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Greg Armstrong LAVS 2019

Greg Armstrong Wins The Last Annual Vol State 500K

Photo by Shelley Armstrong

Run It Fast member, Greg Armstrong, has been crowed the new ‘King of the Road’ after being the first runner to ‘The Rock’ to finish the historic Last Annual Vol State 500K for 2019. This is Greg’s fourth time running the race as well as his fourth time winning it.

Greg finished the multi-day race of 314 miles in a time of 3 days 14 hours 11 minutes and 31 seconds. His time is the 4th fastest time in race history and set a new uncrewed course record.

Photo by Sandra Cantrell

Greg Armstrong’s Vol State Check-In by Check-In:
12 hour – 62 (1st)
24 hour – 113 (1st)
36 hour – 145 (2nd)
48 hour – 184 (2nd)
60 hour – 223 (1st)
72 hour – 262 (1st)
84 hour – 305 (1st)
Finish Time: 3:14:11:31

All four of Greg’s finishes are in the All Time Top 10 Finishes of the race’s history and he now holds both the crewed and uncrewed course records.

Congratulations Greg!

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