Day 9: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – Holiday Hangover Edition

Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA no doubt had a ‘Holiday Hangover’ on Day 9. The fewest total miles were recorded of the entire race to date. Some things didn’t change though. Rev Run still had the most miles for the day and padded their insurmountable lead. The Metcalvary, our second place overall team, had the second most miles on the day. So those teams were lock-n-key.

Where we saw the best performances outside of the two two came from Grapes of Rath, third place on the day with 141.64 points, and Alfa’s Omega’s 133.29, miles on the day for fourth. Both of these teams moved up two spots in the standings. GOR to third and AO to sixth. They were the only teams in the race to outperform their daily averages.

The Top 5 Teams on Day 9

  1. Rev Run – 175.09
  2. The Metcalvary – 144.53
  3. Grapes of Rath – 141.64
  4. Alfa’s Omegas – 133.29
  5. Mojo Rising – 115.14

Link to the Google Map showing where each team is on it’s Race Across the USA
Race Across the USA Overall Standings (daily total)

  1. Rev Run – 1,749.03 miles (175.09)
  2. The Metcalvary – 1,360.54 miles (144.53)
  3. Grapes of Rath – 1,212.17 (141.64)  +2
  4. Tuck ‘n Stroll – 1,194.03 miles (95.79) -1
  5. Mojo Rising – 1,179.71 miles (115.14) +1
  6. Alfa’s Omegas – 1,178.83 miles (133.29) +2
  7. Crowe Bars – 1,177.36 miles (91.81) -3
  8. Trip 2 My Lou – 1,158.53 miles (94.89) -1
  9. Kicking Glass – 1,039.78 miles (105.06) +1
  10. Peers One – 1,026.21 miles (87.12) -1
  11. The Beetroots – 968.92 miles (74.25)
  12. Eli’s PR Ice – 953.85 miles (92.72)

New York City to Santa Monica Pier Distance: 2,907.00 Miles

Tom Orr is the Race Across the USA’s Peak Performer of the day with 28.33 miles for the Grapes of Rath.

Top 10 Miles of the Day

  1. Lisa Devona (REV) – 36.09
  2. Tom Orr (GOR) – 28.33
  3. Elva Matamoros (GOR) – 27.84
  4. Chris Clemens (GOR) – 27.31
  5. David Pharr (REV) – 26.60
  6. Marylou Corino (LOU) – 26.50
  7. Andy Glaze (MET) – 25.14
  8. Francesca Muccini (ELI) – 24.32
  9. Lisamarie Griffin (GOR) – 23.96
  10. Lindsay Phenix (MR) – 23.35

The Day’s Quick Team-by-Team Recaps

REV RUN- Day 9: 175.09 Miles (1st) – 1st overall

A below average day for Rev, but they still put miles on every team in the field. Lisa Devona was great once again with 30.19 miles. Team captain David Pharr repeated his marathon distance from yesterday. Emily Ryan stepped up and ran 22.61 miles.

The team is near Amarillo, Texas.

RR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisa Devona – 30.19 miles
  2. David Pharr –  26.60 miles
  3. Emily Ryan – 22.61 miles

THE METCALVARY – Day 9: 148.64 Miles (2nd) – 2nd overall

A great day for The Mets as they were able to avoid the holiday hangover. Andy Glaze was big once again with 25.14 miles. Randy Broadway, one of the most consistent runners in this race, ran 21.58. Elissa Higgins broke the 20-mile mark once again.

The team is near the eastern Oklahoma border.

MET’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Andy Glaze- 25.14 miles
  2. Randy Broadway – 21.58 miles
  3. Elissa Higgins – 20.32 miles

GRAPES OF RATH – Day 9: 141.64 Miles (3rd) – 3rd overall

A third place day for GOR that bumped them up two spots in the standings to third overall. They had a balanced attack today from Tom Orr, Elva Matamoros, and Chris Clemens. Lisamarie Griffin also contributed 23.96 miles.

The team is in Little Rock, Arkansas.

GOR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Tom Orr – 28.33 miles
  2. Elva Matamoros – 27.84 miles
  3. Chris Clemens – 27.31 miles

TUCK N’ STROLL – Day 9: 95.79 Miles (7th) – 4th overall

Tuck dropped a spot down to 4th overall after a down day. It followed several really strong days for the team. They were led today by Rene Fosdal-Griffin.

The team is in Carlisle, Arkansas.

TNS’s Top Performers of the Day.

  1. Rene Fosdal-Griffin – 17.26 miles
  2. Ximena Kriete – 16.14 miles
  3. Henriett Blodgett – 15.00 miles

MOJO RISING- Day 9: 115.14 Miles (5th) – 5th overall

Not a huge day from Mojo but compared to the rest of the field it was good enough for 5th on the day and jumped them a spot in the standings up to 5th. They were led by Lindsay Phenix with 23.35 miles. Kit Brazier added 15.50 miles along with Audrey Davis’s 13.45.

The team is near Biscoe, Arkansas.

MR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lindsay Phenix – 23.35 miles
  2. Kit Brazier – 15.50 miles
  3. Audrey Davis – 13.45 miles

ALFA’S OMEGAS – Day 9: 133.29 Miles (4th) – 6th overall

Team captain Alfa Severino is really doing a great job leading this team as they have been moving up the standings and getting stronger as the race unfolds. She has been leading by example with her big miles and did again today.

The team is near Biscoe, Arkansas.

AO’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Alfa Severino – 20.00 miles
  2. Ryan Malecha – 15.05 miles
  3. Eric McMillen – 13.44 miles

CROWE BARS – Day 9: 91.81 Miles (10th) – 7th overall

After a really nice weekend, the Crowe Bars took a rest day on Tuesday finishing 10th on the day. They dropped in the standings but are in good shape, in the thick of the field, as we move into Day 10.

The team is near Biscoe, Arkansas.

CB’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Steve Troxel – 20.41 miles
  2. Marj Mitchell – 19.61 miles
  3. Amy Hazlewood – 11.10 miles

TRIP 2 MY LOU – Day 9: 94.89 Miles (8th) – 8th overall

Once upon a time Marylou Corino said she was going to take it a bit easier on ‘The Return Voyage’ after a massive amount of miles on the initial journey. Instead she’s turned it up even more. She led her team once again today with 26.50 miles. She had help from Jeremy Kluttz (18.50) and Christy Brewer (15.00).

The team is near Wheatley, Arkansas.

LOU’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Marylou Corino – 26.50 miles
  2. Jeremy Kluttz- 18.50 miles
  3. Christy Brewer – 15.00 miles

KICKING GLASS – Day 9: 105.06 Miles (6th) – 9th overall

A 6th place day for Tiffani’s team. They were led today by Lisa Van Wolde with 23.10 miles.

The team is near Brownsville, Tennessee.

KG’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisa Van Wolde – 23.10 miles
  2. Yvette Campos – 11.73 miles
  3. Barry Reece – 10.27 miles

PEERS ONE- Day 9: 87.12 Miles (11th) – 10th overall

A devastating day for Peers One. They finished 11th on the day but that wasn’t the bad news. Thomas Fowler, their team leader in miles with 208.57 miles, is injured and likely out for the rest of the journey. He will be driving the team RV and in charge of making the grilled cheeses and milkshakes the rest of the way to Cali…barring a miracle.

Diane ‘Song of the South’ Taylor was big for the team making up some of Fowler’s slack today with 17.16 miles.

The team is near Jackson, Tennessee.

PR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Rich Peers – 17.72 miles
  2. Diane Taylor – 17.16 miles
  3. Wayne McComb – 13.98 miles

THE BEETROOTS – Day 9: 74.25 Miles (12th) – 11th overall

  • The first oranges weren’t orange
  • There is only one letter that doesn’t appear in any state name – Q
  • Johnny Appleseed’s apples weren’t grown to be eaten. He grew them to be made into hard apple cider
  • Octopuses lay 56,000 eggs at one time
  • That tiny pocket in jeans was designed to hold pocket watches
  • Avocados were named after testicles. The Nahuatl word āhuacatl means both “testicles” and “avocado”

The team is near Sugar Tree, Tennessee.

BR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Leslie Studtmann- 12.67 miles
  2. Amy Costa – 10.34 miles
  3. Lance McDermott – 10.02 miles

ELI’S P.R. ICE – Day 9: 92.72 Miles (9th) – 12th overall

A bounce day for Eli as they finished 9th on the day, a great day for the team that is currently in 12th place overall. They were led by Francesca Muccini with 24.32 miles. Melissa Price contributed 15.00, along with John Leighton’s 10.59.

The team is near Bucksnort, Tennessee.

ELI’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Francesca Muccini – 24.32 miles
  2. Melissa Price – 15.00 miles
  3. John Leighton – 10.59 miles

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