The Last Annual Vol State 500K Results (2012)

[Joshua Holmes (2nd), Daniel Fox (1st), and Paul Lefelhocz (3rd)]

Congrats to all finishers of the 2012 Last Annual Vol State 500K and to everyone who started the race back on July 12, 2012.

Daniel Fox became the first uncrewed winner of the race and did so in impressive fashion finishing the epic race in 5 days 3 hours 9 minutes and 33 seconds.

All hail King Dan II.

Second place went to Joshua Holmes who shaved off over 55 hours from his finish last year to finish in 5 days 17 hours 4 minutes and 49 seconds.

Third place went to Paul Lefelhocz who shaved many hours off his 2011 finish as well. He led for a portion of the race and finished strong with a time of 5 days 20 hours 5 minutes and 6 seconds.

The first female to ‘The Rock’ was former ‘King’ Juli Aistars, uncrewed this year, with a time of 6 days 4 hours 18 minutes and 34 seconds.

2012 Last Annual Vol State 500K Results

  1. Daniel Fox – 5:03:09:33
  2. Joshua Holmes – 5:17:04:49
  3. Paul Lefelhocz – 5:20:05:06
  4. Juli Aistars – 6:04:18:34
  5. Sulaiman Seriki – 6:10:49:44
  6. Richard Westbrook – 6:20:13:55
  7. John Price – 6:20:29:56
  8. Jay Dobrowalski – 6:20:46:15
  9. Charlie Taylor – 6:22:56:05
  10. Sherry Meador – 7:13:42:10
  11. Dusty Hardman – 8:11:04:47
  12. Shannon Burke – 8:13:13:36
  13. Psyche Wimberly – 9:04:57:01
  14. Diane Taylor – 9:16:02:01
  15. Marvin Skagerberg – 11:06:43:53
  • Thomas Mikkelson – 250 miles
  • Jan Silverman – 218 miles
  • Rita Barnes – 185 miles
  • Sal Coll – 156 miles
  • Fred Davis – 125 miles
  • Erika Matheny/Adam Venn – 122 miles
  • (Relay)

  • Mike Melton – 121 miles
  • Abi Meadows – 100 miles

The ‘man’ of the race was Marvin Skagerberg who overcome insurmountable odds to finish the race.  He did so outside of the 10 day cut-off, but it didn’t matter. He inspired thousands along the way with his courage, inner-toughness, and never-say-quit attitude. He was guided along the way by his crew of Stu Gleman and was joined for the last few dozen miles by Abi Meadows, and her daughter, who did wonders with Marvin’s gnarly feet.  Congrats to Marvin on doing another ‘big thing!’

Congrats to everyone who toed the line at the ferry in Dorena Landing, Missouri.  It takes a lot of ‘guts’ to even get on that ferry and toe the line.

An epic race and an epic fraternity everyone enters who reaches ‘The Rock’ in Castle Rock, Georgia atop Sand Mountain, in the middle of a corn field, overlooking Nickajack Lake.



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