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Recommended Race: Strolling Jim 40 Mile Run

Recommended Race: Strolling Jim 40 Mile Run

From time to time here on Run It Fast we feature races that we highly recommend because one of us have run the race before and had a great experience doing so.

The Strolling Jim 40 Mile Run in Wartrace, TN is one of these races. It’s an ultra marathon of 40 miles that is run entirely on paved roads.

The race is challenging and very hilly. The heat and humidity can also take a toll on you as the day progresses.  SJ40 usually comprises a collection of elite athletes, ultra veterans, and newbies to ultras.  There is always a friendly environment between all of the runners and you get a lot of bang for your buck with a pre-race pasta dinner and post race meal included.

The 2010 edition of ‘The Jim’ was won by 2007 Badwater champion Valmir Nunes, of Brazil, with at time of 4:44:43.  The last finisher crossed the line in 12:46:37. The race has no cut off and waits for everyone who wants to finish it.

The 33rd annual Strolling Jim takes place on May 7, 2011.  Signups are underway and the race will be capped at 250 runners (101 ran it last year).

Strolling Jim 40 Miler Website – (Sign Up at -$50 before Feb 28, $60 after

Race Director Mike Melton can be reached via email at

Strolling Jim 40 Mile Ultra Marathon Review

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2011 Half Marathon Championship Male and Female Winners (Results)

Here is a quick rundown of the male and female winners from the 2011 Half Marathon Championship in Houston on Saturday.

1. Mo Trafeh, 1:02:17
2. Ryan Hall, 1:02:20
3. Patrick Smyth, 1:02:32
4. Fasil Bizuneh, 1:02:47
5. Jason Lehmkuhle, 1:02:49

Ryan Hall was leading at the 13 mile mark before Trafeh unleashed a Michael Phelps like kick over the  last tenth of a mile to beat Hall by three seconds.  It was a tight finish among the top five with just 32 seconds separating the group.

1. Jen Rhines, 1:11:14
2. Serena Burla, 1:11:38
3. Nan Kennard, 1:12:03
4. Katie McGregor, 1:12:12
5. Tera Moody, 1:12:30

The women had a little more separation with Rhines winning by 24 seconds over Burla.  5th place finisher Tera Moody finished 1:16 behind Rhines.  The win for Rhines, a 3-time Olympian, was a personal record.

The same course will be used next year for Olympic Marathon qualifying.

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2011 Maui Oceanfront Marathon Medal (Official Bling)

2011 Maui Oceanfront Marathon Medal

Here is the official finisher’s medal from the 2011 Maui Oceanfront Marathon.  It is a beautiful and colorful piece much like the extremely scenic and beautiful course along the ocean.

The 2011 marathon was won by Justin Gillette in 2:35:39 (course record)

Maui Oceanfront Marathon Website

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Recover from the Holidays 50km Trail Ultra Marathon Medal

2010 Recover from the Holidays 50k Medal

Here is a photo of the official medal, or is that finisher’s wood, from the 2010 Recover from the Holidays 50km trail ultra marathon that took place on December 31, 2010.

A very unique and desirable finisher’s medal for sure.

The race takes place in Huntsville, Alabama at the Huntsville Cross Country Running Park.

Recover from the Holidays 50km Website

Thanks to Chris Estes for sending in the photo of his newly acquired bling.

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The Wadded Bundle Drifted Like a Weary Soul

Photo by Albino Jimenez

Esto es para mi amigo Albino, even though I let you down in Nájera. I stood and watched you run alone across the bridge over Rio Najerilla and into the singeing heat toward Belorado. I could have changed my mind. I could have slung on my bottle pack and caught up. There was time – I hadn’t yet bought the bus ticket. But I didn’t. The the previous day’s heat had wrung all the juice out of me. My heart was not hard so much as weak.

Oddly, when I write about the cold day in Seville, described in the following story, my thoughts fly back to the swelter of Nájera, and my failure there.

But they were not all failures.

Read the full story by Dallas Smith by clicking HERE

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Vikena Yutz Awards Ceremony Across The Years Endurance Race

Vikena Yutz Wins Across The Years 72-Hour Endurance Race (Results)

The Across The Years 72-Hour Endurance Race is over and Vikena Yutz was the female winner putting down 216.237 miles during the three-day race.  Not only was she the #1 female, but Kena placed sixth overall.

Second place female went to Joan Hellman with 200.082 miles and third to Iliana Dimitrova with 157.518 miles.

All of the ATY races take place in Buckeye, Arizona at the Nardini Manor each year.

Across The Years 72-Hour Female Results

  1. Kena Yutz – 216.237 miles
  2. Joan Hellman – 200.082 miles
  3. Iliana Dimitrova 157.518 miles
  4. Juli Aistars – 155.964 miles
  5. Martina Hausmann – 153.168 miles

The 72-Hour male winner was George Biondic who covered an astounding 248.548 miles. Truly, a bionic man! Second place went to Andreas Falk and Ed Ettinghausen who both  did 238.607 miles.

Across The Years 72-Hour Male Results

  1. George Biondic – 248.548 miles
  2. Andreas Falk – 238.607 miles (tie)
  3. Ed Ettinghausen 238.607 miles (tie)
  4. Jeff Hagen – 222.762 miles
  5. John Geesler – 217.791 miles

And here is a look at the results from the rest of the 2010 ATY races that took place from December 29, 2010 – January 1, 2011.

Across The Years 48-Hour Female Results

  1. Debra Horn – 182.994 miles
  2. Jamie Huneycutt – 155.343 miles
  3. Alene Nitzky – 151.304 miles

Across The Years 48-Hour Male Results

  1. Davy Crockett – 187.033 miles
  2. Randy Ellis – 163.421 miles
  3. Ben Blessing – 150.683 miles

Across The Years 24-Hour Female Results

  1. Jamie Donaldson – 123.653 miles
  2. Melissa Williams – 112.468 miles
  3. Tracy Thomas – 110.293 miles

Across The Years 24-Hour Male Results

  1. Matt Watts – 111.847 miles
  2. Keith Blom – 107.187 miles
  3. Norbert Leinfellner – 100.973 miles

View All of the 2010 Across The Years Results


[image by: Ray Krolewicz]

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2011 Walt Disney World Marathon (Jan 9, 2011)

2011 Walt Disney World Marathon Medal

Here is a photo of the 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon medal from the 26.2 mile race that took place on January 9, 2011.

2011 Walt Disney World Marathon Results

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2011 Walt Disney World Medals

Fredison Carneiro Wins 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon (Results)

Fredison Carneiro won the 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon with a time of 2:21:14.  The first woman to cross the line was Leah Throvilson with a time of 2:42:10.

Here is a look at the top finishers from the 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando, Florida.

Walt Disney World Marathon Men

  1. Fredison Carneiro – 2:21:14
  2. Michael Wardian – 2:27:39
  3. Paul Nielson – 2:31:44
  4. Timothy Chichester – 2:32:15
  5. Mike Hensley – 2:32:28

Walt Disney World Marathon Women

  1. Leah Thorvilson – 2:42:10
  2. Karen Simmonds-Brady – 2:51:14
  3. Jessica Crate – 2:51:53
  4. Christa Stephens – 2:54:02
  5. Jennifer Hanley-Pinto – 2:55:14

View Complete Results of All Runners from the 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon

(and Disney Half Marathon)

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