Day 6: The Vol State 500K Live Blog/Standings (2015)

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Two more finishers reached The Rock during the night as John Fegyveresi finished in third place with a time of 4 days 19 hours 28 minutes 54 seconds. Almost catching John was Run It Fast’s Steven Smith who came from 32 miles back of John to finish just 35 minutes behind him in 4 days 20 hours 3 minutes 48 seconds.

Congrats to both John and Steven for both finishing in less than 5 days which is truly an amazing feat.

120 Hour Vol State 500K Standings 7:30am Tuesday, July 14th (4 Finisher, 57 Runners, 19 DNFs)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 3 days 22 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds (King of the Road)
  2. Johan Steene – 3 days 23 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds (uncrewed course record)
  3. John Fegyveresi – 4 days 19 hours 28 minutes 54 seconds (uncrewed)
  4. Steven Smith – 4 days 20 hours 3 minutes 48 seconds
  5. Lisa Van Wolde – 288 miles (F)
  6. Marylou Corino – 288 miles (F)
  7. Jay Dobrowalski – 267 miles
  8. Jeremy Ebel – 263 miles
  9. James Adams – 262 miles
  10. Andrea Stewart – 251 miles (F)
  11. Michael Callans – 245 miles
  12. Bo Millwood – 237 miles
  13. Karen Jackson – 237 miles
  14. Sal Coll – 234 miles
  15. David Lettieri – 232 miles
  16. Richard Westbrook – 227 miles
  17. Lisa Hazlett – 226 miles
  18. Rick Gray – 226 miles
  19. Jeffrey Stephens – 226 miles
  20. Tim Purol – 226 miles
  21. Ben Herron – 225 miles
  22. Thomas Skinner – 225 miles
  23. Thomas Alm – 225 miles
  24. Sherry Meador – 223 miles
  25. Timothy Daily – 223 miles
  26. Edward Masuoka – 222 miles
  27. Scott Krouse – 214 miles
  28. Joshua Swink – 212 miles
  29. Shane Tucker – 211 miles
  30. Caleb Nolen – 207 miles
  31. Tom Dekornfield – 207 miles
  32. Allen Wrinkle – 205 miles
  33. Gina Chupka – 205 miles
  34. John Sharp – 205 miles
  35. Christian McMahon – 205 miles
  36. Christopher Knight – 202 miles
  37. Gregg Ellis – 202 miles
  38. Richard McKnight – 202 miles
  39. Shelly Mack – 200 miles
  40. Fred Davis III – 197 miles
  41. Ally Gregory – 195 miles
  42. Joseph Kowalski – 189 miles
  43. Gilbert Gray – 188 miles
  44. Remy Brandefalk – 188 miles
  45. Dallas Smith – 187 miles
  46. Jameelah Abdul-Rahim – 185 miles
  47. Don Winkley – 181 miles
  48. Lynda Webber – 180 miles
  49. Sergio Bianchini – 180 miles
  50. John Price – 179 miles
  51. Johnny Adams – 179 miles
  52. Timothy Loudermilk – 179 miles
  53. Garry Price – 175 miles
  54. Troy Johnson – 175 miles
  55. Cathie Johnson – 175 miles
  56. Bill Haecker – 173 miles
  57. Paul Heckert – 168 miles
  58. Jay Hamilton – 163 miles
  59. Terrie Wurzbacher – 163 miles
  60. Diane Taylor – 161 miles
  61. Ben Pennington – 161 miles

DID NOT FINISH (19): Sandy Geisel 189 miles, Francesca Muccini 188 miles, Jeff McGonnell 165 miles, Nathan Dewall 145 miles, Johnny Adams 145 miles, Joe Ninke 145 miles, Mike Delang mile 135, Curt Chambers mile 130, Dale Rucker mile 125, Marcia Rasmussen mile 125, Ronald Trignano 109 miles, Sue Scholl mile 107, John Rasmussen mile 92, Ann Kerkman 83 miles, Troy Varney 83 miles, Brian Pickett mile 78, Betty Holder 56 miles, Michael Melton mile 54, Amanda McMahon mile 45, Larry Phillips mile 39

Day 6 News & Notes

Vol State 500K Lisa Van Wolde Mile 295 Day 6 - Run It Fast

The Canadian women leading pack of Corino and Van Wolde are not past mile 295.

Dallas Smith KISS Vol State 500K Bench of Despair 2015 - Run It Fast

The great Dallas Smith of KISS continues to Rock n Roll All Night and party every day as he has reached the Bench of Despair. Beware ladies of this god of thunder!

Mary Lou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde are at mile 300, 2 miles of crossing the bridge in South Pittsburgh, where they will call Laz to let him know they will be at The Rock soonish. See, Laz needs a few hours head start to meet them out there.

“215 miles done. That means only 99 to go! Compared to my previous Vol-States, I feel great. Now if I could get my legs to move, that’d be great, too. In the meantime, killing some chocolate milk and wondering how people drink this stuff! It’s gross! But protein and nearly 500 calories. Hoping to make the last few miles to the hotel before afternoon rain storms wash me out. – Scott Krouse

“I’m ok everybody. I’m just trying to regroup. Things turned south on me last night around 2am. Struggled getting into the next town, it was a death march. I’m at 202 miles. Next town is 22 miles away, Shelbyville. I’ll get there sometime today, somehow someway. Thks for the tremendous support. I’m gonna finish this bad boy. It’s not gonna be pretty and it may be slow, but I’m on a mission. Just gotta get my legs n feet cooperating #‎GetToTheRock‬” – Gregg Ellis

“I am passed 200 miles.i have around 100 left
Had to stop to wait for a store to open , I was bonking bad.
Back, feet and stomache issues.
Feeling rough, next stop Shelbyville in around 9 miles.” – Sherry Meador

“Vol State Day 6: 35 miles. 223 miles total. 91 miles remaining. However, there are some chinks and rust starting to show in my 43 year old “armor”. So far everything is being patched with band-aids, corn pads, KT Tape, body glide and prayers. I am taking some extended downtime today while the storms roll through. Tomorrow will probably be a short day of 30 or less to prepare for the climb to Monteagle on Thursday and (hopefully) a finish on Friday afternoon. A lot will also depend on the weather. Thanks again for the comments and likes. I will respond to all of them after this journey is over…..” – Shane Tucker

Karen Jackson and Bo Millwood Vol State 500K Feet

Karen Jackson and Bo Millwood are in Manchester, TN with 64 miles to go!

Lazarus Lake’s Mid-Race Report

what about us?

the halfway mark has come and gone.

the canadiennes are about a “marathon” from the finish.

the front of the “pack” is another 20 miles behind them.

the crew at race headquarters is already wearing thin.

enabling this insane adventure

is an adventure in and of itself

between call-ins, meat wagon runs, various crises,

and now finishes,

it has been several days since we were able

to steal more than an hour or two at once, for sleep.

and those have come at progressively more and more odd times.

figuring out what day it actually is,

now requires calculating the hours of the race.


we are maintaining an ever more tenuous contact

with whether it is morning or afternoon.

we have a relative calm today.

time to get caught up on napping,

and maybe store up some fat…

because, starting sometime tomorrow morning,

runners will be hitting the rock about one every two hours.

each will have to have their finish recorded.

and we will have to find ways to ferry them off the rock to rest

and back for their vehicles,

once they are safe to put behind the wheel.

just like everything else that has happened since last Friday morning,

there is no way to plan it ahead.

the bus rides to the ferry are choreographed,

the first day of the race is predictable.

after that….

it is all reaction.

actually, we do have one thing we can rely on.

runners will plan their finishes to deprive us of any chance to sleep or eat.

two more finishers came in last night.

a fading john fegyveresi gave away almost all of a 10 mile lead

over the last 20 miles,

but had enough to beat steven smith to the rock by 35 minutes;

a veritable photo finish in a 500k.

the canadiennes continued to smile their way across the state,

now safely ensconced in 5th and 6th.

jay dobrowalski kept on keeping on.

jay has been hurting since around culleoka,

but he shows no signs of being discouraged.

he just walks slowly down the road with a look of grim determination.

being the vol state,

he will, like as not,

have a comeback at some point.

he needs to have it soon,

as Jeremy ebel has returned from his 20 mile off course expedition

and has now almost recaught jay.

Jeremy started the race strong,

then went thru his own spell of difficulty

before getting into a groove that has seen him moving well

the past few days.

it looked like he might catch the canadiennes,

before he got caught in the Lewisburg triangle.

Michael callans was another runner who was coming on strong,

before falling into a common trap.

he went right by the turn between war trace and Manchester,

not realizing his error until he came into Normandy,

8 miles off course.

there can be no more discouraging moment,

than when a vol stater comes to a city,

and realizes that it is not on the course…

unless it is the moment that they find it on the map,

and see just how far they have to backtrack.


I need to grab an hour or two of sleep,

before the canadiennes cross the blue bridge,

and we are called back to the rock.

there will not be many more opportunities.


Gregg Ellis Vol State 500K Day 6 - Run It Fast

“I’ve wanted to quit several times , but I’ve wanted to finish MORE” – a determined Gregg Ellis

Rich McKnight Vol State 500K Day 6 - Run It Fast

“Vol State 500k update. Grinding on and on. I’d love to say the first 208 miles were easy but that would be stretching the truth. Soon I will have less than a 100 miles to go. I’m gonna touch the Rock.” – Rich McKnight

Marylou Corino Vol State 500K Resting in Alabama - Run It Fast

Marylou Corino camped out in Alabama about 4 miles from the finish getting it done with Lisa Van Wolde.

“Things sometimes go wrong in ultrarunning, you gotta bounce back though.Rich McKnight and I missed a turn costing us an extra 6 miles of running in this hot sun today. Oh well, things happen. Not gonna let it steal my joy. Vol State baby, not for the weak minded” – Greg Ellis

“We started on our way to Columbia last night and arrived around 9 am Today. It was a long night of running and walking.” – Troy and Cathie Johnson

Team Canada leading women of Marylou and Lisa are 3 miles from The Rock.

1 mile to go for Marylou and Lisa who will be the first women to reach The Rock this year. I’m curious as to who will cut who right before the ROCK for the win.

Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde Finish Vol State 500K First Females - Run It Fast 2015

Run It Fast members Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde (tied) are the first women to finish the 2015 Vol State 500K. Congrats to both of them on an amazingly strong race and finish. They came down together from Canada and ran every step of the entire 314 mile journey together. Congrats to them both! 5 days 8 hours 6 minutes 52 seconds.

Vol State 500K 1st Female Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde - Run It Fast


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Gregg Ellis Vol State 500K Thunderstorms 2015 - Run It Fast

And the Vol State thunderstorms have found Gregg Ellis and the rest of the remaining field.

“So…the hotel I intended to stay at the 222 mile mark was under renovation. Rather than go a mile off course round trip, I went 10 more miles. Makes sense right?

Did the last 6 miles in 1:15 with a stray dog traveling with me. Poor guy just wanted a home. Locked him out when I went in to the convenience store and he jumped in a lady’s car. Wasn’t there when I came back. Good deed for the day?

Now if I could get in this damn hotel instead of sitting outside watching the storm with my pizza. Ugh. No luck. Again.

Update: Made it in before getting wet. AC was off, but on now. I made it to a hotel. Whew, that lightning looked bad for the next 16 mile stretch.” – Scott Krouse

Jeremy Ebel had a good day putting down 37 miles and is to mile 298, 16 miles short of The Rock.

132 Hour 7:30pm Tuesday update shortly.

Updated standings below. 6 finishers so far and 2 today…the Canadian women of Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde. Jeremy Ebel was a beast today putting down a ton of miles. He now sits at 298 miles and will be done before sunrise. More photos and news throughout the night.

132 Hour Vol State 500K Standings 7:30pm Tuesday, July 14th (6 Finisher, 55 Runners, 19 DNFs)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 3 days 22 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds (King of the Road)
  2. Johan Steene – 3 days 23 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds (uncrewed course record)
  3. John Fegyveresi – 4 days 19 hours 28 minutes 54 seconds (uncrewed)
  4. Steven Smith – 4 days 20 hours 3 minutes 48 seconds
  5. Lisa Van Wolde – 5 days 8 hours 6 minutes 47 seconds (1st Female)
  6. Marylou Corino – 5 days 8 hours 6 minutes 52 seconds (T-1st/2nd Female)
  7. Jeremy Ebel – 298 miles
  8. Jay Dobrowalski – 287 miles
  9. Andrea Stewart – 279 miles (3rd Female)
  10. James Adams – 273 miles
  11. Bo Millwood – 264 miles
  12. Karen Jackson – 264 miles
  13. Michael Callans – 257 miles
  14. Lisa Hazlett – 257 miles
  15. Rick Gray – 257 miles
  16. David Lettieri – 255 miles
  17. Sal Coll – 253 miles
  18. Richard Westbrook – xx miles
  19. Jeffrey Stephens – 251 miles
  20. Tim Purol – 251 miles
  21. Ben Herron – 248 miles
  22. Edward Masuoka – 246 miles
  23. Thomas Skinner – 244 miles
  24. Thomas Alm – 236 miles
  25. Timothy Daily – 236 miles
  26. Sherry Meador – 235 miles
  27. Scott Krouse – 235 miles
  28. Joshua Swink – 235 miles
  29. Tom Dekornfield – 235 miles
  30. Caleb Nolen – 207 miles
  31. Tom Dekornfield – 207 miles
  32. Allen Wrinkle – 225 miles
  33. Gina Chupka – 225 miles
  34. John Sharp – 225 miles
  35. Shelly Mack – 225 miles
  36. Shane Tucker – 222 miles
  37. Fred Davis III – 218 miles
  38. Christopher Knight – 217 miles
  39. Gregg Ellis – 215 miles
  40. Dallas Smith – 215 miles
  41. Ally Gregory – 215 miles
  42. Richard McKnight – 215 miles
  43. Christian McMahon – 208 miles
  44. Don Winkley – 205 miles
  45. Lynda Webber – 203 miles
  46. Sergio Bianchini – 203 miles
  47. Jameelah Abdul-Rahim – 202 miles
  48. Tim Loudermilk – 202 miles
  49. John Price – 202 miles
  50. Joseph Kowalski – 202 miles
  51. Gilbert Gray – 201 miles
  52. Remy Brandefalk – 201 miles
  53. Johnny Adams – 201 miles
  54. Garry Price – 187 miles
  55. Bill Haecker – 183 miles
  56. Jay Hamilton – 182 miles
  57. Troy Johnson – 179 miles
  58. Cathie Johnson – 179 miles
  59. Terrie Wurzbacher – 179 miles
  60. Diane Taylor – 179 miles
  61. Ben Pennington – 179 miles

DID NOT FINISH (19): Sandy Geisel 189 miles, Francesca Muccini 188 miles, Jeff McGonnell 165 miles, Nathan Dewall 145 miles, Johnny Adams 145 miles, Joe Ninke 145 miles, Mike Delang mile 135, Curt Chambers mile 130, Dale Rucker mile 125, Marcia Rasmussen mile 125, Ronald Trignano 109 miles, Sue Scholl mile 107, John Rasmussen mile 92, Ann Kerkman 83 miles, Troy Varney 83 miles, Brian Pickett mile 78, Betty Holder 56 miles, Michael Melton mile 54, Amanda McMahon mile 45, Larry Phillips mile 39

#VolState500k runner, Tom DeKornfeld, is running strong and headed into Manchester! I saw his headlamp and ran out to cheer him on. #VS500k” – Lana Sain

Charlie Taylor and Ben Herron Vol State 500K 2015 - Run It Fast

Vol State vet Charlie Taylor, who was just cut open for surgery on Monday, wanted so bad to be a part of this year’s race that he got in his pickup and drove from Manchester back on the course checking on and cheering on many runners. Good to see you Charlie and get well! Here Charlie is with RIF’s Ben Herron.

“Rich McKnight and I just did the math and we are 99 miles from the Rock! We have gone 215 miles. Even though these last 24 hrs has been a suffer fest, we are trying to enjoy it as much as we can. What an unbelievable experience so far. The extreme highs and crushing lows, everything from my waist down hurts really bad, every step. All the wonderful ppl we have encountered on the course. This is the coolest adventure of my life, no doubt. The Vol State has a lil bit of everything ” – Gregg Ellis

Rich McKnight and Gregg Ellis Vol State 500K Storms 2015 - Run It Fast

Rich McKnight and Gregg Ellis running through a thunderstorm earlier this evening near Shelbyville, TN.

Greg Armstrong’s Winning 2015 Vol State 500K Race Report

“Having a meal before we hit the road. Praying to the toe and shin gods to help make it thru the night.” – Cathie Johnson

Dallas Smith just finished a 19 hour stint on the road that took him from Columbia all the way to mile 223 in Shelbyville, TN. Tough, tough old dude!

Laz’s Goodnight Message from The Vol State

the long thin line marches on

the rains finally came.

as promised,

they came with a vengeance…

at this point,

the vol staters did not even seem to care.

whatever happens on the road,

just happens.

it is only the goal that counts.

the rock.

for those who remain,

it scarcely seems real.

until they actually come down the beast of jasper mountain,

the thought that this ordeal will ever end

seems like a dream.

life consists of covering ground.

collecting the miles,

one by one.

finding water.

finding food.

finding a place to sleep…

and the ultimate prize,

indoor plumbing.

what else does man need to live?

the canadiennes have now brought it home.

Jeremy ebel is in the homestretch.

he will cross the blue bridge soon.

dobrawalski will be next,

unless andrea Stewart catches him.

and she is closing fast.

the long thin line moves on,

but now it grows shorter with every step.

those who remain have been tested to their limits.

and they have proven themselves worthy.

all that remains is to finish the impossible task.

the vol state.

anyone *can* do it.

but none can do it without reaching down deep inside,

to find something that they never knew was there.

it was an ordinary group of people who boarded the ferry

five and a half days ago.

it is special people who are reaching the rock.


“Holy God. I owe someone. Random aid station in the middle of a deserted 15 mile stretch with drinks and a tent. Even had off for the mosquito’s it attracted. Reached the tent just in time for the monsoon.

Somewhere around 242???” – Scott Krouse

Andrea Stewart Vol State 500K - Run It Fast

Finally a photo of Andrea Stewart who should be the 3rd woman to finish early in the morning before sunrise.


Day-by-Day Vol State 5ooK Recaps

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