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Ryan Hall USA Flag Marathoner

Fastest U.S. Marathoner Ryan Hall Retiring from Racing

Ryan Hall USA Flag Marathoner

Ryan Hall, who holds the fastest U.S. marathon time ever recorded in 2:04:58, is retiring from competitive racing at the age 0f 33 according to a detailed article about his career in the N.Y. Times.

The reason is due to extreme fatigue and chronically low testosterone which is limiting Hall to minimal training.

Hall, 33, who was one of the last remaining hopes for an American front-runner in this summer’s Olympic marathon, is succumbing to chronically low testosterone levels and fatigue so extreme, he says, that he can barely log 12 easy miles a week.

Most fans of the sport always felt Hall was on the verge of that major marathon win, but it never transpired as his body seemed to break down often and limit his training.

“I’ve explored every issue to get back to the level I’ve been at, and my body is not responding. I realized that it was time to stop striving, to finally be satisfied and decide ‘mission accomplished.’ ”

Hall is at peace with his decision according to his wife, fellow runner, Sara Hall. The couple recently adopted four Ethiopian sisters.

We wish Ryan and his family the best of luck in his retirement. He’s one of the most well-known U.S. marathoners of all time and a great example to many young runners that they too can become a great American long distance runner.

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Ryan Hall – Running With Joy Book Cover

Ryan Hall Withdraws from 2012 New York City Marathon

U.S. Olympian Ryan Hall Withdraws from 2012 ING New York City Marathon

                   Injuries Force Him Out of November 4 Race

New York, September 10, 2012- The 2012 ING New York City Marathon men's 
field will lose previously announced Ryan Hall due to a series of small but 
stubborn injuries, including plantar fasciitis and tightness in his legs, 
which have caused him to lose too much training time, it was announced 
today by New York Road Runners officials.

"I am very disappointed to not be able to run this year's ING New York City 
Marathon," said Hall, 29, of Redding, CA. "I was hoping that after some 
time off and treatment after the Games, the string of nagging injuries I've 
been dealing with this year would be behind me. After trying to run 
through, I came to the realization when keeping the big picture in mind, 
that I needed to take a longer break to let things heal and not rush the 
training. As much as I would love to still race after taking the break, my 
integrity will not let me show up to the line if I'm not fit."

Hall started the Olympic Marathon in London last month, but was forced to 
stop due to injury. The men's field features Hall's U.S. Olympic Marathon 
teammates Meb Keflezighi and Abdi Abdirahman. Other top Americans include 
Jason Hartmann, Brett Gotcher, Nick Arciniaga, Scott Bauhs, Andrew Carlson, 
and Ryan Vail.
[press release]

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Sara Hall – Molly Huddle Cross Country Championship Photo Finish

Sara Hall Wins USA Cross Country Championship in Photo Finish

Sara Hall won the women’s USA Cross Country Championships in St. Louis just moments ago.

Sara beat Molly Huddle in a finish so close that the winner wasn’t known until several minutes after the race.  The judges finally decided that Hall had won the race by a nose.

Some on Twitter were saying that Huddle crossed the timing mat first but that Hall’s lean got her across the tape first.  Sounds like a Hollywood ending.

Sara is the wife of American marathoner Ryan Hall.

Follow Sara Hall on Twitter @SaraHall3

[finish line photo courtesy of Ryan Hall]

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USA Women Finish Line Photo – Desiree Davila, Shalane Flanagan, Kara Goucher

Meb Keflezighi & Shalane Flanagan Win 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials – Houston Marathon Results

Today the 2012 USA Olympic Marathon Trails were held at the Chevron Houston Marathon down in Texas.  It was a very speedy and fast day as four Americans went under 2:10:00 for the first time ever during the same marathon.

American male Meb Keflezighi won the Houston Marathon with the fastest time of 2:09:08 which is a new personal record (PR) for Meb.

Ryan Hall finished in a close 2nd place at 2:09:30.

2012 USA Olympic Marathon Trials Male Results

  1. Meb Keflezighi – 2:09:08
  2. Ryan Hall – 2:09:30
  3. Abdi Abdirahman – 2:09:47
  4. Dathan Ritzenhein – 2:09:55
  5. Brett Gotcher – 2:11:06

It looks like it will be Meb, Ryan, Abdi representing the USA at the Olympics with Dathan as the 1st alternative.

Shalane Flanagan was the female winner as she held off Desiree Davila to finish with a time of 2:25:38.  Flanagan moves to 6-0 in the head-to-head matchup with Davila to date.

That means Flanagan, Davila, and Goucher will represent in the Olympics with Hastings as the alternate.

2012 USA Olympic Marathon Trials Female Results

  1. Shalane Flanagan – 2:25:38
  2. Desiree Davila – 2:25:55
  3. Kara Goucher – 2:26:06
  4. Amy Hastings – 2:27:17
  5. Janet Cherobon-Bawcom – 2:29:45
  6. Deena Kastor – 2:30:40
  7. Clara Grandt – 2:30:46
  8. Alissa McKaig – 2:31:56
  9. Dot McMahan – 2:32:16
  10. Magdalena Lewy Boulet – 2:33:42

Congrats to all of the men and women who qualified for the 2012 London Olympics today. Way to Run It Fast!!!

[women finish line photo by Hideki Kino. Follow her on Twitter @RunKino]

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2011 Chicago Marathon Results

You can search the link below for searchable results from the 2011 Chicago Marathon after the race.

Male Results
1. Moses Mosop – 2:05:37
2. Wesley Korir – 2:06:15
3. Bernard Kipyego – 2:06:29
4. Bekana Daba – 2:07:59
5. Ryan Hall (USA) – 2:08:04
6. Evans Cheruiyot – 2:10:29
7. Kouji Gokaya – 2:12:15
8. Hirunori Arai – 2:13:17
9. Takashi Horiguchi – 2:14:48
10. Madani Shinoju – 2:17:49

Female Results
1. Lilya Shobukhova – 2:18:20
2. Ejegayehu Dibaba – 2:22:09
3. Kayoko Fukushi – 2:24:38
4. Belainesh Zemedkun Gebre – 2:26:17
5. Christelle Daunay – 2:26:41
6. Claire Hallissey – 2:29:27
7. Yue Chao – 2:32:57
8. Askale Tafa – 2:33:35
9. Cruz Nonata da Silva – 2:35:35
10. Jeanette Faber (USA) – 2:36:58

Searchable 2011 Chicago Marathon Results

I will be updating this post after the race as soon as I can obtain a WIFI signal to publish the top 10 men and women finishers.

Tweets from Ryan Hall’s Wife and Runner’s World:

“@runnersworld: Shobukhova, first threepeater in #ChiMarathon history, wins in unofficial 2:18:19. 2nd fastest woman ever behind Paula Radcliffe.”

“@higdonmarathon: Moses won in a course record 2:05. Ryan Hall 5th in 2:08”

“@runnersworld: If Shobukhova breaks 2:19, she’ll be only the third woman in history to do so. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: Wesley Korir second, 2 minutes under his old PR, Kipyego 3rd. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: Mosop wins in unofficial 2:05:36, 5 seconds under course record. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: First-time marathoner Dibaba (in 2nd) on pace to break 2:21 – could be 2nd fastest debut after Paula Radcliffe’s 2:18:56. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: Mosop will run a huge negative split–his first half was 1:02:54, and his second half will be under 1:02. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: 4:54 23rd mile for Mosop. Let’s go Ryan, you can get that AR!!!”

“@runnersworld: Barring a disaster Mosop will be more than a minute under the current course record of 2:05:41. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: 4:40 last mile for Mosop. He’s up on his toes sprinting! Can’t see Ry”

“@runnersworld: Mosop opening up lead. He’s on 2:04:30 pace. Shobukhova leading women. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: Korir 1:28:46 at 30K, Mosop 1 second back. That last 5K went in 14:31. It’s now a two-man race. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: New American record for 30k! Yay Ryan! 1:29.47”

“@StepsFoundation: Ryan’s riding out the surges and staying even, but he’s got some work to do to catch the lead pack, they are rolling! A 4:38 last mile”

“@runnersworld: Hall is now 15 seconds behind the five men in the lead pack at 15 miles. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: 9 sec of the 25k American Record- so close! He’s got a good one going, can get the 30k by maintaining pace”

“@StepsFoundation: Here’s @RyanHall3 at Mile 13. #chicagomarathon  http://t.co/N1trzH4Z”

“@runnersworld: Hall and Gomes dos Santos gone from immediate lead pack. Lead pack just ran a 4:36 mile. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: Halfway- 62:53. 2:05.47 pace”

“@StepsFoundation: Still a tight pack, they are under course record pace! 6th mile 4:46, 10k- 29:38. He got his cytomax at 2nd stop!”

“@StepsFoundation: 7th mile-4:43. They are ROLLING! Ryans still chilling in the back, no ones broken from pack”

“@runnersworld: Women’s pace is erratic (5:09 7th mile, 5:25 8th mile). May cause problems for new marathoner Dibaba and 2nd-timer Fukushi. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: Ryan’s got a great shot at the 25k and 30k American Records!!!”

“@runnersworld: Women on low 2:18 pace through 15K, men on course record low 2:05 pace. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: For the Tv commentators wondering, it’s normal for Ryan to blow his nose this much!”

“@StepsFoundation: Cytomax successfully grabbed again! Ryan still content to sit in the back. No ones broken from the back of 9”

“@StepsFoundation: Correction- they are on 2:05.24 pace”

“@StepsFoundation: 4:44 last mile, rabbits are going half way, their goal 62:40. will be interesting to see what happens when they pull out.”

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Chicago Marathon Logo 2011

Elite Runners at the 2011 Chicago Marathon (List)

Here is a look at the list of all of the elite runners that will be running at the 2011 Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 9, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois.

Many are looking at American Ryan Hall to put down a spectacular time and perhaps win it all after he set the U.S. marathon record earlier this year at the Boston Marathon.

Moses Mosop
Ryan Hall
Bazu Worku
Evans Cheruiyot
Marilson Dos Santos
Bernard Kipyego
Bekana Daba
Joshua Chelanga
Atsushi Sato
Wesley Korir
Dickson Kiptolo Chumba
Terefe Maregu
Takayuki Matsumiya
Feyisa Tusse
Takashi Horiguchi
Kouji Gokaya
Joseph Chirlee
Hironori Arai
Masaki Shimoju
Kyeva Mutuku
Jason Gutierrez
Yuuki Moriwaki
Martin Fagan
Clint Verran
Miguel Nuci
Tyler McCandless
Michael McKeeman
Joe Driscoll
Mario Macias
Jesse Davis
Shawn Forrest


Liliya Shobukhova
Askale Tafa
Maria Konovalova
Christelle Daunay
Yue Cao
Belainesh Gebre
Claire Hallissey
Jeannette Faber
Leah Thorvilson
Kayoko Fukushi
Ejegayhu Dibaba
Malika Mejdoub
Cruz Nonata da Silva

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Check back on Sunday for results from the Chicago Marathon

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ESPN 2011 Body Issue (Bodies We Want Issue)

Ryan Hall Nude in ESPN’s ‘Bodies We Want 2011’ Issue

Elite marathoner and devout Christian Ryan Hall is nude as can be in ESPN’s 2011 ‘Bodies We Want‘ issue.

In the photo, Hall is seen running nude through the woods while displaying his perfect form that led to his fastest U.S. marathon time ever at the 2011 Boston Marathon.

The issue often ruffles up feathers and creates controversy for the athletes included in the spreads.

I have to admit that Hall is one of the last athletes I expected to see baring all for the camera in the 2011 edition.

You can view Hall’s perfect naked running form through the woods HERE at ESPN (SFW).

You can view all of the 2011 ‘Bodies We Want’ photo spreads HERE at ESPN.

Other athletes including in the ‘Body Issue’ include: Hope Solo, Blake Griffin, Jose Reyes, Alicia Sacramone, Steven Jackson, Gretchen Bleiler, Zera Zvonareva, Belen Mozo, Sylvia Fowles, Natasha Hastings, Julie Chu, Jon Jones, Apolo Anton Ohno, Sergio Martinez, Ryan Kesler, Stephanie Gilmore, Jeremy Campbell, Suzy Hotrod, Kelly Kulick, Louie Vito, and Helio Castroneves.

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Ryan Hall and Matt Dixon Discuss Recovery (Video)

Ryan Hall, the fastest marathoner in USA history, sits down here with esteemed triathlete coach Matt Dixon to discuss recovery and the importance of recovery during training leading up to a big event.

Hat tip to Navin Sadarangani for sharing!

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Sammy-Wanjiru-Beijing Olympics

Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist Sammy Wanjiru Found Dead at 24

Kenyan marathoner Sammy Wanjiru was found dead in Kenya today. He was just 24-years old.

One report has that he died after jumping off the balcony at his Kenyan home.

Wanjiru won gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics with an Olympic record time of 2:06:32.  He also won the London and Chicago Marathons.

His fastest marathon was a 2:05:10 at the 2009 London Marathon.

American marathon champ Ryan Hall tweeted his condolences, “Incredibly sad news about Sammy. I am shocked and saddened.”

Wanjiru’s manager Federico Rosa has confirmed Sammy’s death.

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Geoffrey Mutai Sets Running World on Fire with 2:03:02 Boston Marathon Win (Male Results)

Geoffrey Mutai Sets Running World on Fire with 2:03:02 Boston Marathon Win (Male Results)

It was a perfect day for Kenaya Geoffrey Mutai at the running of the 115th Boston Marathon on Monday.  The weather was cool, there was a tailwind, and Mutai used both to his advantage in running the fastest Boston Marathon time ever in 2:03:02.

Fellow countryman Moses Mosop, in his marathon debut, was almost quite as successful, finishing just 4 seconds back in 2:03:06.  Ethiopian Gebre Gebremariam finished in third at 2:04:53.

American Ryan Hall ran the fastest marathon time ever by an American with a superb finishing time of 2:04:58.  A time that would have won last year’s Boston Marathon.

Place Bib Name Official Time State Country Ctz
1 2 Geoffrey Mutai 2:03:02 KEN
2 22 Moses Mosop 2:03:06 KEN
3 17 Gebregziabher Gebremariam 2:04:53 ETH
4 3 Ryan Hall 2:04:58 CA USA
5 12 Abreham Cherkos 2:06:13 ETH
6 1 Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot 2:06:43 KEN
7 9 Philip Kimutai Sanga 2:07:10 KEN
8 14 Deressa Chimsa 2:07:39 ETH
9 8 Bekana Daba 2:08:03 ETH
10 16 Robert Kipchumba 2:08:44 KEN
11 20 Peter Kamais 2:09:50 KEN
12 25 Juan Carlos R. Cardona Sr. 2:12:17 COL
13 4 Gilbert Yegon 2:13:00 KEN
14 78 Migidio Bourifa 2:13:45 ITA
15 26 Toyoyuki Abe 2:15:48 JPN

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