Day 8: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – Lt. Dan Taylor

Run It Fast’s ‘Race Across the USA‘ entered week two with all four teams pushing their limits just as they have for eight days now. Week 2 started, like week 1, did with the Suzy Michelson Team putting down a very strong day, almost an exact replica of their day 1. A week ago they started the race with 188.97 miles and today landed on 188.23. That’s impressive! Our middle two teams, Jeffrey Price Team and Charlie Taylor Team, had nearly identical performances today. JPT maintains a healthy lead over 3rd and a good ways behind the SMT for first. The Hope Shull Team fell back asleep today failing to break 100 mi/day with just 96.90

Day 8 Mileage Results of the Race Across the USA

  • Suzy Michelson Team – 188.23 miles (12.55 mi/runner)
  • Jeffrey Price Team – 147.82 miles (9.85 mi/runner)
  • Charlie Taylor Team – 145.32 miles (9.69 mi/runner)
  • Hope Shull Team – 96.90 miles (6.46 mi/runner)

RIF’s Race Across the USA Overall Standings 

  1. Suzy Michelson Team – 1,520.36 miles (190.05/day, 52.3% completed)
  2. Jeffrey Price Team – 1,329.30  miles (166.16 mi/day, 45.7% completed)
  3. Charlie Taylor Team – 1,157.99 miles (144.75 mi/day, 39.8% completed)
  4. Hope Shull Team – 1,011.23 miles (126.40 mi/day, 34.8% completed)

The four teams are nearly residing in four separate states. The Suzy Michelson Team, currently in 1st place, is literally a few hundred feet from crossing into Arkansas. They likely would have if the Cherokee Casino had not been directly on their route. Anthony Ohrey and Leslie Studtmann talked team captain Shane Tucker into stopping for some Blackjack. Their next runner to take the baton will run them into the Razorback State.

The Jeffrey Price Team is in Yukon, Oklahoma, just short of Oklahoma City, currently in 2nd place. The third place Charlie Taylor Team is currently in McLean, Texas in hope of that ‘American Pie,’ but all they’ve found there is Devil’s Rope Musuem. The Hope Shull Team is still in New Mexico, only two states behind The Suzys, are holed up at the Russell’s Truck Stop. They should finally cross into Texas tomorrow morning.

Click HERE to view where the teams are on the Google Map

Suzy Michelson Team: Sound n’ Pound, big talking and even bigger miles, returned today with strong, long miles from so many on the Suzys. The team pounded the asphalt non-stop today stopping for nothing. They were truly 2 Legit 2 Sh!t.

They were led by Texan Alex Barrientos with 27.50 miles, Chris Clemens 24.51 miles, and David Nichols 21.28 miles. Leslie Studtmann had 18.27 miles (57.56 over the last 3 days). Barry Reece was strong once again with 17.02 miles and Kimberly Atkins with 15.02 miles.

SMT will step foot into Arkansas in the morning. It will be their 6th state the team has reached in 9 days.

Suzy Team Data at a Glance
Place: 1st
Day 8 Miles: 188.23 (1st)
Total Miles: 1,520.36
Top 5 SMT Runners (Day 8)

  1. Alex Barrientos – 27.50
  2. Chris Clemens – 24.51
  3. David Nichols – 21.28
  4. Leslie Studtmann – 18.27
  5. Barry Reece – 17.02

Jeffrey Price Team: After winning their first day yesterday with the most miles, the JPT took a bit of a step back today with four members taking the day off after a smashing weekend. However they still wound up with 147.82 miles that was good enough for the second most miles of the day. JPT was fueled once again by their tri-cycle of excellence from Karl Studtmann, Heather McComb, and Tom Orr. Karl had the second most miles of any runner on Monday with 30.49 miles, giving him 108.22 miles over the last three days. Heather completed her 8th consecutive day of 20+ miles with 20.33. Orr added 16.1. Sofie Romero had her biggest day so far with 18.58 miles.

Jeffrey Team Data at a Glance
Overall Place: 2nd
Day 8 Miles: 147.82 (2nd)
Total Miles: 1,329.30
Miles Back: -191.06
Top 5 JPT Runners (Day 8)

  1. Karl Studtmann – 30.49
  2. Heather McComb – 20.33
  3. Sofie Romero – 18.58
  4. Tom Orr – 16.1
  5. Karla Kent – 12.07

Charlie Taylor Team: Steve Acciarito has gutted out strong miles every day of the race, but on Monday he ramped it up to a level very few in the race have so far. Steve, over the course of five segments, pumped out the most miles of any runner today with 32.78 miles. Steve is battling bad knees, a bum foot, yet keeps trying and doing all he can for the Chucks. Tiffani Glass eclipsed her third 20+ mile performance of the race. Seth Crowe contributed 14.12 miles along with Jeremy Reed (12.39 miles).

Everyone on the team contributed for the eighth consecutive day including Sharon Carver who is battling a couple of injuries.

Charlie Team Data at a Glance
Overall Place: 3rd
Day 8 Miles: 145.32 (3rd)
Total Miles: 1,157.99
Miles Back: -362.37
Top 5 CTT Runners (Day 8)

  1. Steve Acciarito – 32.78
  2. Tiffani Glass – 20.37
  3. Joshua Holmes – 15.45
  4. Seth Crowe – 14.12
  5. Jeremy Reed – 12.39


Hope Team Data at a Glance
Overall Place: 4th
Day 8 Miles: 96.9 (4th)
Total Miles: 1,011.23
Miles Back: -509.13
Top 5 HST Runners (Day 8)

  1. Kit Brazier – 21.46
  2. Marylou Corino – 20.00
  3. Scott Kufferath – 14.03
  4. Cathy Downes – 12.54
  5. Megan Chiu – 6.27

Team Mileage Leader of the Day

  • Suzy Michelson Team – Alex Barrientos (27.50 mi)
  • Jeffrey Price Team – Karl Studtmann (30.49 mi)
  • Charlie Taylor Team – Steve Acciarito (32.78 mi)
  • Hope Shull Team – Kit Brazier (21.46 mi)

Top 10 Mega-Miles of the Day

  1. Steve Acciarito (CTT) – 32.78
  2. Karl Studtmann (JPT) – 30.49
  3. Alex Barrientos (SMT) – 27.50
  4. Chris Clemens (SMT) – 24.51
  5. Kit Brazier (HST) – 21.46
  6. David Nichols (SMT) – 21.28
  7. Tiffani Glass (CTT) – 20.37
  8. Heather McComb (JPT) – 20.33
  9. Marylou Corino (HST) – 20.00
  10. Sofie Romero (JPT) – 18.58

Top 10 Race Mile Leaders

  1. Chris Clemens (SMT) – 197.37
  2. Karl Studtmann (JPT) – 184.36
  3. Heather McComb (JPT) – 168.41
  4. Tom Orr (JPT) – 157.80
  5. Barry Reece  (SMT) – 157.42
  6. David Nichols (SMT) – 152.43
  7. Alex Barrientos (SMT) – 148.28
  8. Marylou Corino – (HST) – 145.60
  9. Seth Crowe (CTT) – 145.22
  10. Kimberly Atkins (SMT) – 130.28

Steve Acciarito is the ‘Race Across the USA’ –  Peak Performer of the Day for Day 8.

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