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Run It Fast’s Extreme Racer Standings (Thru January 2015)

Run It Fast’s Extreme Racer Standings (Thru January 2015)

RIF #190 John Leighton

Welcome to 2015! A new year, a new beginning. A new plethora of races across the board. The year has already begun well for Run It Fast, with members wracking up race miles the first week, even the first day, of 2015. We have already gotten the Extreme Racer competition off to a great start.

The 2014 second place winner, RIF #190 John Kent Leighton, is leading the men with a whopping 240.75 points for January. RIF #353 Charlie Taylor is in second with 131 points, and RIF #387 Steven Smith brings up third with 109.1 points.

A member of Team Staggs, RIF #210 Amanda Staggs comes in first for the ladies with 88.2 points. RIF #323 Jennifer Hatcher comes in second place with 81.7 points. RIF #310 Donna Dworak comes in third place with 49.6 points.

Here are the 2015 Extreme Racer standings through January:

Extreme Racer Top 10 Leaderboard

1. John Kent Leighton – 240.75 (RIF #190)
2. Charlie Taylor – 131 (RIF #353)
3. Steven Smith – 109.1 (RIF #387)
4. Joshua Holmes – 104.4 (RIF #1)
5. Amanda Staggs – 88.2 (RIF #210)
6. Jennifer Hatcher – 81.7 (RIF #323)
7. Arland Blanton – 78.6 (RIF #290)
8. Shane Tucker – 76.2 (RIF #337)
9. Suzy Spiceland Michelson – 65.5 (RIF #280)
10. John Sotomayor – 58.6 (RIF #393)

Extreme Racer Male Leaderboard

1. John Kent Leighton – 240.75 (RIF #190)
2. Charlie Taylor – 131 (RIF #353)
3. Steven Smith – 109.1 (RIF #387)
4. Joshua Holmes – 104.4 (RIF #1)
5. Arland Blanton – 78.6 (RIF #290)
6. Shane Tucker – 76.2 (RIF #337)
7. John Sotomayor – 58.6 (RIF #393)
8. Mark Ogletree – 41.7 (RIF #247)
9. David Mickelsen – 30.5 (RIF #164)
10. Jeff Van Demark – 19.3 (RIF #322)
11. Dennis Arriaga – 13.1 (RIF #140)
12. Michael Dasalla – 12.4 (RIF #411)

Extreme Racer Female Leaderboard

1. Amanda Staggs – 88.2 (RIF #210)
2. Jennifer Hatcher – 81.7 (RIF #323)
3. Suzy Spiceland Michelson – 65.5 (RIF #280)
4. Donna Dworak – 49.6 (RIF #310)
5. Christy Bowers – 45.5 (RIF #60)
6. Kim Crowe – 31 (RIF #245)
7. Aimee Shilling – 31 (RIF #418)
8. Sue Stephens Wright – 26.2 (RIF #321)
9. Helen McMullen – 26.2 (RIF #390)
10. Lisa Gonzales – 19.3 (RIF #5)
11. Julia Beavers – 15.5 (RIF #339)
12. Tiffani Glass – 14.2 (RIF #328)

With Run It Fast continuing to spread all over the US and beyond, and with a whole new spread of runners participating in the Extreme Racer competition, this year is already turning out to be a good one. I’ll be excited to see what the next few months have in store and to watch the race miles accumulate in our awesome and inspiring club.

[Extreme Racer points are rewarded per each racing mile completed. Example: marathon = 26.2 points, half marathon 13.1 points, etc.]

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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Oct 13-14, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Oct 13-14, 2012)

Here is a look at where everyone is running this weekend. We had 36 responses this week. Good luck to everyone and Run It Fast!

To join Run It Fast – The Club then click HERE to read more details.

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Oct 13-14, 2012)

Storified by Joshua Holmes · Fri, Oct 12 2012 11:29:46

@runitfast No running this weekend as I try to recover my knee from #YT100. Acupuncture today followed by more rest.Joshua Holmes
@runitfast the Middle Half, Murfreesboro, TNKirk Catron
@runitfast Running local trails on Sat and Raptor Ridge Trail Half in Escondido, CA on Sun! #AnimalRacing #runitfast #5 #Half16Lisa Gonzales
@runitfast Slipping my long run to Monday & running the "U Can Finish 5 mile & 2 mile Distance Dare" out in Orlando (RIF#140) #runitfastDennis Arriaga
@runitfast ShelbyFarms Greenline HalfMarathon, Memphis, TN! RIF#191Kristy
@runitfast running the inaugural Utah marathon tomorrow.Jason Howard
@runitfast green mountain marathon, VT!Laura Raeder
@runitfast Saturday, I’m running the RRCA 2012 Alabama State Championship 15k race in Huntsville!CharmedTortoise
@bayou @runitfast Middle Half and Greenline Half this weekend. The bookend of the Stader quad!Scott Stader
@runitfast 1st half marathon Gering, NERuben
@runitfast in the neighborhood. In the neighborhood. In the neighborHOOD!y2kemo
@runitfast Baltimore Running Festival!Liesl S
@runitfast I’m running in the Historic Chicago Fire of 1871 4 miler on Sunday. Follows the path of the fire from it’s starting point.Jeff Krause
@runitfast we are running at the Warrior Dash Saturday in Denham Springs, LACarlos Williams
@runitfast OIL CREEK 50K!!Steve Shepard
@runitfast I’m getting ready for @norcalultras Golden Hills Trail Marathon Saturday morning!Sean Grove
@runitfast A short run in the Great Rift Valley in Malawi, Africa!Sami Downey
@runitfast Whistlestop Half, Ashland WILarry Radloff
@runitfast Doing my training run Saturday.April Werling
@runitfast Louisville Marathon – Louisville, KY. Looking for a sub-4, maybe a sub-3: 56 PR.Houston Wolf
@runitfast off to Munich for a marathon with @greatgardarun all in aid of sick kids in Crumlin Hospital #greatcause http://pic.twitter.com/pRxqYE9KBrian Cosgrove
Tomorrow @RunRocknRoll and NYC will host their annual 10K event in Prospect Park. My 1st 10K. Can’t wait. CC: @runitfastJorge
@runitfast it sounds amazing also with beautiful landscape isn’t?Pedro Duque
@runitfast the gunstock trails half marathon, oahu, hawaii…!michael c. miller
@runitfast canyon Texas 5k homecoming at WTAMUSusan Jones
@runitfast http://cityoftreesmarathon.com/?p=1wrytersview
@runitfast Hartford Half marathon as a final tune up for NYC marathon!John Longo
@runitfast running a 10miler through Calgary Zoo on sunday! love a crisp autumn run :-)TinaFab
@runitfast Running near Edinburgh, in Scotland.Allan Millar
@runitfast second to last training run for Shut In Ridge Run. will be doing ~15-18 on Mountain-to-Sea Trail this weekendDaniel Summerlin
@runitfast the Scotiabank Toronto half marathon!Lisa Davidson
@runitfast My first double marathon: Hartford, CT and Newport, RI!Jessie Sentivan
@runitfast 28 miles of trail in preparation for #surfthemurph 50 mile!Rocky de Vries
@runitfast capers island 5k off the coast of charleston sc, all trails and beachTom Rossi
@runitfast Nike Women’s Marathon in SF!Tianna Marshall
@runitfast heading to Mississippi college for an 8k! Gonna wreck!Ryan Davis

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Run It Fast – The Club – Extreme Racer

Welcome to the Run It Fast – The Club Extreme Racer Contest for 2014!

Here’s how it works:

-Each month, RIF Club members will enter their race stats in our database.

-You will be awarded 1 point for each mile you raced during the month. For example, if you raced a 5K this month, you would get 3.1 points for the month.

-The database will calculate the number of “race miles” you ran for the month and keep track of them for you  and us.

-We will post the standings each month so you can see where you are in the standings.

-At the end of the year, we’ll crown a male and a female Extreme Runner (with possible age group awards/recognition as well).

So how do you enter your race information? We’ve created a form for you to enter your data into. You can find the form here for now:

Run It Fast – Club Extreme Runner Entry Form

We’ll be adding a link to it on the Run It Fast – The Club page for future access. Let’s look at an example of how RIF #5 filled out the form for January – April:

When you fill out the form, you’ll be entering data for one month at a time but I wanted to give you an idea of how the data will look with various examples. As you can see, RIF #5 ran one race in March that wasn’t a “normal” distance so that race was counted in the Other Races for that month and RIF #5 entered the number of miles for that race. (yes, that means you’ll have to calculate your “Other Races” miles for us – so thank you!).

The form also asks you for your Total Monthly Miles (it should include both “race” and normal training miles for the month) but this number is NOT part of the contest. Total Monthly Miles is just for fun and to see how much everyone is running. Nothing is filled out in Notes above but we hope you’ll share any accomplishments you had for the month with us. We would love to know about new PRs, new race distances completed, age group awards, wins, etc.

This is a sample of what the form looks like:

You just enter your data for the month and click Submit. It’s that easy! But make sure you don’t submit your stats until the month is over. Once again, here is the link to the data entry form:

Run It Fast – Club Extreme Runner Entry Form

Good luck and Run It Fast!

2017 Extreme Racer Winner – Ila Brandli (Results)
2016 Extreme Racer Winner – Karen Vollan (Results)
2015 Extreme Racer Winner – John Leighton (Results)
2014 Extreme Racer Winner – Ed Ettinghausen (Results)
2013 Extreme Racer Winner – David Wingard (Results)
2012 Extreme Racer Winner – Steve Hughes (Results)

Just a reminder…this contest is for Run It Fast – The Club members only so if you aren’t a part of Run It Fast – The Club and want to join in on the fun, click this link:

Run It Fast – The Club


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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Holiday Weekend! (December 17-18, 2011)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Holiday Weekend! (December 17-18, 2011)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 17 of you responded!

Joshua Holmes – Several mixed training runs of trail, road, and cross country track.

Robert Boluyt – ARR Desert Classic 30K, Phoenix AZ

Run SMART Project – We’ve got some clients running the @nyrr Ted Corbitt 15k in Central Park on Saturday

mygolfclubs – otter creek trail run in Brandenburg ky

G – Yarmouth MA Police’s Blue Christmas 4.2 mile.

Monkey Trent – Lookout Mountain 50 miler, Chattanooooga, TN.

Kiki – I’m participating in the Santa Hustle in Indianapolis, IN tomorrow!

Newport Run&Chug – Beat Santa 5k in Portsmouth, RI Sunday 10am!

Teal & Beth – In my neighborhood!! =)

Kidney Racer – 13 miles along Lake Michigan in MKE, WI. Training for@RunMiami. Actually had a chunk of ice form on my fleece & hat last wkd.

Mary Beth – at home. 20+ miler. Getting ready for the goofy. Yoi!

Lisa Gonzales – I’m doing my last double before I taper for the 12HR! 22 miles on Sat & 10 miles on Sun both here in town. 15 days & counting…

Helena – Deerfield Beach, FL. Aiming for 16 miles!

Kelly Baker – Planning a 20 miler on the W&OD Trail in NoVA this weekend. It’s my fav spot for long runs!

Suzieb2 – Running in Albany, NY “Last Run 5K” – which goes thru the Holiday Lights display in Washington Park

David Juraidini – at México City in a park called “el sope”

Susan Eastman – 6-7 mile run tomorrow in Centerville, Mass; Grand Prix race #3 Sunday at Yarmouth Police Dept. – 4.2 miles


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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend! (October 29-30, 2011)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend! (October 29-30, 2011)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and a record 43 of you responded!

Good luck to everyone running this weekend, especially all of you that are running your first 1/2, full, or any distance.  Run It Fast!!!!

The biggest race this weekend is the Marine Corps Marathon in D.C.

Scott Stader – @ScottStader – where am I running u ask? The Bad Apple Ultra outside of Grand Rapids, Micheeegan. How bout them apples??

Gerard Pescatore – @GPescatore – Last long run (21+) in prep for Philly Marathon!

Lori Dee – @lulububbly – Monster Dash half marathon in Chicago!

Rosario Garcia – @Chayo_RGH – South Mountain 10 miler.. Bethlehem, PA.. tough hill!!

Jon King – @jonmking – last weekend before

Ms. Swan – @SheRunsforLove – Chicago Monster Dash!! In full costume 🙂 bzzz bzzz

Reni Marlina – @renimarl1na – I’ll be racing 10K on Standard Chartered Half Marathon & 10K at RagunanZoo in Jakarta 🙂

Shawna – @ssulax33 – Silver Comet Half Marathon, GA. First.Half.Ever!

Michele Gonzalez – @nycrunningmama – Poland Spring Marathon Kick-off in NYC on Sunday! (5 miler)

Kara Navas – @karanavas – 20 mile training run in my Bronx neighborhood… in the snow and rain. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it.

Chad Norton – @cnorton0818 – Marine Corps Marathon in DC

Dean Luther – @deanlu1 – Wicked 10k in Va Beach.

Jeremy Holley – @jeremy_ms – I’m running in the Race for the Cure 5K in Tupelo, MS!

Andy Caulkett – @Andy7532 – Original Mountain Marathon at Crieff in Scotland

Niall Coppinger – @standupdouble – does a bank holiday Monday count as W/E? If so, @dublinmarathon with 14,000 soul mates.

Cassie B. – @CassieBritton82 – running the Rock and Roll LA Half with my husband, sister in law and friends!

Dean Cornish – @DeanCornish1966 – 3 of us from Igloo Books in UK are running Frankfurt Marathon on Sunday, and Dublin Marathon the following day.

Terri Selig – @TerriSelig – racing the Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon, Chicago Saturday!!!!

Kat – @kljwm – I’ll be hitting the Monster Dash Half in Saint Paul, MN!

Ricky Wood – @WoodRicky – i will be running my 34th half marathon this year in barns green horsham. -)

Sun Torke – @storke10 – I’m racing the Haunted Hustle Half Marathon in Middleton, Wisconsin on Saturday morning!

Michelle Hibbert – @HibbertMichelle – I’m running the Great South Run in portsmouth for the @mssocietyuk ….

Amber M. – @amber4miles – Race of the Dead 5k in Chicago!

April Rossetti – @AprilRossetti – Saturday I will be racing at UMD in the XC alliance meet & Sunday I will be racing in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in BO!

Jeremy Aaronson – @JeremyAaronson – MCM! Time to take on the MCM “Gauntlet’

Boone Marathon Series – @Boone_Marathon – BMS Autumn Leaves Marathon on Saturday.

H K – @Jirnsum – Will be trying to run off an impending jet-lag back home in The Netherlands after spending the week in DC

Karen French – @everhippie – Tustin/Irvine, CA area. RT Where are you running/racing this weekend? Responses will be used in post later this morning!! 🙂

Colleen Lerro – @ColleenLerro – Marine Corps Marathon! #36thmcm

Regular Runner – @RegularRunner – Will be running in Montreal, going to go up that damn mountain again!

Alex Davis – @alex45674 – In Ashford Kent, with my club. Not a race, just usual 10-12 miler on a Sunday.

Danielle Marquis – @Nello33 – I will be running at the Race for the Cure in South Boston on Sunday!

Evan Gilead – @wanderingpenman – Miami Halloween Half with @HurricanePhipps.Runnin’ hard and taking names.

MassielSim – @massielSm – I’ll be running 5 miles in the Panama Canal area in Central America this Saturday. I’ll shoot you a pic while there.

Theresa Unruh – @RNrunnerdiva – Tulsa Run!! 🙂

Janine – @TheRamblingDuck – I shall be waddling in the #greatsouthrun as @fibroduck

Jeffery Stefancic – @JeffStefancic#bighithalf in Louisville, KY.

Journey Steward – @JourneySteward – The Marine Corps Marathon in DC! My first full marathon….eek!

Rebecca Mudd – @BeccaM88 – Great South Run, Portsmouth. Running for @TheBHF !

MichaelJackson901 – @mjasbond007 – Big Hit 1/2 marathon in Louisville, Ky!!!

David McDonnell – @mcdonnellracing – I’m doing the Bromley park run.

Michael Champagne – @iamchampy – Halloween Wrentham Duathlon!

April Shelly – @aprilshelly – Run Like Hell 6k tomorrow night in Allentown, PA. Possibly in a snowstorm.

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Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Oct 8-9, 2011)

Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Oct 8-9, 2011)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 39 of you responded!

The most popular race this weekend is the flat and fast Chicago Marathon.  However, you guys are running some very cool races and training runs all over the globe this weekend.  Best of luck to all of you! Run It Fast!!!!

Joshua Holmes – @bayou – Short runs in prep for 4th 100 miler next weekend.

Sara – @sarakschroer – last longish run (taper week for full marathon on 10/16). 8mi planned along the SoCal shoreline!

Johnny Luciano – @RunJohnnyRun99 – disney xc classic

Lisa G. – @its_elleG – 8 mile training run for ING Miami

Brad Dulay – @braddulay – 20 Miler in James Morris Park during my trip to Suburbia

Humberto Vazquez – @jhvv99 – 10k Sportcity , San Pedro N.L. , México

Tracy Pellizzari – @pizzalarry – Portland Marathon!

Anders Edström – @anders_edstrom#Sweden #Gävle tomorrow intervalls, sunday distance 10-15km

Rew Landells – @RewMdS – taking part in the Nottingham, Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest on Saturday, good bit of training and fun!

Alen Zelenika – @alenAdepto – Zagreb halfmarathon

Luciana Oliveira – @luciana_lf – in the Aclimacao park, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Katie – @WillRace4Carbs – Denver Rock n Roll Half marathon!

Laura Raeder – @LauraRaeder – bloomingtom/normal IL

Massiel Sanmartin – @massielSm – Running 11 miles as part of 1/2marathon training around Turtle Creek Dallas Tx

Dwight Williams – @dwighty_boy – Chester marathon Sunday

Luciana Oliveira – @luciana_lf – At Aclimacao Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Troy Eldredge – @troyeldredge – Army Ten Miler!

Dean – @deanlu1 – 15 miles on Saturday in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Maureen Mackenzie – @memobe – Valley Harvest Marathon in Nova Scotia

Dana Flosi – @pixiedustgirl79 – Chicago Marathon!!

Ani – @goldylocks_a – running 10K Ashford, Kent.

Tim McWilliams – @timw95 – running the Portland Marathon in the rain.

Casey – @caseycanrun – Anthem Great Pumpkin 5K in Reston, VA

Ryan Price – @PTwebprofits – Regent Park, London!

Joseph House – @House_0911 – running Chicago Marathon

Susan Eastman – @FITchatblogger – Running at least 7-8 miles Saturday in Centerville MA area; kayaking on Sunday

Jamie Bodner – @PinnacleGym – running trails at Kennesaw Mtn, in Kennesaw GA lots of deer to spot and b-e-a-utiful weather!

Alexa B. Hüni – @maxcima – Running my first marathon in Munich on Sunday!!!

Leanne Burgess – @LeanneBurgess24 – Running on Sunday….. Liverpool Marathon !!

Affinity Home Design – @REMODELING_PDX – running the Portland marathon on Sunday.

Romana DL – @Romana40 – 10K race in Sant Andreu de la Barca #Barcelona #Spainhoping reach category podium W40-45 🙂

Frank S. – @WCPrairieBoy – the @VictoriaMarathn Sunday Oct. 9th

Seven Races – @7races42011 – last fast run on Sunday before the STWM on 16th! Resting & relaxing next week.

Lourdes Hagar – @lulihagar#chicagomarathon

Mike Stout – @mikebstout – Prairie Fire Marathon in Wichita, KS!!!

Julie – @ROJRunning – Jack O Lantern Jog 5K. The best race in Akron, OH all year!

Robyn Wilson – @bobbiwilson – the chicago marathon!

GA Running Club – @GARunningClub – 10 for Texas (The Woodlands, TX) on Saturday!

Jessie O. – @AdkRunner – Windsor Vt for the @harpoon_brewery Oktober festival!

Lisa Gonzales – @runlikeacoyote – I’m hoping I’ll be able to run this weekend. If I do, it’ll just be in the neighborhood. Crossing my fingers.

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Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Oct 1-2, 2011)

Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Oct 1-2, 2011)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 32 of you responded!

Where You Are Running This Weekend:

Joshua Holmes – @bayou – Southern TN Plunge Marathon in Winchester, TN

Rocio Martinez – @rociomartinezg – the next! 9.10 the international marathon in buenos aires! Good luck everybody!

Mari Hansen – @MariHansen – don’t know but it will finally be OUTSIDE!!! Can’t wait!

Kevin Leathers – @kevinleathers – Tour d’Esprit 24 Hour Run!

Adam Trausch – @atrausch – Warrior Invite!

Sylvia Jiminez – @sylchichi – 8k race against breast cancer

Casey – @VivaRunVegas – I’ll be supporting my husband who is racing the St George Marathon. I didn’t get picked on the lotto for the 2nd time!

Nicholas Flom – @nflom09 – Twin Cities Marathon

Nancy Waggoner – @nlwdreamer – Devil Mountain 50 mile in Pagosa Springs, CO.

Alen Zelenika – @alenAdepto – Nike We Run Zagreb @jarun, Zagreb, Croatia

Veronica – @duncandesign – Probably on & around the #BostonMarathon route from Newton to Boston!

Larae – @LaraeTX – I’m running in Belton, Tx at the UMHB Cru 5K Sat Oct 1

Bill – @billrbrown – Twin Cities 10K!!

JKL – @JamieKL – Manhattan Beach 10k!

Jeremy Holley – @jeremy_ms – I’m running the Corinth Rotary 5K on Saturday in Corinth, MS. My first race since June 4.

Kevin Wiens – @kwiens4 – I’m running in Calgary XC trail race on Saturday (includes 2 river crossings). Should be great

Naomi Pipes – @NaomiPipes#SusanGKomen #RacefortheCure 5K in Houston.

Andrew McGuire – @WTGWTG1911 – racing the beautiful Bridge to bridge event in San Francisco on Sunday

Jamie Yardley – @yadman00 – running in Great Edinburgh Run on Sunday

Lisa Trevino – @malzabarea – Odessa, TX

Heather Weins – @Runsforfood – The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday.

Kristine K. McGilvray – @kkolzing – I’ll be running my last “long” run (easy 10 miler) before #ChiMarathon next weekend! #chicagomarathon

Miriam Ferrari – @admiradora – This wk I`m running in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, over the 32th Street.

Patrick McGilvray – @patrick_mcg – 10-miler this Sunday. Last significant run before #ChiMarathon!

Dean – @deanlu1 – Long run – Rehoboth Beach, DE !!!

Ashley Hart – @World_to_Dust – 16 miles along the Erie Canal bike path

JJ Frankleman – @jjfrankelman – 12 miler to prepare for my Oct. 29th half marathon!

Meyer – @florencemeyer – running 10km in Paris for #odyssea with 9 colleagues!

Laurie – @LZalac – 18 mile training run in Savannah!

Wrytersview – @wrytersview – First run in new neighborhood. Be making up my route as I go.

Jordan Lee – @JoJo_runnr – running @STG_Marathon by this time tomorrow I will have my BQ!!

Scott Stader – @ScottStader – how bout the Stader double! Shelby Bottoms 15k in Nash on Sat and Music City Half on Sun – also in Nashvegas

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Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Sep 24-25, 2011)

Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Sep 24-25, 2011)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and you responded!

Where You Are Running This Weekend:

Joshua Holmes – @bayou – West TN School for the Deaf 5K

Lindsay Edwards – @RuNnaroundD – XC meet at FSU tonight!! Let’s go university of tampa spartans!! @utspartans

Brad Dulay – @braddulay – Newport Liberty Half in Jersey City on Sunday!

Lisa Gonzales – @runlikeacoyote – I’m just running a local trail. But it will be the first time in months so I’m excited!

Amy Trent – @amylynnetrent – 10-Miler Lynchburg VA!!!!

Sarah Matthews – @SarahEMatthews8 – Running the Northeastern University Big Dog 5k race on Saturday in Boston. It’s an alumni tradition!

Tim Savoy – @tsavoy1 – this Saturday in Vienna VA…. Vinson hall run with the Warriors 5K! Donations go to wounded warrior project

Lauren Chin-You – @Lchinyou – Toronto Zoo 5k tomorrow and the Oakville 1/2 marathon on Sunday!!

Molly P. – @MollyMarie4 – In southern Indiana, a four mile trail run!

Underground Fitness – @UfitAZ – Our very own @Ufit_Steph is doing a Rim-to-Rim race in the Grand Canyon!

Kaci Mercer – @kn_mercer – Fort Wayne @Fort4Fitness half marathon!

Laura Raeder – @LauraRaeder – Omaha!

Megan Duron – @meganduron – running a long run tomorrow around Plano, TX!

Jordan Lee – @JoJo_runnr – I’m running @STG_Marathon on Oct 1st!! Its my time for a BQ!!!

Herpreet Kaka Virk – @Kakavirk – running London half marathon run to the beat on Sunday

Adele Read – @AdeleRead – Toronto Zoo 10k run

Best of luck to all of you and be sure to Run It Fast!!!

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Chris Estes 2010 Winchester Southern Plunge Marathon

Marathons & Ultra Marathons this Weekend (June 4-5, 2011)

Here is a quick look at some of the big marathon and ultra marathon races taking place this weekend in the United States.

June 4-5, 2011 Races

Saturday, June 4

Green River Marathon (Kent to Alki, Washington) – Results Page

Newport Marathon (Newport, Oregon) – Results Page

North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Miler, 50K, Marathon, & Half (Washington, D.C.) – Results Page

Sunday, June 5

Casper Marathon (Wyoming) – Results Page

Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon (South Dakota) – Results Page

Minneapolis Marathon (Minneapolis, Minnesota) – Results Page

North Olympic Discovery Marathon (Sequim to Port Angeles, Washington) – Results Page

Rock N’ Roll San Diego Marathon & Half Marathon (San Diego, California) – Results Page

Steamboat Marathon & Half Marathon (Steamboat Springs, Colorado) – Results Page

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