Day 5: The Vol State 500K Live Blog/Standings (2015)

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Lebanon, Tennessee native Greg Armstrong is the winner of the 2015 Last Annual Vol State 500K and keeps his crown as King of the Road until next July. He finished a tough race, overcoming extreme heat and a broken rib, to finish in 3 days 22 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds. Greg is the first back-to-back winner of the race and joins DeWayne Satterfield as the only 2-time winner of the race.

Sweden’s Johan Steene finished very closely behind in 3 days 23 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds for second place. Steene was uncrewed (screwed) and broke his uncrewed record from last year by about 3 hours. Simply amazing and even more so when you consider how hot and humid it was this year.

“I know I am relatively new to the sport but this performance by Johan Steene may be one of best/gutsiest efforts of all time. How can I make such a lofty comment? Well, I went through the exact same conditions usually just hours before Johan each day. Unless you have done this race one can’t fully appreciate the difference between being “crewed” and “screwed”. As far as I’m concerned Johan is the true “King of the Road”. I appreciate the well wishes and congrats but I’m not in the same league as this amazing man!!” – Greg Armstrong after Johan’s finish.

96 Hour Vol State 500K Standings 7:30am Monday, July 13th (61 Runners, 19 DNFs)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 3 days 22 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds (King of the Road)
  2. Johan Steene – 3 days 23 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds (uncrewed course record)
  3. John Fegyveresi – 262 miles
  4. Steven Smith – 253 miles
  5. Lisa Van Wolde – 234 miles (F)
  6. Marylou Corino – 234 miles (F)
  7. Jeremy Ebel – 220 miles
  8. Jay Dobrowalski – 214 miles
  9. James Adams – 214 miles
  10. Michael Callans – 202 miles
  11. Andrea Stewart – 199 miles
  12. David Lettieri – 199 miles
  13. Richard Westbrook – 193 miles
  14. Timothy Daily – 188 miles
  15. Sal Coll – 188 miles
  16. Jeffrey Stephens – 188 miles
  17. Tim Purol – 188 miles
  18. Ben Herron – 184 miles
  19. Bo Millwood – 183 miles
  20. Karen Jackson – 183 miles
  21. Thomas Skinner – 183 miles
  22. Edward Masuoka – 182 miles
  23. Lisa Hazlett – 180 miles
  24. Rick Gray – 180 miles
  25. Scott Krouse – 179 miles
  26. Sherry Meador – 179 miles
  27. Caleb Nolen – 178 miles
  28. Tom Dekornfield – 178 miles
  29. Thomas Alm – 177 miles
  30. Joshua Swink – 177 miles
  31. Christopher Knight – 176 miles
  32. Shane Tucker – 174 miles
  33. Gregg Ellis – 173 miles
  34. Allen Wrinkle – 173 miles
  35. Gina Chupka – 173 miles
  36. John Sharp – 173 miles
  37. Christian McMahon – 167 miles
  38. Bill Haecker – 167 miles
  39. Sandy Geisel – 165 miles
  40. Shelly Mack – 164 miles
  41. Richard McKnight – 164 miles
  42. Fred Davis III – 163 miles
  43. Joseph Kowalski – 162 miles
  44. Ally Gregory – 159 miles
  45. Dallas Smith – 157 miles
  46. Lynda Webber – 152 miles
  47. Sergio Bianchini – 152 miles
  48. Gilbert Gray – 152 miles
  49. Jameelah Abul-Rahim – 152 miles
  50. Remy Brandefalk – 152 miles
  51. Don Winkley – 150 miles
  52. Timothy Loudermilk – 146 miles
  53. John Price – 145 miles
  54. Cathie Johnson – 141 miles
  55. Troy Johnson – 141 miles
  56. Garry Price – 140 miles
  57. Paul Heckert – 135 miles
  58. Jay Hamilton – 133 miles
  59. Terrie Wurzbacher – 130 miles
  60. Diane Taylor – 126 miles
  61. Ben Pennington – 126 miles

DID NOT FINISH (19): Francesca Muccini 188 miles, Jeff McGonnell 165 miles, Nathan Dewall 145 miles, Johnny Adams 145 miles, Joe Ninke 145 miles, Mike Delang mile 135, Curt Chambers mile 130, Dale Rucker mile 125, Marcia Rasmussen mile 125, Ronald Trignano 109 miles, Sue Scholl mile 107, John Rasmussen mile 92, Ann Kerkman 83 miles, Troy Varney 83 miles, Brian Pickett mile 78, Betty Holder 56 miles, Michael Melton mile 54, Amanda McMahon mile 45, Larry Phillips mile 39

Last night saw Jeremy Ebel go off course for 10 hours, being uncrewed, that meant an extra 20 miles of shuffling by the time he got back on course. Just a brutal mistake that has dropped him down in the standings. Steven Smith is the strongest runner in the field currently after the finishes of Armstrong and Johan.

The 2-headed Canadian monster of Lisa Van Wolde and Marylou Corino are relentless and steady as they have now pushed past 240 miles since the morning update.

Johnny Adams and Nathan Dewall joined the list of DNF’s last night. Francesca Muccini is still off course and supposedly done but attempts to get her back to finish her strong race have commenced.

The Canadian women are currently at mile 247 and have a dominating lead on the women’s side (11:57am).

Day 5 Vol State 500K Tom and Ed

Poor uncrewed runners around mile 188.

Day 5 Vol State 500K Shane Tucker Bench of Despair - Run It Fast

Shane Tucker reaches the Bench of Despair!

Day 5 Vol State 500K Steven Smith Sleeping

“I feed the boy got him a chair under huge pecan tree was telling him the story of my life and he fell asleep…whats up with that?” – Bill Baker, crewing Steven Smith (SS Top)

Greg Armstrong's View from The Rock - Vol State 500K

King Greg Armstrong’s view from ‘The Rock’ early this morning! It must be good to be king!

Day 5 Vol State 500K Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde

Leading women combo of Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde have hit mile 250 in Manchester, TN. They were happy once upon a time.

Canadian women are now around mile 255.

“Vol State Day 5. 36 miles. 188 total. This was the 5th day in a row it has been hotter than the previous day.” – Shane Tucker

“Best rest I’ve had this whole race. 6 hrs of solid sleep just now. I needed it. Hoping to make a big push tonight. This race is crazy lol. There’s nothing like it, that’s for sure.” – Gregg Ellis

“Mentally…let’s just say I may have spent an hour confused and sleepy at a car wash…” – Scott Krouse

“We started out at 1:00am today and went 19 miles.We decided to get out of the heat, and start back around 8 pm for a long night of knocking out miles from Hohenweld.” – Troy and Cathie Johnson

Dallas Smith is having a burrito somewhere. Diane Taylor is probably laying under a tree somewhere. Ben Pennington is wishing he was anywhere but here.

Vol State 500K Gregg Ellis and Shane Tucker - Run It Fast

Gregg Ellis and Shane Tucker…wannabe VS Creatures of the Night!!

108 Hour Vol State 500K Standings 7:30pm Monday, July 13th (2 Finisher, 59 Runners, 19 DNFs)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 3 days 22 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds (King of the Road)
  2. Johan Steene – 3 days 23 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds (uncrewed course record)
  3. John Fegyveresi – 294 miles
  4. Steven Smith – 284 miles
  5. Lisa Van Wolde – 258 miles (F)
  6. Marylou Corino – 258 miles (F)
  7. Jay Dobrowalski – 239 miles
  8. Andrea Stewart – 233 miles (F)
  9. James Adams – 224 miles
  10. Jeremy Ebel – 223 miles
  11. Bo Millwood – 214 miles
  12. Karen Jackson – 214 miles
  13. Lisa Hazlett – 214 miles
  14. Rick Gray – 214 miles
  15. Richard Westbrook – 212 miles
  16. Michael Callans – 210 miles
  17. David Lettieri – 208 miles
  18. Ben Herron – 207 miles
  19. Edward Masuoka – 207 miles
  20. Sal Coll – 202 miles
  21. Jeffrey Stephens – 202 miles
  22. Tim Purol – 202 miles
  23. Christopher Knight – 201 miles
  24. Thomas Alm – 201 miles
  25. Sherry Meador – 201 miles
  26. Caleb Nolen – 198 miles
  27. Joshua Swink – 195 miles
  28. Tom Dekornfield – 194 miles
  29. Scott Krouse – 189 miles
  30. Shane Tucker – 188 miles
  31. Francesca Muccini – 188 miles
  32. Timothy Daily – 188 miles
  33. Shelly Mack – 186 miles
  34. Allen Wrinkle – 181 miles
  35. Gina Chupka – 181 miles
  36. John Sharp – 181 miles
  37. Gregg Ellis – 180 miles
  38. Richard McKnight – 179 miles
  39. Joseph Kowalski – 179 miles
  40. Dallas Smith – 179 miles
  41. Fred Davis III – 177 miles
  42. Lynda Webber – 177 miles
  43. Gilbert Gray – 175 miles
  44. Jameelah Abul-Rahim – 175 miles
  45. Remy Brandefalk – 175 miles
  46. Christian McMahon – 174 miles
  47. Sergio Bianchini – 174 miles
  48. Ally Gregory – 174miles
  49. Sandy Geisel – 172 miles
  50. Don Winkley – 171 miles
  51. John Price – 167 miles
  52. Johnny Adams – 164 miles
  53. Timothy Loudermilk – 164 miles
  54. Jay Hamilton – 157 miles
  55. Paul Heckert – 150 miles
  56. Garry Price – 149 miles
  57. Troy Johnson – 146 miles
  58. Cathie Johnson – 146 miles
  59. Terrie Wurzbacher – 145 miles
  60. Diane Taylor – 145 miles
  61. Ben Pennington – 145 miles

DID NOT FINISH (19): Francesca Muccini 188 miles, Jeff McGonnell 165 miles, Nathan Dewall 145 miles, Johnny Adams 145 miles, Joe Ninke 145 miles, Mike Delang mile 135, Curt Chambers mile 130, Dale Rucker mile 125, Marcia Rasmussen mile 125, Ronald Trignano 109 miles, Sue Scholl mile 107, John Rasmussen mile 92, Ann Kerkman 83 miles, Troy Varney 83 miles, Brian Pickett mile 78, Betty Holder 56 miles, Michael Melton mile 54, Amanda McMahon mile 45, Larry Phillips mile 39

Day 5 Vol State 500K Dallas Smith Vest Cone - Run It Fast

“Day 5, Monday, Columbia, MM 179

Left Hohenwald at 0300. By 0730, the end of 4 days. I had 157 miles, precisely halfway.

Who cares whether what I do is what anyone would call running? I won’t worry with it. My aching feet have got to get my chaffing butt on down the road any way they can. I need this finish bad.

The road and I are coming to an understanding. I solved two problems today – a toe problem and the chaffing problem. Both involved the pen knife this country boy put in his pack. Essential gear.

I prefer not to team up. I think a person ought to run his own race, relying on his own strength, not someone else’s. But that’s just me.

I shall have to burn these clothes, have a solemn ceremony worthy of a battered flag and bid adieu.

Now sleep, 2:00 AM comes too soon.” – Dallas Smith

Day 5 Vol State 500K Scott Krouse Bench of Despair - Run It Fast

“Currently at 193, enjoying some pretzels and Dr. P before the long night.

Had a great stop at the Bench of Despair earlier. Lots of love for the runners, so much I was caught smiling even with 132 miles to go. It was probably the great milkshake or bacon cheeseburger. Yum.” – Scott Krouse

John Fegy Monteagle Vol State 500K - Run It Fast

A rare photo of 3rd place runner John Fegyversi on Monteagle earlier today.

“If you’ve never ran through the night on a backcountry road Id suggest you do it. One of the most serene and peaceful things you’ll ever do. Loving this. Great for the soul.” – Gregg Ellis

Vol State 500K Steven Smith Jasper Court House Day 5 - Run It Fast

An exhausted Steven Smith, currently in 4th place, on the steps of the Jasper Court House at mile 296.5

The Canadian women have reached the top of Monteagle Mtn (m274) and plan to go for another hour before taking a rest for sleep.

3rd place female Andrea Stewart has been a stud throughout this race and moved up the standings the last couple of days and overall sits in 8th place.

Vol State 500K Gregg Ellis Hotel Room Day 5 - Run It Fast

Georgia native Gregg Ellis is heading out in a few moments to get in some cooler night miles and towards The Rock. Gregg ran 400 miles last August in Alaska in 6 days around a 1/4 mile track.

The Bench of Despair - Vol State 500K

Over 1/2 the field has reached the Bench of Despair…the other 1/2 hopes to reach it and much further. Oprah is starting to catch some of the runners at the back of the pack. Will they be able to get ahead of her and beat the clock?

Vol State 500K Rich McKnight Bench of Despair 2015

“The Dreaded Bench of Despair. Over the years many Vol State 500k runners had their dreams come crashing down in them at this bench 183 miles into the race. Here is where they call the meat wagon to come pick them up and sit on the seat of disgrace while getting the ride if shame. Not me…..feeling great and on my way down the road. About 120 miles left to reach the Rock. I’m coming fast and hard!!!” – Rich McKnight

“The last annual Vol state 500 is over for 2 of my dear friends. Superstar, greg armstrong, from lebanon, finished this monster this morning in 3 days 22 hours, becoming a back to back winner and posting the 4th fastest time ever. Greg was crewed.
One hour behind greg was the amazing swede, johan steene, running uncrewed. Johan dogged greg the entire race, never falling more than 14 miles behind him. No one EVER thought a sub 4 day was possible for a screwed runner, but they didn’t know my friend johan. This, is one of the mist amazing performances ever for an athlete, in my opinion.

John Fegyversie, one of only 14 finishers of the Barkley Marathons will finish 3rd, probably some 20 hours behind johan.

About 60 runners are still out there, dealing with this BRUTAL tennessee heat, having up to 10 days to complete the race.
My heart aches a bit to be out there suffering with my friends, but you guys know how it is. Surgeries and volstate didn’t go together this year. I will be there in 2016 for my 4th finish though.

Congrats greg and johan!” – Vol State vet Charlie Taylor from his hospital bed as he works on defeating cancer!

Vol State Road Angel Heaven

Perhaps the most amazing Vol State Road Angels spread for desolate runners to date from Jim and Kim Nutt. Big thank you to them. No words!

“I normally wouldn’t have 2 helpings of meat loaf from Shoneys before a 43 mile night run BUT this is the Vol State baby…anything goes” – Gregg Ellis


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