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Camille Herron Fastest 100 Mile Female Ever

Camille Herron Breaks Female 100 Mile Fastest Time Ever

Camille Herron Fastest 100 Mile Female Ever

At the Tunnel Hill 100 Miler in Vienna, Illinois, moments ago, Camille Herron just ran the fastest 100 miler by a female setting a world record.

She finished the flat rails to trail course in a mind-numbing time of 12:42:39.

Camille’s Tunnel Hill 100 Miler Splits

  • 10.9 miles – 1:18:21
  • 15.9 miles – 1:56:45
  • 26.8 miles – 3:13:03
  • 36.3 miles – 4:24:23
  • 40.5 miles – 4:56:05
  • 50.0 miles – 6:07:53
  • 60.9 miles – 7:28:46
  • 65.9 miles – 8:10:01
  • 76.8 miles – 9:33:16
  • 86.3 miles – 10:52:14
  • 90.5 miles – 11:26:56
  • 100.0 miles – 12:42:39

Camille was the overall winner of the race.

Congrats Camille on your World Record.

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Mary Keitany London Marathon Women Only World Record – Run It Fast

Mary Keitany Breaks Women’s Only World Record at London Marathon

Mary Keitany London Marathon Women Only World Record - Run It Fast

Kenya’s Mary Keitany made marathon history at the London Marathon on Sunday when she ran the fastest marathon ever in a ‘Women’s Only’ marathon with a time of 2:17:01.

The IAAF recognizes two world records for women, a “Mixed Gender” record of 2:15:25, set by Paula Radcliffe of the United Kingdom on April 13, 2003 at the London Marathon, and a (pending ratification) “Women Only” record of 2:17:01, set by Mary Keitany, on April 23, 2017 at the London Marathon. – Wikipedia

It is Keitany’s third time to win the London Marathon.

Mary Keitany London Marathon Time Women Only World Record - Run It Fast

Super fast and impressive job by Mary.  One day Radcliffe’s mixed women’s record will fall but the fact that it has stood for 14 years and has had little competition in that time is a testament to what a performance Paula but down back at the London Marathon in 2003.

Daniel Wanjiru London Marathon 2017 Winner - Run It Fast

Fellow Kenyan Daniel Wanjiru won the men’s race with a time of 2:05:48.

images: @LondonMarathon

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Ed Jester Ettinghausen 100 Mile Record Run It Fast

Ed’ The Jester’ Ettinghausen Breaks Record for Most 100 Milers in a Year

Ed Jester Ettinghausen 100 Mile Record Run It Fast

Ed Ettinghausen, known in most circles at ‘The Jester,’ tonight set the World Record for Most 100 Milers in a calendar year with his 37th of 2014. He broke the old record held by the great Liz Bauer who had accumulated 36 of them back in 2012.

The record tying and record breaking runs took place in Bonita, California at a small event titled aptly Jester’s World Record Run. He finished #37 with a time of 36 hours 17 minutes.

Finisher’s of JWRR received a belt buckle with, you guessed it, the Jester’s face on it.

The Jester still has plans to run three more 100 milers in 2014 to finish the year with 40.

Congrats to Ed and his wife Martha (super crew) on this impressive accomplishment.

[Ed (RIF #121) is a member of Run It Fast – The Club since 2012]

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2014 Berlin Marathon Top 10 Results – Run It Fast

Kenya’s Dennis Kimetto Crushes Marathon World Record

The marathon World Record was crushed by Kenya’s Dennis Kimetto on Sunday at the Berlin Marathon where Dennis ran a 2:02:57 becoming the first human to ever break 2 hours and 3 minutes for 26.2 miles.

Kimetto took 26 seconds off the World Record that was set at last year’s Berlin Marathon by fellow countryman Wilson Kipsang.

Kimetto’s the best marathoner in the world having won three of the world’s six major marathons in the past year.

He kicked it up a notch to leave Emmanuel Mutai in his wake with less than 5 kilometers to go. Mutai’s second place finish broke the previous World Record as well. Mutai finished in 2:03:13. Ethiopia’s Abera Kuma took third in 2:05:56.

2014 Berlin Marathon Top 10 Results - Run It Fast

Kimetto ran a negative split, running the second half of the race 33 seconds than the first half. His WR pace for 26.2 miles was an astonishing 4 minutes and 41 seconds per mile.

Dennis Kimetto’s Marathon-ology

  1. Berlin Marathon – 2:02:57 (September 28, 2014) WR/Won
  2. Chicago Marathon – 2:03:45 (October 13, 2013) CR/Won
  3. Berlin Marathon – 2:04:16 (September 30, 2012) 2nd Place/1 second behind winner
  4. Tokyo Marathon – 2:06:50 (February 24, 2013) CR/Won

Kimetto plans to run next in the New York City Marathon in just a few weeks.

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Deena Kastor Philly Masters Half PR

Deena Kastor Sets New Masters Half Marathon World Record

Deena Kastor Philly Masters Half PR

The legendary Deena Kastor set a new Masters World Record for the half marathon earlier this morning at the Philadelphia Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon where she ran an astonishing 1:09:35.

Kastor is 41 years old having been born on February 14, 1973.

She beat the masters half marathon record previously held by Russia’s Irina Permitina by 17 seconds.

“I went back and forth—I’ve got it, I don’t have it,” she recalled. “I went through that mental battle—should I give up? Should I dig deeper? But you don’t get that many chances, so I went for it.”

Nine years ago, Kastor ran a 1:07:53 in Philly. She obviously loves to set records in the ‘City of Brotherly Love.’ Deena holds the U.S. women records for the marathon and half marathon.

Next up for Kastor is the New York City Marathon in November.


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Chris Solarz

Chris Solarz Sets 12 Hour Treadmill Record with 77.07 Miles

Hedge fund manager Chris Solarz ran 77.07 miles in 12 hours on a treadmill to set a new record with the Guinness Book of World Records.

“This was the most physically demanding of all of my six Guinness records,” Solarz said. “I knew that the record was just within my reach but I would need to get in the best shape of my life. After I put in 150 mile weeks for two months, I knew I could do it, but I still needed to execute. I had a perfect day and ended up breaking the record less than seven minutes before the 12 hour mark!”

He beat the prior record of 76.68 miles set in 2013 by Eusébio Bochons in Switzerland. Solarz did not leave the treadmill for the entire 12 hour period and ran at an average pace of 9 minutes and 20 seconds a mile.

Solarz owns a handful of other Guinness World Records.

Read More about the new 12 Hour Treadmill World Record

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Pam Smith at Desert Solstice 2013

Zach Bitter Breaks U.S. 100 Mile Open Track Record

Zach Bitter went down to Arizona to battle it out with the best of the best at the Desert Solstice 24 Hour in Phoenix and he’ll be going home with a new U.S. 100 Mile Open Track record after blazing 100 miles in 11:47:21.

So that must be kinda fast right? Oh, yeah, well just a 7:04 per mile pace. Run It Fast!

The previous record was recently set by Jon Olsen in 11:59.

He followed it up with the 12 Hour WORLD Record with 101.66 miles.

American Pam Smith, not to be outdone by Bitter, set the female U.S. and World 100 Mile Track Record in 14:11:26.

The Desert Solstice 24 Hour is hosted and put on by Aravaipa Running.

Overall winner of the 24 hour event was Olivier Leblond with 152.36 miles. He was followed in second place by Ed ‘the Jester’ Ettinghausen with 144.41 miles and third overall (first female) went to Connie Gardner with 110.11 miles in just 19:41:23.

2013 Desert Solstice 24 Hour Results:

  1. Olivier Leblond – 152.36 miles (23:57:19)
  2. Ed Ettinghausen – 144.41 miles (23:58:26)
  3. Connie Gardner – 110.11 miles (19:41:23) – 1st female
  4. Roy Pirrung – 106.88 miles (23:59:39)
  5. Hung K Ng – 103.64 miles (18:50:00)
  6. Zach Bitter – 101.66 miles (11:59:15)
  7. Pam Smith – 101.41 miles (14:44:28) – 2nd female
  8. Jay Smithberger – 100.91 miles (17:36:25)
  9. Victor Vella – 100.66 miles (17:47:14)
  10. Padraig Mullins – 100.17 miles (17:12:02)
  11. Beth McCurdy – 84.76 miles (16:57:49) – 3rd female
  12. Debra Horn – 82.02 miles (14:18:05)
  13. John Maas – 78.79 miles (12:50:09)
  14. Anthony Forsyth – 77.8 miles (11:12:08)
  15. Anthony Culpepper – 76.06 miles (12:46:24)
  16. David Ploskonka – 71.58 miles (12:46:02)
  17. Kristina Pham – 65.37 miles (10:24:50)
  18. Eric Clifton – 62.39 miles (10:09:47)
  19. John Ticer – 62.14 miles (10:39:55)
  20. Carilyn Johnson – 52.44 miles (8:42:57)
  21. Jennifer Aradi – 51.7 miles (9:18:25)
  22. Tracy Hoeg – 31.57 miles (5:14:03)


Congrats to all of these elite ultramarathoners!

[image: Aravaipa Running]

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Amy Dodson: Tempo Allegro

Amy Dodson on the cover of Runner's World, July, 2011


Amy talking with @smithbend at Bell Buckle, June, 2001

It has been my good luck to stand in a place where I met some pretty amazing people. Two of them—Amy Dodson and Susan Ford—will be running The Ironman World Championship at Kona, Hawaii this coming Saturday. Both are my good friends, although they never met each other. And both began their endurance journey in Cookeville, Tennessee. Because of that commonality they planned to share a hotel room at Kona.
This story is about Amy. It’s an old story, first published in Running Journal. Although already written, it was on my mind in April, 2000 as I was running the Boston Marathon for the first time, because that’s when the story appeared.
The story is about how Amy started running. In one sense, it’s a disservice to her, because she has since accomplished so much. Just part of it makes a long list: Boston Marathon first woman leg amputee, marathon world record, 100-mile ultramarathon, two-time ITU World Paratriathlon Champion… It goes on. But this story is about how she began.
Read the full story by Dallas Smith by clicking HERE

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Kenyan Marathoner Wilson Kipsang

Wilson Kipsang Runs 2nd Fastest Marathon Ever at Frankfurt Marathon

Kenya’s Wilson Kipsang ran the 2nd fastest marathon ever recorded (on an official course)  at the Frankfurt Marathon on Sunday morning in Germany in 2:03:42.

Fellow countryman Patrick Makau, just a month ago, set the new world record for the marathon at 2:03:38.

It was the second consecutive win for Kipsang at the Frankfurt Marathon.

Kenyans took home 9 of the top 10 spots.

Frankfurt Marathon Top 10 Results

  1. Wilson Kipsang (Kenya) – 2:03:42
  2. Levy Matebo (Kenya) – 2:05:16
  3. Albert Matebor (Kenya) – 2:05:25
  4. Philip Sanga (Kenya) – 2:06:07
  5. Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot (Kenya) – 2:06:29
  6. Peter Kirui (Kenya) – 2:06:31
  7. Chumba Dickson Kiptolo (Kenya) – 2:07:23
  8. Siraj Gena (Ethiopia) – 2:08:31
  9. Duncan Koech (Kenya) – 2:08:38
  10. Henry Sugut (Kenya) – 2:08:56

Congrats to Wilson! I’m sure Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) is extremely pleased with his good friend.

Mamitu Daska won the women’s race, finishing in 2:21:59.

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Patrick Makau Smashes World Record at 38th Berlin Marathon

Patrick Makau Smashes World Record at 38th Berlin Marathon

Kenya’s Patrick Makau destroyed Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie world record in the marathon when he ran a 2:03:38 at the 38th Berlin Marathon on Sunday in Berlin, Germany. Makau broke Gebrselassie’s world record by 21 seconds.

2011 Berlin Marathon Live Blog & Photos

Haile had the lead and set the pace for most of the race before stepping off the course around the 27th km with what appeared to be either a side cramp or bad back. He started back but was unable to finish.

Top 10 Berlin Male and Female Winners/Finishers

The 10 Fastest Male Marathon Times of All-Time

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