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New York City Marathon Opening Day & Lottery Results – April 27th

Tomorrow will be a big day for the ING New York City Marathon in what they are dubbing ‘Opening Day’ where they will announce lottery results for those hoping to get into the highly popular marathon in the Big Apple.

The LIVE event at 12:00 noon EDT on Wednesday, April 27, will set everything in motion.

Marathon season starts on April 27, with our Marathon Opening Day celebration. You’ll get all the news right here.

Stay tuned for everything from surprise announcements to exclusive athlete and celebrity appearances. If you want to find out who’s in for 2011, this is the spot.

Good luck to all who submitted applications into the lottery!

[Will update post tomorrow live or after the announcement if any big happenings take place.]

ING New York City Marathon Website

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9-Time NYC Marathon Champ Grete Waitz

9-Time NYC Marathon Champ Grete Waitz Dead at 57

Norwegian Grete Waitz, one of if not the greatest female marathoner of all-time, has lost a long term battle with cancer at the age of 57-years old on Tuesday (April 19, 2011) in Oslo, Norway.  She had been battling the disease since 2005.

Waitz won the New York City Marathon 9 times. A feat that will never be matched again.  She won every NYC Marathon from 1978 to 1988 with the exceptions of 1981 when Allison Roe won and 1987 when Priscilla Welch won.

She broke the world record three years in a row at the NYC Marathon.  Grete won the London Marathon twice (1983 and 1986) as well.  She had just as much success at the smaller road races she participated in.

Waitz also won a silver medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

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115th Boston Marathon Finisher’s Medal

115th Boston Marathon Finisher’s Medal (2011)

Here is a look at the 115th Boston Marathon finisher’s medal.  A classy and timeless piece of artwork for sure.

The 2011 race was the fastest Boston Marathon ever. Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai won with the fastest time for a marathon ever in 2:03:02.

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[photo courtesy of Chris Estes]

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Geoffrey Mutai Sets Running World on Fire with 2:03:02 Boston Marathon Win (Male Results)

Geoffrey Mutai Sets Running World on Fire with 2:03:02 Boston Marathon Win (Male Results)

It was a perfect day for Kenaya Geoffrey Mutai at the running of the 115th Boston Marathon on Monday.  The weather was cool, there was a tailwind, and Mutai used both to his advantage in running the fastest Boston Marathon time ever in 2:03:02.

Fellow countryman Moses Mosop, in his marathon debut, was almost quite as successful, finishing just 4 seconds back in 2:03:06.  Ethiopian Gebre Gebremariam finished in third at 2:04:53.

American Ryan Hall ran the fastest marathon time ever by an American with a superb finishing time of 2:04:58.  A time that would have won last year’s Boston Marathon.

Place Bib Name Official Time State Country Ctz
1 2 Geoffrey Mutai 2:03:02 KEN
2 22 Moses Mosop 2:03:06 KEN
3 17 Gebregziabher Gebremariam 2:04:53 ETH
4 3 Ryan Hall 2:04:58 CA USA
5 12 Abreham Cherkos 2:06:13 ETH
6 1 Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot 2:06:43 KEN
7 9 Philip Kimutai Sanga 2:07:10 KEN
8 14 Deressa Chimsa 2:07:39 ETH
9 8 Bekana Daba 2:08:03 ETH
10 16 Robert Kipchumba 2:08:44 KEN
11 20 Peter Kamais 2:09:50 KEN
12 25 Juan Carlos R. Cardona Sr. 2:12:17 COL
13 4 Gilbert Yegon 2:13:00 KEN
14 78 Migidio Bourifa 2:13:45 ITA
15 26 Toyoyuki Abe 2:15:48 JPN

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Caroline Kilel Wins 2011 Boston Marathon (Female Results)

Caroline Kilel Wins 2011 Boston Marathon (Female Results)

Kenya’s Caroline Kilel held on to beat an amazing performance by American Desiree Davila by just two seconds to win the 115th Boston Marathon with a time of 2:22:36.

Davila finished 2 seconds back at 2:22:38 and third went to Kenya’s Sharon Cherop 2:22:42.

American Kara Goucher, who gave birth just this past year finished in 5th plaec at 2:24:52.

Place Bib Name Official Time State Country Ctz
1 F8 Caroline Kilel 2:22:36 KEN
2 F15 Desiree Davila 2:22:38 MI USA
3 F4 Sharon Cherop 2:22:42 KEN
4 F24 Caroline Rotich 2:24:26 KEN
5 F12 Kara Goucher 2:24:52 OR USA
6 F9 Dire Tune 2:25:08 ETH
7 F18 Werknesh Kidane 2:26:15 ETH
8 F51 Yoland B. Caballero 2:26:17 COL
9 F10 Alice Timbilili 2:26:34 KEN
10 F20 Yuliya Ruban 2:27:00 UKR
11 F5 Tirfi Tsegaye 2:27:29 ETH
12 F21 Woynishet Girma 2:28:48 ETH
13 F19 Hellen Mugo 2:29:06 KEN
14 F17 Silvia Skvortsova 2:29:14 RUS
15 F14 Tatyana Pushkareva 2:29:20 RUS

Congrats to all of these ladies and all finishers today in Boston.

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Ryan Hall – Bottom of His 2011 Boston Marathon Shoe 2:04 Fear the Four

Live Blog: 2011 Boston Marathon (Results)


2011 Boston Marathon Live Blog Coverage:

RESULTS: Geoffrey Mutai Sets Running World On Fire With 2:03:02 Boston Marathon Win (Male Results)

RESULTS: Kenyan Caroline Kilil Wins 2011 Boston Marathon (Female Results)

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5:52pm – Southern running legend Dink Taylor ran a very fast 2:57:46 today.  He’s been running sub-3’s for thirty years now!

4:03pm – The Boston Red Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays 9-1 in today’s Patriots Day game.

3:57pm – Check out the message Ryan Hall wrote on the bottom of his shoe before today’s 2011 Boston Marathon, “2:04 For the Poor!?!?!” – what time did Ryan run? He was prophetic in running a 2:04:56

3:39pm Geoffrey Mutai on his record breaking Boston Marathon win, “I am fulfilling my dream.”

3:37pm – 71-year old Dallas Smith finished 2nd in the 70-74 age bracket with his finishing time of 3:23:05. Simply amazing!

3:35pm – Ryan Hall via Twitter, “I’m still in shock…what an amazing day. God exceeded my wildest expectations. Congrats to everyone who finished!”

3:25pm – Other notable finishers: Brad Box 3:34:08, Gary Krugger 2:54:18, Morgan Cummings 4:37:08, Joan Benoit Samuelson 2:51:29, Chuck Engle 2:46?

2:40pm – Congrats to Corinth’s Kenneth Williams (@MarathonKoach) finishing yet another Boston Marathon. He came across today in 4:08:02.

2:25pm – Congrats to Run It Fast’s Chris Estes (@run_beast) in finishing his first Boston Marathon in 4:04:49.

2:00pm – Ashland City’s Jeff Matlock has finished in 3:33:13. Congrats on another BQ!

1:30pm – The amazing Dallas Smith (@smithbend), 71-years young, finishes the Boston Marathon with a time fo 3:23:05

1:17pm – Gary Allen finished in 2:55. His 5th consecutive decade with a sub 3 hour finish.

1:05pm – Josh Hite finishes the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:04:41. Congrats!

1:00pm – Mutai’s fastest marathon ever of 2:03:02 won’t count as the official world record because the Boston course is not an official ‘world record’ course.

12:55pm – American Kara Goucher, “”My plan was to run with pack as long as possible. It was a big step. It was tough, but I was please to get a PR (2:24:52).”

12:53pm – Second place female finisher, American Desiree Davila, “The last six miles were USA! USA! I imagine the Olympics are like that. It was the most excitement I’ve ever had in a race.”

12:50pm – Josh Hite hit 30K awhile back at a 6:32 pace. Dallas Smith at 30K was on a 7:41 pace.

12:47pm – Kenneth Williams half marathon time – 2:01:51. Keep trucking, Ken!

12:46pm – Jeff Matlock 30K pace is at 7:47.

12:14pm – Will be updating with results as they become official. One of the most exciting Boston Marathons of all-time. Great day for Mutai, Killel, Davila and Hall.

12:05pm – Here comes Ryan Hall in 4th place with an amazing time, fastest USA time ever of 2:04:58. Amazing day for Hall. He had left his coach in the past year to train himself. Whatever he is doing appears to be working.

12:04pm – 1. Geoffrey Mutai 2:03:02, 2. Moses Mosop 2:03:05, 3. Gebre Gebremariam 2:04:54, 4. Ryan Hall 2:04:56

12:03pm – KENYA’s GEOFFREY MUTAI WINS IN 2:03:02.  The course record was 2:05:52.

12:03pm – Mutai has really pulled away and has a 25 foot lead or so.

12:02pm – Mutai is pushing the pace towards the finish line. Mosop is about 18 inches behind him.

12:00pm – ONE MILE TO GO FOR THE MEN. Will it be Mutai or Mosop in his marathon debut?

11:58am – Mutai and Mosop continue to battle head-t0-head for the men at the 1:58:00 mark. It looks like a course record will fall again.

11:55am – Kenya’s Caroline Kilel wins the 115th Boston Marathon with a time of 2:22:36. American Desiree Davila finished in a very strong second. Kenya’s Timbilili finishs back in third.

11:55am – Killel has a last kick left and looks as if she is going to win the 115th Boston Marathon for the women.

11:54am – HERE COMES DESIREE DAVILA. 300 Meters to go.

11:53am – Davila is back in third but not dead yet.  Here she goes and passes both women for the lead.  She is kicking to hold it.  One Kenyan has fallen off.  Killel has retaken the lead. It looks like it will be either Davila or Killel.

11:51am – Moses Mosop, currently in the lead, is running his marathon debut today.

11:50am – Mutai and Mosop are currently 1-2 for the men.

11:48am – (F) 1985 was the last time an American woman won the Boston Marathon.

11:47am – (F) Davila is still in the lead at the 2:16:00 mark at the Citgo sign.

11:45am – Hall is 57 seconds behind Mutai.

11:44am – (F) Davila skips water as Killel and Timbilili grab fluids. She takes the lead with the move.

11:43am – (F) Davila is in the lead of a pack of three that includes herself, Killel, and Timbilili.

11:42am – Mutai’s 20 mile time 1:34:05 (4:32)

11:40am – Geoffrey Mutai has taken the lead and left everyone behind.  He has about a 8 second lead currently.

11:39am – (F) Davila is still in the lead at 2:07:00. Killel might be holding back a bit to out sprint her at the end.

11:33am – Ryan Hall 30K time 1:28:23 (4:44)

11:32am – Davila and Killel keep taking the lead. Killel’s gazelle legs make it look effortless for her. Davila keeps battling back to push the pace though.

11:30am – A very exciting 115th Boston Marathon so far.

11:28am – The women are about 25 minutes away from the finish line.  The men 35 minutes.

11:27am – (F) American Desiree Davila is currently battling for the female lead.  Davila is from Arizona State.

11:25am – Ryan Hall has the lead once again (1:24:50).

11:23am – Hall has surged back to the lead back and is making a push to get the lead again.

11:20am – Here are some 25K splits for the men: Hall 1:13:25 (4:43), Mutai 1:13:16 (4:42), Yegon 1:13:28 (4:43), R.K. Cheruiyot 1:13:26 (4:43), Evans Cheruiyot 1:13:26 (4:43).

11:19am – Jeff Matlock 10K time of 45:39 (7:20 pace).

11:18am – 71 yr old Dallas Smith hit 10K at 47:33 (7:39 pace).

11:17am – The head of the male field is as follows Daba, Mutai, R.K Cheruiyot, and Kipchumba. They are 1 hour 17 minutes in. Approximately 48 minutes to go.

11:16am – Chris Estes hit the 10K mark at 45:13 (7:16 pace)

11:15am – (F) Smith has now been passed by 5 runners. She had a great race up until this point at 1:43:05.

11:13am – Daba and several guys took off with Daba to put Ryan Hall in their dust. Hall is back 10 runners back now and several seconds. Daba is really pushing the pace now.

11:11am – BREAKING: (F) Kim Smith is injured. She pulled up lame for a bit but is back running and trying to work through it. No way she can for the remainder.  It looked a good bit more severe than just a cramp.

11:09am – (F) Smith looks like she is starting to labor a bit as the field continues to close in on her.  It doesn’t look like she will be able to hold onto the lead for the next 44 minutes.

11:06am – Hall hit 20K at 58:42.

11:06am – (F) Smith’s lead is down to 36 seconds.

11:05am – (F) The pack is starting to narrow Kim Smith’s lead.  We will know soon if she burned too much energy over the first 25K.

11:04am – (F) American Kara Goucher is fading a bit. She is about 15 runners back in the women’s field. This is her first marathon since having a baby.

10:59am – Ryan Hall doing his best Hulk Hogan impersonation trying to amp up the girls of Wellesley College to get louder as the elite men run through.

10:58am – (F) Tsuchida wins her fifth straight female Push Rim wheelchair marathon.

10:50am – (F) Kim Smith hit the half way point in 1:10:52.

10:49am – Bekana Daba is now the nearest elite. Running just a couple of feet behind Hall.

10:46am – Kim Smith’s 20K time 1:07:11.

10:45am – Ryan Hall’s 8 mile pace is 4 minutes 43 seconds per mile. That’s ffffast!

10:44am – Josh Hite hit the 10K mark at 39:49 (6:24 pace)

10:43am – (F) Smith has increased her lead to 53 seconds.

10:40am – Hall has surged to the lead again. It looks as if he has about a 30 foot lead, 39 minutes into their race.

10:37am – Nearing the finish of the wheelchair race….Japan’s Masazumi Soejima wins the Push Rim wheelchair race in 1:18:50.  Huge win for him and Japan. God’s speed!

10:36am – R.K. Cheruiyot has a small lead for the men.

10:28am – Receiving 10K times for the elite men. Cheruiyot 29:06 (4:40 pace), Hall 29:07, Yegon 29:07, Tola 29:06, Mutai 29:08

10:27am – (F) Kim Smith is currently running at a 2:21 pace.

10:26am – Hall hit the 5K mark awhile back at 14:29.

10:25am – Last year’s winner, and course record holder, R.K. Cheruiyot is on Hall’s right shoulder.

10:24am – 15 runners currently in the male elite lead pack. About 15 runners in the group.

10:22am – (F) Kim Smith continues to dominate for the women. She has about a 35 second lead, 50 minutes into the race.

10:21am – Hall’s pace for mile 4 was 4:32.

10:20am – The field has now caught Hall.  The elite pack has about 25-30 runners in it.

10:19am – A new Boston Marathon course record could happen today. The temperatures are cool and there is a strong tailwind.  Perfect day to Run It Fast in Boston.

10:16am – Hall continues to lead but the field is close within range.  Hall clapping a few spectator’s hands along the way.

10:13am – The elite male pack is not letting Hall get beyond a 25 foot lead or so.

10:11am – Hall is continuing to push the pace.  Hall’s first mile 4 minutes and 36 seconds!!! FAST! Second mile 4:32.  The tailwind is kind to the runners today.

10:10am – (F) Kim Smith continues to pull away from the elite women. None of the other elites seems too concerned so far.

10:04am – Hall has taken the lead for the third year in a row. I’m not the only one questioning his approach this morning.

10:01am – Ryan Hall, perhaps having not learned from last year’s Boston Marathon, has taken the early lead.

10:00am EDT – 2011 Boston Marathon Elites and 1st Wave has STARTED!

9:59am – 1 minute until the elite men begin!

9:58am – Kim Smith came through the 5K mark at 16:41. She has about a 30 second lead.

9:56am – 71-yr old Dallas Smith will be the odd’s on favorite to win his age division today. Dallas is a regular contributor here on Run It Fast.

9:55am – Chris Estes is wanting to go sub 3 hours today. Will he do it? His best and BQ time is 3:11 from Tupelo last year.

9:52am – Less than 10 minutes until the elite men start.

9:44am – New Zealand’s Kim Smith has taken the early lead about 5K into the women’s race.  She has about a 150 yard lead. Is she going out too hard?

9:40am – According to BAA, 80 year-old Sister Madonna Buder is the oldest competitor registered in this year’s race!

9:35am – The elite women have started as well now. (Elite Women Field)

9:31am – The hand cyclists and visually impaired have begun.

9:30am – 49 degrees at the start line in Hopkinton currently.

9:25am – Click HERE to view all of the Elite Runners in today’s marathon field.

9:20am – Run It Fast contributors and readers we will be keeping up with throughout the live blog will include Chris Estes (pictured above), Dallas Smith, Jeff Matlock, Kenneth Williams, and Josh Hite among others.

9:10am EDT – 50 Minutes until the start of the 2011 Boston Marathon

2011 Boston Marathon Top Results as they happen.

Good luck to all participants running the 115th Boston Marathon!

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Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot – Boston Marathon 2010 Winner

Elite Runners at the 2011 Boston Marathon

Here is a look at the elite marathoners running the 2011 Boston Marathon on Patriot’s Day, April 18, 2011.

LIVE BLOG: 2011 Boston Marathon (Results)

Elite Boston Marathon Men

  • Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot (Kenya) – 2:05:52 – Boston 2010 (Defending Champ)
  • Ryan Hall (United States) – Best Marathon 2:06:17 – London Marathon 2007
  • Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) – 2:04:55 – Rotterdam Marathon 2010
  • Gebre Gebremariam (Ethiopia) – 2:08:14 NYC Marathon 2010
  • Alistair Cragg (Ireland) – Marathon Debut
  • Evans Cheruiyot (Kenya)
  • Bekana Daba (Ethiopia)
  • Tadese Tola (Ethiopia)
  • Robert Kipchumba (Kenya)
  • Gilbert Yegon (Kenya)
  • Moses Kigen Kipkosgei (Kenya)
  • Moses Mosop (Kenya) – Marathon Debut

Elite Boston Marathon Women

  • Teyba Erkesso (Ethiopia)
  • Tatyana Pushkareva (Russia)
  • Dire Tune (Ethiopia)
  • Kara Goucher (United States)
  • “Queen” Catherine Ndereba (Kenya) – 4-time Boston Marathon Champion
  • Florence Kiplagat (Kenya)
  • Desiree Davila (United States)
  • Blake Russell (United States)
  • Kim Smith (New Zealand)

The male and female winner of the 2011 Boston Marathon will each receive $150,000.00 in prize money out of a prize pot of $806,000.00.

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[source: BAA]

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Chris Estes after finishing his First Boston Marathon (2011)

Photos from the 2011 Boston Marathon

Here is a compilation of photos from the 2011 Boston Marathon (and expo).  The Marathon takes place on April 18, 2011.

Most of the photos below were sent in to us by Run It Fast contributor Chris ‘The Beast’ Estes.  Chris is running his first Boston Marathon. He qualified in just his third marathon, the Tupelo Marathon in Tupelo, Mississippi.

LIVE BLOG: 2011 Boston Marathon (Results)

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knee deep

My Experience With Dirk’s Fat Ass (50K)

My First 50K – Dirk’s Fat Ass 50K (Murfreesboro, TN)

To start… I’ll just say this was quite the event! I really had no clue what was in store when deciding to run 33 miles on New Years Day. I REALLY didn’t expect to have to swim part of the event!

Upon arrival, two things went wrong right off the bat. First, I forgot my water bottles. Second, My Garmin would not turn on (although I know I charged it).

Lisa and I were the first to arrive, and rain was coming down hard! I became worried that we were the only two who were going to brave the storm, but much to my relief we were soon joined by about 20 other runners! I should have known better than to think a little monsoon would keep the “die-hards” away!

In fact… several well known Ultra Runners showed up as well. Among them were Naresh Kumar (who had just finished the Bartram Forrest 100 Miler a few weeks back) and David Jones (winner of the Badwater 135 in 97). Chris Estes who had completed a 50k the day before!

My friend Jay, who had not run longer than 12 miles since he ran a half marathon in October was keeping a great pace ahead of us. I thought he might be running too fast for an ultra. Heck… I thought WE were going too fast! Jay had planned on doing 20 miles (the run was made up of three 10 mile loops) but he found he had the legs to do 27 (21.1 in 3:37, which included time to change into dry clothes and then 6 miles of walking for a total time of 5:41). He is an amazing person who has helped me increase my speed!

The first 10 miles went great, but in some parts of the trail the water was several inches deep, covering our shoes. Joseph was still recovering from a bronchial virus infection, but soldiered on through grim determination. Lisa kept the conversation going. It amazes me that she can talk non-stop and still keep a great pace! Her tales are a great distraction and keeps the miles interesting.

On the second 10 loop, the rains had stopped… but the water from the river (that this trail borders) was rising, and at some points was over our knees! Our legs would freeze and our feet became numb! Now… this may have actually benefited us, as it was like taking an ice plunge to keep the swelling down of stiff legs.

On our third pass, Naresh warned us that the waters were still rising. I thought “No problem!” I was wrong. The water was waist high, and began moving rapidly. At one point the path dipped into a tunnel, and there the water was chest high!

We decided to climb the muddy hill that bordered the trail, which Joseph and Lisa made up with no problem. If you know me, however… my climbing skills aren’t the best. It was quite rocky and slick with mud. I kept envisioning what wonderful new scars I could bring home to show my family if I slid back down! Joseph dramatically reached down to grab my outstretched hand and hoisted me to the top, where I about landed on top of Lisa!

We completed 7 more miles for a total of 33 miles in honor of Joseph having turned 33 at Christmas! At the aid station, Dirk the race director told me and Lisa that we were the first women to complete this event!

And with the completion, my fears of the Strolling Jim 40 Miler that I have planned for May have been assuaged a bit, and I know that with continued training and good running partners… anything can be accomplished!

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Carl Lewis Los Angeles 4 Gold Medals Olympics

Carl Lewis Half Way Commits to Walk/Running a Marathon

American track & field legend Carl Lewis claims to have never run longer than 4 miles at one time. Lewis, as quirky and eccentric now as he was during his multi-medal winning Olympic prime, is publicly stating that he plans to complete a full marathon (26.2 miles).

I say ‘complete’ because Lewis makes it clear in the interview, with Rodale’s David L’Heureux, that he only plans to complete the race. Carl even jokes he will give the city his credit card to keep the lights on for him to finish.

So look for Lewis to do walk/run/walk his way to the finish line.  Carl makes it clear this will be  the only marathon he will ever do.

Lewis has been making this claim to run a marathon for a couple of years now. He wants to do it this year because he is turning 50 years old.

Carl seems to indicate that he doesn’t even really play to train for 26.2 miles. But boasts that he will find someone near the end of the race, challenge them to the finish, and beat them.

Lewis has not stated what marathon he plans to run yet, but Bank of America Chicago Marathon Race Director Carey Pinkowski has already printed up Carl a bib number with his name on it and invited him to the ‘Windy City’ for his marathon cherry.

The last time Carl mentioned running a marathon, about a year ago, he stated he would run the Houston Marathon.

Carl fired the start pistol at the 2006 Fiora London Marathon.

He has always believed that his track & field success could be parlayed into other walks of life.  Lewis has provided us with the one of the worst National Anthem renditions (at an NBA game) and ‘First Pitch’ at a Major League Baseball game….ever!

And earlier today we learned that Carl plans to run for the New Jersey State Senate.

“When I run – as you see from my record – I run to win,” Carl boastfully told reporters at the kickoff for his political career.

His awkwardness with the media and gold medal ego to match always kept Carl from cashing in on his Olympic success as much others with his success would have.

Carl Lewis won 9 Olympic Gold Medals and 1 Bronze Medal over the course of four Olympics.  He is considered the greatest track and field star of all-time.

[hat tip to Navin Sadarangani]

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