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Grant Maughan with Crew Rock VS 500K 2018

Day 4 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)

There is a new King of the Road at The Last Annual Vol State 500K. Australia’s Grant Maughan took over the reign after finishing in under four days with a time of 3 days 22 hours 2 minutes and 59 seconds. It’s the 6th fastest time in the race’s history. Congrats and all hail the new King Dingofish. (full story on King Dingofish)

Overall Top 3 Men – tracker
1. Grant Maughan – 3:22:02:59 – 314 Miles – KING OF THE ROAD
2. Alan Abbs – 264 miles (uncrewed)
3. Brian Trinkle – 264 miles (uncrewed)

On the women’s side the top three women continue to stay all over each other with some minor leap frogging throughout the day and night. First place female and second place overall currently is Andrea Kooiman with 274 miles at the 96 hour check in. She is seven miles ahead of Regina Sooey (267 miles), and Rhoda Smoker (262 miles) is very close in 3rd currently.

Overall Top 3 Women – tracker
1. Andrea Kooiman – 274 miles (63 miles last 24 hours)
2. Regina Sooey – 267 miles (54 miles last 24 hours)
3. Rhoda Smoker – 262 miles (66 miles last 24 hours)

Of the 21 Run It Fast Members who started the race 15 remain on their mission to The Rock.

The top women from RIF remaining are Andrea (274 miles), Cathy Downes (212 miles), and Lisa Van Wolde (200 miles).

On the men’s side for RIF Steven Smith (200 miles), Seth Crowe (191 miles), and Chris Clemens (179 miles) have the highest tallies through 4 days.

96 Hour (4-Day) Check-In Run It Fast @ Vol State 500K – tracker

Andrea Casella Kooiman – 274
Cathy Downes – 212
Lisa Van Wolde – 200
Steven Smith – 200
Seth Crowe – 191
Chris Clemens – 179
Juli Aistars – 175
Cary Long – 175
Sherry Meador – 175
David Nichols – 167
David Oglesby – 153
Sal Bill Coll – 153
Sharon Carver – 150
Beth Ann Russell Hosick – 144
Kendra Fields Schoffstall – 144
Diane Taylor – DNF 107

We lost both of The Diane’s to the road as Diane Durden and Vol State legend Diane Taylor exited the race. Sad to see the D’s call it.

84 Hour Check-In RIF @ Vol State 500K – 7:30Pm/July 15, 2018
Andrea Casella Kooiman – 234
Cathy Downes – 179
Lisa Van Wolde – 179
Steven Smith – 179
Seth Crowe – 179
Juli Aistars – 164
Chris Clemens – 163
Cary Long – 161
David Nichols – 144
Sherry Meador – 144
Kendra Fields Schoffstall – 144
David Oglesby – 138
Sal Bill Coll – 132
Sharon Carver – 131
Beth Ann Russell Hosick – 125
Diane Durden – DNF 111
Diane Taylor – 104

Day 3 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)
Day 2 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)
Day 1 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)

[images: submitted by runners and Simon Bonnick]

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King Greg Armstrong in His Throne Vol State 500K Winner 2015 – Run It Fast

Greg Armstrong Wins the 2015 Last Annual Vol State 500K

Greg Armstrong 2015 Vol State Run It Fast Shirt

UPDATED: King of the Road, Greg Armstrong’s 2015 Vol State 500K Race Report

Greg Armstrong, of Lebanon, Tennessee, won The Last Annual Vol State 500K early Monday morning becoming the first runner to reach The Rock in Castle Rock, Georgia. Armstrong goes back-to-back as he won the race last July as well. His time of 3 days 22 hours 05 minutes 23 seconds is the 4th fastest time in Vol State history.

Armstrong is the first back-to-back King of the Road and joins DeWayne Satterfield as the only two-time winner of the race.

This year’s extreme heat knocked Armstrong off his plan to set the course record, as did a cracked rib, but he persevered to keep the uncrewed Swede Johan Steene just far enough back the entire race to earn the win.

Steen reached The Rock shortly after Armstrong in 3 days 23 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds breaking the uncrewed/screwed record that he set last year by nearly 3 hours.

The humble and gracious Armstrong had the following to say after Steene’s finish, “I know I am relatively new to the sport but this performance by Johan Steene may be one of best/gutsiest efforts of all time. How can I make such a lofty comment? Well, I went through the exact same conditions usually just hours before Johan each day. Unless you have done this race one can’t fully appreciate the difference between being “crewed” and “screwed”. As far as I’m concerned Johan is the true “King of the Road”. I appreciate the well wishes and congrats but I’m not in the same league as this amazing man!!

King Greg Armstrong in His Throne Vol State 500K Winner 2015 - Run It Fast

King Greg sitting atop his throne (or the ‘thrown’ as Laz calls the chair because after every runner sits in it, the stench is so bad that the chair has to be ‘thrown’ away in the garbage)!

The race was started many years ago by Gary Cantrell, also known as Lazarus Lake, who still presides over the race and haunts runnes over all 314 grueling miles.

Greg might be done but over 60 other runners remain on the course, some as far back as 190 miles, hoping to get to the same Rock that Armstrong reached so quickly.

Vol State 500K King of Road Crown Logo

Last Annual Vol State Kings of the Road (modern course)

  • 2015 Greg Armstrong – 3d 22h 5m 23s
  • 2014 Greg Armtrong – 3d 17h 50m 53s
  • 2013 Joe Fejes – 3d 8h 10m 16s (course record)
  • 2012 Daniel Fox – 5d 3h 9m 33s
  • 2011 Don Winkley – 5d 14h 21m 32s
  • 2010 Juli Aistars – 5d 22h 1m 33s
  • 2009 DeWayne Satterfield – 3d 17h 42m 12s
  • 2008 Kevin Dorsey – 4d 23h 45m 3s
  • 2007 Carl Laniak – 6d 6h 11m 1s
  • 2006 DeWayne Satterfield – 4d 8h 39m 44s

The view King Greg had upon reaching ‘The Rock’ overlooking the Tennessee River

Greg Armstrong's View from The Rock - Vol State 500K

Congrats to Greg and his crew on his amazing victory!

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