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Little Rock Marathon – 2014 – Run It Fast

Little Rock Marathon Live Tweets/Results (2014)

Some of the live and featured tweets we came across for the 2014 Little Rock Marathon in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Bad weather caused some of the runners to be diverted to a shorter distance. The really fast and really slow runners (that took the 6am start) where able to finish the official 26.2 mile distance.

The overall winner was Mark Chepses in 2:25:42 and the overall female winner was (RIF #34) Leah Thorvilson in 2:42:39, her fifth Little Rock Marathon win.

Little Rock Marathon/Half Marathon Results

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Tiki Gelana – NYC Marathon Favorite – Run It Fast Art

Elite Women at the 2012 ING NYC Marathon (List)

Here is a look at all of the elite women that will be taking part at the ING New York City Marathon on November 4, 2012.

The favorites will be Tiki Gelana from Ethiopia (2:18:58) and Kenya’s Edna Kiplagat (2:19:50).

Be sure to keep an eye on former Boston Marathon champ Sharon Cherop (2:22:39) and Ethiopia’s Bizunesh Deba as well.

We will be pulling for all of these elite women on Sunday, especially Run It Fast’s Leah Thorvilson from Arkansas.


Bib Last First ST Nation Age PB
102 Deba Bizunesh NY ETH 25 2:23:19
103 Gelana Tiki ETH 25 2:18:58
104 Félix Ana Dulce POR 30 2:25:40
105 Smith Kim RI NZL 30 2:25:21
106 Kiplagat Edna KEN 33 2:19:50
107 Cherop Sharon KEN 28 2:22:39
108 Arkhipova Tatyana RUS 29 2:23:29
109 Fukushi Kayoko JPN 30 2:24:38
110 Straneo Valeria ITA 36 2:23:44
114 Prokopcuka Jelena LAT 36 2:22:56
115 Kibet Hilda NED 31 2:24:27
116 Mockenhaupt Sabrina GER 31 2:26:21
117 Hastings Amy KS USA 28 2:27:03
118 Okubo Eri JPN 29 2:26:08
119 Burla Serena VA USA 30 2:28:27
120 Nelson Adriana CO USA 32 2:28:52
121 Demissie Misiker NM ETH 26 2:25:21
122 Da Silva Adriana BRA 31 2:29:17
123 Culley Julie NJ USA 31 15:05/5K
124 Bawcom Janet AZ USA 34 2:29:45
125 Pritz Molly CO USA 24 2:31:52
126 Partridge Susan GBR 32 2:34:14
127 Williams Alisha CO USA 30 2:35:09
128 Thomas Wendy CO USA 33 2:34:25
129 Quaglia Emma ITA 32 2:31:15
130 Frey Michelle MN USA 30 2:35:51
131 Aliyu Aziza NY ETH 27 2:36:55
132 Thorvilson Leah AR USA 33 2:37:26
134 Dikos Jackie IN USA 33 2:45:26
136 Molloy Kirsten NSW AUS 33 2:43:41
137 Gacek Melissa MN USA 36 2:44:10
138 Porath Nichole MN USA 29 2:44:12
139 Karlsson Charlotte SWE 30 2:48:37
146 Keating Paula NB CAN 46 2:47:26
160 Gurmu Muliye NY ETH 28 2:39:55
162 DiCamillo Katie RI USA 25 32:31/10K
163 Cummings Sarah NY USA 23 1:16:06/H
164 Higgins Lesley NY USA 32 1:18:06/H
165 Hullinger Heidi NY USA 30 1:18:10/H
166 Composti Jeanna NY USA 31 1:20:19/H
167 Lauretani Maria NY USA 38 1:21:18
168 Bekele Mekides NY ETH 26 2:47:50
169 Neal Adrian Chouinard CO USA 29 2:44:06

Best of luck to these elite women and all of the women taking part in this year’s ING NYC Marathon!

[source: Let’s Run]

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Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Medal – 2012 – Leah Thorvilson Personalized Medal

Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Medal (2012) – Leah Thorvilson Edition

Here is the finisher’s medal from the ill-fated Cellcom Green Bay Marathon that took place on May 19, 2012 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The race was cancelled 2 1/2 hours into the race due to high temperatures. This didn’t sit well with most of the runners. The runners were supposed to jump a bus at the next water station and get a ride back to the finish.

Elite female marathoner Leah Thorvilson was in 1st place when the race was called, forfeiting what seemed to be a would-be victory. However, she found some solace in forking over $12 bucks to have her medal from the race personalized.

You can see what she had engraved in the photo above.

Leah added on Twitter, “..this is supposed to be funny, not drama…after a few beers seemed worth the $12 engraving charge. :-)”

Kudos to Leah on keeping a sense of humor about it all.


[Medal submitted by RIF #34 Leah Thorvilson. Follow her on Twitter @leahthorvilson]

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Frisco Railroad 50 Mile Run Medal Image

Leah Thorvilson Absolutely Demolishes Frisco Railroad Run 50 Mile Run

Leah Thorvilson destroyed the Frisco Railroad Run 50 Mile Race on April 28, 2012 in Williard, Missouri with a blazing time of 6:00:31.  Second place was a complete hour behind her.

Thorvilson’s time is believed to be a new course record and is easily the new female course record.

According to UltraRunning Leah’s time is the fourth fastest 50 miler by a female ever behind only Ann Trason, Donna Perkins, and Marcy Schwam.

Second place went to another female, Karen Plucinski, with a time of 7:00:44.

A dude finally placed in third with Pete Kostenlnick (7:16:51).

2012 Frisco Railroad 50 Mile Race Results

  1. Leah Thorvilson – 6:00:31
  2. Karen Plucinski – 7:00:44
  3. Pete Kostenlnick – 7:16:51
  4. Kyle Clouston – 7:48:53
  5. Jeff Jones – 8:51:52
  6. Ron Ayers – 9:03:23
  7. John Allen – 9:05:41
  8. Stacie Shaver – 9:19:17
  9. Nick Haydn – 9:24:30
  10. Cliff Ferren – 9:32:22

Leah is a member RIF #34 of Run It Fast – The Club. You can join the club and read more about it HERE.

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Melissa Gillette and Leah Thorvilson – Carmel Marathon – 2012

Leah Thorvilson Wins 2012 Carmel Marathon (Results)

Arkansas native Leah Thorvilson won the Carmel Marathon earlier today with a winning time of 2:42:13 in Carmel, Indiana.  The winning time by Leah was also a new course record.

The win comes just one week after Thorvilson was the overall winner at the Hogeye Marathon in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Thorvilson bested the second best female by nearly twenty minutes. Melissa Gillette finished second with a strong time of 3:02:25.

Third overall female went to Laurissa Dalrymple in 3:07:37.

Top Female Results from the Carmel Marathon

  1. Leah Thorvilson – 2:42:13
  2. Melissa Gillette – 3:02:25
  3. Laurissa Dalrymple – 3:07:37
  4. Melissa Hendrix – 3:20:56
  5. Lauren Shirey – 3:21:13
  6. Jennifer Dice – 3:24:45
  7. Megan Brazill – 3:26:54
  8. Christiana Cioffi – 3:27:04
  9. Mandi Jacquinot – 3:32:19
  10. Kristen Holm-Hansen – 3:32:47

The overall winner and top male was Jesse Davis with a time of 2:22:05.

Second place male went to David Mart in 2:27:13 with third place going to Jared Rothlauf in a time of 2:29:34

Top Male Results from the Carmel Marathon

  1. Jesse Davis – 2:22:05
  2. David Mart – 2:27:13
  3. Jared Rothlauf 2:29:34
  4. Justin Gillette – 2:34:11
  5. Andy Hass – 2:39:30
  6. Brad Mason – 2:40:02
  7. Jonathan Kinsey – 2:40:32
  8. Scott Colford – 2:41:21
  9. Colin Muehlenkamp – 2:43:31
  10. Greg Doyon – 2:49:21

Full List of 2012 Carmel Marathon Results

Congrats to all 564 finishers today in Carmel.

Leah Thorvilson is member RIF #34 in Run It Fast – The Club. You can read more about it and join by clicking HERE.

[image: Melissa Gillette and Leah Thorilson]

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Hogeye Marathon Relay Trophy – 2012

Hogeye Marathon Relay 1st Place Trophy (2012)

The 2012 Hogeye Marathon Relay took part this past weekend as part of the Hogeye Marathon in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Leah Thorvilson, who was the overall winner of the marathon, also took part on the winning marathon relay team as well.

Her winning team received very unique pig trophies as you can see above.

Check out the 2012 Hogeye Marathon Medal

[submitted by RIF # 34 Leah Thorvilson. Follow her on Twitter @LeahThrovilson]

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Germantown Half Marathon Medal – 2012

Germantown Half Marathon Medal (2012)

Beautiful finisher’s medal from the Germantown Half Marathon that was held on March 18, 2012 in Germantown, Tennessee.

Run It Fast – The Club member Leah Thorvilson was the female winner with a time of 1:16:37. Congrats to Leah!


[medal photo submitted by Nicholas L. Norfolk. Follow him on Twitter @absolut_zer0]

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Leah Thorvilson – 2012 Little Rock Marathon Winner – Victory Line OMG

Leah Thorvilson Wins 2012 Little Rock Marathon

Arkansas native Leah Thorvilson easily won the 2012 Little Rock Marathon on Sunday over her female competition with a time of 2:37:26.

Her time was 10 minutes ahead of the second female to finish, Hellen Rotich (2:47:46). Third place female went to Heather McWhirter (2:54:14).

Thorvilson’s time was fast enough to place her 4th overall and just 8 minutes behind overall winner Mark Chepses.

Chepses won with a time of 2:29:42. Second place went to Julius Kosgei (2:32:15) and third went to Zach Nyambaso (2:34:47).

Little Rock Marathon Top 10 Finishers:

  1. Mark Chepses – 2:29:42
  2. Julius Kosgei – 2:32:15
  3. Zach Nyambaso – 2:34:47
  4. Leah Thorvilson – 2:37:26
  5. Joseph Aulwes – 2:39:53
  6. John Piggott – 2:41:11
  7. Marathonjunkie Engle – 2:43:16
  8. Brad Poppele – 2:43:59
  9. James Bresette – 2:44:11
  10. John Yoder – 2:45:14

The finish was a personal record for Thorvilson who ran the Olympic Marathon Qualifying Trials last month in Houston.

Thorvilson is Run It Fast – Club member #34 (Join Run It Fast – The Club HERE).

More Winning Photos of Leah

Congrats to Leah from the RIF family on her PR and dominating the competition at Little Rock. Way to Run It Fast!!!

[images: Leah Thorvilson]

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Lost Dutchman Marathon

Justin Gillette Wins 2012 Lost Dutchman Marathon, Leah Thorvilson Takes Female Crown

Justin Gillette won the 2012 Lost Dutchman Marathon on Sunday (February 19, 2012) in Apache Junction, Arizona with a winning time of 2:31:03.

The Indiana native beat out second place finisher Tom Lipsie by over 9 minutes. Lipsie finished in 2:40:26.  Third place went to O’Canada’s Ken Myers in 2:41:41.

Top 10 Male Lost Dutchman Marathon Finishers

  1. Justin Gillette – 2:31:03
  2. Tom Lipsie – 2:40:26
  3. Ken Myers – 2:41:41
  4. Boone Ebel – 2:45:51
  5. Stephen Anders0n – 2:49:58
  6. Matthew Brake – 2:54:16
  7. Gary Krugger – 2:54:49
  8. Cliff Richards – 2:56:41
  9. Brian Zacher – 2:58:17
  10. Steve Dirkse – 2:58:39

Olympic Marathon Trials marathoner Leah Thorvilson easily won the Lost Dutchman Marathon winning by nearly 30 minutes with a time of 2:47:15. Leah finished 5th overall. She ran so fast that rumor has quickly circulated that she DID FIND the Dutchman.

Second place went to Traci Falbo in 3:14:23 with third place going to Brittany Orkney in 3:17:04.

Top 10 Female Lost Dutchman Marathon Finishers

  1. Leah Thorvilson – 2:47:15
  2. Traci Falbo – 3:14:23
  3. Brittany Orkney – 3:17:04
  4. Mary Hanna – 3:20:48
  5. Linda Tivorsak – 3:25:17
  6. Talva Parker – 3:25:42
  7. Camille Bloom – 3:26:33
  8. Ashlee Thomas – 3:27:27
  9. Angela Warren – 3:27:27
  10. Wendy Lathrop – 3:27:48

Full and Searchable 2012 Lost Dutchman Marathon/Half Marathon Results


*chip times and clock times were inverted, converted, and perverted on official race results page. I went with the chip time for each posted.

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Leah Thorvilson Little Rock Marathon Winner

I.A.A.F. Gives Women Marathoners the Middle Finger

The International Association of Athletics Federations (I.A.A.F.) has given the middle finger to women marathoners all across the world.

Per the New York Times the IAAF will no longer recognize records that women marathoners set when sharing road courses with male marathoners.

The world governing body for track and field decided in late August that records in women’s road racing will count only if they are set in women’s-only events, to nullify the benefits of pacesetting by faster male runners, a dynamic that can exist in some marathons, half-marathons and 10-kilometer races where men and women are in the same field.

How silly is this ruling? Very….for example:

What was understood to be the women’s world marathon record — the 2 hours 15 minutes 25 seconds that (Paula) Radcliffe ran over 26.2 miles at the 2003 London Marathon, in a mixed race with male pacesetters for elite women — is now out of consideration. So is the 2:17:18 she ran at the Chicago Marathon, another mixed race, in 2002.

What is now the record — yet only the third-fastest race that Radcliffe has run — is the 2:17:42 that she ran in London in 2005. In that race, elite women started 45 minutes ahead of the men’s field, racing and finishing separately, now a common practice in major marathons.

It gets even sillier!  The IAAF now calls Radcliffe’s 2:15:25 a ‘World Best.’  So it is no longer the ‘World Record’ but is now a ‘World Best.’

“I also think it is a little unfair to set it like that retroactively,” Radcliffe told Runner’s World.

AUDIO LINK to Radcliffe talking about the IAAF decision.

World Best? That sounds like a cheesy saying off a button from a party store that you give your boss or mother of your kids.

Mary Wittenberg (assumed to be a female), RD of the New York City Marathon and on the IAAF’s road racing commission, had this to say about the new rule:

“The I.A.A.F. wanted to show that women can stand on their own two feet, that they don’t need guys to help them get to world records,” Wittenberg said. “There’s definitely a difference. Women run faster with men as pacers, about a two-minute differential on average.”

The Big Lead’s Sam Eifling, in his blog post on the rule change, put it this way:

And then there was this joint statement by the Association of International Marathons (with 300 member marathons) and the World Marathon Majors (representing the Boston, New York, Chicago, London and Berlin marathons): “The current situation where the fastest time is not now recognized as a record is confusing and unfair and does not respect the history of our sport.”

“It’s a move that could only have been made by an organization that doesn’t know its public relations ass from its elbow,” is how Philip Hersh wrote it in the Chicago Tribune, a family newspaper.

But one of the few charms of road running is that it often allows women and men on the same field, at the same moment. And elite women distance runners tend to hold up relatively well against men. The current women’s world record in the mile, for instance, is about where the men’s world record was 94 years ago. In the marathon, Radcliffe’s times would have beaten the men’s record as recently as 1958.

Professional marathoner Sarah Stanley had this to say about it when I asked her about the ruling:

“The new ruling is absurd. A world record is a world record regardless if it is run in mixed company. Have we reverted back a few century’s? We shouldn’t separate women from the men in races. It is a equal opportunity sport and elite men and women need our support.”

It’s a dumb ruling and to apply it retroactively by take records away from women who have already celebrated setting world records…years ago is even dumber.

When will the IAAF rule that no record can be set at a race where elite runners have specialized sports and nutrition drinks laid out at aid tables for them before the race?  That seems like more of an unfair advantage than women running with male pacesetters.  Shouldn’t all the runners at a marathon have to drink the same water and sports drink on the course?

I mean if we are going to start dissecting marathoning just for the sake of creating controversy.

[image: Leah Thorvilson]

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