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New York City Marathon Medal 2014 – Run It Fast

New York City Marathon Medal (2014)

New York City Marathon Medal 2014 - Run It Fast

Here is the finisher’s medal from the New York City Marathon that took place on November 2, 2014 in New York City, New York.

More NYC Marathon Medals Over the Years


[medal photo submitted by Jorge Angel – @777jaah]

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Pamela Anderson Running on Baywatch as C.J. Parker

Pamela Anderson Finishes NYC Marathon, Raises Thousands (Race Splits)

Former Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, ran and finished the ING New York City Marathon on Sunday.

Anderson, previously best known in running circles for her iconic and sexy runs across the beach as lifeguard ‘C.J. Parker’, ran a bit longer and further Sunday in New York.

She ran the marathon, with her brother Gerry, to raise money and awareness for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization. She was able to raise over $76,000.00 according to the NY Daily News.

Pamela, like most of us after our first marathon, felt pretty beat up afterwards. She tweeted the below photo from her hotel bed where her face is covered with her race bib and parts of her body with ice bags. It’s a great photo and very different from the images of the beauty that have appeared in Playboy for over two decades. [Bonus points for using marathon swag bags for ice bags.]

The 46-year old Anderson completed the NYC Marathon with a time of 5:41:03.

Her splits are below as follows:

First Name Last Name Finish
5 km 10 km 15 km 20 km 13.1 mi 25 km 30 km 35 km 40 km Pace
PAMELA ANDERSON 05:41:03 31:20 1:04:03 1:37:55 2:15:37 2:24:26 2:58:09 3:40:58 4:28:05 5:18:13 13:02

Pamela posted solid 5k – half marathon splits during the race. She was running a 11:01 pace at the half marathon split. She faded pretty hard the second half with a large positive split (longer second half), but that’s the norm for almost all of us in our first marathon and for many to come after.  If she were to do another one, she’d like do it a lot faster, especially if she didn’t have a large crowds to deal with from the back of the pack.

Impressive feat at ING NYC for Pamela and she should be applauded. Whether hard core marathon vets like it or not, celebs like Pamela bring a lot of attention to the sport and inspire John or Jane Doe to get off the couch and try to do the same. “If Pam Anderson can do it then so can I!”

She posted her finisher’s medal like the rest of us marathoners and half marathons do on Facebook and Twitter for all her friends (and thousands of fans) to see:

You can follow Pamela on Twitter @PamelaDAnderson.

2013 ING New York City Marathon Results

Congrats to Pamela and all of the finishers of the 2013 ING NYC Marathon.

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Mutai, Keitany Win World Marathon Majors After NYC Marathon Cancellation

Mutai, Keitany Win World Marathon Majors After NYC Marathon Cancellation

The World Marathon Majors® (WMM) has decided that Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) and Mary Keitany (Kenya) are the champions of the 2011-2012 World Marathon Majors Series, in the wake of the cancellation of the 2012 New York City Marathon.

From BAA: With the cancellation of the 2012 ING New York City Marathon, the 2011-2012 Series has concluded and there will be no additional points awarded. Mutai had already secured the Series title in advance of the New York race with 75 points tallied in winning the 2011 Boston Marathon, the 2011 ING New York City Marathon, and the 2012 BMW Berlin Marathon. Keitany secured the title with 65 points accumulated with victories at the 2011 and 2012 Virgin London Marathons, and a third place finish at the 2011 ING New York City Marathon. These athletes will split the $1 million prize purse.

The New York City Marathon, that was scheduled for November 4, 2012, was cancelled after Hurricane Sandy struck the area leaving massive devastation and loss of human life.

NYRR president Mary Wittenberg along with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided less than 40 hours before the start of the scheduled marathon to cancel the race after announcing earlier in the week that the race would proceed as planned.

World Marathon Majors Male Final Leaderboard

  1. Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) – 75 points
  2. Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia) – 46 points
  3. Wesley Korir (Kenya) – 41 points
  4. Abel Kirui (Kenya) – 40 points
  5. Moses Mosop (Kenya) – 40 points
  6. Emmanual Mutai (Kenya) – 40 points
  7. Wilson Kipsang (Kenya) – 35 points
  8. Patrick Makau (Kenya) – 35 points
  9. Martin Lel (Kenya) – 30 points
  10. Stephen Kiprotich (Uganda) – 25 points
  11. Feyisa Lilesa (Ethiopia) – 25 points

World Marathon Majors Female Final Leaderboard

  1. Mary Keitany (Kenya) – 65 points
  2. Edna Kiplagat (Kenya) – 50 points
  3. Sharon Cherop (Kenya) – 45 points
  4. Liliya Shobukhova (Russia) – 45 points
  5. Priscah Jeptoo (Kenya) – 40 points
  6. Firehiwot Dado (Ethiopia) – 30 points
  7. Florence Kiplagat (Kenya) – 30 points
  8. Atsede Baysa (Ethiopia) – 26 points
  9. Tiki Gelana (Ethiopia) – 25 points
  10. Aberu Kebede (Ethiopia) – 25 points
  11. Caroline Kilel (Ethiopia) – 25 points

Complete List of Results at WorldMarathonMajors.com

Congrats to Geoffrey and Mary on their World Marathon Majors titles!

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Tiki Gelana – NYC Marathon Favorite – Run It Fast Art

Elite Women at the 2012 ING NYC Marathon (List)

Here is a look at all of the elite women that will be taking part at the ING New York City Marathon on November 4, 2012.

The favorites will be Tiki Gelana from Ethiopia (2:18:58) and Kenya’s Edna Kiplagat (2:19:50).

Be sure to keep an eye on former Boston Marathon champ Sharon Cherop (2:22:39) and Ethiopia’s Bizunesh Deba as well.

We will be pulling for all of these elite women on Sunday, especially Run It Fast’s Leah Thorvilson from Arkansas.


Bib Last First ST Nation Age PB
102 Deba Bizunesh NY ETH 25 2:23:19
103 Gelana Tiki ETH 25 2:18:58
104 Félix Ana Dulce POR 30 2:25:40
105 Smith Kim RI NZL 30 2:25:21
106 Kiplagat Edna KEN 33 2:19:50
107 Cherop Sharon KEN 28 2:22:39
108 Arkhipova Tatyana RUS 29 2:23:29
109 Fukushi Kayoko JPN 30 2:24:38
110 Straneo Valeria ITA 36 2:23:44
114 Prokopcuka Jelena LAT 36 2:22:56
115 Kibet Hilda NED 31 2:24:27
116 Mockenhaupt Sabrina GER 31 2:26:21
117 Hastings Amy KS USA 28 2:27:03
118 Okubo Eri JPN 29 2:26:08
119 Burla Serena VA USA 30 2:28:27
120 Nelson Adriana CO USA 32 2:28:52
121 Demissie Misiker NM ETH 26 2:25:21
122 Da Silva Adriana BRA 31 2:29:17
123 Culley Julie NJ USA 31 15:05/5K
124 Bawcom Janet AZ USA 34 2:29:45
125 Pritz Molly CO USA 24 2:31:52
126 Partridge Susan GBR 32 2:34:14
127 Williams Alisha CO USA 30 2:35:09
128 Thomas Wendy CO USA 33 2:34:25
129 Quaglia Emma ITA 32 2:31:15
130 Frey Michelle MN USA 30 2:35:51
131 Aliyu Aziza NY ETH 27 2:36:55
132 Thorvilson Leah AR USA 33 2:37:26
134 Dikos Jackie IN USA 33 2:45:26
136 Molloy Kirsten NSW AUS 33 2:43:41
137 Gacek Melissa MN USA 36 2:44:10
138 Porath Nichole MN USA 29 2:44:12
139 Karlsson Charlotte SWE 30 2:48:37
146 Keating Paula NB CAN 46 2:47:26
160 Gurmu Muliye NY ETH 28 2:39:55
162 DiCamillo Katie RI USA 25 32:31/10K
163 Cummings Sarah NY USA 23 1:16:06/H
164 Higgins Lesley NY USA 32 1:18:06/H
165 Hullinger Heidi NY USA 30 1:18:10/H
166 Composti Jeanna NY USA 31 1:20:19/H
167 Lauretani Maria NY USA 38 1:21:18
168 Bekele Mekides NY ETH 26 2:47:50
169 Neal Adrian Chouinard CO USA 29 2:44:06

Best of luck to these elite women and all of the women taking part in this year’s ING NYC Marathon!

[source: Let’s Run]

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NYC Marathon Medal 2011

ING New York City Marathon Medal (2011)

It took a couple of days, but we’ve finally landed a photo of the 2011 ING New York City Marathon medal from the race that took place on November 6, 2011.

No wonder it took so long. This medal is several levels below average.

You’d think with the NYC Marathon being such a large marathon that they’d spend a little coin on a finisher’s medal worthy of this prestigious event.

It’s not the worst medal we’ve ever seen, but it is very 5K’ish for sure.


Related 2011 ING New York City Marathon News

ING NYC Marathon Website

[NYC Marathon Medal pic sent to us by MH.  Follow her on Twitter @Madz2325]

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Jennie Finch Starting the 2011 NYC Marathon

Jennie Finch Passes 30,000 Runners at NYC Marathon to Raise $30,000 for Charity

Legendary softball player Jennie Finch completed the 2011 ING NYC Marathon on Sunday.  She finished with a time of 4:05:26.

Finch was the VERY last runner to start the race, but there was a reason for her caboose start.

Her publicist emailed this to me after the race:

Hope all is well! Thought you might be interested to know that Jennie Finch just ran the New York City marathon just four months after giving birth to her second son.

Though she is best known around the world for her 70+ mile an hour fastball, this morning the Olympic softball legend Jennie Finch’s speed was measured a little differently. She hit the “Start” button on her Timex GPS watch to begin the 2011 ING New York City marathon dead last and for each runner she passed, Timex donated $1 to the New York Road Runners Youth Programs. Finch crossed the finish line with an unofficial time of 4:05:26, passing approximately 30,000 people.

Congrats to Jennie and a special thank you to her sponsor, Timex, for donating so much money to the New York Road Runners Youth Programs!

Follow Jennie on Twitter @jfinch27

Related NYC Marathon Celeb News: Apolo Ohno Runs New York City Marathon in 3:25:12

RelatedGeoffrey Mutai won the 2011 ING NYC Marathon

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Geoffrey Mutai Impressive in Winning ING New York City Marathon (Elite Male Results)

Geoffrey Mutai Impressive in Winning ING New York City Marathon (Elite Male Results)

Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai broke away from a crowded elite field around mile 20 to amass an impressive lead in winning the 2011 ING New York City Marathon in 2:05:06.

American Meb Keflezighi finished in 6th with a time of 2:09:13

Top 10 Elite Male 2011 ING NYC Marathon Results

  1. Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) – 2:05:06
  2. Emmanuel Mutai (Kenya) – 2:06:28
  3. Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia) – 2:07:13
  4. Gebre Gebremariam (Ethiopia) – 2:07:59
  5. Jaouad Gharib (Morocco) – 2:08:27
  6. Meb Keflezighi (USA) – 2:09:13
  7. Abdellah Falil (Morocco) – 2:10:35
  8. Mathew Kisorio (Kenya) – 2:10:58
  9. Ezkyas Sisay (USA) – 2:11:04
  10. Ed Moran (USA) – 2:11:46

Dado Firehiwot Wins ING NYC Marathon in 2:23:15 (Elite Women Results)

Congrats to Geoffrey, Dado, and all the thousands of runners who ran the ING NYC Marathon this morning.

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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend! (November 5-6, 2011)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend! (November 5-6, 2011)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and a record 37 of you responded!

Good luck to everyone running this weekend.  Run It Fast!!!!

Joshua Holmes – @bayou – Time to head to Chattanooga tomorrow for the start of our 2nd year of @runitfast running @RagnarRelay

Mandy B. – @the_mandyb – Road2Hope half marathon in Hamilton, ON!

Julian Maine – @jmaine52 – Fairwood Common X-Country

Navin Sadarangani – @navin48 – 26.2 miles all over NYC baibay, woohoo!

Tianna Marshall – @TrunsLA – Running the Santa Clarita Marathon!

Grace Bateman Greene – @perupaper – Savannah, GA marathon!

Gerard Pescatore – @GPescatore – Doing a 12-mile taper run along Forbidden Drive in Philadelphia

Beyond Limits – @NoLimitsTweets – Am in running a 5 miler this weekend the second to last in a series our club puts on. Second in my age group right now.

Joe Spano – @JoeSpano1 – running NYC marathon this weekend!!!

Row.Row. – @MiniRowRow – I’m running in Fresno’s (CA) Two Cities Half Marathon! =]

Humberto Vazquez – @jhvv99 – Monterrey México 10k Ternium

Ricky Wood – @WoodRicky – i will be running my 35th half marathon this year in MARLOW!!!

Rodney Zayas – @rodneyzayas – just training in Central Park for the Miami half marathon…

Andy Scott – @DAndrewScott – RnR Savannah Half marathon with my wife on her 2nd 39th birthday! @RunRocknRoll

Shawna – @ssulax33 – Anything is Possible 5k in Kennesaw, GA. Sunday, Start time: 1:50am will be done before I started.

Craig Brett – @craigbrett – Castle Combe relays.

Emir Manhães – @Emirsms – Asics golden four Brasília 21 km

Aaron Johnstone – @aarongeek – tapering for San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll marathon on 11/13! Just a ‘short’ 8 mile run.

MJ – @CoffeeMonkey001 – indianapolis monumental marathon 🙂

Jill H. – @iRunForTheHills – @RagnarRelay #RagnarTN ! 195 miles from Chattanooga to Nashville with 11 other #TrunkMonkeys

Lisa Maier – @LisaAnn72688 – saturday the Hot Chocolate 15k race in Chicago!

Michael Rosenberg – @roseyrosenberg – Rockville MD 10K

Troy Thompson – @thomfin – The High Trestle Trail near Woodward Iowa

S Farkosh – @buttrfly7kisses – Robert Morris University’s 6th Annual Susan Hofacre 5k Memorial Run! This Saturday, 11/5 at 9:00 AM!

E.B. – @theycallmebum – Savannah inaugural Rock and Roll Marathon

Larry Huffman – @LarryHuffman – Mountain Masochist 50M, Lynchburg, VA. First 50!

Sean Storie – @TheTrueSS – Mendon Ponds Trail 20k. Rochester, NY

Sarah Warner – @elbow17green – 1st full marathon #marshallmarathon Huntington, WV

Juan R. – @jrodz11 – running the say no to drugs 10k with @SRLA at universal studios

Shawna Mullener – @SMullener – Zeitgeist half in Boise, Idaho!! My first 13.1 and hopefully not my last!!

Jia – @jija21 – Los Angeles Muddy buddy!!

Elizabeth Johnston – @RunningWithGod – In Watertown, SD. I am coaching at a vball tourney so probably on the treadmill in the hotel

Pat Burton – @rocket_boy – Rock n’ Roll Marathon in Savannah, GA!

Skip Keltner – @skipkeltner – running the Indy Monumental Half Marathon this weekend. Looking forward to a PR.

Run7on7 – @Run7on7 – running NY marathon this weekend

Garrett Holt – @GarrettH24 – Bass Pro Shops 1/2 Mara in Springfield, Mo this Sunday!

Mary Jane Schriver – @MJSchriver – Stomp the Grapes 1/2 Marathon, Hartville Ohio!

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ING NYC Marathon Logo

New York City Marathon Opening Day & Lottery Results – April 27th

Tomorrow will be a big day for the ING New York City Marathon in what they are dubbing ‘Opening Day’ where they will announce lottery results for those hoping to get into the highly popular marathon in the Big Apple.

The LIVE event at 12:00 noon EDT on Wednesday, April 27, will set everything in motion.

Marathon season starts on April 27, with our Marathon Opening Day celebration. You’ll get all the news right here.

Stay tuned for everything from surprise announcements to exclusive athlete and celebrity appearances. If you want to find out who’s in for 2011, this is the spot.

Good luck to all who submitted applications into the lottery!

[Will update post tomorrow live or after the announcement if any big happenings take place.]

ING New York City Marathon Website

RELATED: 9-Time New York City Marathon Champ Grete Waitz Dead at 57

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9-Time NYC Marathon Champ Grete Waitz

9-Time NYC Marathon Champ Grete Waitz Dead at 57

Norwegian Grete Waitz, one of if not the greatest female marathoner of all-time, has lost a long term battle with cancer at the age of 57-years old on Tuesday (April 19, 2011) in Oslo, Norway.  She had been battling the disease since 2005.

Waitz won the New York City Marathon 9 times. A feat that will never be matched again.  She won every NYC Marathon from 1978 to 1988 with the exceptions of 1981 when Allison Roe won and 1987 when Priscilla Welch won.

She broke the world record three years in a row at the NYC Marathon.  Grete won the London Marathon twice (1983 and 1986) as well.  She had just as much success at the smaller road races she participated in.

Waitz also won a silver medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

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