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Boston Marathon Offers 2014 Entry to 2013 Non-Finishers Due to Bombing

Boston Marathon Offers 2014 Entry to 2013 Non-Finishers Due to Bombing

The Boston Athletic Association sent out an email this morning to runners that did not finish the 2013 Boston Marathon due to the bombings that took place near the finish line.

Here is what the info from BAA said:

“You are receiving this email because you have been identified as a 2013 Boston Marathon participant who reached at least the half-marathon mark on April 15 but who did not cross the finish line on Boylston Street.
B.A.A. Extends Special Invitation To 2013 Boston Marathon Starters Who Did Not Cross Boylston Street Finish Line.

The B.A.A. is extending an invitation to register for the 2014 Boston Marathon to official entrants in the 2013 Boston Marathon who were unable to cross the Boylston Street finish line.”

To be eligible, a 2013 Boston Marathon participant must have been an official entrant who started the race and who reached the half marathon mark in this year’s race on Monday, April 15. Registration for the 2014 Boston Marathon is scheduled to occur in September, and 2013 Boston Marathon participants who were unable to cross the finish line on Boylston Street will receive a non-transferable unique code in early August to be used for entry. An applicant’s entry will be guaranteed only during a designated registration period. Participants will be required to pay an entry fee, which has yet to be determined.

Class move from a classy organization. However, if you were hoping to qualify and gain entry for the 2014 Boston Marathon it is going to be difficult unless they plan to open up more slots.

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Boston Athletic Association Releases Statement

Boston Athletic Association Releases Statement

Statement from the Boston Athletic Association Monday, April 15, 2013 8:00 p.m. ET

The Boston Athletic Association extends its deepest sympathies to all those who were affected in any way by todays events.

Today is a sad day for the City of Boston, for the running community, and for all those who were here to enjoy the 117th running of the Boston Marathon. What was intended to be a day of joy and celebration quickly became a day in which running a marathon was of little importance.

We can confirm that all of the remaining runners who were out on the course when the tragic events unfolded have been returned to a community meeting area.

At this time, runners bags in Boston which remain unclaimed may be picked up by runners presenting their bib number or proof of race participation at the Castle, at 101 Arlington Street, in Boston.

At this time, we are cooperating with the City of Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and all federal law enforcement officials.

We would like to thank the countless people from around the world who have reached out to support us today.

This was originally posted on the BAA’s Facebook page and you can view it HERE.

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BAA’s Latest Heat Warning to Runners for Monday’s Boston Marathon

BAA’s Latest Heat Warning to Runners for Monday’s Boston Marathon

The Boston Athletic Association just released a new statement on it’s website to runners of Monday’s 116th Boston Marathon warning them that, “Only the fittest runners should consider participating.”

The new high for Monday in Boston according to Weather.com is 90 degrees.

Here is the complete news release from the BAA:

Running any marathon involves risks

  • The weather conditions that we will be seeing on Monday, April 16 will involve even more risk.  It will involve an increased element of risk to all participants due to the heat.  Only the fittest runners should consider participating.
  • We have put in place a broad array of services and support for our marathon participants, but the risks that will be presented on April 16 will be higher than normal.
  • Therefore, in cooperation with the Boston Marathon’s Medical Team, it is our recommendation that anyone entered in the marathon who has not met the qualifying standards for their age and gender strongly consider not running, and that they strongly consider deferring until next year.
  • Another essential factor to take into consideration is whether you have ever run a full marathon in weather conditions involving hot temperatures-and that can mean temperatures even lower than those that may be present on Monday.  Do NOT assume that any experience you have in running a cooler marathon will be a reliable guide in making the decision in whether to participate or defer.  You must factor in the heat.
  • Everyone who does choose to participate should strongly consider running significantly more slowly that they normally would plan to run a marathon.  We have extended the opening of our finish line in support of this recommendation.
  • For the overwhelming majority of those who have entered to participate in the 2012 Boston Marathon, you should adopt the attitude that THIS IS NOT A RACE. It is an experience.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY-everyone needs to take responsibility for their own safety.  Ultimately this is an individual sport in which individuals must take responsibility for themselves.
Boston Athletic Association 

Yesterday, the BAA offered any runner a deferment until the 2013 Boston Marathon if they wanted to pass on running in the heat on Monday.  The BAA also expanded the course time limit by one hour to give runners plenty of time to finish the race without pushing.

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115th Boston Marathon Finisher’s Medal

115th Boston Marathon Finisher’s Medal (2011)

Here is a look at the 115th Boston Marathon finisher’s medal.  A classy and timeless piece of artwork for sure.

The 2011 race was the fastest Boston Marathon ever. Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai won with the fastest time for a marathon ever in 2:03:02.

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[photo courtesy of Chris Estes]

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