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Geoffrey Mutai Wins 2013 ING New York City Marathon (Results)

Geoffrey Mutai Wins 2013 ING New York City Marathon (Results)

Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai won the 2013 ING New York City Marathon moments ago with a winning time of 2:08:24.  The legend of Mutai continues to grow with another win.

Second place went to Tsegaye Kebede in 2:09:16 and April Lusapho took 3rd in 2:09:45.

The 2013 ING New York City Marathon women’s winner was Priscah Jeptoo in 2:25:07.

Buzunesh Deba finished 2nd in 2:25:56 and Jelena Prokopcuka took 3rd in 2:27:47.

Congrats to these elites and every runner, of every level, that toed the starting line of the New York City Marathon this morning.

Searchable 2013 ING New York City Marathon Results

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ING New York City Marathon Logo

Geoffrey Mutai Wins 2013 ING New York City Marathon (Results)

Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai won the 2013 ING New York City Marathon moments ago with a winning time of 2:08:24.  The legend of Mutai continues to grow with another win.

Second place went to Tsegaye Kebede in 2:09:16 and April Lusapho took 3rd in 2:09:45.

The 2013 ING New York City Marathon women’s winner was Priscah Jeptoo in 2:25:07.

Buzunesh Deba finished 2nd in 2:25:56 and Jelena Prokopcuka took 3rd in 2:27:47.

Congrats to these elites and every runner, of every level, that toed the starting line of the New York City Marathon this morning.

Searchable 2013 ING New York City Marathon Results

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Mutai, Keitany Win World Marathon Majors After NYC Marathon Cancellation

Mutai, Keitany Win World Marathon Majors After NYC Marathon Cancellation

The World Marathon Majors® (WMM) has decided that Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) and Mary Keitany (Kenya) are the champions of the 2011-2012 World Marathon Majors Series, in the wake of the cancellation of the 2012 New York City Marathon.

From BAA: With the cancellation of the 2012 ING New York City Marathon, the 2011-2012 Series has concluded and there will be no additional points awarded. Mutai had already secured the Series title in advance of the New York race with 75 points tallied in winning the 2011 Boston Marathon, the 2011 ING New York City Marathon, and the 2012 BMW Berlin Marathon. Keitany secured the title with 65 points accumulated with victories at the 2011 and 2012 Virgin London Marathons, and a third place finish at the 2011 ING New York City Marathon. These athletes will split the $1 million prize purse.

The New York City Marathon, that was scheduled for November 4, 2012, was cancelled after Hurricane Sandy struck the area leaving massive devastation and loss of human life.

NYRR president Mary Wittenberg along with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided less than 40 hours before the start of the scheduled marathon to cancel the race after announcing earlier in the week that the race would proceed as planned.

World Marathon Majors Male Final Leaderboard

  1. Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) – 75 points
  2. Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia) – 46 points
  3. Wesley Korir (Kenya) – 41 points
  4. Abel Kirui (Kenya) – 40 points
  5. Moses Mosop (Kenya) – 40 points
  6. Emmanual Mutai (Kenya) – 40 points
  7. Wilson Kipsang (Kenya) – 35 points
  8. Patrick Makau (Kenya) – 35 points
  9. Martin Lel (Kenya) – 30 points
  10. Stephen Kiprotich (Uganda) – 25 points
  11. Feyisa Lilesa (Ethiopia) – 25 points

World Marathon Majors Female Final Leaderboard

  1. Mary Keitany (Kenya) – 65 points
  2. Edna Kiplagat (Kenya) – 50 points
  3. Sharon Cherop (Kenya) – 45 points
  4. Liliya Shobukhova (Russia) – 45 points
  5. Priscah Jeptoo (Kenya) – 40 points
  6. Firehiwot Dado (Ethiopia) – 30 points
  7. Florence Kiplagat (Kenya) – 30 points
  8. Atsede Baysa (Ethiopia) – 26 points
  9. Tiki Gelana (Ethiopia) – 25 points
  10. Aberu Kebede (Ethiopia) – 25 points
  11. Caroline Kilel (Ethiopia) – 25 points

Complete List of Results at WorldMarathonMajors.com

Congrats to Geoffrey and Mary on their World Marathon Majors titles!

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Kenya Flag

Kenya Announces 2012 London Olympics Marathon Team

Kenya has announced the runners that will represent the country for the marathon in the 2012 London Olympics later this year.

This is paramount to the United States selecting it’s latest edition of the Dream Team for basketball.

Representing Kenya in London will be Wilson Kipsang, who won the London Marathon just three days ago, along with Abel Kirui and Moses Mosop according to the BBC.

In a bit of a shocker Patrick Makau who holds the world record for the marathon was left off the team along with Geoffrey Mutai and Emmanual Mutai.

Makau’s exclusion is probably similar to the USA leaving Isaiah Thomas off the original 1992 Dream Team because Michael Jordan and others on the team hated him so much.

Representing the Kenyan women will be Mary Keitany, Edna Kiplagat and Priscah Jeptoo.

Not that they will need it, but best of luck to Wilson (can’t help but think of Castaway), Abel (finally getting the better of Cain), and Moses (enough said), Mary, Edna and Priscah.

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Boston Marathon Media Room – 2012

116th Boston Marathon Live Blog (2012)

LIVE VIDEO FEED MOVED HERE -> 2012 Boston Marathon Live Video Feed

(Refresh Browser for Live Updates throughout Race)

Live blog coverage of the 116th Boston Marathon taking place on April 16, 2012.

10:10pm – Great day! Enjoyed covering the race and congrats to all who finished the Boston Marathon earlier today.

6:10pm – Other RIF members finishing today’s race included Stewart Crouch in an impressive 3:49:02 and Scott Stader who braved off heat exhaustion to rally for a 7:13:58 finish.

5:10pm – It appears that Dallas Smith finished 2nd in his age group. He’s going to be not too happy about that but still an impressive day from the 71-year old.

5:05pm – Former NFL Great Tedy Bruschi Finishes the Boston Marathon

4:31pm – Early Boston Marathon leader Glenn Randall finished in 2:37:13. Still good enough for 6oth overall. he made it exciting early on.

3:36pm – Kenneth ‘Marathon Koach’ Williams finishes yet another Boston Marathon. This time with a time of 4:53:52 in tough conditions. Impressive as ‘Koach’ has been battling some health issues the past few months.

3:11pm – RIF #105 Kathy Shirley finishes the Boston Marathon with a time of 4:30:17.

3:11pm – RIF #65 Jonathan Harrison finishes his first Boston Marathon with a time of 4:23:31.

2:11pm – 71-year old RIF Member Dallas Smith finishes the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:45:25. An amazing time in such tough conditions for the legendary Dallas (8:35 pace).

Dallas via Twitter after the race, “Marathons blow. 3:45. That wudn’t win a cake walk.. Started slow, then tapered off. Didn’t try to go fast & it wudn’t have helped if I had.”

2:03pm – RIF Member Ashley Hook finishes in 3:58:07

1:58pm – RIF Member Nadia Ruiz Gonzales finishes in 3:32:30.

1:24pm – Some reports are saying that over 5,000 runners took the deferment for next year that the BAA was offering due to the heat this year.

1:18pm – RIF #70 Chuck ‘Marathonjunkie’ Engle finishes the Boston Marathon with a time of 2:58:24 (6:48 pace).

1:06pm – 72-year old Dallas Smith, of Run It Fast, has hit the 30k mark at 2:37:02 (8:25 pace). Will he win his age group? He’s been training hard all of 2012 to do just that. He finished second last year.

12:51pm – Half marathon splits for Run It Fast – Club Members: Marathonjunkie Engle 1:26:55, Ashley Hook 1:50:27, Nadia Gonzales 1:41:44, Dallas Smith 1:48:47, Stewart Crouch 1:52:07, Kathy Shirley 2:02:41, Jonathan Harrison 2:00:07, Kenneth Williams 2:12:29, Scott Stader 2:52:28.

12:19pm – Wesley Korir Wins the 116th Boston Marathon (Results)

12:14pm – KENYAN WESLEY KORIR WINS THE 2012 BOSTON MARATHON. Congrats to the University of Louisville graduate.

12:12pm – Wesley Korir has taken over the lead and will likely hold on to win. Wesley’s brother was killed by a black mamba snake in Kenya? So say the BM commentators. Korir started a hospital in his brother’s memory.

12:10pm – Korir has closed the lead to 5 meters once again. Korir has some bounce. American Hartmann is up to 4th place.

12:08pm – Matebo saw his lead disappear in a matter of seconds but appears to be pushing away again but Wesley Korir is remaining close in second.

12:07pm – Sharon Cherop Wins the 2012 Boston Marathon (Female Results)

12:02pm – Sharon Cherop has exploded off in the last 1/2 mile like a rocket ship to win the 2012 Boston Marathon.

11:59am – Going to be a very close finish for the women. Less than a mile remaining for the ladies.

11:55am – American Jason Hartmann is in 7th place. Matebo continues to lead. Baring an injury Matebo should win. Kisorio (2nd) is fading a bit.

11:54am – Levy Matebo continues to look strong and is not being challenged at the moment.

11:53am – Run It Fast member Monkey Trent Rosenbloom has hit mile 6 of the Boston Marathon – BANDIT!!!!

11:51am – Run It Fast – The Club (details) now has members in 34 states since launching 6 weeks ago.

11:45am – Men are less than 5 miles from the finish line. Matebo is looking really strong as he is starting to build a bit of a lead.

11:44am – Sharon Cherop is really pushing the pace for the women. But it’s going to be a close finish.

11:42am – Geoffrey Mutai, who ran the fastest marathon ever last year at Boston, has dropped out of the race due to cramping around the 30k mark.

11:36am – Kisorio and Matebo are side by side as they reach mile 19 (1:34:50)

11:35am – Tweet from push rim Boston Marathon winner: Josh Cassidy – Just won the 2012 Boston Marathon! AmaIng!: post race ress conference now!

11:34am – Boston Marathon – Men: Kisorio and Matebo in a two person meet now. At mile 18, the leaders used a 4:57 split to pace the field in 1:30:01.

11:31am – Cherop, Dado, Sumgong, Rono are the women in the lead pack at mile 20.

11:30am – Kilel has dropped back and out of the lead pack of women. Commentators are saying that she hasn’t been the same since running into volunteers about a mile back.

11:24am – Run It Fast – The Club members Marathonjunkie Engle, Nadia Ruiz Gonzales, Ashley Hook, Kathy Shirley, Stewart Crouch, Jonathan Harrison, Scott Stader and Kenneth Williams have already hit the 10k mark. Engle at 41:04, Hook at 50:15, Gonzales 47:40, Shirley 56:02, Crouch 52:11, Williams 1:02:03, Harrison 56:47, Stader 1:13:00. No word yet on Dallas Smith.

11:22am – Horrible move by two water volunteers creates a human barricade for several elite women. Bad, bad, bad move vols!

11:21am – Mathew Kisorio (Kenya) is starting to push the pace for the men.

11:16am – Boston Marathon – Women: 17 mile update: Kilel and Cherop holding the lead, 1:39:29/5:59 split

11:15am – American Jason Hartmann remains in the lead pack. He’s a tall dude..like 6’3″. Very Estesish

11:14am – Kilel still leads the women at mile 16. Temps have hit the low 80s.

11:11am – Dickson Chumba (Kenya) was the leader (of a large pack) at the halfway point in 1:06:11.

10:58am – Michael Butter (Netherlands) is currently leading the men.

10:48am – The elite men are through mile 9 with Levy Matebo (KEN) in the lead at 45:11.

10:46am – Boston Marathon JH – Passing mile 8 at 40:07, #bostonmarathon elite men are running in a pack at a 5:06 per mile pace, taking lots of water.

10:44am – Glenn Randall has been ‘swallowed’ up by the elite-elites and is no longer in the lead.

10:39am – Elite women at 2:39 marathon pace.

10:38am – Josh Cassidy wins men’s Boston Marathon push rim in new world record of 1:18:25

10:34am – Josh Cassidy is on pace for a new world record in the men’s wheelchair.

10:30am – Boston Marathon Media Room via Boston Marathon JH

10:25am – Randall was a cross country skier in college at Dartmouth.

10:22am – At mile 5, Randall has a 23 second lead. Randall has a good 20 pounds on the other elites.

10:20am – Randall’s 5k time was 15:05.

10:16am – Glenn Randall made his marathon debut last year at the Chicago Marathon. He ran a 2:20:40 there. He is from Mesa, Illinois (said Colorado on tv feed) and is 25 years old.

10:14am – Commentator: Randall (American) “doesn’t have the body of an elite marathoner. He’s huge!”

10:13am – Elite men have hit mile 2 in 9:42.

10:12am – Caroline Kilel (Kenya) is the women’s leader at mile 6.

10:10am – Glen Randall (sp) is the current male leader. Would be a Ruthian miracle if that was the winner at the end of the day.

10:08am – Women at 2 hour 38 min pace. Slow pace to start.

10:07am – Boston Marathon – Women: After 5 miles, Sharon Cherop sets the pace 30:05/5:58 split

10:06am – Can’t Stop Endurance – Great advice from Scott Jurek “Be humble, Respect conditions & adjust goals. Sometimes it’s not a PR day”

10:04am – Oldest qualifying male 83 years old and female 81 years old.

10:03am – Announcers are saying those that qualified to run Boston should be fine today in the heat. However, those that are charity or bandit runners could have issues.

10:01am – Mental Floss – At the first Boston Marathon in 1897, Tom Burke dragged his heel across the dirt to make the starting line, then shouted, “Go!”

10:00am – And the elite men are off…

9:59am – Boston is an amazing event, but there are hundreds of really great marathons and ultramarathons in the United States alone every year. Don’t get the Boston blues if you can’t get in to Boston at this time. Run another marathon. Will make Boston even that much sweeter one day if you get into it.

9:57am – Wesley Korir, from Kenya, graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Biology. He started his college career at Murray State. Murray State dropped their track and field program which led to Korir transferring to Louisville.

9:53am – Boston Marathon Elevation Chart

9:52am – Today is the 30th Boston Marathon for Dick Hoyt (71-years old) who pushes his now 50-year old son Rick. (Read more on their inspirational story HERE).

9:51am – Boston Marathon – Women: Elite field split at 2 miles is 6:02 – slightly picking up the pace. Fujita heading the pack

9:50am – 10 minutes away from the elite men starting.

9:45am – I’m sure many today will wish they had an ice hat. The one I had during my Vol State 500K saved me. Sun flaps and a zipper pouch on top to keep ice in to keep the head cooled.

9:44am – Boston Marathon – Women: Elite field pace at 1 mile is 6:15

9:42am – Over 500,000 expected spectators today. Thousands more will be watching and/or following online.

9:40am – Will Geoffrey Mutai be able to repeat today? Possible but no way he will come near last year’s world record time he set.

9:36am – Last year the temperature for the race was in the 50’s. Near perfect conditions. Temps in the 60’s at the start today and expected to reach the mid 80’s for those back in the field.

9:35am – About 25 minutes away until the elite men start.

9:32am – And the elite women are off at the Boston Marathon. About 30 women in this pack.

9:30am – Live feed of the race is available at UniversalSports.com

9:29am – Meb Keflezighi, who will be representing the United States at the 2012 London Olympics, is the grand marshall for the race today.

9:28am – The elite women are being introduced.

9:27am – The elites are all at the starting area getting loose and ready to run in rather warm running conditions. The BAA issued several statements over the weekend regarding the anticipated heat today.

9:26am – Push Rim Wheelchairs have started!

9:25am – RUN IT FAST – The CLUB members (details on joining) running the Boston Marathon this morning include

Kenneth Williams – RIF #28

Scott Stader – RIF #40

Trent Rosenbloom – RIF #57

Jonathan Harrison – RIF #65

Nadia Gonzales – RIF #69

Marathonjunkie – RIF #70

Dallas Smith – RIF #79

Stewart Crouch – RIF #89

Ashley Hook – RIF #97

Kathy Shirley – RIF #105

Complete List of Run It Fast – The Club Members Running Boston

9:22am – Where every marathoner wants to be on Patriots' Day #rwb... on Twitpic Where everyone wants to be this morning. The start of the Boston Marathon.

9:20am – 10 minutes away from the start of the 116th Boston Marathon.

9:15am – The Push Rim Wheelchair Division starts at 9:17AM! Last year, Japan’s Masazumi Soejima (M) and Wakako Tsuchida (W) swept the division per @BostonMarathon

9:10am – John Hancock has set a prize purse for today’s race of $806,000 plust $220,000 in performance bonuses according to the BAA.

9:30am – Live coverage begins.

Will be providing live updates on Run It Fast Club Members as they hit certain checkpoints as well throughout the race.

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2012 Boston Marathon Field of Elite Runners

2012 Boston Marathon Field of Elite Runners

Here is a look at the elite runners taking part of the 2012 Boston Marathon on Monday according to the Boston Athletic Association.

John Hancock’s 2012 Elite Boston Marathon Field


Name  (Country)                                          Personal Best
Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya)                                2:03:02 (Boston, 2011) CR, WB
Gebre Gebremariam (Ethiopia)                2:04:53 (Boston, 2011)
Levy Matebo (Kenya)                                    2:05:16 (Frankfurt, 2011)
Wilson Chebet (Kenya)                               2:05:27 (Rotterdam, 2011)
Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot (Kenya)        2:05:52 (Boston, 2010)
Laban Korir (Kenya)                                    2:06:05 (Amsterdam, 2011)
Wesley Korir (Kenya)                                  2:06:15 (Chicago, 2011)
Bernard Kipyego (Kenya)                           2:06:29 (Chicago, 2011)
David Barmasai (Kenya)                            2:07:18 (Dubai, 2011)
Dickson Chumba (Kenya)                         2:07:23 (Frankfurt, 2011)
Josphat Ndambiri (Kenya)                         2:07:36 (Fukuoka, 2011)
Peter Kamais (Kenya)                                 2:07:37 (Xiamen, 2012) CR
Mathew Kisorio (Kenya)                              2:10:58 (New York, 2011)
Frankline Chepkwony (Kenya)                  2:10:59 (Nairobi, 2011)
Jason Hartmann (USA)                              2:11:06 (Chicago, 2010)
Michel Butter (Netherlands)                       2:12:59 (Amsterdam, 2011)
Antonio Vega (USA)                                     2:13:47 (Boston, 2010)


Name  (Country)                                          Personal Best
Aselefech Mergia (Ethiopia)                      2:19:31 (Dubai, 2012) CR, NR
Galina Bogomolova (Russia)                   2:20:47 (Chicago, 2006)
Mamitu Daska (Ethiopia)                           2:21:59 (Frankfurt, 2011) CR
Caroline Kilel (Kenya)                                2:22:36 (Boston, 2011)
Sharon Cherop (Kenya)                             2:22:42 (Boston, 2011)
Ashu Kasim (Ethiopia)                               2:23:09 (Xiamen, 2012)
Firehiwot Dado (Ethiopia)                         2:23:15 (New York City, 2011)
Buzunesh Deba (Ethiopia)                        2:23:19 (New York City, 2011)
Rita Jeptoo (Kenya)                                    2:23:38 (Boston, 2006)
Agnes Kiprop (Kenya)                                2:23:54 (Frankfurt, 2011)
Caroline Rotich (Kenya)                            2:24:26 (Boston, 2011)
Georgina Rono (Kenya)                             2:24:33 (Eindhoven, 2011) CR
Alevtina Biktimirova (Russia)                 2:25:12 (Frankfurt, 2005)
Genet Getaneh (Ethiopia)                          2:25:57 (Amsterdam, 2011)
Tatyana Pushkareva (Russia)                  2:26:14 (Boston, 2010)
Diana Sigei (Kenya)                                    2:26:53 (Dubai, 2011)
Nadezdha Leonteva (Russia)                   2:31:57 (Moscow, 2011)

CR=Course Record
WB=World Best
NR=National Record

[source: BAA]

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Geoffrey Mutai Impressive in Winning ING New York City Marathon (Elite Male Results)

Geoffrey Mutai Impressive in Winning ING New York City Marathon (Elite Male Results)

Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai broke away from a crowded elite field around mile 20 to amass an impressive lead in winning the 2011 ING New York City Marathon in 2:05:06.

American Meb Keflezighi finished in 6th with a time of 2:09:13

Top 10 Elite Male 2011 ING NYC Marathon Results

  1. Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) – 2:05:06
  2. Emmanuel Mutai (Kenya) – 2:06:28
  3. Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia) – 2:07:13
  4. Gebre Gebremariam (Ethiopia) – 2:07:59
  5. Jaouad Gharib (Morocco) – 2:08:27
  6. Meb Keflezighi (USA) – 2:09:13
  7. Abdellah Falil (Morocco) – 2:10:35
  8. Mathew Kisorio (Kenya) – 2:10:58
  9. Ezkyas Sisay (USA) – 2:11:04
  10. Ed Moran (USA) – 2:11:46

Dado Firehiwot Wins ING NYC Marathon in 2:23:15 (Elite Women Results)

Congrats to Geoffrey, Dado, and all the thousands of runners who ran the ING NYC Marathon this morning.

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Ryan Hall – Bottom of His 2011 Boston Marathon Shoe 2:04 Fear the Four

Live Blog: 2011 Boston Marathon (Results)


2011 Boston Marathon Live Blog Coverage:

RESULTS: Geoffrey Mutai Sets Running World On Fire With 2:03:02 Boston Marathon Win (Male Results)

RESULTS: Kenyan Caroline Kilil Wins 2011 Boston Marathon (Female Results)

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5:52pm – Southern running legend Dink Taylor ran a very fast 2:57:46 today.  He’s been running sub-3’s for thirty years now!

4:03pm – The Boston Red Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays 9-1 in today’s Patriots Day game.

3:57pm – Check out the message Ryan Hall wrote on the bottom of his shoe before today’s 2011 Boston Marathon, “2:04 For the Poor!?!?!” – what time did Ryan run? He was prophetic in running a 2:04:56

3:39pm Geoffrey Mutai on his record breaking Boston Marathon win, “I am fulfilling my dream.”

3:37pm – 71-year old Dallas Smith finished 2nd in the 70-74 age bracket with his finishing time of 3:23:05. Simply amazing!

3:35pm – Ryan Hall via Twitter, “I’m still in shock…what an amazing day. God exceeded my wildest expectations. Congrats to everyone who finished!”

3:25pm – Other notable finishers: Brad Box 3:34:08, Gary Krugger 2:54:18, Morgan Cummings 4:37:08, Joan Benoit Samuelson 2:51:29, Chuck Engle 2:46?

2:40pm – Congrats to Corinth’s Kenneth Williams (@MarathonKoach) finishing yet another Boston Marathon. He came across today in 4:08:02.

2:25pm – Congrats to Run It Fast’s Chris Estes (@run_beast) in finishing his first Boston Marathon in 4:04:49.

2:00pm – Ashland City’s Jeff Matlock has finished in 3:33:13. Congrats on another BQ!

1:30pm – The amazing Dallas Smith (@smithbend), 71-years young, finishes the Boston Marathon with a time fo 3:23:05

1:17pm – Gary Allen finished in 2:55. His 5th consecutive decade with a sub 3 hour finish.

1:05pm – Josh Hite finishes the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:04:41. Congrats!

1:00pm – Mutai’s fastest marathon ever of 2:03:02 won’t count as the official world record because the Boston course is not an official ‘world record’ course.

12:55pm – American Kara Goucher, “”My plan was to run with pack as long as possible. It was a big step. It was tough, but I was please to get a PR (2:24:52).”

12:53pm – Second place female finisher, American Desiree Davila, “The last six miles were USA! USA! I imagine the Olympics are like that. It was the most excitement I’ve ever had in a race.”

12:50pm – Josh Hite hit 30K awhile back at a 6:32 pace. Dallas Smith at 30K was on a 7:41 pace.

12:47pm – Kenneth Williams half marathon time – 2:01:51. Keep trucking, Ken!

12:46pm – Jeff Matlock 30K pace is at 7:47.

12:14pm – Will be updating with results as they become official. One of the most exciting Boston Marathons of all-time. Great day for Mutai, Killel, Davila and Hall.

12:05pm – Here comes Ryan Hall in 4th place with an amazing time, fastest USA time ever of 2:04:58. Amazing day for Hall. He had left his coach in the past year to train himself. Whatever he is doing appears to be working.

12:04pm – 1. Geoffrey Mutai 2:03:02, 2. Moses Mosop 2:03:05, 3. Gebre Gebremariam 2:04:54, 4. Ryan Hall 2:04:56

12:03pm – KENYA’s GEOFFREY MUTAI WINS IN 2:03:02.  The course record was 2:05:52.

12:03pm – Mutai has really pulled away and has a 25 foot lead or so.

12:02pm – Mutai is pushing the pace towards the finish line. Mosop is about 18 inches behind him.

12:00pm – ONE MILE TO GO FOR THE MEN. Will it be Mutai or Mosop in his marathon debut?

11:58am – Mutai and Mosop continue to battle head-t0-head for the men at the 1:58:00 mark. It looks like a course record will fall again.

11:55am – Kenya’s Caroline Kilel wins the 115th Boston Marathon with a time of 2:22:36. American Desiree Davila finished in a very strong second. Kenya’s Timbilili finishs back in third.

11:55am – Killel has a last kick left and looks as if she is going to win the 115th Boston Marathon for the women.

11:54am – HERE COMES DESIREE DAVILA. 300 Meters to go.

11:53am – Davila is back in third but not dead yet.  Here she goes and passes both women for the lead.  She is kicking to hold it.  One Kenyan has fallen off.  Killel has retaken the lead. It looks like it will be either Davila or Killel.

11:51am – Moses Mosop, currently in the lead, is running his marathon debut today.

11:50am – Mutai and Mosop are currently 1-2 for the men.

11:48am – (F) 1985 was the last time an American woman won the Boston Marathon.

11:47am – (F) Davila is still in the lead at the 2:16:00 mark at the Citgo sign.

11:45am – Hall is 57 seconds behind Mutai.

11:44am – (F) Davila skips water as Killel and Timbilili grab fluids. She takes the lead with the move.

11:43am – (F) Davila is in the lead of a pack of three that includes herself, Killel, and Timbilili.

11:42am – Mutai’s 20 mile time 1:34:05 (4:32)

11:40am – Geoffrey Mutai has taken the lead and left everyone behind.  He has about a 8 second lead currently.

11:39am – (F) Davila is still in the lead at 2:07:00. Killel might be holding back a bit to out sprint her at the end.

11:33am – Ryan Hall 30K time 1:28:23 (4:44)

11:32am – Davila and Killel keep taking the lead. Killel’s gazelle legs make it look effortless for her. Davila keeps battling back to push the pace though.

11:30am – A very exciting 115th Boston Marathon so far.

11:28am – The women are about 25 minutes away from the finish line.  The men 35 minutes.

11:27am – (F) American Desiree Davila is currently battling for the female lead.  Davila is from Arizona State.

11:25am – Ryan Hall has the lead once again (1:24:50).

11:23am – Hall has surged back to the lead back and is making a push to get the lead again.

11:20am – Here are some 25K splits for the men: Hall 1:13:25 (4:43), Mutai 1:13:16 (4:42), Yegon 1:13:28 (4:43), R.K. Cheruiyot 1:13:26 (4:43), Evans Cheruiyot 1:13:26 (4:43).

11:19am – Jeff Matlock 10K time of 45:39 (7:20 pace).

11:18am – 71 yr old Dallas Smith hit 10K at 47:33 (7:39 pace).

11:17am – The head of the male field is as follows Daba, Mutai, R.K Cheruiyot, and Kipchumba. They are 1 hour 17 minutes in. Approximately 48 minutes to go.

11:16am – Chris Estes hit the 10K mark at 45:13 (7:16 pace)

11:15am – (F) Smith has now been passed by 5 runners. She had a great race up until this point at 1:43:05.

11:13am – Daba and several guys took off with Daba to put Ryan Hall in their dust. Hall is back 10 runners back now and several seconds. Daba is really pushing the pace now.

11:11am – BREAKING: (F) Kim Smith is injured. She pulled up lame for a bit but is back running and trying to work through it. No way she can for the remainder.  It looked a good bit more severe than just a cramp.

11:09am – (F) Smith looks like she is starting to labor a bit as the field continues to close in on her.  It doesn’t look like she will be able to hold onto the lead for the next 44 minutes.

11:06am – Hall hit 20K at 58:42.

11:06am – (F) Smith’s lead is down to 36 seconds.

11:05am – (F) The pack is starting to narrow Kim Smith’s lead.  We will know soon if she burned too much energy over the first 25K.

11:04am – (F) American Kara Goucher is fading a bit. She is about 15 runners back in the women’s field. This is her first marathon since having a baby.

10:59am – Ryan Hall doing his best Hulk Hogan impersonation trying to amp up the girls of Wellesley College to get louder as the elite men run through.

10:58am – (F) Tsuchida wins her fifth straight female Push Rim wheelchair marathon.

10:50am – (F) Kim Smith hit the half way point in 1:10:52.

10:49am – Bekana Daba is now the nearest elite. Running just a couple of feet behind Hall.

10:46am – Kim Smith’s 20K time 1:07:11.

10:45am – Ryan Hall’s 8 mile pace is 4 minutes 43 seconds per mile. That’s ffffast!

10:44am – Josh Hite hit the 10K mark at 39:49 (6:24 pace)

10:43am – (F) Smith has increased her lead to 53 seconds.

10:40am – Hall has surged to the lead again. It looks as if he has about a 30 foot lead, 39 minutes into their race.

10:37am – Nearing the finish of the wheelchair race….Japan’s Masazumi Soejima wins the Push Rim wheelchair race in 1:18:50.  Huge win for him and Japan. God’s speed!

10:36am – R.K. Cheruiyot has a small lead for the men.

10:28am – Receiving 10K times for the elite men. Cheruiyot 29:06 (4:40 pace), Hall 29:07, Yegon 29:07, Tola 29:06, Mutai 29:08

10:27am – (F) Kim Smith is currently running at a 2:21 pace.

10:26am – Hall hit the 5K mark awhile back at 14:29.

10:25am – Last year’s winner, and course record holder, R.K. Cheruiyot is on Hall’s right shoulder.

10:24am – 15 runners currently in the male elite lead pack. About 15 runners in the group.

10:22am – (F) Kim Smith continues to dominate for the women. She has about a 35 second lead, 50 minutes into the race.

10:21am – Hall’s pace for mile 4 was 4:32.

10:20am – The field has now caught Hall.  The elite pack has about 25-30 runners in it.

10:19am – A new Boston Marathon course record could happen today. The temperatures are cool and there is a strong tailwind.  Perfect day to Run It Fast in Boston.

10:16am – Hall continues to lead but the field is close within range.  Hall clapping a few spectator’s hands along the way.

10:13am – The elite male pack is not letting Hall get beyond a 25 foot lead or so.

10:11am – Hall is continuing to push the pace.  Hall’s first mile 4 minutes and 36 seconds!!! FAST! Second mile 4:32.  The tailwind is kind to the runners today.

10:10am – (F) Kim Smith continues to pull away from the elite women. None of the other elites seems too concerned so far.

10:04am – Hall has taken the lead for the third year in a row. I’m not the only one questioning his approach this morning.

10:01am – Ryan Hall, perhaps having not learned from last year’s Boston Marathon, has taken the early lead.

10:00am EDT – 2011 Boston Marathon Elites and 1st Wave has STARTED!

9:59am – 1 minute until the elite men begin!

9:58am – Kim Smith came through the 5K mark at 16:41. She has about a 30 second lead.

9:56am – 71-yr old Dallas Smith will be the odd’s on favorite to win his age division today. Dallas is a regular contributor here on Run It Fast.

9:55am – Chris Estes is wanting to go sub 3 hours today. Will he do it? His best and BQ time is 3:11 from Tupelo last year.

9:52am – Less than 10 minutes until the elite men start.

9:44am – New Zealand’s Kim Smith has taken the early lead about 5K into the women’s race.  She has about a 150 yard lead. Is she going out too hard?

9:40am – According to BAA, 80 year-old Sister Madonna Buder is the oldest competitor registered in this year’s race!

9:35am – The elite women have started as well now. (Elite Women Field)

9:31am – The hand cyclists and visually impaired have begun.

9:30am – 49 degrees at the start line in Hopkinton currently.

9:25am – Click HERE to view all of the Elite Runners in today’s marathon field.

9:20am – Run It Fast contributors and readers we will be keeping up with throughout the live blog will include Chris Estes (pictured above), Dallas Smith, Jeff Matlock, Kenneth Williams, and Josh Hite among others.

9:10am EDT – 50 Minutes until the start of the 2011 Boston Marathon

2011 Boston Marathon Top Results as they happen.

Good luck to all participants running the 115th Boston Marathon!

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Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot – Boston Marathon 2010 Winner

Elite Runners at the 2011 Boston Marathon

Here is a look at the elite marathoners running the 2011 Boston Marathon on Patriot’s Day, April 18, 2011.

LIVE BLOG: 2011 Boston Marathon (Results)

Elite Boston Marathon Men

  • Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot (Kenya) – 2:05:52 – Boston 2010 (Defending Champ)
  • Ryan Hall (United States) – Best Marathon 2:06:17 – London Marathon 2007
  • Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) – 2:04:55 – Rotterdam Marathon 2010
  • Gebre Gebremariam (Ethiopia) – 2:08:14 NYC Marathon 2010
  • Alistair Cragg (Ireland) – Marathon Debut
  • Evans Cheruiyot (Kenya)
  • Bekana Daba (Ethiopia)
  • Tadese Tola (Ethiopia)
  • Robert Kipchumba (Kenya)
  • Gilbert Yegon (Kenya)
  • Moses Kigen Kipkosgei (Kenya)
  • Moses Mosop (Kenya) – Marathon Debut

Elite Boston Marathon Women

  • Teyba Erkesso (Ethiopia)
  • Tatyana Pushkareva (Russia)
  • Dire Tune (Ethiopia)
  • Kara Goucher (United States)
  • “Queen” Catherine Ndereba (Kenya) – 4-time Boston Marathon Champion
  • Florence Kiplagat (Kenya)
  • Desiree Davila (United States)
  • Blake Russell (United States)
  • Kim Smith (New Zealand)

The male and female winner of the 2011 Boston Marathon will each receive $150,000.00 in prize money out of a prize pot of $806,000.00.

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[source: BAA]

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Marathon Record Holder – Haile Gebrselassie

The Top 10 Fastest Male Marathon Times of All-Time

Here is a look at the Top 10 Male Marathon Times of all-time.  

All ten of the top ten have happened since 2008.  Berlin and Rotterdam are for sure the two fastest places to run a marathon according to these elite marathoners.

The top 6 fastest times ever recorded have now taken place in Berlin.

The Top 10 Male Marathon Times of All-Time

Runner (Country) Time Date Location
1. Wilson Kipsang (Kenya) 2:03:23 Sep 29, 2013 Berlin
2. Patrick Makau (Kenya) 2:03:38 Sep 25, 2011 Berlin
3. Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia) 2:03:59 Sep 28, 2008 Berlin
4. Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya) 2:04:05 Sep 29, 2013 Berlin
5. Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) 2:04:15 Sep 9, 2012 Berlin
6. Dennis Kimetto (Kenya) 2:04:16 Sep 9, 2012 Berlin
7. Ayele Abshero (Ethiopia) 2:04:23 Jan 27, 2012 Dubai
8. Duncan Kibet (Kenya) 2:04:27 Apr 5, 2009 Rotterdam
9. James Kwambai (Kenya) 2:04:27 Apr 5, 2009 Rotterdam
10. Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia) 2:04:38 Oct 7, 2012 Chicago

UPDATED: October 3, 2013

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