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Lelisa Desisa 2015 Boston Marathon Winner – Run It Fast

Ethiopia’s Lelisa Desisa Wins the 2015 Boston Marathon (Results)

Lelisa Desisa 2015 Boston Marathon Winner - Run It Fast

Ethiopia’s Lelisa Desisa easily won the 2015 Boston Marathon on Monday morning in Boston with a winning time of 2:09:17.

Second place went to Desisa’s fellow countryman Yemane Adhane Tsegay in 2:09:48, with third place going to Kenya’s Wilson Chebet in 2:10:22.

Desisa becomes a rare two-time winner of the prestigious race. He won the race back in 2013 when the Boston Marathon Bombings took place. After the race he gave his winning medal to the city of Boston.

Desisa’s two Boston Marathon wins are sandwiched around American Meb Keflezighi’s win last year in 2014. Meb finished in 8th place with a time of 2:12:42.

The highest finishing American this year was Dathan Ritzenhein in 2:11:20.

2015 Boston Marathon Top 10 Results (Male)

  1. Lelisa Desisa (ETH) – 2:09:17
  2. Yemane Adhane Tsegay (ETH) – 2:09:48
  3. Wilson Chebet (KEN) – 2:10:22
  4. Bernard Kipyego (KEN) – 2:10:47
  5. Wesley Korir (KEN) – 2:10:49
  6. Frankline Chepkwony (KEN) – 2:10:52
  7. Dathan Ritzenhein (USA) – 2:11:20
  8. Meb Keflezighi (USA) – 2:12:42
  9. Tadese Tola (ETH) – 2:13:35
  10. Vitaliy Shafar (UKR) – 2:13:52

Caroline Rotich was the female winner of the 2015 Boston Marathon

Congrats to all of the Boston Marathon finishers on Monday!

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Caroline Rotitch Boston Marathon 2015 Female Winner – Run It Fast

Caroline Rotich is the Female Winner of the 2015 Boston Marathon (Results)

Caroline Rotitch Boston Marathon 2015 Female Winner - Run It Fast

Kenya’s Caroline Rotich had an amazing finish, blasting past Mare Dibaba (ETH) in the last 200 yards in becoming the 2015 female winner of the Boston Marathon. Rotich’s winning time was 2:24:55 with Dibaba in 2:24:59.

Third place went to Ethiopia’s Buzunesh Deba in 2:25:09.  Fourth place went to American Desiree Linden in 2:25:39.

2015 Boston Marathon Top 10 Women

  1. Caroline Rotich (KEN) – 2:24:55
  2. Mare Dibaba (ETH) – 2:24:59
  3. Buzunesh Deba (ETH) – 2:25:09
  4. Desiree Linden (USA) – 2:25:39
  5. Sharon Cherop (KEN) – 2:26:05
  6. Caroline Kilel (KEN) – 2:26:40
  7. Aberu Kebede (ETH) – 2:26:52
  8. Shure Demise (ETH) – 2:27:14
  9. Shalane Flanagan (USA) – 2:27:47
  10. Joyce Chepkirui (KEN) – 2:29:07

Ethiopia’s Lelisa Desisa Wins the 2015 Boston Marathon (Results)

Congrats to all of the finishers of the Boston Marathon!

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Rita Jeptoo Wins the 2014 Boston Marathon (Top Female Results)

Rita Jeptoo Wins the 2014 Boston Marathon (Top Female Results)

Kenya’s Rita Jeptoo won the 118th Boston Marathon for the women moments ago with a course record time of 2:18:57. It was Rita’s third Boston Marathon win and back to back win after winning last year as well.

Second and third place went to Ethiopia’s Buzunesh Deba and Mare Dibaba respectively.

Top 10 Boston Marathon Female Finishers
1. Rita Jeptoo (KEN) 2:18:57
2. Buzunesh Deba (ETH) 2:19:59
3. Mare Dibaba (ETH) 2:20:35
4. Jemima Jelagat Sumgong 2:20:41
5. Meselech Melkamu (ETH) 2:21:28
6. Aleksandra Duliba (BLR) 2:21:29
7. Shalane Flanagan (USA) 2:22:02
8. Sharon Cherop (KEN) 2:23:00
9. Philes Ongori (KEN) 2:23:22
10. Desiree Linden (USA) 2:23:54

Meb Keflezighi Wins the 2014 Boston Marathon (Top 10 Male Results)

Congrats to Rita on the repeat and her third Boston Marathon finish. Props also to American Shalane Flanagan who ran an extremely strong race leading from the start until around mile 20 as well as to fellow American Desiree Linden on her top 10 finish..

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Dennis Kimetto Wins 2013 Chicago Marathon (Results)

Dennis Kimetto Wins 2013 Chicago Marathon (Results)

Kenyan Dennis Kimetto won the 2013 Chicago Marathon on Sunday while setting a course record in the process of 2:03:45.

Kimetto was able to hold off fellow countryman Emannuel Mutai who finished on his heels in 2:03:52.

Third place went to Kenya’s Sammy Kitwara in 2:05:16.

First USA finisher was Dathan Ritzenhein in 2:09:45 (5th place overall).

2013 Chicago Marathon Top 10 Men

  1. Dennis Kimetto (Kenya) – 2:03:45 (CR)
  2. Emannuel Mutai (Kenya) – 2:03:52
  3. Sammy Kitwara (Kenya) – 2:05:16
  4. Micah Kogo (Kenya) – 2:06:56
  5. Dathan Ritzenhein (USA) – 2:09:45
  6. Ayele Abshero (Ethiopia) – 2:10:10
  7. Hiroaki Sano (Japan) – 2:10:29
  8. Moses Mosop (Kenya) – 2:11:19
  9. Yoshinori Oda (Japan) – 2:11:29
  10. Matt Tegankamp (USA) – 2:12:28

The female winner of the 2013 Chicago Marathon was Rita Jeptoo, from Kenya, who broke 2 hours 20 min in 2:19:57.

She finished nearly a minute ahead of countrywoman Jemima Sumgong Jelegat (2:20:48). Third place female went to Russia’s Maria Konovalova in 2:22:46.

First USA woman to cross the tape was Clara Santucci in 2:31:39.

2013 Chicago Marathon Top 10 Women

  1. Rita Jeptoo (Kenya) – 2:19:57
  2. Jemima Sumgong Jelegat (Kenya) – 2:20:48
  3. Maria Konovalova (Russia) – 2:22:46
  4. Aliaksandra Duliba (BLR) – 2:23:44
  5. Atsede Baysa (Ethiopia) – 2:26:42
  6. Ehitu Kiros Reda (Ethiopia) – 2:27:42
  7. Yukiko Akaba (Japan) – 2:27:49
  8. Abebech Afework (Ethiopia) – 2:28:38
  9. Clara Santucci (USA) – 2:31:39
  10. Melissa White (USA) – 2:32:37

Congrats to these elite finishers along with every single male and female who started and finished the Chicago Marathon today.

Lookup and view all 2013 Chicago Marathon Results HERE

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Wesley Korir Wins the 116th Boston Marathon (Results)

Wesley Korir Wins the 116th Boston Marathon (Results)

Kenyan Wesley Korir won the 116th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 16, 2012, with a time of 2:12:40.

Korir said afterwards in his come from behind victory, “So let me go at a consistent pace and let me see if I can catch up with them.”

“Near mile 20, someone shouted that I was in sixth. I knew if I went too hard, too soon, that I would cramp up. I saw the guys in front of me and I thought, ‘Let me get fifth.’ Then I passed the guy in fourth and I thought wow, ‘I could get fourth.’ When I saw the guy in front of him, I thought, ‘Wow, I could get on the podium.'”

Korir took home $150,000.00 for winning the Boston Marathon.

Kenyans rounded out the podium with Levy Matebo in second place and Kipyego in third.

American Jason Hartmann took 4th place.

2012 Boston Marathon Elite Male Results

  1. Wesley Korir (KEN) – 2:12:40
  2. Levy Matebo (KEN)- 2:13:06
  3. Bernard Kipyego (KEN) – 2:13:13
  4. Jason Hartmann (USA) – 2:14:30
  5. Wilson Chebet (KEN) – 2:14:56
  6. Laban Korir (KEN) – 2:15:29
  7. Michel Butter (NED) – 2:16:38
  8. David Barmasai (KEN) – 2:17:16
  9. Hideaki Tamura (JPN) – 2:18:15
  10. Mathew Kisorio (KEN) – 2:18:15
  11. Tim Chichester (USA) – 2:21:10
  12. Sergio Reyes (USA) – 2:22:06
  13. Brendan Martin (USA) – 2:22:32
  14. Geb Gebremariam (ETH) – 2:22:56
  15. Uli Steidl (USA) – 2:23:08

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[photo: LA Marathon]

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Josh Cassidy Sets Push Rim World Record at 2012 Boston Marathon

Josh Cassidy Sets Push Rim World Record at 2012 Boston Marathon

Canadian Josh Cassidy set a new world record on Monday in the push-rim (wheelchair) at the 2012 Boston Marathon with a beast-mode time of 1:18:25.

“You know I forced myself to not look back.”

Epic finish in the women’s push rim as Shirley Reilly (USA) beat 2011 winner Wakako Tsuchida with a time of 1:37:36.

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Scott Downard – Cowtown Marathon Original Winner

Scott Downard Stripped of Cowtown Marathon Win for Running Under Friend’s Bib

You win some and you lose some….sometimes during the same race.  

Oklahoma native Scott Downard won the 2012 Cowtown Marathon on Sunday in Fort Worth, Texas in 2:31:40.

However, minutes later he was stripped of his win after race officials discovered that Downard had never registered for the race. He had a bib though, but the bib belonged to a friend who was unable to compete in the marathon.

Downard admitted it freely and didn’t cause a stir.  The runner-up, Kolin Styles, was declared the winner. Styles finished the race in 2:37:53.

This is a practice that isn’t rare. It happens often, but the difference is that it is almost never if ever the race winner doing it. Usually the top dog is comped or signed up weeks in advance of the race.

The reason it is happening more and more is because of the rapid rate that a lot of marathons are selling out months in advance. So runners are signing up months in advance for races that they might never run. Injury, work, illness, family, conflicts can get in the way when trying to plan or train so far in advance.

Then on the flipside you have runners who really want to run these races who got shut out.  So bibs are usually transferred often at a fraction of the cost the original runner paid or given to a friend or buddy.

To me it’s no harm no foul…unless you win!

Unless of course you are helping a friend cheat their way into a BQ or age bracket win. It does get complicated on a certain level but for the most part runners just want to run.

Downard didn’t cheat the race or course. He won fair and square. He just didn’t sign up for the race. The race officials made the right decision.

Some races (fewer and fewer) will let you transfer a bib/registation to another runner before a certain date or for a small feel.

Congrats to both Scott and Kolin on winning the Cowtown Marathon.

[image: Paul Moseley/Fort Worth Star-Telegram]

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