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Jennie Finch Starting the 2011 NYC Marathon

Jennie Finch Passes 30,000 Runners at NYC Marathon to Raise $30,000 for Charity

Legendary softball player Jennie Finch completed the 2011 ING NYC Marathon on Sunday.  She finished with a time of 4:05:26.

Finch was the VERY last runner to start the race, but there was a reason for her caboose start.

Her publicist emailed this to me after the race:

Hope all is well! Thought you might be interested to know that Jennie Finch just ran the New York City marathon just four months after giving birth to her second son.

Though she is best known around the world for her 70+ mile an hour fastball, this morning the Olympic softball legend Jennie Finch’s speed was measured a little differently. She hit the “Start” button on her Timex GPS watch to begin the 2011 ING New York City marathon dead last and for each runner she passed, Timex donated $1 to the New York Road Runners Youth Programs. Finch crossed the finish line with an unofficial time of 4:05:26, passing approximately 30,000 people.

Congrats to Jennie and a special thank you to her sponsor, Timex, for donating so much money to the New York Road Runners Youth Programs!

Follow Jennie on Twitter @jfinch27

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ING NYC Marathon Logo

New York City Marathon Opening Day & Lottery Results – April 27th

Tomorrow will be a big day for the ING New York City Marathon in what they are dubbing ‘Opening Day’ where they will announce lottery results for those hoping to get into the highly popular marathon in the Big Apple.

The LIVE event at 12:00 noon EDT on Wednesday, April 27, will set everything in motion.

Marathon season starts on April 27, with our Marathon Opening Day celebration. You’ll get all the news right here.

Stay tuned for everything from surprise announcements to exclusive athlete and celebrity appearances. If you want to find out who’s in for 2011, this is the spot.

Good luck to all who submitted applications into the lottery!

[Will update post tomorrow live or after the announcement if any big happenings take place.]

ING New York City Marathon Website

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