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Run It Fast – Super Losers Series

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The RIF Super Loser Series

RIF #1 Joshua Holmes has asked me to set up a new series of blog posts featuring those of us who have struggled through weight loss and how running has helped achieve our goals.

We would like to feature club members who have been successful at losing weight through lifestyle changes, running and living healthy.

If you have struggled to lose those last 5-10lbs , lost a significant amount of weight or are currently in the process we want to here from you.

You can comment below if you would like to be featured in this series or email me directly at .

You may think your loss isn’t significant or doesn’t mean anything but let me tell you , it sure does. Your story may just motivate someone who is currently struggling through this process and we all know it is a struggle. If your story helps just 1 person to get up off that couch and go for a walk – you have inspired someone to make a change.

Dawn’s Super Loser Story

So let me be the first one to share my story with you.

In August 2010 I weighed 284 lbs and I was not happy.

I had a revised Gastric Bypass surgery and lost a total of 144lbs over the next 4 years. Once my weight had come down to a certain size in 2012 I decided I wanted to “try” running. For fear of anyone ever seeing me I ran at night, when it was dark, in all black clothing! I started out with a walk/run to and from street lights and that was hard! I then graduated to running the local high school track and before you know it I actually felt confident enough to run on a treadmill at the gym. My very first race was a 5k and I nailed it 31 minutes – I officially caught the running bug. A month later I ran my first ever half marathon with little to no real training in 2:30.

Since 2012, I have ran 3-50k’s, 2-26.2 and 9-13.1 races. I run my first 50 miler in July. I have a board at my house (see below) that keeps me motivated to run and collect bibs.

Dawn Bib Wall

Running is my escape, my quiet time and my time to reflect. Often I hear myself saying “the old you wouldn’t be doing this” and it keeps me going. I will not quit, I will not give up and all I want is for my story to motivate just 1 person who thinks they can’t do it – Do it!

Dawn Barnable - Run It Fast

The Run It Fast® Club & community inspires and motivates me daily – because of this group of people I have achieved goals I never thought possible.

So again, if you have a story to tell let’s hear it. Together our stories can inspire others to take that first step to make big changes.

– Dawn

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