RunItFast.com is a compilation of of some of the most elite and experienced runners in the world.  Run It Fast is a way of life and is subjective according to every runner. Run It Fast is about pushing yourself and limits beyond anything you’ve ever done before. For some that will mean running a single mile while for others it will be finishing their first marathon or ultramarathon.

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Run It Fast is written by several fanatical runners.

Joshua Holmes – Publisher, founder, Editor-In-Chief of Run It Fast and Run It Fast – The Club.  He has run over 194 marathons/ultras including forty 100 milers as well as The Last Annual Vol State 500K three times, Badwater 135 three times, Western States 100, Grand Slam, Slam Water, etc. He can be followed on Twitter @bayou and on Instagram @joshuaholmes

Lisa Gonzales – Lisa lost 75 pounds before she stated running. She then lost 75 more pounds. She has now finished over 10 marathons. She has also completed two ultramarathons within the past six months. Her story continues to inspire not only newbies to running but experienced veterans as well.

Dallas Smith – Author of two running books: Going Down Slow and Falling Forward. At 71-years old he is still running at 3:23 at Boston and runs numerous marathons and ultramarathons a year.

Shannon McGinn – She is just over 5 years out from being diagnosed with cancer. Her fight was to stay active and not submit to the weakening impact of treatment. She started racing during the later stages of my IV Herceptin Treatment, infused every 3rd week for a year. Since then, she has logged over 170+ races since 10/06, mostly short stuff from 5k’s upward. She is most proud of her 24 hour distance milestone of 110.67 miles (with a 19:38 hr 100 mile split) and a 3:15 marathon PR. Due to her love for running and racing, she has become certified as a long distance running coach and is currently assisting others in their pursuit of their own running goals and PR’s.

Beth McCurdy – A veteran of over 70 marathons and ultramarathons, Beth continues to improve and impress at races all over the southern United States. She has finished three 100 mile ultras. She is also well known for her healthy cooking.

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