson – Lidingö Ultra 50km, Stockholm Sweden

Tim MacBean – Eugene marathon!

Ryan Malone – I’m running a 5k for Noble Hospital in Westfield MA on Saturday 🙂

Angie Gerber – Eight mile run. Countdown to Avenue of the Giants Marathon next Sunday! The taper is torture!

Edith Hurt – After long haul flight from Germany to Australia I’ll just get circulation going with 5-10km while @CanTooRunSwim buddies do 38km

Dennis Arriaga – Inaugural Pleasanton Half Marathon – Pleasanton, CA

Caloy Bautista – Does #TwitterRoadRace count? Doing it tomorrow

‘Ama – I would be running Pikes Peek 10K, if I wasn’t injured. 🙁

Robin Robbins – Country Music 1/2 Marathon Nashville,TN

Laura Gulso@CrazylegsRun 8K is where I’m running tomorrow! Can’t wait to cross the finish line in Camp Randall Stadium!

Larry Keister – Kentucky Derby (half) Marathon in Louisville, KY

Brad Bennett – country music half tomorrow

Michelle Walker – Kentucky Derby Marathon

Hideki Kinoshita – I’m running @kdfrunner #KentuckyDerbyMarathon on Sat in Louisville. Marathon #95 / State #40, & I hope 23sub4. Thanks!#RunItFast

Colene Lord – Eugene Half Marathon Sunday!!! The finish line is on the University of Oregon track!

Laura Raeder – Big Sur…finally!

Erica Agran – Chicago Lakefront 10 and Ravenswood 5k!

rb – CCK Singapore

Marcia Larsen – Cara Lakefront 10 mile in Chicago

Tom Martin – I am running the Cherry Creek Sneak 5 mile run. Sunday

Crystal – I’ll be running the virtual #TwitterRoadRace on Cape Cod. I get to choose my own adventure.

MarathonJunkie™Engle – I will run on the beaches of Hawaii Sunday by 11 am.#mantan #vacay #notgonnarunEugene 🙁

Dallas Smith – Rock N Roll Nashville Country Music Marathon, whatever they’re calling it now.

Mike Clifford – running my first marathon in Gettysburg PA on Sunday!#excited

Nicholas L. Norfolk – I’ll be in #Nashvegas at @CountryMusic262. I’m doing the half, but it will be full of fun. #CountryMusicMarathon #RNRNash

Maria Stivers – Have several friends running Rock and Roll marathon in Nashville this weekend! Good luck @Mary3Smith, Terrie, Sandy and Jen!

Jordan Adams – Bob Jones Track Sectionals (Section 4, 4a)

telisa – Illinois marathon- Champaign Illinois

Bradley Reiter – Loaring Sun Run 5k this Sunday in Tecumseh ON.#pbseason

Cordell Lewis – Lime City Relays at HNHS

HalfMarathons.Net – The 21-miler at the Big Sur Marathon in Monterey!

Jeff Cook – Tour dePaul little rock ar

RunWell – Running @outrun24 in Ohio. Going to be cold for this Florida resident!

Gregory Wilson – My first Big Sur Marathon.

Kelley – I’m participating in the #TwitterRoadRace virtual 5k in my home town on a new route.

Elizabeth Kalifeh – big sur marathon!

Ed Ayres – Pacific Crest Trail, California. Hope the rattlesnakes are still asleep!

Kevin Ronayne#TwitterRoadRace tomorrow

neilj1971 – James Joyce Ramble in Dedham MA

Beth – Louisville KY mini marathon in celebration of the Derby. My dad runs the race every year, this is my first year joining him.

elizabeth v rehmer #TwitterRoadRace !!! In Livingston mt

Laurie Cyr –  #ilmarathon relay. I am ready to run!

Timothy Agee – 4-hour pacer at the Country Music Marathon.

XC problems – everywhere!

Bill Hoover – Parkway Half Marathon, Sacramento CA

Running with Kids – 34th annual Minuteman 5K in Westport CT along beautiful Long Island Sound & through Longshore Country Club

Leah Thorvilson  – #FriscoRun in Willard (the Las Vegas of) Missouri.

Kristen Jones – Ben Layton Memorial 5k Run/Walk in Salisbury Maryland. I will be walking because I am almost 9 months pregnant!!

Chad Norton – Derby Festival Half Marathon

Stephen G – Conn’s Green 6.2 @TheGreenRun

Michelle Berg – Cheshire (CT) Half Marathon 4/29


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