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Reebok Cheat Girlfriend Not Workout Ad

Reebok Yanks ‘Cheat On Your Girlfriend’ Ad After Strong Backlash

Reebok has yanked a print advertisement campaign that was appearing in gyms throughout Europe that stated, “Cheat On Your Girlfriend, Not On Your Workout!

Naturally the ad didn’t sit well with many girlfriends as women united in outrage to protest the poorly thought out campaign by Reebok.

It’s amazing this ad was approved through several channels before being plastered across gyms and workout clubs.

What do you think about it? Offensive or not that big of a deal?

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Women’s Newton Terra Momentus Al-Terrain Trainer

Newton Running Shoes 2012 Lineup (Photos)

I’ve run in Newton Running Shoes most of the last two years. Newtons help you improve your form to become more of a forefoot or midfoot striker….therefore cutting down on injuries.

Not many color options or changes have been made to the brand until now.

Newton is releasing several new colors of it’s Distance, Gravity, Momentus, MV2, and Performance trainers throughout 2012.

Newton Running Website

Check out all of the colors and options below by clicking the photos:

Read more about them at TriBomb

Hat tip to Chris Estes.

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Reebok RunTone Action

Reebok to Pay Customers $25 Million to Settle FTC Complaint Over False RunTone Shoe Claims

Shoe company Reebok International Ltd. has agreed to pay $25 million to settle a complaint from the Federal Trade Commission for misleading advertising and claims.

The company will give refunds to customers who bought the RunTone running shoes($80-100/pair), EasyTone running shoes, and EasyTone flip flops ($60/pair).

The FTC found that Reebok couldn’t back up the claims they were making about the shoes (and flops):

The FTC said ads for the shoes claimed that a special technology in the sole featured pockets of moving air that created “micro instability” that toned and strengthened muscles as a person walked or ran.

In ads that began appearing in 2009, Reebok said walking in the shoes had been proved to provide 28% more strength and tone in the buttock muscles compared with regular walking shoes, 11% more in the hamstring muscles and 11% more in the calf muscles, the FTC said.

The agency’s investigation found Reebok was unable to back up those claims, Vladeck said.

Customers can apply for a refund on the FTC website. The size of the refund will depend upon how many apply for it.  So if you are the only one to apply for it then you won the lottery. 😉

Reebok has agreed to the settlement but stands by it’s product and will continue to produce it:

“Settling does not mean we agree with the FTC’s allegations; we do not,” Reebok said. “We have received overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback from thousands of EasyTone customers, and we remain committed to the further development of our EasyTone line of products.”

Reebok can’t make any more health claims about the shoes unless they can back it up with scientific data.

Where was the FTC back in the 80’s and 90’s when Nike was claiming that it’s Air Jordan and various Air models would help Joe White-boy be able to jump 5-feet off the ground and be able to dunk?

What do you think? Did you ever own or try out the Reebok RunTone running shoes?

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Joshua Holmes Spira del Sol I (yellow) Vol State 500K magical shoes

So What Shoes Did I Wear During The Last Annual Vol State 500K?

Some of you have been asking what shoes I used during The Last Annual Vol State 500K.

Well, here is a detailed answer to that very simple question:

I started in a pretty new pair of Newton Gravity running shoes that I’ve used successfully for several marathons and smaller ultra marathons. After 40 miles I had a blister and thought perhaps the raised rubber lugs on Newtons were helping to intensify this or creating it. altogether. It actually could have been several factors, but once that idea it got in my head it stuck there.

I then tried a pair of Spira del Sol II shoes that had about 200 miles on them. They were ok but still painful with the blisters. In an act of desperation I tried on an original pair of yellow Spira del Sol I shoes I had retired 3 years ago with 550 miles on them. The past 3 years I’ve used the shoes to mow the yard, hike in, and run errands to the store.

Bingo, they felt better and I could move comfortably in them. I used those for the majority of the rest of the race. I used the Spira del Sol II (white) two more times when the Spira del Sol I’s were wet from the rain. I did the last 40 w/ the Spira del Sol II because the del Sol I (yellow) were wet.

I had Blake (crew) set the Spira del Sol I (yellow) shoes out with 3 miles to go so I could pay them back the honor of finishing the race in them. I was in a mad sprint to finish the race and didn’t have time to switch back into them.  They will never be forgotten though.

Here is a mile-by-mile breakdown:

Newton Gravity 1-40 (40)

Spira del Sol II white 41-50 (10)

Spira del Sol I yellow 51-74 (24)

Spira del Sol II white 75-80 (6)

Spira del Sol I yellow 81-207 (127)

Spira del Sol II white 208-211 (4)

New Balance Lite 212 (1)

Spira del Sol I yellow 213-274 (62)

Spira del Sol II white 276-314 (40)

VS500 Totals

Spira del Sol I (yellow) – 213

Spira del Sol II (white) – 60

Newton Gravity – 40

New Balance Lite – 1

# of miles on them before #vs500k

Newton Gravity – 43 (now – 83)

Spira del Sol I yellow – 558 (now – 771)

Spira del Sol II white – 197 (now – 257)

New Balance Lite – new (now – 1)

It just goes to show that you never know what might work out during an extended ultra. The very last thing I threw in the car before taking off to begin this epic journey was the pair of Spira del Sol I (yellow) running shoes. I had retired them several years ago but would still wear them from time to time just to walk around in or to wear to the store.

My crew quickly realized the success I was having in them after trying them in an act of desperation. She sole of the right shoe developed a crack throughout it about half way through and my crew panicked. The shoe started to fall apart a couple other ways as well but it held tough and strong. The Spira del Sol was key to me being able to finish the 2011 Vol State 500K.

– joshua holmes

2011 Last Annual Vol State 500K Results

[image: Carl Laniak]

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Ultra Marathon Drop Bag

10 Things to Remember in your Ultra Marathon Drop Bag

Most ultra marathons offer the option of leaving a ‘Drop Bag’ at various points along the course.  This offers runners the opportunity to have needed items available throughout the race.

Drop bags can be anything from a clear plastic bin to a plastic bag to a duffle bag.  Since most races will specifically dictate what is or isn‘t allowed, be sure to check your race website.

As for which is best, my personal preference is a clear plastic container, about the size of a shoebox,  that allows you to easily find what you‘re looking for. What you’ll need to pack depends largely on the race distance, the layout of the course, and the offerings at aid stations.

While the following is a list of suggested items to pack, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t have so much ‘stuff’ that you spend a lot of time rifling through your bag to find what you need.

Also, make sure that the things you need are placed at the appropriate aid stations.  For example, if you’re packing a headlamp in a race bag, you’ll want to make sure that it will be at the aid station you’ll pass as it’s getting dark.  Likewise, suncreen won’t do you much good at night.

Most of all, remember that someone is kind enough to haul your ‘necessities’ to the aid station so that you’ll have what you need so DO NOT OVERPACK.  Happy Trails…

Fuel:  (Gels, Energy Bars, Electrolyte tablets) Although most ultra marathons offer a standard fare of sweet and salty snacks, you will want to make sure you have plenty of what your body is used to.  I find that cutting energy bars into bite sized pieces and putting them in a Ziploc works for me.

Extra shoes:  Especially for ultras of 50 miles or more, you may want to consider having an extra pair of shoes.  You may also want to consider making sure that your ‘spare pair’ is at least a half size larger since your feet will most likely swell.

Extra Socks:  Dry feet are happy feet.  Period.

Extra Clothes:  Know your race.  Check the weather forecast and be prepared.  If there’s a chance of rain, pack a light water-proof jacket.  If it’s a scorcher, getting out of sweaty clothes before the sun goes down will help with chills.  Temps in some races can vary 30-40 degrees between day and night so be prepared.

BodyGlide:  Whether you prefer Glide, Vaseline, Desitin Clear, or some other goo, you’ll want something on hand in case chaffing becomes an issue.  This should be in EVERY drop bag.

Blister Kit: You can buy these or make your own.  Basically, you need a sterilized needle and a bandage.  Frankly, I like duct tape as well or better than any type of band-aid I’ve tried.  If you run far enough, you WILL have a blister.  Use the needle to relieve the pressure, cover tightly with your bandage of choice and move on.  Just make sure you store the needle so that it won’t ‘poke’ you while you’re looking though your bag.

Sunscreen:  As you sweat (or go through water crossings if you’re lucky) you’ll want to re-apply.  You’ll most likely hurt in enough places when the race is over that you won’t need a sunburn to remind you of your accomplishment.

Headlamp (and extra batteries):  Obviously, you won’t need this for most 50K’s but for longer races such as 100 milers, a headlamp is your best friend.

Bug Spray:  I include this for personal reasons after running 50 miles at Ouachita and swatting horseflies for hours.  Likewise, you will find that a battle against mosquitoes is one you won’t win.

Small pack baby wipes: All I can say is that a clean ___ is a happy ___.  Fill in the blanks as you wish.  You can never go wrong with baby wipes.

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