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Andrea Stewart Vol State 500K – Run It Fast

Day 6: The Vol State 500K Live Blog/Standings (2015)

Vol State 500K King of Road Crown Logo

Two more finishers reached The Rock during the night as John Fegyveresi finished in third place with a time of 4 days 19 hours 28 minutes 54 seconds. Almost catching John was Run It Fast’s Steven Smith who came from 32 miles back of John to finish just 35 minutes behind him in 4 days 20 hours 3 minutes 48 seconds.

Congrats to both John and Steven for both finishing in less than 5 days which is truly an amazing feat.

120 Hour Vol State 500K Standings 7:30am Tuesday, July 14th (4 Finisher, 57 Runners, 19 DNFs)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 3 days 22 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds (King of the Road)
  2. Johan Steene – 3 days 23 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds (uncrewed course record)
  3. John Fegyveresi – 4 days 19 hours 28 minutes 54 seconds (uncrewed)
  4. Steven Smith – 4 days 20 hours 3 minutes 48 seconds
  5. Lisa Van Wolde – 288 miles (F)
  6. Marylou Corino – 288 miles (F)
  7. Jay Dobrowalski – 267 miles
  8. Jeremy Ebel – 263 miles
  9. James Adams – 262 miles
  10. Andrea Stewart – 251 miles (F)
  11. Michael Callans – 245 miles
  12. Bo Millwood – 237 miles
  13. Karen Jackson – 237 miles
  14. Sal Coll – 234 miles
  15. David Lettieri – 232 miles
  16. Richard Westbrook – 227 miles
  17. Lisa Hazlett – 226 miles
  18. Rick Gray – 226 miles
  19. Jeffrey Stephens – 226 miles
  20. Tim Purol – 226 miles
  21. Ben Herron – 225 miles
  22. Thomas Skinner – 225 miles
  23. Thomas Alm – 225 miles
  24. Sherry Meador – 223 miles
  25. Timothy Daily – 223 miles
  26. Edward Masuoka – 222 miles
  27. Scott Krouse – 214 miles
  28. Joshua Swink – 212 miles
  29. Shane Tucker – 211 miles
  30. Caleb Nolen – 207 miles
  31. Tom Dekornfield – 207 miles
  32. Allen Wrinkle – 205 miles
  33. Gina Chupka – 205 miles
  34. John Sharp – 205 miles
  35. Christian McMahon – 205 miles
  36. Christopher Knight – 202 miles
  37. Gregg Ellis – 202 miles
  38. Richard McKnight – 202 miles
  39. Shelly Mack – 200 miles
  40. Fred Davis III – 197 miles
  41. Ally Gregory – 195 miles
  42. Joseph Kowalski – 189 miles
  43. Gilbert Gray – 188 miles
  44. Remy Brandefalk – 188 miles
  45. Dallas Smith – 187 miles
  46. Jameelah Abdul-Rahim – 185 miles
  47. Don Winkley – 181 miles
  48. Lynda Webber – 180 miles
  49. Sergio Bianchini – 180 miles
  50. John Price – 179 miles
  51. Johnny Adams – 179 miles
  52. Timothy Loudermilk – 179 miles
  53. Garry Price – 175 miles
  54. Troy Johnson – 175 miles
  55. Cathie Johnson – 175 miles
  56. Bill Haecker – 173 miles
  57. Paul Heckert – 168 miles
  58. Jay Hamilton – 163 miles
  59. Terrie Wurzbacher – 163 miles
  60. Diane Taylor – 161 miles
  61. Ben Pennington – 161 miles

DID NOT FINISH (19): Sandy Geisel 189 miles, Francesca Muccini 188 miles, Jeff McGonnell 165 miles, Nathan Dewall 145 miles, Johnny Adams 145 miles, Joe Ninke 145 miles, Mike Delang mile 135, Curt Chambers mile 130, Dale Rucker mile 125, Marcia Rasmussen mile 125, Ronald Trignano 109 miles, Sue Scholl mile 107, John Rasmussen mile 92, Ann Kerkman 83 miles, Troy Varney 83 miles, Brian Pickett mile 78, Betty Holder 56 miles, Michael Melton mile 54, Amanda McMahon mile 45, Larry Phillips mile 39

Day 6 News & Notes

Vol State 500K Lisa Van Wolde Mile 295 Day 6 - Run It Fast

The Canadian women leading pack of Corino and Van Wolde are not past mile 295.

Dallas Smith KISS Vol State 500K Bench of Despair 2015 - Run It Fast

The great Dallas Smith of KISS continues to Rock n Roll All Night and party every day as he has reached the Bench of Despair. Beware ladies of this god of thunder!

Mary Lou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde are at mile 300, 2 miles of crossing the bridge in South Pittsburgh, where they will call Laz to let him know they will be at The Rock soonish. See, Laz needs a few hours head start to meet them out there.

“215 miles done. That means only 99 to go! Compared to my previous Vol-States, I feel great. Now if I could get my legs to move, that’d be great, too. In the meantime, killing some chocolate milk and wondering how people drink this stuff! It’s gross! But protein and nearly 500 calories. Hoping to make the last few miles to the hotel before afternoon rain storms wash me out. – Scott Krouse

“I’m ok everybody. I’m just trying to regroup. Things turned south on me last night around 2am. Struggled getting into the next town, it was a death march. I’m at 202 miles. Next town is 22 miles away, Shelbyville. I’ll get there sometime today, somehow someway. Thks for the tremendous support. I’m gonna finish this bad boy. It’s not gonna be pretty and it may be slow, but I’m on a mission. Just gotta get my legs n feet cooperating #‎GetToTheRock‬” – Gregg Ellis

“I am passed 200 miles.i have around 100 left
Had to stop to wait for a store to open , I was bonking bad.
Back, feet and stomache issues.
Feeling rough, next stop Shelbyville in around 9 miles.” – Sherry Meador

“Vol State Day 6: 35 miles. 223 miles total. 91 miles remaining. However, there are some chinks and rust starting to show in my 43 year old “armor”. So far everything is being patched with band-aids, corn pads, KT Tape, body glide and prayers. I am taking some extended downtime today while the storms roll through. Tomorrow will probably be a short day of 30 or less to prepare for the climb to Monteagle on Thursday and (hopefully) a finish on Friday afternoon. A lot will also depend on the weather. Thanks again for the comments and likes. I will respond to all of them after this journey is over…..” – Shane Tucker

Karen Jackson and Bo Millwood Vol State 500K Feet

Karen Jackson and Bo Millwood are in Manchester, TN with 64 miles to go!

Lazarus Lake’s Mid-Race Report

what about us?

the halfway mark has come and gone.

the canadiennes are about a “marathon” from the finish.

the front of the “pack” is another 20 miles behind them.

the crew at race headquarters is already wearing thin.

enabling this insane adventure

is an adventure in and of itself

between call-ins, meat wagon runs, various crises,

and now finishes,

it has been several days since we were able

to steal more than an hour or two at once, for sleep.

and those have come at progressively more and more odd times.

figuring out what day it actually is,

now requires calculating the hours of the race.


we are maintaining an ever more tenuous contact

with whether it is morning or afternoon.

we have a relative calm today.

time to get caught up on napping,

and maybe store up some fat…

because, starting sometime tomorrow morning,

runners will be hitting the rock about one every two hours.

each will have to have their finish recorded.

and we will have to find ways to ferry them off the rock to rest

and back for their vehicles,

once they are safe to put behind the wheel.

just like everything else that has happened since last Friday morning,

there is no way to plan it ahead.

the bus rides to the ferry are choreographed,

the first day of the race is predictable.

after that….

it is all reaction.

actually, we do have one thing we can rely on.

runners will plan their finishes to deprive us of any chance to sleep or eat.

two more finishers came in last night.

a fading john fegyveresi gave away almost all of a 10 mile lead

over the last 20 miles,

but had enough to beat steven smith to the rock by 35 minutes;

a veritable photo finish in a 500k.

the canadiennes continued to smile their way across the state,

now safely ensconced in 5th and 6th.

jay dobrowalski kept on keeping on.

jay has been hurting since around culleoka,

but he shows no signs of being discouraged.

he just walks slowly down the road with a look of grim determination.

being the vol state,

he will, like as not,

have a comeback at some point.

he needs to have it soon,

as Jeremy ebel has returned from his 20 mile off course expedition

and has now almost recaught jay.

Jeremy started the race strong,

then went thru his own spell of difficulty

before getting into a groove that has seen him moving well

the past few days.

it looked like he might catch the canadiennes,

before he got caught in the Lewisburg triangle.

Michael callans was another runner who was coming on strong,

before falling into a common trap.

he went right by the turn between war trace and Manchester,

not realizing his error until he came into Normandy,

8 miles off course.

there can be no more discouraging moment,

than when a vol stater comes to a city,

and realizes that it is not on the course…

unless it is the moment that they find it on the map,

and see just how far they have to backtrack.


I need to grab an hour or two of sleep,

before the canadiennes cross the blue bridge,

and we are called back to the rock.

there will not be many more opportunities.


Gregg Ellis Vol State 500K Day 6 - Run It Fast

“I’ve wanted to quit several times , but I’ve wanted to finish MORE” – a determined Gregg Ellis

Rich McKnight Vol State 500K Day 6 - Run It Fast

“Vol State 500k update. Grinding on and on. I’d love to say the first 208 miles were easy but that would be stretching the truth. Soon I will have less than a 100 miles to go. I’m gonna touch the Rock.” – Rich McKnight

Marylou Corino Vol State 500K Resting in Alabama - Run It Fast

Marylou Corino camped out in Alabama about 4 miles from the finish getting it done with Lisa Van Wolde.

“Things sometimes go wrong in ultrarunning, you gotta bounce back though.Rich McKnight and I missed a turn costing us an extra 6 miles of running in this hot sun today. Oh well, things happen. Not gonna let it steal my joy. Vol State baby, not for the weak minded” – Greg Ellis

“We started on our way to Columbia last night and arrived around 9 am Today. It was a long night of running and walking.” – Troy and Cathie Johnson

Team Canada leading women of Marylou and Lisa are 3 miles from The Rock.

1 mile to go for Marylou and Lisa who will be the first women to reach The Rock this year. I’m curious as to who will cut who right before the ROCK for the win.

Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde Finish Vol State 500K First Females - Run It Fast 2015

Run It Fast members Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde (tied) are the first women to finish the 2015 Vol State 500K. Congrats to both of them on an amazingly strong race and finish. They came down together from Canada and ran every step of the entire 314 mile journey together. Congrats to them both! 5 days 8 hours 6 minutes 52 seconds.

Vol State 500K 1st Female Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde - Run It Fast


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Gregg Ellis Vol State 500K Thunderstorms 2015 - Run It Fast

And the Vol State thunderstorms have found Gregg Ellis and the rest of the remaining field.

“So…the hotel I intended to stay at the 222 mile mark was under renovation. Rather than go a mile off course round trip, I went 10 more miles. Makes sense right?

Did the last 6 miles in 1:15 with a stray dog traveling with me. Poor guy just wanted a home. Locked him out when I went in to the convenience store and he jumped in a lady’s car. Wasn’t there when I came back. Good deed for the day?

Now if I could get in this damn hotel instead of sitting outside watching the storm with my pizza. Ugh. No luck. Again.

Update: Made it in before getting wet. AC was off, but on now. I made it to a hotel. Whew, that lightning looked bad for the next 16 mile stretch.” – Scott Krouse

Jeremy Ebel had a good day putting down 37 miles and is to mile 298, 16 miles short of The Rock.

132 Hour 7:30pm Tuesday update shortly.

Updated standings below. 6 finishers so far and 2 today…the Canadian women of Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde. Jeremy Ebel was a beast today putting down a ton of miles. He now sits at 298 miles and will be done before sunrise. More photos and news throughout the night.

132 Hour Vol State 500K Standings 7:30pm Tuesday, July 14th (6 Finisher, 55 Runners, 19 DNFs)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 3 days 22 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds (King of the Road)
  2. Johan Steene – 3 days 23 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds (uncrewed course record)
  3. John Fegyveresi – 4 days 19 hours 28 minutes 54 seconds (uncrewed)
  4. Steven Smith – 4 days 20 hours 3 minutes 48 seconds
  5. Lisa Van Wolde – 5 days 8 hours 6 minutes 47 seconds (1st Female)
  6. Marylou Corino – 5 days 8 hours 6 minutes 52 seconds (T-1st/2nd Female)
  7. Jeremy Ebel – 298 miles
  8. Jay Dobrowalski – 287 miles
  9. Andrea Stewart – 279 miles (3rd Female)
  10. James Adams – 273 miles
  11. Bo Millwood – 264 miles
  12. Karen Jackson – 264 miles
  13. Michael Callans – 257 miles
  14. Lisa Hazlett – 257 miles
  15. Rick Gray – 257 miles
  16. David Lettieri – 255 miles
  17. Sal Coll – 253 miles
  18. Richard Westbrook – xx miles
  19. Jeffrey Stephens – 251 miles
  20. Tim Purol – 251 miles
  21. Ben Herron – 248 miles
  22. Edward Masuoka – 246 miles
  23. Thomas Skinner – 244 miles
  24. Thomas Alm – 236 miles
  25. Timothy Daily – 236 miles
  26. Sherry Meador – 235 miles
  27. Scott Krouse – 235 miles
  28. Joshua Swink – 235 miles
  29. Tom Dekornfield – 235 miles
  30. Caleb Nolen – 207 miles
  31. Tom Dekornfield – 207 miles
  32. Allen Wrinkle – 225 miles
  33. Gina Chupka – 225 miles
  34. John Sharp – 225 miles
  35. Shelly Mack – 225 miles
  36. Shane Tucker – 222 miles
  37. Fred Davis III – 218 miles
  38. Christopher Knight – 217 miles
  39. Gregg Ellis – 215 miles
  40. Dallas Smith – 215 miles
  41. Ally Gregory – 215 miles
  42. Richard McKnight – 215 miles
  43. Christian McMahon – 208 miles
  44. Don Winkley – 205 miles
  45. Lynda Webber – 203 miles
  46. Sergio Bianchini – 203 miles
  47. Jameelah Abdul-Rahim – 202 miles
  48. Tim Loudermilk – 202 miles
  49. John Price – 202 miles
  50. Joseph Kowalski – 202 miles
  51. Gilbert Gray – 201 miles
  52. Remy Brandefalk – 201 miles
  53. Johnny Adams – 201 miles
  54. Garry Price – 187 miles
  55. Bill Haecker – 183 miles
  56. Jay Hamilton – 182 miles
  57. Troy Johnson – 179 miles
  58. Cathie Johnson – 179 miles
  59. Terrie Wurzbacher – 179 miles
  60. Diane Taylor – 179 miles
  61. Ben Pennington – 179 miles

DID NOT FINISH (19): Sandy Geisel 189 miles, Francesca Muccini 188 miles, Jeff McGonnell 165 miles, Nathan Dewall 145 miles, Johnny Adams 145 miles, Joe Ninke 145 miles, Mike Delang mile 135, Curt Chambers mile 130, Dale Rucker mile 125, Marcia Rasmussen mile 125, Ronald Trignano 109 miles, Sue Scholl mile 107, John Rasmussen mile 92, Ann Kerkman 83 miles, Troy Varney 83 miles, Brian Pickett mile 78, Betty Holder 56 miles, Michael Melton mile 54, Amanda McMahon mile 45, Larry Phillips mile 39

#VolState500k runner, Tom DeKornfeld, is running strong and headed into Manchester! I saw his headlamp and ran out to cheer him on. #VS500k” – Lana Sain

Charlie Taylor and Ben Herron Vol State 500K 2015 - Run It Fast

Vol State vet Charlie Taylor, who was just cut open for surgery on Monday, wanted so bad to be a part of this year’s race that he got in his pickup and drove from Manchester back on the course checking on and cheering on many runners. Good to see you Charlie and get well! Here Charlie is with RIF’s Ben Herron.

“Rich McKnight and I just did the math and we are 99 miles from the Rock! We have gone 215 miles. Even though these last 24 hrs has been a suffer fest, we are trying to enjoy it as much as we can. What an unbelievable experience so far. The extreme highs and crushing lows, everything from my waist down hurts really bad, every step. All the wonderful ppl we have encountered on the course. This is the coolest adventure of my life, no doubt. The Vol State has a lil bit of everything ” – Gregg Ellis

Rich McKnight and Gregg Ellis Vol State 500K Storms 2015 - Run It Fast

Rich McKnight and Gregg Ellis running through a thunderstorm earlier this evening near Shelbyville, TN.

Greg Armstrong’s Winning 2015 Vol State 500K Race Report

“Having a meal before we hit the road. Praying to the toe and shin gods to help make it thru the night.” – Cathie Johnson

Dallas Smith just finished a 19 hour stint on the road that took him from Columbia all the way to mile 223 in Shelbyville, TN. Tough, tough old dude!

Laz’s Goodnight Message from The Vol State

the long thin line marches on

the rains finally came.

as promised,

they came with a vengeance…

at this point,

the vol staters did not even seem to care.

whatever happens on the road,

just happens.

it is only the goal that counts.

the rock.

for those who remain,

it scarcely seems real.

until they actually come down the beast of jasper mountain,

the thought that this ordeal will ever end

seems like a dream.

life consists of covering ground.

collecting the miles,

one by one.

finding water.

finding food.

finding a place to sleep…

and the ultimate prize,

indoor plumbing.

what else does man need to live?

the canadiennes have now brought it home.

Jeremy ebel is in the homestretch.

he will cross the blue bridge soon.

dobrawalski will be next,

unless andrea Stewart catches him.

and she is closing fast.

the long thin line moves on,

but now it grows shorter with every step.

those who remain have been tested to their limits.

and they have proven themselves worthy.

all that remains is to finish the impossible task.

the vol state.

anyone *can* do it.

but none can do it without reaching down deep inside,

to find something that they never knew was there.

it was an ordinary group of people who boarded the ferry

five and a half days ago.

it is special people who are reaching the rock.


“Holy God. I owe someone. Random aid station in the middle of a deserted 15 mile stretch with drinks and a tent. Even had off for the mosquito’s it attracted. Reached the tent just in time for the monsoon.

Somewhere around 242???” – Scott Krouse

Andrea Stewart Vol State 500K - Run It Fast

Finally a photo of Andrea Stewart who should be the 3rd woman to finish early in the morning before sunrise.


Day-by-Day Vol State 5ooK Recaps

Vintage Vol State 500K Race Reports

Historical Vol State 500K Results

– Run It Fast®

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Vol State Road Angel Heaven

Day 5: The Vol State 500K Live Blog/Standings (2015)

Vol State 500K King of Road Crown Logo

Lebanon, Tennessee native Greg Armstrong is the winner of the 2015 Last Annual Vol State 500K and keeps his crown as King of the Road until next July. He finished a tough race, overcoming extreme heat and a broken rib, to finish in 3 days 22 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds. Greg is the first back-to-back winner of the race and joins DeWayne Satterfield as the only 2-time winner of the race.

Sweden’s Johan Steene finished very closely behind in 3 days 23 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds for second place. Steene was uncrewed (screwed) and broke his uncrewed record from last year by about 3 hours. Simply amazing and even more so when you consider how hot and humid it was this year.

“I know I am relatively new to the sport but this performance by Johan Steene may be one of best/gutsiest efforts of all time. How can I make such a lofty comment? Well, I went through the exact same conditions usually just hours before Johan each day. Unless you have done this race one can’t fully appreciate the difference between being “crewed” and “screwed”. As far as I’m concerned Johan is the true “King of the Road”. I appreciate the well wishes and congrats but I’m not in the same league as this amazing man!!” – Greg Armstrong after Johan’s finish.

96 Hour Vol State 500K Standings 7:30am Monday, July 13th (61 Runners, 19 DNFs)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 3 days 22 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds (King of the Road)
  2. Johan Steene – 3 days 23 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds (uncrewed course record)
  3. John Fegyveresi – 262 miles
  4. Steven Smith – 253 miles
  5. Lisa Van Wolde – 234 miles (F)
  6. Marylou Corino – 234 miles (F)
  7. Jeremy Ebel – 220 miles
  8. Jay Dobrowalski – 214 miles
  9. James Adams – 214 miles
  10. Michael Callans – 202 miles
  11. Andrea Stewart – 199 miles
  12. David Lettieri – 199 miles
  13. Richard Westbrook – 193 miles
  14. Timothy Daily – 188 miles
  15. Sal Coll – 188 miles
  16. Jeffrey Stephens – 188 miles
  17. Tim Purol – 188 miles
  18. Ben Herron – 184 miles
  19. Bo Millwood – 183 miles
  20. Karen Jackson – 183 miles
  21. Thomas Skinner – 183 miles
  22. Edward Masuoka – 182 miles
  23. Lisa Hazlett – 180 miles
  24. Rick Gray – 180 miles
  25. Scott Krouse – 179 miles
  26. Sherry Meador – 179 miles
  27. Caleb Nolen – 178 miles
  28. Tom Dekornfield – 178 miles
  29. Thomas Alm – 177 miles
  30. Joshua Swink – 177 miles
  31. Christopher Knight – 176 miles
  32. Shane Tucker – 174 miles
  33. Gregg Ellis – 173 miles
  34. Allen Wrinkle – 173 miles
  35. Gina Chupka – 173 miles
  36. John Sharp – 173 miles
  37. Christian McMahon – 167 miles
  38. Bill Haecker – 167 miles
  39. Sandy Geisel – 165 miles
  40. Shelly Mack – 164 miles
  41. Richard McKnight – 164 miles
  42. Fred Davis III – 163 miles
  43. Joseph Kowalski – 162 miles
  44. Ally Gregory – 159 miles
  45. Dallas Smith – 157 miles
  46. Lynda Webber – 152 miles
  47. Sergio Bianchini – 152 miles
  48. Gilbert Gray – 152 miles
  49. Jameelah Abul-Rahim – 152 miles
  50. Remy Brandefalk – 152 miles
  51. Don Winkley – 150 miles
  52. Timothy Loudermilk – 146 miles
  53. John Price – 145 miles
  54. Cathie Johnson – 141 miles
  55. Troy Johnson – 141 miles
  56. Garry Price – 140 miles
  57. Paul Heckert – 135 miles
  58. Jay Hamilton – 133 miles
  59. Terrie Wurzbacher – 130 miles
  60. Diane Taylor – 126 miles
  61. Ben Pennington – 126 miles

DID NOT FINISH (19): Francesca Muccini 188 miles, Jeff McGonnell 165 miles, Nathan Dewall 145 miles, Johnny Adams 145 miles, Joe Ninke 145 miles, Mike Delang mile 135, Curt Chambers mile 130, Dale Rucker mile 125, Marcia Rasmussen mile 125, Ronald Trignano 109 miles, Sue Scholl mile 107, John Rasmussen mile 92, Ann Kerkman 83 miles, Troy Varney 83 miles, Brian Pickett mile 78, Betty Holder 56 miles, Michael Melton mile 54, Amanda McMahon mile 45, Larry Phillips mile 39

Last night saw Jeremy Ebel go off course for 10 hours, being uncrewed, that meant an extra 20 miles of shuffling by the time he got back on course. Just a brutal mistake that has dropped him down in the standings. Steven Smith is the strongest runner in the field currently after the finishes of Armstrong and Johan.

The 2-headed Canadian monster of Lisa Van Wolde and Marylou Corino are relentless and steady as they have now pushed past 240 miles since the morning update.

Johnny Adams and Nathan Dewall joined the list of DNF’s last night. Francesca Muccini is still off course and supposedly done but attempts to get her back to finish her strong race have commenced.

The Canadian women are currently at mile 247 and have a dominating lead on the women’s side (11:57am).

Day 5 Vol State 500K Tom and Ed

Poor uncrewed runners around mile 188.

Day 5 Vol State 500K Shane Tucker Bench of Despair - Run It Fast

Shane Tucker reaches the Bench of Despair!

Day 5 Vol State 500K Steven Smith Sleeping

“I feed the boy got him a chair under huge pecan tree was telling him the story of my life and he fell asleep…whats up with that?” – Bill Baker, crewing Steven Smith (SS Top)

Greg Armstrong's View from The Rock - Vol State 500K

King Greg Armstrong’s view from ‘The Rock’ early this morning! It must be good to be king!

Day 5 Vol State 500K Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde

Leading women combo of Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde have hit mile 250 in Manchester, TN. They were happy once upon a time.

Canadian women are now around mile 255.

“Vol State Day 5. 36 miles. 188 total. This was the 5th day in a row it has been hotter than the previous day.” – Shane Tucker

“Best rest I’ve had this whole race. 6 hrs of solid sleep just now. I needed it. Hoping to make a big push tonight. This race is crazy lol. There’s nothing like it, that’s for sure.” – Gregg Ellis

“Mentally…let’s just say I may have spent an hour confused and sleepy at a car wash…” – Scott Krouse

“We started out at 1:00am today and went 19 miles.We decided to get out of the heat, and start back around 8 pm for a long night of knocking out miles from Hohenweld.” – Troy and Cathie Johnson

Dallas Smith is having a burrito somewhere. Diane Taylor is probably laying under a tree somewhere. Ben Pennington is wishing he was anywhere but here.

Vol State 500K Gregg Ellis and Shane Tucker - Run It Fast

Gregg Ellis and Shane Tucker…wannabe VS Creatures of the Night!!

108 Hour Vol State 500K Standings 7:30pm Monday, July 13th (2 Finisher, 59 Runners, 19 DNFs)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 3 days 22 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds (King of the Road)
  2. Johan Steene – 3 days 23 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds (uncrewed course record)
  3. John Fegyveresi – 294 miles
  4. Steven Smith – 284 miles
  5. Lisa Van Wolde – 258 miles (F)
  6. Marylou Corino – 258 miles (F)
  7. Jay Dobrowalski – 239 miles
  8. Andrea Stewart – 233 miles (F)
  9. James Adams – 224 miles
  10. Jeremy Ebel – 223 miles
  11. Bo Millwood – 214 miles
  12. Karen Jackson – 214 miles
  13. Lisa Hazlett – 214 miles
  14. Rick Gray – 214 miles
  15. Richard Westbrook – 212 miles
  16. Michael Callans – 210 miles
  17. David Lettieri – 208 miles
  18. Ben Herron – 207 miles
  19. Edward Masuoka – 207 miles
  20. Sal Coll – 202 miles
  21. Jeffrey Stephens – 202 miles
  22. Tim Purol – 202 miles
  23. Christopher Knight – 201 miles
  24. Thomas Alm – 201 miles
  25. Sherry Meador – 201 miles
  26. Caleb Nolen – 198 miles
  27. Joshua Swink – 195 miles
  28. Tom Dekornfield – 194 miles
  29. Scott Krouse – 189 miles
  30. Shane Tucker – 188 miles
  31. Francesca Muccini – 188 miles
  32. Timothy Daily – 188 miles
  33. Shelly Mack – 186 miles
  34. Allen Wrinkle – 181 miles
  35. Gina Chupka – 181 miles
  36. John Sharp – 181 miles
  37. Gregg Ellis – 180 miles
  38. Richard McKnight – 179 miles
  39. Joseph Kowalski – 179 miles
  40. Dallas Smith – 179 miles
  41. Fred Davis III – 177 miles
  42. Lynda Webber – 177 miles
  43. Gilbert Gray – 175 miles
  44. Jameelah Abul-Rahim – 175 miles
  45. Remy Brandefalk – 175 miles
  46. Christian McMahon – 174 miles
  47. Sergio Bianchini – 174 miles
  48. Ally Gregory – 174miles
  49. Sandy Geisel – 172 miles
  50. Don Winkley – 171 miles
  51. John Price – 167 miles
  52. Johnny Adams – 164 miles
  53. Timothy Loudermilk – 164 miles
  54. Jay Hamilton – 157 miles
  55. Paul Heckert – 150 miles
  56. Garry Price – 149 miles
  57. Troy Johnson – 146 miles
  58. Cathie Johnson – 146 miles
  59. Terrie Wurzbacher – 145 miles
  60. Diane Taylor – 145 miles
  61. Ben Pennington – 145 miles

DID NOT FINISH (19): Francesca Muccini 188 miles, Jeff McGonnell 165 miles, Nathan Dewall 145 miles, Johnny Adams 145 miles, Joe Ninke 145 miles, Mike Delang mile 135, Curt Chambers mile 130, Dale Rucker mile 125, Marcia Rasmussen mile 125, Ronald Trignano 109 miles, Sue Scholl mile 107, John Rasmussen mile 92, Ann Kerkman 83 miles, Troy Varney 83 miles, Brian Pickett mile 78, Betty Holder 56 miles, Michael Melton mile 54, Amanda McMahon mile 45, Larry Phillips mile 39

Day 5 Vol State 500K Dallas Smith Vest Cone - Run It Fast

“Day 5, Monday, Columbia, MM 179

Left Hohenwald at 0300. By 0730, the end of 4 days. I had 157 miles, precisely halfway.

Who cares whether what I do is what anyone would call running? I won’t worry with it. My aching feet have got to get my chaffing butt on down the road any way they can. I need this finish bad.

The road and I are coming to an understanding. I solved two problems today – a toe problem and the chaffing problem. Both involved the pen knife this country boy put in his pack. Essential gear.

I prefer not to team up. I think a person ought to run his own race, relying on his own strength, not someone else’s. But that’s just me.

I shall have to burn these clothes, have a solemn ceremony worthy of a battered flag and bid adieu.

Now sleep, 2:00 AM comes too soon.” – Dallas Smith

Day 5 Vol State 500K Scott Krouse Bench of Despair - Run It Fast

“Currently at 193, enjoying some pretzels and Dr. P before the long night.

Had a great stop at the Bench of Despair earlier. Lots of love for the runners, so much I was caught smiling even with 132 miles to go. It was probably the great milkshake or bacon cheeseburger. Yum.” – Scott Krouse

John Fegy Monteagle Vol State 500K - Run It Fast

A rare photo of 3rd place runner John Fegyversi on Monteagle earlier today.

“If you’ve never ran through the night on a backcountry road Id suggest you do it. One of the most serene and peaceful things you’ll ever do. Loving this. Great for the soul.” – Gregg Ellis

Vol State 500K Steven Smith Jasper Court House Day 5 - Run It Fast

An exhausted Steven Smith, currently in 4th place, on the steps of the Jasper Court House at mile 296.5

The Canadian women have reached the top of Monteagle Mtn (m274) and plan to go for another hour before taking a rest for sleep.

3rd place female Andrea Stewart has been a stud throughout this race and moved up the standings the last couple of days and overall sits in 8th place.

Vol State 500K Gregg Ellis Hotel Room Day 5 - Run It Fast

Georgia native Gregg Ellis is heading out in a few moments to get in some cooler night miles and towards The Rock. Gregg ran 400 miles last August in Alaska in 6 days around a 1/4 mile track.

The Bench of Despair - Vol State 500K

Over 1/2 the field has reached the Bench of Despair…the other 1/2 hopes to reach it and much further. Oprah is starting to catch some of the runners at the back of the pack. Will they be able to get ahead of her and beat the clock?

Vol State 500K Rich McKnight Bench of Despair 2015

“The Dreaded Bench of Despair. Over the years many Vol State 500k runners had their dreams come crashing down in them at this bench 183 miles into the race. Here is where they call the meat wagon to come pick them up and sit on the seat of disgrace while getting the ride if shame. Not me…..feeling great and on my way down the road. About 120 miles left to reach the Rock. I’m coming fast and hard!!!” – Rich McKnight

“The last annual Vol state 500 is over for 2 of my dear friends. Superstar, greg armstrong, from lebanon, finished this monster this morning in 3 days 22 hours, becoming a back to back winner and posting the 4th fastest time ever. Greg was crewed.
One hour behind greg was the amazing swede, johan steene, running uncrewed. Johan dogged greg the entire race, never falling more than 14 miles behind him. No one EVER thought a sub 4 day was possible for a screwed runner, but they didn’t know my friend johan. This, is one of the mist amazing performances ever for an athlete, in my opinion.

John Fegyversie, one of only 14 finishers of the Barkley Marathons will finish 3rd, probably some 20 hours behind johan.

About 60 runners are still out there, dealing with this BRUTAL tennessee heat, having up to 10 days to complete the race.
My heart aches a bit to be out there suffering with my friends, but you guys know how it is. Surgeries and volstate didn’t go together this year. I will be there in 2016 for my 4th finish though.

Congrats greg and johan!” – Vol State vet Charlie Taylor from his hospital bed as he works on defeating cancer!

Vol State Road Angel Heaven

Perhaps the most amazing Vol State Road Angels spread for desolate runners to date from Jim and Kim Nutt. Big thank you to them. No words!

“I normally wouldn’t have 2 helpings of meat loaf from Shoneys before a 43 mile night run BUT this is the Vol State baby…anything goes” – Gregg Ellis


Day-by-Day Vol State 5ooK Recaps

Vintage Vol State 500K Race Reports

Historical Vol State 500K Results

– Run It Fast®

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King Greg Armstrong in His Throne Vol State 500K Winner 2015 – Run It Fast

Greg Armstrong Wins the 2015 Last Annual Vol State 500K

Greg Armstrong 2015 Vol State Run It Fast Shirt

UPDATED: King of the Road, Greg Armstrong’s 2015 Vol State 500K Race Report

Greg Armstrong, of Lebanon, Tennessee, won The Last Annual Vol State 500K early Monday morning becoming the first runner to reach The Rock in Castle Rock, Georgia. Armstrong goes back-to-back as he won the race last July as well. His time of 3 days 22 hours 05 minutes 23 seconds is the 4th fastest time in Vol State history.

Armstrong is the first back-to-back King of the Road and joins DeWayne Satterfield as the only two-time winner of the race.

This year’s extreme heat knocked Armstrong off his plan to set the course record, as did a cracked rib, but he persevered to keep the uncrewed Swede Johan Steene just far enough back the entire race to earn the win.

Steen reached The Rock shortly after Armstrong in 3 days 23 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds breaking the uncrewed/screwed record that he set last year by nearly 3 hours.

The humble and gracious Armstrong had the following to say after Steene’s finish, “I know I am relatively new to the sport but this performance by Johan Steene may be one of best/gutsiest efforts of all time. How can I make such a lofty comment? Well, I went through the exact same conditions usually just hours before Johan each day. Unless you have done this race one can’t fully appreciate the difference between being “crewed” and “screwed”. As far as I’m concerned Johan is the true “King of the Road”. I appreciate the well wishes and congrats but I’m not in the same league as this amazing man!!

King Greg Armstrong in His Throne Vol State 500K Winner 2015 - Run It Fast

King Greg sitting atop his throne (or the ‘thrown’ as Laz calls the chair because after every runner sits in it, the stench is so bad that the chair has to be ‘thrown’ away in the garbage)!

The race was started many years ago by Gary Cantrell, also known as Lazarus Lake, who still presides over the race and haunts runnes over all 314 grueling miles.

Greg might be done but over 60 other runners remain on the course, some as far back as 190 miles, hoping to get to the same Rock that Armstrong reached so quickly.

Vol State 500K King of Road Crown Logo

Last Annual Vol State Kings of the Road (modern course)

  • 2015 Greg Armstrong – 3d 22h 5m 23s
  • 2014 Greg Armtrong – 3d 17h 50m 53s
  • 2013 Joe Fejes – 3d 8h 10m 16s (course record)
  • 2012 Daniel Fox – 5d 3h 9m 33s
  • 2011 Don Winkley – 5d 14h 21m 32s
  • 2010 Juli Aistars – 5d 22h 1m 33s
  • 2009 DeWayne Satterfield – 3d 17h 42m 12s
  • 2008 Kevin Dorsey – 4d 23h 45m 3s
  • 2007 Carl Laniak – 6d 6h 11m 1s
  • 2006 DeWayne Satterfield – 4d 8h 39m 44s

The view King Greg had upon reaching ‘The Rock’ overlooking the Tennessee River

Greg Armstrong's View from The Rock - Vol State 500K

Congrats to Greg and his crew on his amazing victory!

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Scott Jurek Power Flex Appalachian Trail Record – Run It Fast

Scott Jurek Breaks the Appalachian Trail FKT Speed Record

Scott Jurek Breaks Appalachian Trail Speed Record - Run It Fast

The amazing Scott Jurek has broken the Appalachian Trail FKT/Speed Record that was previously held by Jennifer Pharr Davis. It took Jurek 46 days 8 hours 20 minutes to reach Mount Katahdin to complete the 2,189 mile distance that has over 515,000 feet of elevation change.

It came down to the wire as Jurek was able to break Jennifer’s impressive record of 46 days 11 hours 20 minutes.

Jurek, perhaps the most famous ultramarathoner for the last two decades, stated earlier that he would retire after this Appalachian Trail run.

“This is the summer before my wife and I want to have kids,” Jurek told Runner’s World Newswire. “I would say this is going to be my masterpiece.”

The Appalachian Trail stretches from 2,200 miles from Springer Mountain, Georgia up to Mount Katahdin, Maine.

Appalachian Trail Luis Escobar Scott Jurek Log

Jurek started his journey on May 27, 2015 with his ‘Born to Run buddy, famed photographer/ultrarunner Luis Escobar.

Scott Jurek Power Flex Appalachian Trail Record - Run It Fast

Congrats to Scott on this amazing feat and his Mr. Olympia physique!

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Vol State 500K Day 4 Nathez Trace Hwy by Shane Tucker

Day 4: The Vol State 500K Live Blog/Standings (2015)

Vol State 500K Bandage Red Logo
Day 4: The Vol State 500K Live Blog/Standings (2015): Carnage Road

72 Hour Vol State 500K Standings 7:30am Sunday, July 12th (68 Runners, 12 DNFs)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 244 miles 
  2. Johan Steene – 234 miles
  3. John Fegyveresi – 204 miles
  4. Jeremy Ebel – 188 miles
  5. Steven Smith – 188 miles
  6. Lisa Van Wolde – 185 miles (F)
  7. Marylou Corino – 185 miles (F)
  8. Michael Callans – 179 miles
  9. Jay Dobrowalski – 178 miles
  10. Francesca Muccini – 175 miles (F)
  11. James Adams – 169 miles
  12. Timothy Daily – 157 miles
  13. Andrea Stewart – 156 miles
  14. Jeff McGonnell – 156 miles
  15. Bo Millwood 147 miles
  16. Karen Jackson – 147 miles
  17. Ben Herron – 146 miles
  18. Thomas Skinner – 145 miles
  19. Jeffrey Stephens – 145 miles
  20. Tim Purol – 145 miles
  21. Sherry Meador  – 145 miles
  22. Nathan Dewall – 145 miles
  23. Sal Coll – 144 miles
  24. Richard Westbrook – 144 miles
  25. Edward Masuoka – 144 miles
  26. Scott Krouse – 144 miles
  27. Shane Tucker – 143 miles
  28. David Lettieri – 143 miles
  29. Allen Wrinkle – 141 miles
  30. Gina Chupka – 141 miles
  31. John Sharp – 141 miles
  32. Thomas Alm – 141 miles
  33. Caleb Nolen – 140 miles
  34. Lisa Hazlett – 138 miles
  35. Rick Gray – 138 miles
  36. Joshua Swink – 138 miles
  37. Christopher Knight – 136 miles
  38. Tom Dekornfield – 136 miles
  39. Gregg Ellis – 136 miles
  40. Fred Davis III – 130 miles
  41. Mike Delang – 129 miles
  42. Sangy Geisel – 129 miles
  43. Joseph Kowalski – 129 miles
  44. Bill Haecker – 128 miles
  45. Johnny Adams – 125 miles
  46. Richard McKnight – 125 miles
  47. Ally Gregory – 124 miles
  48. Shelly Mack – 123 miles
  49. Christian McMahon – 122 miles
  50. Curt Chambers – 122 miles
  51. Gilbert Gray – 121 miles
  52. Remy Brandefalk – 121 miles
  53. Dale Rucker – 121 miles
  54. Tim Loudermilk – 120 miles
  55. Lynda Webber – 118 miles
  56. Sergio Bianchini – 118 miles
  57. Dallas Smith – 117 miles
  58. Don Winkley – 116 miles
  59. Jameelah Abdul-Rahim – 115 miles
  60. John Price – 111 miles
  61. Jay Hamilton – 108 miles
  62. Paul Heckert – 107 miles
  63. Garry Price – 106 miles
  64. Troy Johnson – 105 miles
  65. Cathie Johnson – 105 miles
  66. Ben Pennington – 102 miles
  67. Diane Taylor – 98 miles
  68. Terrie Wurzbacher – 98 miles

DID NOT FINISH (12): Joe Ninke 145 miles, Marcia Rasmussen mile 125, Ronald Trignano 109 miles, Sue Scholl mile 107, John Rasmussen mile 92, Ann Kerkman 83 miles, Troy Varney 83 miles, Brian Pickett mile 78, Betty Holder 56 miles, Michael Melton mile 54, Amanda McMahon mile 45, Larry Phillips mile 39

Sal Coll and Shane Tucker Mile 146 Vol State 500K - Run It Fast

Run It Fast members Sal Coll and Shane Tucker taking names around mile 146.

Laz’s 72 Hour Pep Talk

the long thin line grows thinner:

the 4th morning is here.
once again the sun beats down
the chirring july flies sing…

and the vol staters run.
and walk.
and trudge.

over the hills and thru the valleys.
past streams and trees
and past the places where their comrades fell.
across bridges
and thru small towns.

three days have taken a toll.
many are gone now,
and the long thin line grows thinner.
those who fight on have been hardened by the road
and baked by the sun.

there is a different resolve now.
not the brave words of the last supper
and the laughter of the ferry.

it has been replaced with a grim resolve.
soldier on, brave warriors.

oprah is no longer far behind.
the runners at the back can feel her hot breath on their necks.
when they pause to rest,
they can hear her stiletto heels clicking on the pavement behind them.

at the front the thoughts of records ands glory are long gone.
now each and every survivor pursues the same goal.
press on to the rock.
survive the day,
live to fight another.

anyone could do the vol state
few will try,
and fewer will succeed.
it is hard in ways you cannot imagine from home.
the survivors know.
they do not have to imagine it any longer.
they are living it.

every minute of every day…

overnight, greg held to his lead.
but the stubborn swede will not go away.
like a speedy oprah, he is still there.
10 miles behind.
both seem likely to finish sometime between midnight and dawn.
but there is a lot of road to cover in the heat today.

fegy is now a solid third.
smith came roaring back last night,
and has moved into a tie with ebel for 4th/5th.

the canadiennes still lead the women,
and are a mere 3 miles further back.

and the beat(ing) goes on.


More photos, news, and notes from Day 4

Steven Smith Bench of Despair 2015 Vol State - Run It Fast

Run It Fast’s Steven Smith vandalizing private property at the Bench of Despair. Kentucky boys never change!

“Crossed TN River. Fever in quads broke. I can run again. On pace.” – Dallas Smith

“Mile 145, Hohenwald. Few hours of rest and I’m able to put down solid food.

Unfortunately, moving with the sun so many long breaks expected during the day. Definitely heat CAT 5++++!

And sad to report, my brother has dropped. Shoe issues from the beginning, he gutted out 109 miles before blisters rendered his feet a painful and unrecognizable mess. Way to fight the last few days Ron! (Although, his “slow” start he came through the 20 mile mark with the now 3rd place runner. Uh huh…)” – Scott Krouse

Lisa Van Wolde Vol State 500K Bench of Despair - Run It Fast

Lisa Van Wolde, tied for top female, tuckered out on the Bench of Despair m180.

Marylou Corino Vol State 500K Bench of Despair 2015 - Run It Fast

Marylou Corino, tied with Lisa for top female, with a similar fate at the Bench.

Race leader Greg Armstrong is currently at mile 255 according to his crewman Joseph Nance (race time 11:20am).

Greg Armstrong Vol State 500K m254 - Run It Fast

Armstrong rolling on with cracked rib and all!

72 Hour Google Map of Runner Positions

Steven Smith Mile 200 Vol State 500K - Run It Fast

Steven Smith hits mile 200 of The Vol State. Only 114 miles to go.

The Canadian women of Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde are at mile 200 in Lewisburg.

Greg Armstrong is strong once again and banging out 10-11 minute miles as he starts to feel the pull of The Rock a bit as he moves towards Monteagle Mountain.

Shane Tucker is to mile 152 where he is now going down for sleep and will get back at it once the sun is down.

Race leader Greg Armstrong has turned the volume up to sub 10 min miles and is now at mile 265 with less than 50 miles to go. He is 10 miles away from the base of Monteagle mtn.

Thanks for all the encouragement and positive energy! This race has been brutal. Three straight days of a heat index at 100 degrees. Never have I been so humbled.  Am at the base of Mounteagle about to make the ascent! Less than 50 to go. The Rock is near!” – Greg Armstrong

Ben Herron Vol State 500K - 2015 on 412

Ben Herron is all thumb on his trek towards Columbia, TN.

“Having a blast! (really lol) the camaderie is admirable. We all are in pain, we see it in each other’s eyes. Yes it hurts, it’s extremely hard, this course is unforgiving and relentless. Goals and plans have changed too many times to count but the goal of reaching the Rock hasn’t. I’ve ran out of food n supplies in between just about every town, I’ve begged strangers for water, I’ve been dehydrated, gotten cramps, hobbled thru 144 miles but I’m still marching toward the Rock. This course will make the most fluid runners hobble. It will turn 10 min miles into 30 min miles. If it was easy then everyone would do it. The Vol Staters we don’t want easy, we want to earn our seat in the camp chair “throne” on the Rock. We just want to finish this beast and prove to ourselves that we have what it takes inside. It is about survival now. ‪#‎GetToTheRock‬” – Gregg Ellis

“Yikes, I just took a look at Mike’s (Delang) feet. No wonder his painful grimaces and slow pace, the skin has completely come off 3 toes. Let’s see how well I can treat and tape them with what tools I have and if it will help him move forward. We are desperately trying to avoid a call to the ‘meat wagon’ that would end our race. Our goal is to walk the 9 miles to the next town and see how he does.” – Sandy Geisel

84 Hour Update Shortly. Runners are still reporting their positions….several more DNF’s. Armstrong is at 281. Steene 273.

84 Hour Vol State 500K Standings 7:30am Sunday, July 12th (63 Runners, 17 DNFs)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 281 miles 
  2. Johan Steene – 273 miles
  3. John Fegyveresi – 234 miles
  4. Steven Smith – 224 miles
  5. Lisa Van Wolde – 211 miles (F)
  6. Marylou Corino – 211 miles (F)
  7. Jay Dobrowalski – 202 miles
  8. Jeremy Ebel – 202 miles
  9. Michael Callans – 200 miles
  10. Andrea Stewart – 179 miles
  11. James Adams – 178 miles
  12. Thomas Alm – 176 miles
  13. Lisa Hazlett – 174 miles
  14. Rick Gray – 174 miles
  15. Bo Millwood 173 miles
  16. Karen Jackson – 173 miles
  17. David Lettieri – 172 miles
  18. Sal Coll – 171 miles
  19. Edward Masuoka – 170 miles
  20. Richard Westbrook – 170 miles
  21. Jeffrey Stephens – 169 miles
  22. Tim Purol – 169 miles
  23. Scott Krouse – 165 miles
  24. Sherry Meador – 165 miles
  25. Caleb Nolen – 164 miles
  26. Ben Herron – 163 miles
  27. Joshua Swink – 163 miles
  28. Timothy Daily – 163 miles
  29. Thomas Skinner – 162 miles
  30. Shane Tucker – 152 miles
  31. Shelly Mack – 150 miles
  32. Bill Haecker – 147 miles
  33. Allen Wrinkle – 146 miles
  34. Gina Chupka – 146 miles
  35. John Sharp – 146 miles
  36. Christopher Knight – 145 miles
  37. Dallas Smith – 145 miles
  38. Fred Davis III – 145 miles
  39. Gregg Ellis – 145 miles
  40. Lynda Webber – 145 miles
  41. Sergio Bianchini – 145 miles
  42. Tom Dekornfield – 145 miles
  43. Joseph Kowalski – 145 miles
  44. Gilbert Gray – 142 miles
  45. Jameelah Abul-Rahim – 142 miles
  46. Remy Brandefalk – 142 miles
  47. Don Winkley – 140 miles
  48. Johnny Adams – 139 miles
  49. Richard McKnight 139 miles
  50. Ally Gregory – 137 miles
  51. Sandy Geisel – 136 miles
  52. Tim Loudermilk – 135 miles
  53. John Price – 131 miles
  54. Christian McMahon – 131 miles
  55. Curt Chambers – 131 miles
  56. Cathie Johnson – 125 miles
  57. Troy Johnson – 125 miles
  58. Jay Hamilton – 125 miles
  59. Garry Price – 114 miles
  60. Paul Heckert – 113 miles
  61. Ben Pennington – 111 miles
  62. Diane Taylor – 108 miles
  63. Terrie Wurzbacher – 108 miles

DID NOT FINISH (17): Francesca Muccini 188 miles, Jeff McGonnell 165 miles, Joe Ninke 145 miles, Mike Delang mile 135, Dale Rucker mile 125, Marcia Rasmussen mile 125, Ronald Trignano 109 miles, Sue Scholl mile 107, John Rasmussen mile 92, Ann Kerkman 83 miles, Troy Varney 83 miles, Brian Pickett mile 78, Betty Holder 56 miles, Michael Melton mile 54, Amanda McMahon mile 45, Larry Phillips mile 39

After the updated standings were posted, Francesca Muccini who was the third female, dropped from the race per her Facebook update. Congrats to RIF’s Francesca who had an amazing run. Great job, Francesca!

The eloquent Dallas Smith checks in with these words:

Day 4, Sunday, Hohenwald, MM 145

The Vol State 500k has added a new term to the running lexicon, “2 mph.” A speed ordinary runners don’t consider, but every Vol Stater knows. When you have no play left except an enfeebled walk then you make that play.

You can endure even that and emerge running the next day. I did. The fever on my quads broke during a deep sleep untroubled by dreams or trips to the bathroom. This morning, I hit US 412 at 4:14 in Parsons. I stopped at 6:30 pm at Hohenwald.

The moon is a stingy mistress withholding her light, hanging in the eastern morning sky, offering only a thin smile and each day falling a little closer to the rising sun.

When I left Parsons a whip-o-will was calling, second consecutive morning to hear that sound. A chorus of frogs, several kinds, were making their calls, including one that sounded like barking. And a bullfrog was grunting. These hopeful sounds launched me into another burning day.

I have a hip hop vibe going, running with my shorts pulled down low, so they can rub a new spot and let the old spot rest. May improve my style category, trotting down the road with drooping britches.

I remember a guy two years ago had same problem, but different body part. He wrapped his scrotum with duct tape. Which seemed an imperfect solution. That’s the fate of the uncrewed runner – making do with what he has or he can find.

Rich McKnight Vol State 500K Shadow Bird - Run It Fast

Rich McKnight’s shadow gives the Vol State course a subtle message!

Gregg Ellis just hit the half way point (m157). Congrats Gregg! Only 157mi to go!

Steven Smith is back on the road after a short rest. He has just 89 miles to go and is currently in 4th place.

Vol State 500K Natchez Trace Parkway photos by Shane Tucker

Vol State 500K Day 4 Nathez Trace Hwy by Shane Tucker

Couple great photos above from Shane Tucker while cruising through the Natchez Trace Parkway.

“We got up at midnight and started our journey at 0030. We wanted to get a lot of miles in before the heat. Yesterday we went 39 miles,today we went 34 miles, and stopped in Linden,TN. It was very hot today! We have knocked out 125 miles.” – Troy Johnson

Armstrong has got to be getting close to The Rock!

“Halfway at 1:58 AM on day 4. Unofficial Vol State clock time of 3 days, 17 hours and 58 minutes.” – Shane Tucker

Laz’s Nightly News Report from the Road

blood on the highway

one word keeps surfacing at the vol state…





today was a truly brutal day.

another escalation in the heat index

battered the weary footwarriors,


and more than a few were pushed beyond their capacity to endure.


one by one they capitulated.

all day long.

65 of the original 80 remain,

and many of them are hanging by a thread….


tomorrow promises to be the hottest day yet.


and we knew it would happen.

the relentless oprah has overtaken a runner.

sentimental favorites terrie wurzbacher and diane taylor

find their backs to the wall tonight.


they must run down oprah in the darkness

to keep their dreams of reaching the rock alive.


of course they are only trying to buy a day.

oprah never lets up.


at the front,

greg armstrong has begun his push to the finish

and is running very strong.

johan steene still refuses to go away

having, unbelievably, cut the lead to 8 miles

over a 30 mile stretch of road almost devoid of aid possibilities.

I cannot find the words to describe the improbability of this feat.


fegy is now totally alone in third.


and steven smith has returned from the void to grab a solid hold on 4th.


the canadiennes are smiling and dancing along in 5th/6th.


Jeremy ebel and jay dobrawalski have taken very different routes

to fall out of contention.


Jeremy ran 10 miles off course

(meaning a 20 mile error by the time he gets back)

jay has simply crashed and burned…


his corpse stumbles on,

refusing to quit.


the first half of day 4 has been a nightmare.

now we will see what the night itself will bring.




Day-by-Day Vol State 5ooK Recaps

Vintage Vol State 500K Race Reports

Historical Vol State 500K Results

– Run It Fast®

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Day 3 Vol State 500K Karen Jackson and Bo Millwood – Run It Fast

Day 3: The Vol State 500K Live Blog/Standings (2015)

VS500K HAT Vol State 500K Hat

Day 3: The Vol State 500K Live Blog/Standings (2015)

The heat is starting to knock out or severely effect everyone as King Greg Armstrong slowed considerably during the night along with the rest of his pack leading court. Armstrong had 179 miles after the first 48 hours as Day 3 started. Johan Steene had closed the gap to 5 miles back with 174 and John Fegyveresi had moved up to third with 146 miles. Jeremy Ebel is close behind Fegy with 143 miles.

The top women remained Lisa Van Wolde and Marylou Corino with 139 miles. Marcia Rasmussen had an amazing night as she moved up to third woman with 125 miles.  Francesca Muccini is a bit back at 118 miles.

48 Hour Vol State 500K Standings 7:30am Saturday, July 11th (74 Runners, 6 DNFs)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 179 miles (17 miles behind of course record pace)
  2. Johan Steene – 174 miles
  3. John Fegyveresi – 146 miles
  4. Jeremy Ebel – 143 miles
  5. Lisa Van Wolde – 139 miles (F)
  6. Marylou Corino – 139 miles (F)
  7. Jay Dobrowalski – 138 miles
  8. Marcia Rasmussen – 125 miles (F)
  9. Michael Callans – 123 miles
  10. Francesca Muccini – 118 miles (F)
  11. James Adams – 116 miles
  12. Steven Smith – 114 miles
  13. Andrea Stewart – 112 miles
  14. Jeff McGonnell – 112 miles
  15. Bo Millwood – 111 miles
  16. Karen Jackson – 111 miles
  17. Jeffrey Stephens – 110 miles
  18. Tim Purol – 110 miles
  19. David Lettieri – 110 miles
  20. Thomas Alm – 110 miles
  21. Nathan Dewall- 108 miles
  22. Sherry Meador – 106 miles
  23. Sal Coll – 106 miles
  24. Edward Masuoka – 106 miles
  25. Scott Krouse – 106 miles
  26. Caleb Nolen – 105 miles
  27. Timothy Dailey – 105 miles
  28. Lisa Hazlett – 104 miles
  29. Rick Gray – 104 miles
  30. Allen Wrinkle – 102 miles
  31. Thomas Skinner – 102 miles
  32. Gina Chupka – 102 miles
  33. John Sharp – 102 miles
  34. Shane Tucker – 101 miles
  35. Sandy Geisel – 100 miles
  36. Mike Delang – 100 miles
  37. Christopher Knight – 98 miles
  38. Gregg Ellis – 98 miles
  39. Fred Davis III – 95 miles
  40. Richard Westbrook – 94 miles
  41. Joshua Swink – 93 miles
  42. Tom Dekornfield – 93 miles
  43. Joe Ninke – 92 miles
  44. Christian McMahon – 92 miles
  45. Ben Herron – 92 miles
  46. Bill Haecker – 92 miles
  47. Curt Chambers – 92 miles
  48. Dale Rucker – 92 miles
  49. Ronald Trignano – 91 miles
  50. Jseph Kowalski – 91 miles
  51. Johnny Adams – 91 miles
  52. Shelly Mack – 90 miles
  53. Lynda Webber – 89 miles
  54. Sergio Bianchini – 89 miles
  55. Don Winkley – 89 miles
  56. Ally Gregory – 88 miles
  57. John Price – 84 miles
  58. Gilbert Gray – 83 miles
  59. Remy Brandefalk – 83 miles
  60. Jameelah Abdul-Rahim – 82 miles
  61. Dallas Smith – 82 miles
  62. John Rasmussen – 82 miles
  63. Richard McKnight – 82 miles
  64. Paul Heckert – 82 miles
  65. Troy Johnson – 81 miles
  66. Cathie Johnson – 81 miles
  67. Jay Hamilton – 77 miles
  68. Tim Loudermilk – 75 miles
  69. Tony Varney – 71 miles
  70. Ann Kerkman – 71 miles
  71. Garry Price – 70 miles
  72. Diane Taylor – 69 miles
  73. Terrie Wurzbacher – 69 miles
  74. Ben Pennington – 68 miles

DID NOT FINISH (6): Sue Scholl mile 107, Brian Pickett mile 78, Betty Holder 56 miles, Michael Melton mile 54, Amanda McMahon mile 45, Larry Phillips mile 39

Vol State 500K Day 3 Shane Tucker Hits Mile 100 - Run It Fast

Shane Tucker hits mile 100 of The Vol State 500K.

Day 3 Vol State 500K Gregg Ellis Road Food - Run It Fast

The fuel of uncrewed runner Gregg Ellis getting back on the road.

Greg Armstrong Vol State 500K Bench of Despair - Run It Fast

“These words don’t even come close to describing what lies ahead… We took a left at despair yesterday and are headed straight into purgatory!” – Shelley Armstrong (Greg’s wife)

Day 3 Vol State 500K Steven Smith with Bill Baker and Diane Bolton

2013 finisher Diane Bolton caught up with Steven Smith (who looks barely awake/alive) and his crewman Bill Baker.

Day 3 Vol State 500K Gregg Ellis Mile 100 - Run It Fast

Gregg Ellis hits mile 100 of the Vol State 500K. 214 more miles to go!

Day 3 Vol State 500K Welcome to Lexington by Cathie Johnson - Run it Fast

The locals in Lexington, TN welcome Troy and Cathie Johnson to town!

Greg Armstrong 2015 Vol State Run It Fast Shirt

Race leader Greg Armstrong, sporting the Run It Fast colors, during a very hot and exposed part of the Vol State 500K as he approaches Lewisburg, TN.

Laz’s Day 3 Mid-Day Report:

nothing is decided, yet

so greg did not have the night he had hoped for,

neither did johan.

but, the gap between them closed by half.

5 miles apart,

they fight on into the heat of day 3.

fegys took the lead in the chasing pack.

but ebel, corino, van wolde, and dobrawalski are all within 8 miles.

nothing has been decided amongst them.


day 3 stretches out in front of us.

undefined, as yet.

a story as yet unwritten.


“Vol State Day 3. 35 miles competed. 116 total. Some logistical issues and the hottest day yet made me decide to call it for the day. It was awesome passing the 100 mark. Thanks to everyone for following along” – Shane Tucker

“It’s funny taking showers and putting same ole nasty clothes back on. Kinda defeats the purpose. ‪#‎smellinglikeagoat‬” – Gregg Ellis

“Raw inner thigh. Triple ointment & Band Aid. Then body glide. Law makes you wear shorts ” – Dallas Smith

“Hoping for a big 45 mile day at Vol State 500k. Everything feels good, mentally great, blisters have been a nonissue, heat is totally reasonable, lots and lots of fun ‪#‎runitfast‬” – Ben Pennington

At about 2:30pm race time, Greg Armstrong was at mile 196, 5 miles short of Lewisburg, TN. He’s fighting to get out of purgatory.

“Fortunately the only part of me that hurt are my feet. But its nonstop and feels like a bunch of piranha with razor sharp teeth are nibbling on my soles. Any recommendations of what I can do for them? Massage helps but unfortunately Mike won’t agree to give me a piggy back the rest of the way while massaging them at the same time.” – Sandy Geisel

Lisa Van Wolde and Marylou Corino Day 3 Vol State 500K Waterfall - Run It Fast

And the Canadians (current female leaders) Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde ventured off road to find a waterfall to relax in for a few moments. It sounds a bit like a Bill Baker fantasy but this is reality around Natchez Trace Parkway (m157) the halfway point.

Steven Smith and Francesca Muccini have teamed up, running very strong today with over 35 miles, and are currently at mile 144 in Hohenwald, TN.

Day 3 Vol State 500K Marylou Corino and Laz Lake - Run It Fast

Marylou Corino with VS500K creator Lazarus Lake!

Run It Fast Vol State Steven Smith Francesca Muccini Diane Bolton

RIF member Diane Bolton caught up with fellow RIF members Steven Smith and Francesca Muccini who have teamed up to put miles down together in the back of Bill Baker’s truck.

Day 3 Vol State 500K Karen Jackson and Bo Millwood - Run It Fast

Karen Jackson and Bo Millwood had a Payday candy bar for lunch. They continue forward…

Dallas Smith is very close to mile 100 of the race and less than 10 miles from Parsons, TN.

Two more DNF’s as John Rasmussen calls it in Lexington m92 and Marcia Rasmussen calls it in Linden m125. Marcia was third female this morning at the 48 hour check in. So if all else has held then Francesca will be in 3rd behind Lisa and Marylou. Last report on Francesca is that she was moving well with Steven Smith.

60 hour standings coming shortly!!

Updated 60 hour standings below for 67 runners. 5 runners did not report mileage yet at 7:30pm check in. Will update when it becomes available.

60 Hour standings now fully updated and complete with all runners!

Greg Armstrong came back from the dead and is currently at 214 miles at 60 hours. He put a couple miles on Johan Steene who is 12 miles back at 202. John Fegyveresi continues to be strong and make up ground and is in third place with 177 miles.

For the women the combo of Lisa Van Wolde and Marylou Corino have 168 miles. Francesca Muccini is 8 miles back at 160 miles and running strong.

60 Hour Vol State 500K Standings 7:30pm Saturday, July 11th (72 Running, 8 DNFs)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 214 miles (16 miles behind of course record pace)
  2. Johan Steene – 202 miles
  3. John Fegyveresi – 177 miles
  4. Lisa Van Wolde – 168 miles (F)
  5. Marylou Corino – 168 miles (F)
  6. Jeremy Ebel – 168 miles
  7. Jay Dobrowalski – 160 miles
  8. Steven Smith – 160 miles
  9. Francesca Muccini – 160 miles (F)
  10. Michael Callans – 144 miles
  11. Nathan Dewall – 139 miles
  12. James Adams – 136 miles
  13. Thomas Alm – 134 miles
  14. Sal Coll – 131 miles
  15. Jeffrey Stephens – 131 miles
  16. Tim Purol – 131 miles
  17. Bill Haecker – 131 miles
  18. David Lettieri – 131 miles
  19. Joe Ninke – 128 miles
  20. Bo Millwood – 128 miles
  21. Karen Jackson – 128 miles
  22. Andrea Stewart – 125 miles
  23. Jeff McGonnell – 125 miles
  24. Edward Masuoka – 124 miles
  25. Lisa Hazlett – 124 miles
  26. Rick Gray – 124 miles
  27. Sherry Meador – 122 miles
  28. Scott Krouse – 122 miles
  29. Ben Herron – 120 miles
  30. Caleb Nolen – 118 miles
  31. Shane Tucker – 116 miles
  32. Thomas Skinner – 115 miles
  33. Shelly Mack – 115 miles
  34. Mike Delang – 112 miles
  35. Sandy Geisel – 112 miles
  36. Joshua Swink – 112 miles
  37. Timothy Daily – 112 miles
  38. Christopher Knight – 110 miles
  39. Tom Dekornfield – 110 miles
  40. Joseph Kowalski – 109 miles
  41. Ronald Trignano – 109 miles
  42. Don Winkley – 109 miles
  43. Gregg Ellis – 108 miles
  44. Paul Heckert – 108 miles
  45. Allen Wrinkle – 108 miles
  46. Gina Chupka – 108 miles
  47. John Sharp – 108 miles
  48. Fred Davis III – 107 miles
  49. Johnny Adams – 107 miles
  50. Lynda Webber – 107 miles
  51. Sergio Bianchini – 107 miles
  52. Dallas Smith – 107 miles
  53. Timothy Dailey – 105 miles
  54. Ally Gregory – 104 miles
  55. Gilbert Gray – 104 miles
  56. Remy Brandefalk – 104 miles
  57. Richard McKnight – 100 miles
  58. Jameelah Abul-Rahim – 98 miles
  59. Jay Hamilton – 98 miles
  60. Tim Loudermilk – 98 miles
  61. Christian McMahon – 93 miles
  62. Curt Chambers – 93 miles
  63. John Price – 93 miles
  64. Dale Rucker – 92 miles
  65. Troy Johnson – 92 miles
  66. Cathie Johnson – 92 miles
  67. Ben Pennington – 85 miles
  68. Garry Price – 83 miles
  69. Diane Taylor – 82 miles
  70. Terrie Wurzbacher – 82 miles
  71. Troy Varney – 81 miles
  72. Ann Kerkman – 81 miles

DID NOT FINISH (8): Marcia Rasmussen mile 125, Sue Scholl mile 107, John Rasmussen mile 92, Brian Pickett mile 78, Betty Holder 56 miles, Michael Melton mile 54, Amanda McMahon mile 45, Larry Phillips mile 39

Run It Fast members in bold.

“Today we stopped in Lexington,TN. Ribs still painful, cannot sneeze or cough without a sharp pain. We are heading out at 1:00 am to get miles without all the 94 degree sun.” – Troy Johnson

“Great support out here from the people of Tennessee! They’ve been awesome. We call ’em road angels, they will appear out of nowhere with a cold bottle of water n snacks just when you needed it.
All the runners are great too. Everybody is pulling for each other. We are all in the same boat. The heat, blisters, rashes, dehydration, heat exhaustion you name it.
Vol State is a brotherhood” – Gregg Ellis

Laz’s Midday Update:

mid day update

a rare connection with the internet at midday.


there have been no more calls for the meat wagon.


so I can pass on what was happening just a while ago…

greg was past the bench of despair at 0905 this morning.

he had a tough night,

but is moving well again….or was.

I haven’t heard how he is doing since the day started to heat up.

he had opened back up a 10 mile lead on johan.

but johan had been forced to take a stop

to deal with some very personal chafing issues.

the gritty swede was back on the road and running strong.

I am not sure how he does it,

because it has not been as cool as his hottest training day in Stockholm

since the race started.

there is a huge gap back to fegy.

fegy seems to have seized control of third place.

he is at least 6 or 8 miles up on Jeremy ebel.

but we all know how quickly things can change at the vol state.

Jeremy had been leapfrogging with the canadiennes

(corino and van woldt)

until they took a long sit down break for lunch

(in tall chigger grass)

while I was coming up to Jeremy

I saw a van pull over.

a woman got out and walked around to pull an ice cold coke

out of the back seat

(I assume she had a cooler)

with jeremy about 3 miles into a 15-20 mile empty stretch

that had to be a godsend.

certainly has changed since my days in the vol state.

we were happy if cars just did not run us over!

steven smith and jay dobrawalski were nowhere to be seen

between the canadiennes and Hohenwald,

altho I could have easily missed them if they were ducked in somewhere.

I think it is more likely they are holed up till the heat breaks.

it is already about 95 up here in Hohenwald.

and this is high country,

among the coolest parts of the course.

I bet it is hell back on the alluvial plains

and up ahead in the Nashville basin.



“Saturday, Parsons, MM 107

Hit the road at 3:06 this morning. Stopped at 7:46 just now, nearly 17 hours on the road. It was a brutal day on broad roads with no shade.

I used 3 hours to go 7 miles! I stood in utter, astonished disbelief. But it was true. A crossroads where I actually was completely fixed my position. I’d gone only 7 miles since leaving Lexington over 3 hours earlier.

Forget all the rules. This race rips the heart out of running. I was walking, only, to give my quads a chance to heal from yesterday’s damage – they felt hot and feverish. Still how can you walk that slow?

All my clothes are wet. I sit in a towel wrap. No sit-down meal today. About to eat a can of chili because mart didn’t have Beanee Weanees.

Positive note: During that darkest of trudges, numerous Road Angels offered both cold goodies and simple human kindness. That helped.” – Dallas Smith



Day-by-Day Vol State 5ooK Recaps

Vintage Vol State 500K Race Reports

Historical Vol State 500K Results

– Run It Fast®

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Vol State 500K Day 2 Dallas Smith and Sergio by Angie James – Run It Fast

Day 2: The Vol State 500K Live Blog/Standings (2015)

VS500K HAT Vol State 500K Hat

The Day 2 Vol State 500K coverage starts with a look at the 24 hour standings as everyone checked in at 7:30am this morning.

Defending King Greg Armstrong tacked on 52 miles during the second 12 hour stretch for a total of 120 miles after 24 hours. Brian Pickett’s ‘Charge’ died as he DNF’d at mile 78. Sweden Johan Steene took over second place with 107 miles. Third place is now led by first female Sue Scholl with 96.5 miles.

Fourth place is Colorado native Jeremy Ebel with 90 miles, fifth, John Fegyveresi with 84 miles and California native Jay ‘Lewisburg’ Dobrowalski has 83 miles.

Top 3 women after 23 hours: 1. Scholl, 2. Marylou Corino 76 miles, 3. Lisa Van Wolde 76 miles

On down the field runners are starting to clump together into pelotons with a big group in the 66 mile range and another around 56 miles.

Laz’s 24 Hour Commentary

dawning of the day of the screwed

greg Armstrong has taken control,since pickett bailed at midnight.

greg is mounting a serious assault on the vol state record

with 120 first day miles….

he is chasing that magic 3-day number.

it will be interesting to see what happens today.

not a cloud in the sky

and we are supposed to see the real thing when it comes to heat and humidity.

the big news is what happened during the night.

after watching the crewed runners dominate the first day,

the disadvantage of having the ability to go find a motel

was vividly silhouetted against the night sky.

screwed runners can do nothing but go on.

johan steene is second with an astonishing 107

(can a screwed runner break 4? johan thinks they can)

but he can’t even relax about winning the screwed division.

mighty mite, sue scholl, was only 10 miles back.

Jeremy ebel was at 90

john fegy is right there at 84.

and jay (endless loop) dobraywalski at 83.

this is going to be an amazing day.

the preliminaries are done with,

and it is time to start taking the full measure.

there will be discomfort.


Day 2 temps combined with the wear and tear from the high mileage of day 1 will make it tough for all of the runners as their bodies will want to quit and the remaining distance will haze and taunt them.

24 Hour Vol State 500K Standings (79 runners, 1 DNF)

  1. Greg Armstrong – 120 miles
  2. Johan Steene – 107 miles
  3. Sue Scholl – 96.5 miles (F)
  4. Jeremy Ebel – 90 miles
  5. John Fegyveresi – 84 miles
  6. Jay Dobrowalski – 83 miles
  7. Steven Smith – 82 miles
  8. Brian Pickett – DNF 78 miles DNF
  9. Marylou Corino – 76 miles (F)
  10. Lisa Van Wolde – 76 miles (F)
  11. Michael Callans – 73 miles
  12. Lisa Hazlett – 70 miles
  13. Gilbert Gray – 70 miles
  14. Thomas Skinner – 67 miles
  15. Nathan Dewall – 66.7 miles
  16. Andrea Stewart – 66 miles
  17. Marcia Rasmussen – 66 miles
  18. Francesca Muccini – 66 miles
  19. Jeff Mcgonnell – 66 miles
  20. James Adams – 66 miles
  21. Karen Jackson – 66 miles
  22. Bo Millwood – 66 miles
  23. Jeffrey Stephens – 65 miles
  24. Tim Purol – 65 miles
  25. Ben Herron – 65 miles
  26. Sandy Geisel – 65 miles
  27. Mike Delang – 65 miles
  28. Richard Westbrook – 64 miles
  29. Caleb Nolen – 64 miles
  30. Sherry Meador – 62 miles
  31. Joe Ninke – 61 miles
  32. Edward Masuoka – 59 miles
  33. Gregg Ellis – 58 miles
  34. Shane Tucker – 57 miles
  35. Fred Douglas III – 57 miles
  36. Allen Wrinkle – 56 miles
  37. Ronald Trignano – 56 miles
  38. Scott Krouse – 56 miles
  39. Bill Haeckner – 56 miles
  40. Tom Dekornfield – 56 miles
  41. Sal Coll – 56 miles
  42. Gina Chupka – 56 miles
  43. Remy Brandefalk – 56 miles
  44. Sergio Bianchini – 56 miles
  45. John Sharp – 56 miles
  46. Rick Gray – 56 miles
  47. Joshua Swink – 55 miles
  48. Ally Gregory – 54 miles
  49. Timothy Daily – 54 miles
  50. Johnny Adams – 54 miles
  51. Tim Loudermilk – 53 miles
  52. Joseph Kowalkski – 53 miles
  53. Dale Rucker – 53 miles
  54. Christian Mcmahon – 52 miles
  55. Richard McKnight – 52 miles
  56. Curt Chambers – 52 miles
  57. Shelly Mack – 50 miles
  58. Paul Heckert – 50 miles
  59. Don Winkley – 50 miles
  60. Jameelah Abdul-Rahim Mujaaahid – 49 miles
  61. Michael Melton – 49 miles
  62. David Lettieri – 49 miles
  63. Christopher Knight – 49 miles
  64. John Rasmussen – 48 miles
  65. John Price – 48 miles
  66. Lynda Webber – 46 miles
  67. Betty Holder – 46 miles
  68. Dallas Smith – 45 miles
  69. Amanda McMahon – 45 miles
  70. Thomas Alm – 45 miles
  71. Troy Johnson – 43 miles
  72. Cathie Johnson – 43 miles
  73. Jay Hamilton – 41 miles
  74. Diane Taylor – 40 miles
  75. Garry Price – 40 miles
  76. Ben Pennington – 40 miles
  77. Terrie Wurzbacher – 40 miles
  78. Tony Varney – 38 miles
  79. Ann Kerkman – 38 miles
  80. Larry Phillips – 30 miles

DNF’s Brian Pickett
Run It Fast Members in bold

Map of where runners were at last check in. View HERE

Next standings update after 7:30pm CT, photos and other updates throughout the day (refresh)

Vol State Day 2 Road Photo by Julia Beavers - Run It Fast

Vol State road warriors at it early this morning.

Vol State Day 2 Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde

Current 2nd and 3rd place women Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde.

Rumors floating that female course record holder Sue Scholl who was 3rd overall this morning has dropped due to blister issues. #Confirmed

Florida native Michael Melton has dropped from the race as well at mile 54. He simply melted!

Vol State 500K Day 2 long highways photo by Gregg Ellis - Run It Fast

Gregg Ellis thinks the road above seems very long….well it is!

Rookie Francesca Muccini is on the heels of Lisa Van Wolde and Marylou Corino.

Vol State 500K Day 2 market rest photo by Scott Krouse - Run It Fast

Bums!!!! ^

Scott Krouse on Facebook: Ugh…every time I stop I’m cramping, particularly in my feet. I’m used to cramps there, but not this extreme. Killer when you’re trying to sleep.

Any suggestions? (Besides he obvious…stop/don’t stop?). I’m slightly dehydrated, but trying to keep up…not TOO bad on salt, I think…

Parkers Crossroads 95 Deg Temp by Gregg Ellis - Run It Fast

Hot, hot day for Day #2 of The Vol State!

Vol State 500K Day 2 Dallas Smith and Sergio by Angie James - Run It Fast

RIF’s Dallas Smith with Sergio!

36 hour updates are starting to roll in with most of the middle of the field holed up in Lexington. This post will be updated within the next 90 minutes with complete 36 hour standings.

DNFS: Pickett, Scholl, Melton, Phillips

36 Hour Race Recap

The carnage mounted on Day 2 as 5 runners became road kill. Run It Fast’s Greg Armstrong remains in first with 154 miles at 36 hour check in. Johan Steene is not far behind in 143 miles. Jeremy Ebel and John Fegyveresi were strong throughout the day and now fill the third and fourth spots.

After Sue Scholl bowed out, Lisa Van Wolde and Marylou Corino (running together so far) became the top females with 108 miles. Francesca Muccini is third female with 103 miles. All three women are Run It Fast members.

36 Hour Updated Standings – Day 2 – 7:30pm CT – 5 DNF

  1. Greg Armstrong – 154 miles (16 miles ahead of course record pace)
  2. Johan Steene – 143 miles
  3. Jeremy Ebel – 118 miles
  4. John Fegyveresi – 114 miles
  5. Lisa Van Wolde – 108 miles (F)
  6. Marylou Corino – 108 miles (F)
  7. Sue Scholl – DNF 107 miles DNF
  8. Steven Smith – 106 miles
  9. Jay Dobrowalski – 104 miles
  10. Michael Callans – 104 miles
  11. Nathan Dewall – 104 miles
  12. Francesca Muccini – 103 miles
  13. Andrea Stewart – 92 miles
  14. James Adams – 92 miles
  15. Jeff McGonnell – 92 miles
  16. Lisa Hazlett – 92 miles
  17. Marica Rasmussen – 92 miles
  18. Rick Gray – 92 miles
  19. Jeffrey Stephens – 88 miles
  20. Don Winkley – 83 miles
  21. Gregg Ellis – 83 miles
  22. Allen Wrinkle – 82 miles
  23. Ben Herron – 82 miles
  24. Bo Millwood – 82 miles
  25. Caleb Nolen – 82 miles
  26. David Lettieri – 82 miles
  27. Gina Chupka – 82 miles
  28. Joe Ninke – 82 miles
  29. John Sharp – 82 miles
  30. Joshua Swink – 82 miles
  31. Karen Jackson – 82 miles
  32. Sal Coll – 82 miles
  33. Sherry Meador – 82 miles
  34. Tim Purol – 82 miles
  35. Scott Krouse – 82 miles
  36. Edward Masuoka – 81 miles
  37. Richard Westbrook – 81 miles
  38. Shane Tucker – 81 miles
  39. Thomas Skinner – 81 miles
  40. Shelly Mack – 80 miles
  41. Brian Pickett – DNF 78 miles DNF
  42. Johnny Adams – 77 miles
  43. Ronald Trignano – 77 miles
  44. Joseph Kowalski – 76 miles
  45. Mike Delang – 76 miles
  46. Sandy Geisel – 76 miles
  47. Bill Haecker – 75 miles
  48. Fred Davis III – 75 miles
  49. Tom Dekornfield – 73 miles
  50. Timothy Dailey – 70 miles
  51. Jameelah Abdul-Rahim – 69 miles
  52. Lynda Webber – 69 miles
  53. Richard McKnight – 69 miles
  54. Sergio Bianchini – 69 miles
  55. Christopher Knight – 68 miles
  56. Dale Rucker – 68 miles
  57. Dallas Smith – 68 miles
  58. John Price – 68 miles
  59. Tim Loudermilk – 68 miles
  60. Ally Gregory – 67 miles
  61. Cathie Johnson – 67 miles
  62. Troy Johnson – 67 miles
  63. Jay Hamilton – 67 miles
  64. Ben Pennington – 63 miles
  65. Paul Heckert – 63 miles
  66. Christopher McMahon – 62 miles
  67. Curt Chambers – 62 miles
  68. John Rasmussen – 58 miles
  69. Ann Kerkman – 56 miles
  70. Betty Holder – 56 miles
  71. Diane Taylor – 56 miles
  72. Garry Price – 56 miles
  73. Terrie Wurzbacher – 56 miles
  74. Tony Varney – 56 miles
  75. Remy Brandefalk – 56 miles
  76. Michael Melton DNF 54 miles DNF
  77. Amanda McMahon DNF 45 miles DNF
  78. Thomas Alm – 45 miles
  79. Larry Phillips DNF 39 miles DNF

Race leader Greg Armstrong is now at the halfway point mile 157 at 8:40pm local time. Some 37 hours 10 minutes into the race. Well ahead of course record. Johan remains close on his tail ahead of the uncrewed record.

“This race will strip you to the core. It ain’t no joke. My one and only mission is to get to the Rock, I don’t care how long. My silly lil time goals are no longer a part of my thinking. There is no way a first timer can estimate it anyway. U can throw all of that business out the window. This thing is a beast. You must respect it and be smart or you won’t finish. It’s going to take every ounce of mental n physical strength I can muster up. I’m well over the cut-off times so that’s good. My feet are great, legs pretty good too. My main problem has been dehydration and heat exhaustion. But I’m getting smarter w that.” – Gregg Ellis

“Humbled. That is all I can say. Vol State 500k is no joke. The Race Director Laz makes every step as difficult as possible. Yesterday went ok but the evening was a disaster. Slept on the sidewalk from midnight to 5:30am. Only managed around 10 miles this afternoon. If you make one mistake the course will make you pay 10 fold. Pushing through the night to make up time and miles lost.” – Rich McKnight

“Vol State Day #2. 40 miles completed. 81 total and in the room 4 hours early. Very difficult day with lots of heat. For me, it is a necessity to get up as early as possible and get gone. Getting up at 2:30 got me in the room before 4 today. I am going to try the same plan tomorrow.” – Shane Tucker

“I believe I’ve solved the cramp problem. Cramps were not a factor today. Lots of water – say, a bottle each hour. That means 12-14 bottles each day. Filled some of those bottles with sports drinks. Yesterday, after I finally found water, over the next two hours I drank so much my fingers got fat.” – Dallas Smith

Laz’s 36 Hour Hot Take Recap

road gets real

July 10, 2015. 10:00pm EDT

the second day is when it gets real.especially this second day.newbie vol-staters,

who thought yesterday was hot,

got a dose of reality today.

there were a lot of people just trying to reach any motel,

and escape the heat for a while.


the long line did not thin too badly,

as only 3 more had abandoned their quest by dark.

76 brave souls soldiered on.


Armstrong continued his assault on the magical 3-day barrier,

coming up a mere 2 miles short of halfway in 36 hours.

joe fejes’  race record is certainly in danger,

as greg was 16 miles ahead of joe’s 36 hour mark.


johan steene, the amazing swede, was keeping the pressure on,

trailing by only 11 miles,

despite being unscrewed thru the sweltering day.


both are out there in the darkness right now,

in the desolate hills

between Hohenwald and Hampshire.


the next 9 runners are only strung out over 15 miles,

so this should be a very interesting night.

as the rest and run patterns are starting to emerge,

and keep the standings in upheaval.

the race is only beginning.


backroads Tennessee continued its love affair with the race

and its runners.


parsons set up a “welcome center” as did linden.

and the internet is lit up with inquiries;

“when will the runners be here?”

“I love this race”


those waiting further along the course can relax.

once they start coming,

the runners will be passing thru for days.


and the runners love Tennessee in return.




Day-by-Day Vol State 5ooK Recaps

Vintage Vol State 500K Race Reports

Historical Vol State 500K Results

– Run It Fast®

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Ferry Water Runneth Over Vol State 500K – Run It Fast photo by Dallas Smith   smithbend    Twitter

Day 1: The Vol State 500K Live Blog/Standings (2015)

VS500K HAT Vol State 500K Hat
The 2015 Last Annual Vol State 500K kicked off earlier this morning in Hickman, Kentucky. The Mississippi River was too high from all the heavy rains the area has taken on lately so the ferry was not running across the river.

Ferry Water Runneth Over Vol State 500K - Run It Fast photo by Dallas Smith   smithbend    Twitter
So instead of starting on the banks of Missouri and running onto the ferry, runners instead started in Hickman, Kentucky next to the ferry after simulating the time the ferry ride would have taken. The race started at 7:30am CT.

Run It Fast had 13 runners sign up for this year’s LAVS and 12 that started. Here is a photo of them on the simulated ferry as they waited for the time to click off:

Vol State 2015 Run It Fast Members Ferry
Last year’s ‘King of the Road’ Greg Armstrong (RIF #373) started strong and took off with the lead. Here is a photo that RIF’s Bill Baker took of Greg 7 miles into the race:

Greg Armstrong 2015 Vol State 500K Day 1 - Run It Fast
RIF’s Josh Tyner caught RIF members Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde making the turn at mile 18 in Union City this morning.

Josh Tyner Vol State 500K with Marylou Corino and Lisa - Run It Fast
Shane Tucker taking a quick break in Martin, TN:

Shane Tucker 2015 Vol State 500K Day 1 - Run It Fast
After 12 hours, last year’s King Greg Armstrong has a 2 mile lead over Brian Pickett’s ‘Charge!’ Armstrong is 8 miles ahead of course record pace after the first 12 hours. Sweden’s Johan Steene is at 63 miles with 4th overall, first female being Sue Scholl, who set the women’s course record last year. Second female after Sue is Lisa Hazlett with 51 miles and third is Marylou Corino and Lisa Van Wolde with 49 miles.

12 Hour Standings as of 7:30pm on Day 1 – 80 runners:

  1. Greg Armstrong – 68 miles
  2. Brian Pickett – 66 miles
  3. Johan Steene – 63 miles
  4. Sue Scholl – 53 miles (F)
  5. Lisa Hazlett – 51 miles (F)
  6. Rick Gray – 51 miles
  7. Steven Smith – 50 miles
  8. Nathan Dewall – 50 miles
  9. Marylou Corino – 49 miles (F)
  10. Lisa Van Wolde – 49 miles (F)
  11. Francesca Muccini – 49 miles (F)
  12. Jeremy Ebel – 48 miles
  13. John Fegyveresi – 48 miles
  14. Jay Dobrowalski – 48 miles
  15. Michael Callans – 47 miles
  16. Marcia Rasmussen – 46 miles
  17. James Adams – 45 miles
  18. Thomas Alm – 45 miles
  19. Tom Dekornfield – 43 miles
  20. Don Winkley – 43 miles
  21. Ronald Trignano – 42 miles
  22. Ally Gregory – 42 miles
  23. Shane Tucker – 41 miles
  24. Sal Coll – 40 miles
  25. Johnny Adams – 40 miles
  26. Gregg Ellis – 40 miles
  27. Richard McKnight – 40 miles
  28. Jeff Mcgonnell – 40 miles
  29. Joe Ninke – 40 miles
  30. Shelly Mack – 40 miles
  31. Gina Chupka – 40 miles
  32. Jay Hamilton – 40 miles
  33. Andrea Stewart – 40 miles
  34. John Sharp – 40 miles
  35. Allen Wrinkle – 40 miles
  36. David Lettieri – 40 miles
  37. Scott Krouse – 40 miles
  38. Ben Herron – 39 miles
  39. Mike Delang – 39 miles
  40. Jeffrey Stephens – 39 miles
  41. Bill Haecker – 39 miles
  42. Tim Purol – 39 miles
  43. Sandy Geisel – 39 miles
  44. Jameelah Abdul-Rahim Mujaahid – 38 miles
  45. Caleb Nolen – 38 miles
  46. Karen Jackson – 38 miles
  47. Bo Millwood – 38 miles
  48. Edward Masuoka – 38 miles
  49. Gilbert Gray – 37 miles
  50. Thomas Skinner – 37 miles
  51. Remy Brandefalk – 37 miles
  52. Richard Westbrook – 36 miles
  53. Joseph Kowalski – 35 miles
  54. Dale Rucker – 34 miles
  55. Tim Loudermilk – 33 miles
  56. Sergio Bianchini – 32 miles
  57. Lynda Webber – 32 miles
  58. Joshua Swink – 32 miles
  59. Betty Holder – 32 miles
  60. Michael Melton – 31 miles
  61. Fred Davis III – 31 miles
  62. Sherry Meador – 30 miles
  63. John Price – 30 miles
  64. Garry Price – 30 miles
  65. Dallas Smith – 30 miles
  66. Tony Varney – 30 miles
  67. Christian Mcmahan – 30 miles
  68. Amanda Mcmahan – 30 miles
  69. Christopher Knight – 30 miles
  70. Ann Kerkman – 30 miles
  71. Diane Taylor – 30 miles
  72. Curt Chambers – 30 miles
  73. Terrie Wurzbacher – 30 miles
  74. Larry Phillips – 29 miles
  75. John Rasmussen – 29 miles
  76. Troy Johnson – 29 miles
  77. Cathie Johnson – 29 miles
  78. Paul Heckert – 28 miles
  79. Ben Pennington – 28 miles
  80. Timothy Daily – 21 miles

– Run It Fast®

80 runners is insane.

there are so many runners along the road,

it looks like a 10k is going on….

a really slow 10k.

day 1 was blessed with mild conditions.

the “heat index” was a paltry 97,

altho things promise to heat up tomorrow.

the runners took full advantage.

Armstrong logged a neat 68 in the first 12 hours,

but he had not buried the field.

brian pickett was well within striking distance,

and is probably the fastest pure runner in the field.

greg’s advantage in multiday experience will be tough to overcome

(over another 250 or so miles)

behind the leaders,

runners were lined up in close order.

day one is just a chance to get blooded a little bit.

things won’t start to get serious until tomorrow,

when much more typical temperatures are expected….

and greg seems pretty tight with the 110+ heat indexes.

the real story on day 1 is the response of rural Tennessee to the race.

road angels apparently were out in abundance,

offering up cold refreshment to the cooking runners.

the city of Dresden set up a “welcome center”

with cold drinks, watermelon, and various other treats.

gleason’s fire department

set up an aid station, which was just starting to get customers after 12 hours.

maybe the nicest touch so far

has been the hand lettered signs;

“Welcome Vol State Runners”

“All the way to the Rock”

“Every Step Counts”

the small towns along the way have embraced the vol state

and its runners.

this is going to be a very interesting week.



Day-by-Day Vol State 5ooK Recaps

Vintage Vol State 500K Race Reports

Historical Vol State 500K Results

– Run It Fast®

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Kevin Doyle Stormtrooper Relentless Front 501 Mile Walk – Run It Fast

Man Dressed as Stormtrooper Walks 645 Miles to Comic-Con in Memory of Wife

Kevin Doyle Stormtrooper Relentless Front 501 Mile Walk - Run It Fast

Kevin Doyle just marched 645-miles, dressed up as a Star Wars Stormtrooper, from San Francisco to the Comic-Con Convention in San Diego. His reason for doing so will warm your heart and moisten your eyes.

Doyle, a 57-year-old illustrator and photographer from Minnesota, and his wife, Eileen, were huge Star Wars fans. The couple met through the 501st Legion, a Star Wars costume guild. Doyle proposed to her in 2009, dressed like Darth Vader. The couple married in 2010 and R2D2 was their ring bearer.

Unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived. Eileen died in November of 2012 from pancreatic cancer, and Doyle told The San Diego Union-Tribune that he’s struggled to cope with her death ever since. He quit his job, which caused him to lose his house.

Kevin Doyle Stormtrooper Back 501 Mile Walk - Run It Fast

So Doyle decided to do a 3-day walk in his Stromtrooper costume for a breast cancer non-profit in Minnesota. Afterwards, he came up with the idea to make the trek from San Fran to San Diego for the Comic Con which was 501 miles away. His route along the ocean turned into a beautiful 645 mile memorial journey by foot.

After he decided to travel to Petaluma, Calif. to check out a Star Wars museum, it occurred to him that he might also like to visit Comic-Con in San Diego. When Google Maps told him that San Francisco and San Diego were 501 miles apart—a callback to the 501st Legion—he decided it was fate. Doyle’s route along the coast, not along the highway, makes it 645 miles.

And in what sounds much like what happens to uncrewed runners during The Vol State 500K, strangers along the route were gratuitous and gifted Doyle with food, water, hugs, and encouragement. Doyle has been self-supported pushing a cart along his journey. He was even gifted with a hotel stay at the convention along with a 4-day Comic Con pass.

Kevin Doyle Stormtrooper Push Cart 501 Mile Walk - Run It Fast

Doyle also was able to do a lot of good along his journey as he raised funds for a charity he started called Eileen’s Little Angels that provided kids going through chemo with coloring books, toys, and fun stuff (donate HERE).

You can also follow or read more about his epic journey from The Dark Side on his Twitter HERE.

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George Southgate photo by Tim Rogan – Run It Fast

Run It Fast’s Extreme Racer Standings (Thru May 2015)

George Southgate photo by Tim Rogan - Run It Fast

Since I am sitting here following the Western States Endurance Run 100 progress (where several RIF members, including RIF #1 and founder Joshua Holmes, are laying down the miles and getting close to the finish line), now is as good of a time as any to tally up the Extreme Racer points for the year through May.

Last year’s winner has joined the pack this month and entered his miles for the year. However, I am surprised to see that he is not in first place so far. Leading the way is RIF #279 George Southgate with 768.6 points. Second place is held by RIF #190 John Kent Leighton with 744.15 points. Last year’s winner, RIF #121 Ed Ettinghausen takes third place with 704.02 points.

RIF #159 Diane Bolton is in first for the women with 395.6 points. Following very close behind is RIF #450 Patricia Klein with 394.4 points. Third place is held by RIF #358 Belinda Young with 393.1 points. With a 2.5 point difference between first and third place, one race could completely rearrange the order of placings here for next month.

Here are the Extreme Racer standings through May:

Extreme Racer Top 10 Leaderboard:

1. George Southgate – 768.6 (RIF #279)
2. John Kent Leighton – 744.15 (RIF #190)
3. Ed Ettinghausen – 704.02 (RIF #121)
4. Joshua Holmes – 633.8 (RIF #1)
5. Deo Jaravata – 598.5 (RIF #333)
6. Diane Bolton – 395.6 (RIF #159)
7. Patricia Klein – 394.4 (RIF #450)
8. Belinda Young – 393.1 (RIF #358)
9. Andrea Kooiman – 352.3 (RIF #404)
10. Steven Smith – 335.2 (RIF #335.2)

Extreme Racer Male Leaderboard:

1. George Southgate – 768.6 (RIF #279)
2. John Kent Leighton – 744.15 (RIF #190)
3. Ed Ettinghausen – 704.02 (RIF #121)
4. Joshua Holmes – 633.8 (RIF #1)
5. Deo Jaravata – 598.5 (RIF #333)
6. Steven Smith – 335.2 (RIF #387)
7. Shane Tucker – 294.9 (RIF #337)
8. Denis McCarthy – 288.2 (RIF #263)
9. Jeff Liu – 284.1 (RIF #275)
10. Chris Baker – 283.2 (RIF #437)
11. Arland Blanton – 195.8 (RIF #290)
12. John Sotomayor – 190.2 (RIF #393)
13. Ben Herron – 159.8 (RIF #408)
14. Charlie Taylor – 157.2 (RIF #353)
15. Jeff Van Demark – 114.9 (RIF #322)
16. Michael Dasalla – 112.7 (RIF #411)
17. Nathan Bass – 109.3 (RIF #174)
18. Brian Recore – 100 (RIF #395)
19. Stephen Griffin – 97.9 (RIF #48)
20. David Mickelsen – 92.5 (RIF #164)
21. Dennis Arriaga – 63.1 (RIF #140)
22. Mark Ogletree – 41.7 (RIF #247)
23. Robin Robbins – 35.64 (RIF #33)
24. Jeff Le – 31 (RIF #248)
25. Rick Glass – 8 (RIF #401)

Extreme Racer Female Leaderboard

1. Diane Bolton – 395.6 (RIF #159)
2. Patricia Klein – 394.4 (RIF #450)
3. Belinda Young – 393.1 (RIF #358)
4. Andrea Kooiman – 352.3 (RIF #404)
5. Suzanne Michelson – 306.1 (RIF #280)
6. Christa Baker – 283.2 (RIF #436)
7. Angie Whitworth Pace – 272.7 (RIF #447)
8. Amanda Staggs – 270.9 (RIF #210)
9. Marylou Corino – 260.2 (RIF #410)
10. Nicole Eldridge – 251.6 (RIF #446)
11. Cheryl Bryll – 179.9 (RIF #432)
12. Kim Crowe – 156.3 (RIF #245)
13. Christy Bowers – 149.9 (RIF #60)
14. Heather Zeigler – 131 (RIF #246)
15. Tiffani Glass – 128.3 (RIF #328)
16. Alicia Eno – 127.2 (RIF #126)
17. Lisa Gonzales – 121 (RIF #5)
18. Ines Cooper – 120.5 (RIF #448)
19. Leslie Harwell – 120.2 (RIF #417)
20. Christy Scott – 119.2 (RIF #231)
21. Aimee Shilling – 105 (RIF #418)
22. Julia Beavers – 94.2 (RIF #339)
23. Donna Dworak – 92 (RIF #310)
24. Heather Shoemaker – 91.7 (RIF #44)
25. Jennifer Hatcher – 81.7 (RIF #323)
26. Marj Mitchell – 68.8 (RIF #4)
27. Shannon Miller – 67.4 (RIF #338)
28. Erin Goetz – 57.9 (RIF #443)
29. Sue Stephens-Wright – 26.2 (RIF #321)
30. Helen McMullin – 26.2 (RIF #390)
31. Laura Ann Evanoika – 13.1 (RIF #433)
32. Debra Jacildo – 3.1 (RIF #98)

June has been a busy month for Run It Fast members, especially with Run It Fast’s own Jackal Marathon series, which ran for 5 consecutive days during the third week in June, so I’m sure these numbers will increase dramatically and placings will change all over the board. As always, Run It Fast members continue to inspire and amaze by pushing their boundaries and testing their limits. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year holds for this incredible group of determined runners.

[Extreme Racer points are rewarded per each racing mile completed. Example: marathon = 26.2 points, half marathon 13.1 points, etc.]

photo: Tim Rogan

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