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Cathy Downs RIF Race Across the USA Peak Performer of the Day

Day 17: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – Getting Downes to It

Run It Fast’s ‘Race Across the USA‘ had two themes on Day 17. The first being the strong day the Jeffrey Price Team put down with 183.82 miles to bring them just a 100 miles from reaching New York City tomorrow. The other one being the massive day that Cathy Downes threw down for the Hope Shull Team with 62.00 monster miles in one big bite. It led her team to a second place finish on the day. The Charlie Taylor Team battled through some injuries and grinded for 144.80 miles.

Day 17 Mileage Results of the Race Across the USA

  • Jeffrey Price Team – 183.82 miles (12.25 mi/runner)
  • Charlie Taylor Team – 144.80 miles (9.65 mi/runner)
  • Hope Shull Team – 152.53 miles (10.17 mi/runner)

RIF’s Race Across the USA Overall Standings 

  1. Suzy Michelson Team – 2,907.00 miles (193.80/day, 100.0% FINISHED)
  2. Jeffrey Price Team – 2,806.23  miles (165.07 mi/day, 96.5% completed)
  3. Charlie Taylor Team – 2,633.44 miles (154.91 mi/day, 90.6% completed)
  4. Hope Shull Team – 2,194.96 miles (129.12 mi/day, 75.5% completed)

Click HERE to view where the teams are on the Google Map

Let’s get into the stats, standings, and recaps from the road…

Jeffrey Price Team: Badwater vet Karla Kent drove this team hard today putting down 25.17 miles and was one of four from the team to put down 20+ miles. She was joined by Tom Orr with 21.36 miles, Alfa Severino (21.30), and Heather ‘Double-Dime’ McComb (20.20). Karl Studtmann also chipped in with a solid 18.11 miles.

The team finished with 183.82 miles, the most of any team on the day.

The Jeffs are just 100 miles away from celebrating a second place finish in New York City. The team is spending the night in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Well, we’re living here in Allentown
And they’re closing all the factories down
Out in Bethlehem, they’re killing time
Filling out forms
Standing in line
Well, our fathers fought the Second World War
Spent their weekends on the Jersey Shore
Met our mothers at the USO
Asked them to dance
Danced with them slow
And we’re living here in Allentown
But the restlessness was handed down
And it’s getting very hard to stay
Well, we’re waiting here in Allentown
– Billy Joel

Jeffrey Team Data at a Glance
Overall Place: 2nd
Day 17 Miles: 183.82 (1st)
Total Miles: 2,806.23
Miles From NYC: -100.77

Top 5 JPT Runners (Day 17)

  1. Karla Kent – 25.17
  2. Tom Orr – 21.36
  3. Alfa Severino – 21.30
  4. Heather McComb – 20.20
  5. Karl Studtmann – 18.11

Charlie Taylor Team: The wear-and-tear was very visible on The Chucks today. However, they still had 100% participation. They still encouraged each other. They picked each other up. And they still pieced together 144.80 miles.

Elva Matamoros dodged mountain lions to record 18.48 miles, while Steve Acciarito dug deep to get 15.30 miles. Jen ‘Big Sexy’ Metcalf threw down a perfect 10.0.

The Queen of Pinson Mounds, Marj Mitchell, put down her second biggest mileage day of the race with 15.12 miles. Seth Crowe continued to be the rhythm of this team with 12.16 miles.

The Chucks believe they will get to NYC on Friday night.

The last mile they put down near the cut-off tonight crossed them from Virginia into West Virginia. Jeremy Reed and Jemal Swoboda herded the team into ‘Touch of Texas’ thinking it was a massage parlor with cowgirls. It turned out to be a cowboy bar with cowgirls that danced a lot more like they were from Houston than Dallas (if you know, you know). After Steve was oiled up from his rough day on the ashalt, the team was able to encourage Marj to ride the mechanical, bucking bull. Marj said as she walked up to get on, “I grew up in South Africa in the arms of lions and tigers in my bed. I don’t think this little American bull will do much.” If you haven’t by now, then you will likely see the video footage from a Chucks team member’s phone of exactly how that ride went down. Robin Robbins was vehement as he walked out that he was going to be running tomorrow in his ‘Astro-World’ cowboy hat that one of the dancers tossed his way as he was trying to finish his onion rings and strawberry malt.

I was took in Texas, I did not know her name
Lord, all these southern girls all seem the same
Down below the border in a town in Mexico
I got my job busting broncs in the rodeo
Roll me over and turn me around
Let me keep spinning ’til I hit the ground
Roll me over and let me go
Running free with the buffalo
Here I go
– Thin Lizzy

The legs might be tired, but team chemistry is at an all-time high.

Charlie Team Data at a Glance
Overall Place: 3rd
Day 17 Miles: 144.80 (3rd)
Total Miles: 2,633.44
Miles From NYC: -273.56

Top 5 CTT Runners (Day 17)

  1. Joshua Holmes – 22.52
  2. Elva Matamoros – 18.48
  3. Steve Acciarito – 15.30
  4. Marj Mitchell – 15.12
  5. Seth Crowe – 12.16

Hope Shull Team:  It was the Cathy Downes’ show on Wednesday for The Hopes with her 62.00 miles…or as we Americans like to call it, a ‘Canadian 100.’ Perhaps it was a shout-out to team captain Marylou Corino, who recorded 15.00 of her own miles.

Kit Brazier was fantastic once again with 20.09 miles. Sherry Meador and Ben Herron also put up 10+ spots for the team.

The team is still in Tennessee, and being Mare’s favorite state they might just take a few more days, or a week,  mozing on through the Volunteer State.

Tennessee, Tennessee, there ain’t no place I’d rather be
Baby won’t you carry me back to Tennessee
Drink all day and rock all night
The law come to get you if you don’t walk right
Got a letter this morning, baby all it read
You better head back to Tennessee Jed
– Grateful Dead ‘Tennessee Jed’

Hope Team Data at a Glance
Overall Place: 4th
Day 17 Miles: 152.53 (2nd)
Total Miles: 2,194.96
Miles From NYC: -712.04

Top 5 HST Runners (Day 17)

  1. Cathy Downes – 62.00
  2. Kit Brazier – 20.09
  3. Marylou Corino – 15.00
  4. Sherry Meador – 10.67
  5. Ben Herron – 10.28

Team Mileage Leader of the Day

  • Suzy Michelson Team – FINISHED – Champions
  • Jeffrey Price Team – Tom Orr (21.36 mi)
  • Charlie Taylor Team – Joshua Holmes (22.52 mi)
  • Hope Shull Team –  Cathy Downes (62.00 mi)

Top 10 Mega-Miles of the Day

  1. Cathy Downes (HST) – 62.00
  2. Karla Kent (JPT) – 25.17
  3. Joshua Holmes (CTT) – 22.52
  4. Tom Orr (JPT) – 21.36
  5. Alfa Severino (JPT) – 21.30
  6. Heather McComb (JPT) – 20.20
  7. Kit Brazier (HST) – 20.09
  8. Elva Matamoros (CTT) – 18.48
  9. Karl Studtmann (JPT) – 18.11
  10. Steve Acciarito (CTT) – 15.30

Top Race Mile Leaders

  1. Chris Clemens (SMT) – 393.33 (15 days/finished)
  2. Heather McComb (JPT) – 358.44
  3. Tom Orr (JPT) – 356.44
  4. Karl Studtmann (JPT) – 342.91
  5. Marylou Corino – (HST) – 319.42
  6. Barry Reece  (SMT) – 309.54 (15 days/finished)
  7. Kit Brazier (HST) – 300.99
  8. Joshua Holmes (CTT) – 295.70
  9. David Nichols (SMT) – 293.63 (15 days/finished)
  10. Steve Acciarito (CTT) – 292.36
  11. Seth Crowe (CTT) – 287.16
  12. Jeremy Reed (CTT) – 286.93
  13. Alex Barrientos (SMT) – 286.87 (15 days/finished)
  14. Cathy Downes (HST) – 266.28

Three American Legends: Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Cathy Downes

Cathy Downes, of the Hope Shulls Team, is the ‘Race Across the USA’ –  Peak Performer of the Day. She ran 62.00 miles for the day and now has 266.28 miles for the race.

Suzy Michelson Team
Place: 1st
Time: 14 days, 21 hours, 10 minutes
Averaged: 193.80 miles/day
Total Miles: 2,907.00 – Run It Fast – Race Across the USA Champions

The Suzy Michelson Team (Shane Tucker, captain)

  • Chris Clemens – 393.33
  • Barry Reece – 309.54
  • David Nichols – 293.63
  • Alex Barrientos – 286.87
  • Kimberly Atkins – 248.63
  • Thomas Fowler – 230.10
  • JR Reynolds – 203.67
  • Shane Tucker – 181.93
  • Leslie Studtmann – 168.60
  • Violeta Heisler – 127.05
  • Eryn Tyner – 114.81
  • Kim Crowe – 108.41
  • Anthony Ohrey – 99.35 (so, Anthony!)
  • Jeff Lea – 83.32
  • Trent Rosenbloom – 65.29

Congrats to all these amazing runners!

Daily Updates and Standings Archive

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Day 2: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – Showdown in the Desert

The Run It FastRace Across the USA‘ relay continued to move eastward on Day 2 with the Suzy Michelson Team starting the day with a comfortable lead over the Jeffrey Price Team. But is that how the day ended? Who made it to Arizona and who didn’t? Who was the star performer of the day? All those answers await you below!

Day 2 saw 56 of the 60 runners put down a total of 596.0 miles. Amazingly that is 30 miles more than these four teams aggressively, on fresh legs, put down yesterday on Day 1. Every runner on the Charlie Taylor Team and Suzy Michelson Team once again put down miles today maintaining ‘perfect attendance’ of their team members over the first 48 hours of the race.

The Charlie Taylor Team’s Seth Crowe left the Crowe’s Nest late, last night for a run, only to return home, and leave it for four more runs today. Amidst cold temps and rain, Seth kept Crowe, Crowe, Crowe’ing his leggy-boat aggressively down the street. A throw-back Flintstonian who easily averaged more miles with his legs today than his beat-up Chevy pickup can garner coasting downhill with a full load.

A man on a mission with five runs of of 10.07, 10.31, 12.0, 3.0, and 2.01 for a total of 37.39 miles. Seth is the Race Across the USA Performance of the Day.

Kimberly Atkins impressed her team (SMT) and competition by walking 26.22 miles today in the brrr, brrr, bodiddley, frigid cold. An impressive feat for sure.

While Georgia native Heather McComb (JPT) knocked our her second consecutive 20+ mile day with 24.12 miles for a total of 44.14 miles over the first 2 days. Barry Reece (SMT) did the same as well with 22.0 miles (49.02/2 day total).

Other big mile stars from Day 2 included Chris Clemens (SMT) 25.55 mi, Randy Broadway (HST) 21.0 mi, and 8x Badwater 135 veteran, Karla Kent (JPT) 22.58 mi.

Day 2 Mileage Results of the Race Across the USA

  • Suzy Michelson Team – 184.84 miles (12.32mi/runner)
  • Jeffrey Price Team – 162.9 miles (10.86mi/runner)
  • Charlie Taylor Team – 153.47 miles (10.23mi/runner)
  • Hope Shull Team – 94.79 miles (6.32mi/runner)

RIF’s Race Across the USA Overall Standings (thru Day 2)

  1. Suzy Michelson Team – 373.81 miles (186.91mi/day, 12.8% completed)
  2. Jeffrey Price Team – 305.19 miles (152.60mi/day, 10.5% completed)
  3. Charlie Taylor Team – 280.4 miles (140.20mi/day, 9.7% completed)
  4. Hope Shull Team – 202.84 miles (101.42mi/day, 7.0% completed)

The Suzy Michelson Team kept unleashing big run after big run and made it to Needles, AZ before midday. They kept the pedal down with three team members going for 20+ miles and a total of seven in double digits. They gathered 184.84 miles on Day 2, almost matching their impressive Day 1 total of 188.97. The Suzy’s have now set their sight on making it to Flagstaff, AZ tomorrow. If the lactic acid in their legs and the high altitude getting to Flagstaff doesn’t slow them tomorrow then nothing might.

A member of another team was peddling a rumor around that Chris Clemens was trying to talk his team into a ‘quick’ detour north of Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon for a quick R2R2R out and back. Whether true or fake news, SMT captain Shane Tucker will use his school room laser focus and discipline to keep his team on track.

The Jeffrey Price Team was one of two teams to put down more miles on Day 2. JPT ended the day with 162.9 miles, which topped their Day 1 total by over 20 miles. They kept thinking they could see the SMT far in the distance, and it kept them a churning. However, that dry arid air, and desert landscape was likely creating a mirage that didn’t match reality, because they finished the day in a strong second place with 305.19 miles but a big 68.62 mile gulp behind the SMT.  They did increase their lead over the third place team by +9 miles.

Team Note: Aaron Braunstein has been placed on the Disabled List with a calf issue. His status is Day-to-Day.

The Charlie Taylor Team spent most of the day with bedazzled eyes after Seth Crowe put down his 5-run performance of 37.39 miles. But later in the afternoon, the team kicked into gear as every member once again put down miles including strong double digits from Steve Acciarito, Tiffani Glass, Jeremy Reed, Elva Matamoros, and Joshua Holmes. The team’s strength so far has been it’s consistency and snacks. Steve has taken it upon himself after his morning runs to make sure everyone’s nutrition is on point. He has dubbed himself the ‘Snack Coach.’ Say what you will but multiple cups of chocolate pudding has kept this team from boinking and also from putting down more miles than they need to this early. Luckily the team RV is always nearby as the desert is barren and mostly treeless during this stage of the race. They finished the day with 153.47 miles, a +26 mile jump over yesterday. This gives them a total of 280.4 miles solidly ahead of the HST and still within reach of the JPT.

That leaves the Hope Shull Team. Let’s just say the Cracker Barrel hangover is not a myth. The HST was sluggish from the start today. Some pundits worried HST would come out too aggressive today trying to chase down the other teams to try to erase the early deficit they amassed yesterday. By 10am, no one had that worry any more. By noon, team captain Marylou Corino said something that we can’t repeat here. But she theorized that if they stopped for lunch at the Cracker Barrel, in Needles, Arizona, that it would somehow reverse the curse, hangover, or whatever. She was probably just hungry. The team did bond over lunch, soothed some egos, and put down respectable miles in the afternoon. This included double digits from Ben Herron, Rachael Anderson, Randy Broadway, and Marylou. They only ran with 12 runners today and that for sure played a factor. They finished the day with 94.79 miles and are a good bit back of the pack, but there is thousands of miles of race to go. Their stated goal is to make it to Kingman, AZ tomorrow night.

Team Mileage Leader of the Day

  • Suzy Michelson Team – Kimberly Atkins (26.22 mi)
  • Jeffrey Price Team – Heather McComb (24.12 mi)
  • Charlie Taylor Team – Seth Crowe (37.39 mi)
  • Hope Shull Team – Randy Broadway (21.0 mi)

Top 10 Mega-Miles of the Day

  1. Seth Crowe (CMT) – 37.39
  2. Kimberly Atkins (SMT) – 26.22
  3. Chris Clemens (SMT) – 25.55
  4. Heather McComb (JPT) – 24.12
  5. Karla Kent (JPT) – 22.58
  6. Barry Reece (SMT) – 22.00
  7. Randy Broadway (HST) – 21.0
  8. Tom Orr (JPT) – 18.39
  9. David Nichols (SMT) – 17.75
  10. Karl Studtmann (JPT) – 16.35

Top 10 Race Mile Leaders

  1. Barry Reece  (SMT) – 49.2
  2. Thomas Fowler  (SMT) – 46.2
  3. Heather McComb (JPT) – 44.14
  4. Chris Clemens (SMT) – 40.55
  5. Seth Crowe (CTT) – 39.46
  6. Karl Studtmann (JPT) – 36.62
  7. Jeremy Reed (CTT) – 36.31
  8. Kimberly Atkins (SMT) – 36.25
  9. Alex Barrientos (SMT) – 35.33
  10. Randy Broadway (HST) – 35.0

Daily Updates and Standings Archive

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