Day 2: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – Knight Rider Speeds Off

Day Two of Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA saw more of the same dominance from race leaders Rev Run. After Rev, the rest of the field leap-frogged, played dead opossum, and pushed each other to big days.

The Top 3 Teams on Day 2

  1. Rev Run – 208.83
  2. Mojo Rising – 167.07
  3. Crowe Bars – 145.13

Link to the Google Map showing where each team is on it’s Race Across the USA

Race Across the USA Overall Standings (daily total)

  1. Rev Run – 381.66 miles (208.83)
  2. Mojo Rising – 295.89 miles (167.07)
  3. The Metcalvary – 272.84 miles (141.92)
  4. Crowe Bars – 265.73 miles (145.13)
  5. Kicking Glass – 246.48 miles (119.79)
  6. Trip 2 My Lou – 244.56 miles (136.00)
  7. Grapes of Rath – 238.75 miles (117.40)
  8. Alfa’s Omegas – 220.99 miles (133.63)
  9. Tuck ‘n Stroll – 216.55 miles (114.99)
  10. Peers One – 210.63 miles (119.68)
  11. Eli’s PR Ice – 200.98 miles (113.29)
  12. The Beetroots – 169.50 miles (65.20)

New York City to Santa Monica Pier Distance: 2,907.00 Miles

Kit Brazier is the Race Across the USA Peak Performer of the day with a massive 62.85 mile day for Mojo Rising.

Top 10 Miles of the Day

  1. Kit Brazier (MR) – 62.85
  2. Lisa Devona (REV) – 35.04
  3. Thomas Fowler (ONE) – 32.42
  4. Ximena Kriete (TNS) – 31.13
  5. Steve Troxel (CB) – 31.00
  6. Lisa Van Wolde (KG) – 30.86
  7. Steve Snyder (REV) – 29.26
  8. Marylou Corino (LOU) – 28.57
  9. Chris Clemens (GOR) – 28.24
  10. Russ Metteer (LOU) – 28.01

The Day’s Quick Team-by-Team Recaps

REV RUN- Day 2: 208.83 Miles (1st) – 1st overall

Rev Run was heavy on the accelerator into Day 2 with a whooping 208.83 miles. A massive amount for a 11-person team. Rev had 9 of it’s 11 runners post double digits with 6 of them doing 20+ led by Lisa Devona with 35.04 miles. This team went hard at it all day, refusing their smoke breaks, and working the road like they were being paid double-time. Steve Snyder was huge with 29.26 and Jeremy Reed ran a RNR Marathon’s worth of miles with 24.65. Ironically and appropriately Rev Run is at the Top Dog Boutique in Staunton, Virginia looking at getting some embroidered gaitors and skirts for the team.

RR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisa Devona – 35.04 miles
  2. Steve Snyder – 29.26 miles
  3. Jeremy Reed – 24.65 miles

MOJO RISING- Day 2: 167.07 Miles (2nd) – 2nd overall

Mojo was rising in the standings on Day 2 as they leaped into the 2nd overall spot with a massive and historic day from Kit Brazier with her 62.85 miles. She came just a couple miles shy of placing 12th among our teams today (by herself). It was truly a performance that Michael Knight would be proud of. She has 81.86 miles over the first two days of the race.

Used in most episodes, a pair of rocket boosters mounted just behind the front tires that lifted the car, allowing KITT to jump into the air and pass over obstacles in the road. Also, occasionally, Turbo Boost was used to allow KITT to accelerate to incredible speeds in excess of 200 mph (322 km/h). The boosters could fire forward or backward.

Mr. Mojo Rising is positioned in Middleton, Virgina just outside of Nana’s Irish Pub. They also had 100% participation once again.

MR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Kit Brazier – 62.85 miles
  2. Lindsay Phenix – 20.14 miles
  3. Joshua Holmes – 15.30 miles

THE METCALVARY – Day 2: 141.92 Miles (4th) – 3rd overall

The Mets had the fourth most miles on the day and currently sit in 3rd place. Andy Glaze led the team once again with 26.02 miles. He currently leads the entire race for shirtless miles. Randy Broadway was super solid once again with 21.00. Metcalf had everyone participate as well with eight hitting double figures. The team is right on the West Virginia/Virginia border at Piggy’s Club in Bunker Hill.

MET’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Andrew Glaze – 26.02 miles
  2. Randy Broadway – 21.00 miles
  3. Jen Metcalf – 17.28 miles

CROWE BARS – Day 2: 145.13 Miles (3rd) – 4th overall

This team is just solid from top to bottom. Today had strong performances by everyone on the team. They were lead once again by Steve ’50K’ Troxel with 31.00 miles. He was buttressed by Seth Crowe (18.55) and Marj Mitchell (16.17). Double-digits also came from Amy Hazlewood, Troy HarpAdam Holloway, Cathy Downes, and Jimmy Girten.

CB’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Steve Troxel – 31.00 miles
  2. Seth Crowe – 18.55 miles
  3. Marj Mitchell – 16.17 miles

TRIP 2 MY LOU – Day 2: 136.00 Miles (5th) – 5th overall

Who would Marylou tag team with today to lead the Lou’s? The answer was Russ Metteer who laid down 28.01 miles to go with Mare’s 28.57 miles to help the team put down an impressive 136.00 miles on Day 2. And truth is always stranger than fiction, the team is pinned down for the night in Falling Waters, West Virginia. They are 14 miles behind the Crowe Bars.

LOU’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Marylou Corino – 28.57 miles
  2. Russ Metteer – 28.01 miles
  3. Rachael Howard – 15.00 miles

KICKING GLASS – Day 2: 119.79 Miles (7th) – 6th overall

Less than five miles behind Skip 2 My Lou is Kicking Glass in 6th place overall. They were led with 30.86 miles from Lisa ‘Lives in a’ Van ‘in the’ Wolde (photo unavailable). The team called it a night early to take a side-trip to Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Williamsport, Maryland to cool off with water-slides and down chocolate covered tater tots.

KG’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisa Van Wolde – 30.86 miles
  2. Tiffani Glass – 15.28 miles
  3. Barry Reece – 12.11 miles

GRAPES OF RATH – Day 2: 117.40 Miles (9th) – 7th overall

A long day on the hot asphalt shriveled up the Grapes a bit today. They finished 9th on the day with 117.40 miles and currently sit in 7th overall. They were led by Chris ‘the Street Sweeper’ Clemens who knocked out four boroughs during his time on the road today. Tom ‘Mr. McFeely’ Orr punched in with 18.61 and Elva Matamoros was elegant in striding forward for 17.71 additional miles for the Grapes.

GOR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Chris Clemens – 28.24 miles
  2. Tom Orr – 18.61 miles
  3. Elva Matamoros – 17.71 miles

ALFA’S OMEGAS – Day 2: 133.63 Miles (6th) – 8th overall

The Omega’s had the biggest improvement from Day 1 to Day 2. They recorded 50 more miles today than yesterday and jumped from 12th to 8th in the standings. Leadership starts at the top and it certainly did for this team today as their captain Alfa Severino ran 26.20 miles. Ryan Malecha, amped up on vinegar water and kale donuts, ran 15.18 miles and Rob Kelly added 12.21.  The Omega’s pumped their runner mile average today up to 8.91 from yesterday’s 5.82. Everyone contributed for the second day in a row.

AO’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Alfa Severino – 26.20 miles
  2. Ryan Malecha – 15.18 miles
  3. Rob Kelly – 12.21 miles

TUCK N’ STROLL – Day 2: 114.99 Miles (10th) – 9th overall

Ximena Kriete was the lifeline for the Tucks today. She ran 31.13 miles and has 55.16 miles over the first two days of the race. Team Captain Shane Tucker, winning captain from our initial voyage across country last month, keeps promising big things in the captain’s meetings. If he can motivate his mates to put down some Ximena’s then they will be well on there way. Other top performers for the team today included Henriett Blodgett with 16.00 miles and Rene Fosdal-Griffin with 12.87. The team is docked in Woodstock, Pennsylvania.

TNS’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Ximena Kriete – 31.13 miles
  2. Henriett Blodgett – 16.00 miles
  3. Rene Fosdal-Griffin – 12.87 miles

PEERS ONE- Day 2: 119.68 Miles (8th) – 10th overall

Peers One wasn’t going to be shut down on Day 2 of the race. They were once again led by Thomas Fowler. Owlette galloped strong for 32.42 miles. He got great help from Badwater veteran Karla Kent (20.17) and Badwater rookie-to-be Rich Peers (18.74).  They were 8th place on the day and 10th overall. You could tell at the captain’s meeting earlier that Rich was really feeling positive about the energy the team had today and their plans to carry it into tomorrow.

PR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Thomas Fowler – 32.42 miles
  2. Karla Kent – 20.17 miles
  3. Rich Peers – 18.74 miles

ELI’S P.R. ICE – Day 2: 113.29 Miles (11th) – 11th overall

Easy does it. Eli’s had a nice 26 mile improvement over yesterday. It’s an improvement that team captain Melissa Price believes they can continue to build on. They were led today by Francessca ‘Fast in Translation’ Muccini with 22.06 miles. She was flanked with help from Price with 15.58 miles and Florida native Ed Barnette with 14.67. The team plans to hit the road early in the morning to start trying to make up some ground on Peers One.

ELI’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Francesca Muccini – 22.06 miles
  2. Melissa Price – 15.58 miles
  3. Ed Barnette – 14.67 miles

THE BEETROOTS – Day 2: 65.20 Miles (12th) – 12th overall

There is no way to sugarcoat Tuesday for The Roots, they simply took a ‘beeting.’ Four runners didn’t even step out of the van to record miles, leaving team captain Lance McDermott frustrated and digging for ways to get to the root of the problem. Wednesday will bring a fresh day for the team and often that is the only positive you rely on. The team was led today by Brenda Cross with 13.31 asymmetrical miles, Leslie Studtmann (11.62), and Amy Costa (10.92). The Beets are 31 miles back of the pack, but all ‘Hope’ is not lost this early in the race.

BR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Brenda Cross – 13.31 miles
  2. Leslie Studtmann – 11.62 miles
  3. Amy Costa – 10.92 miles

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