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Scott Jurek Power Flex Appalachian Trail Record – Run It Fast

Scott Jurek Breaks the Appalachian Trail FKT Speed Record

Scott Jurek Breaks Appalachian Trail Speed Record - Run It Fast

The amazing Scott Jurek has broken the Appalachian Trail FKT/Speed Record that was previously held by Jennifer Pharr Davis. It took Jurek 46 days 8 hours 20 minutes to reach Mount Katahdin to complete the 2,189 mile distance that has over 515,000 feet of elevation change.

It came down to the wire as Jurek was able to break Jennifer’s impressive record of 46 days 11 hours 20 minutes.

Jurek, perhaps the most famous ultramarathoner for the last two decades, stated earlier that he would retire after this Appalachian Trail run.

“This is the summer before my wife and I want to have kids,” Jurek told Runner’s World Newswire. “I would say this is going to be my masterpiece.”

The Appalachian Trail stretches from 2,200 miles from Springer Mountain, Georgia up to Mount Katahdin, Maine.

Appalachian Trail Luis Escobar Scott Jurek Log

Jurek started his journey on May 27, 2015 with his ‘Born to Run buddy, famed photographer/ultrarunner Luis Escobar.

Scott Jurek Power Flex Appalachian Trail Record - Run It Fast

Congrats to Scott on this amazing feat and his Mr. Olympia physique!

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