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Mount Wilson Elevation Profile – Run It Fast

My Day Running Up and Down Mount Wilson

Mount Wilson Summit Run – Sierra Madre, California
January 30, 2014

The stresses of life and letdowns from others can often beat us up and tear us down in our day to day life.

On Thursday I needed an escape. I needed a mountain to pound  against and wrestle with until my body was beat down and my head was clear.

I’ve been trying to maximize and find all the beautiful, wonderful, and amazing places to train and run in and near Los Angeles over the past few months.

So a couple of nights ago I was searching maps and googling different searches and found Mount Wilson. Every review I read about it talked about how serious a ‘hike’ it was and one reviewer described the climb as ‘hell on earth.’ Well after reading that I found myself at the base of Mount Wilson less than 10 hours later. It was about a 40 minute drive from Hollywood.

I knew the climb up to the summit of Mt. Wilson was roughly a 4,500-5,000 foot gain over the course of give or take 7 miles.

By the time I parked it was already 2:15pm which didn’t leave too much daylight to run/hike up to the top and run back down. The day was already void of sun as it was extremely overcast, foggy, and full of dark clouds. I knew I’d have to Run It Fast® up and back down to beat the dark on what was an unfamiliar trail.

Running Up Mount Wilson

I started up the trail and immediately saw a guest book/log and wrote out ‘Joshua Ho…’ before the pen dried out. I had on a hydration vest with two bottles and hoped it wasn’t a prelude to my own hydration fate up on the mountain.

Half a mile into the trail, I saw the last human I’d see over the next 3+ hours. I’d love to tell you the views were beautiful the higher I climbed, but I couldn’t see anything after 1,000 feet of climb up the mountain (see below).

The climb up Wilson was no joke. I was able to run portions of it the first 3.5 miles and fast hike the other parts. After about 3.5 miles it became even more steep as the thick fog and dark clouds started to circle around me. I had my first thoughts of not being to get back down before it was dark and the rains set in.

The temperatures started to drop and the misty rain started to come down faster 4 miles in. I was running in a cut-off shirt and started to think that it might get too wet and cold before I reached the summit. As I mentioned earlier, no humans were anywhere to be found, especially this high up on the trail. I debated turning back as my hamstrings and back were starting to ache. However, I kept marching forward and feeling more and more liberated and free the higher I escaped into the clouds. I wasn’t done battling the mountain, and I’d regret not finishing if I turned back prematurely.

The 5th mile up the mountain had over 900 feet of gain and seemed to go on forever. I could never see too far ahead due to lack of visibility, but the trail before me, where I was watching every single step I planted, was beautiful and rich with character.

The next two miles averaged about 600 feet of climb per mile, but almost felt relatively flat after that 5th mile. About 6 miles up the trail I hit a rough jeep road that I made pretty good time on. The last 1.3ish miles to the summit were on this road.

The first half of the climb up Mt. Wilson was a serious climb, but most runners/hikers in decent shape can do it. The last half (after the first 3 miles) gets very krunk. It’s technical, very steep, and desolate in nature. I’m sure most days there is a bit more, or at least some, traffic on the trail higher up towards the observatory, but there was none when I went up it. I kept wondering what wildlife hid behind the next turn or behind the fog, but all I came across were a few squirrels and birds.

The Summit of Mount Wilson

It took me 2:03:11 to reach the top of Mount Wilson. The distance from where I started at my car to the top was clocked at 7.3 miles. The total climb per Strava was listed just a hair above 5,000 feet to a point of 5,665 of elevation.

The top, as I had read elsewhere, was in fact anti-climatic. It was a welcome sight as I knew that the climbing was over and that I’d be running a lot faster back down the mountain trail to civilization. However the summit of Mount Wilson, it’s just a bunch of roads at the top, along with the observatory which was rather small, and not a single example of life.

Running Down Mount Wilson

The trip back down the mountain was a lot faster than the way up and therefore not worthy as of many words. It was a fast down that was at times too fast. Some of the more technical parts leave 2-3 inches to plant your foot or down the mountain to your death you go. So it was important to pay attention to every step and slow down and walk through some very tight passes.

The steep run down was refreshing and fast! I started to feel it in my quads half way down as they were starting to grow sore. The miles back down the mountain clicked off so much faster than the ones up it.

The flight down had of course 5,000 feet of descent and took 1:20:30.

Mount Wilson Run Details

Total Mount Wilson 14.7 mile run had 5,088 feet of climb and 5,088 feet of descent and took 3:20:41.

Mt Wilson Mile By Mile Ascent/Descent, Pace
Mile 1: +729 -70, 14:53
Mile 2: +686 -49, 15:47
Mile 3: +513 -42, 15:05
Mile 4: +718 -42, 18:42
Mile 5: +995 – 41, 21:40
Mile 6: +687 0, 18:51
Mile 7: +546 0, 17:01
Mile 8: +53 -404, 13:11
Mile 9: 0 -533, 9:56
Mile 10: 0 -952, 12:33
Mile 11: 0 -801, 10:24
Mile 12: +97 -480, 10:25
Mile 13: 0 -655, 9:50
Mile 14: +88 -683, 10:11
Mile 14.7: 0, -392, 5:07

It was a great run. I’m glad I decided on a whim to go do it. I felt cleansed, alive, and detoxed after it was over. I couldn’t help but feel alive in the rain and Los Angeles rush hour traffic as I slowly drove back home in much the same fashion as I had made my way to the top of Mt. Wilson.

I’d recommend this trail to anyone. It takes a big effort to make it all of the way to the top and back, but it’s still worth the drive and time even if you just want to do a handful of miles instead of the whole enchilada.

joshua holmes (RIF #1)

PS: You can park in front of the small park on E Mira Monta Ave for free and walk up or start up Mount Wilson Trail Road right next to it.

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Tom Cruise Running – Run It Fast

Tom Cruise’s Running Form Over the Years (Video)

Tom Cruise is known for a few things over the last thirty years in the public eye. Some of those things we can even openly discuss without getting sued by his legal team. One of those being the Larry Macon-like number of running scenes Cruise has had in his films.

The creator of the Tom Cruise running compilation above claims that Cruise has had a running scene in 75% of his films.

It shows all of Tom’s running from his movies over the course of his career up until 2011 (when the video was created).

Tom appears to be a hard-nosed sprinter with too much arm action and and a cocked back neck which could cause such too far back (like someone else I know during a marathon).

He runs almost as if he’s running from a bomb, crooked lawyers, or terrorists.

Best way to describe Cruise’s form: Usain Bolt in a 5’7″ white man’s body at 1/3rd the speed!

Cruise might have the most memorable brief case run that took place in The Firm.

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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (June 16-17, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (June 16-17, 2012)

New Story

Storified by Joshua Holmes · Fri, Jun 15 2012 10:36:45

Here is a look at where everyone is running this weekend. We had 32 responses this week. Good luck to everyone and Run It Fast!

To join Run It Fast – The Club then click HERE to read more details.

@runitfast I’m running the World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run with Team Jaammm!Jeff Courvoisier
@runitfast will be running with a new group, with the view of paddy valleys. a new track with estimated distance around 20-25K :)Natalia Tanyadji
@runitfast I have 18 miles planned for Saturday and 8 for Sunday. Somewhere in SoCal.Lisa Gonzales
@runitfast Old 98 in Destin FL!Nichole
@runitfast Llaundudno 10 this weekend.Andy Huxley
@runitfast Inaugural Canton Marathon….but they are sending out emails offering half option or deferrals….Phil Min
@runitfast 26.2 in Duluth, MN! @GrandmasMaraJaydn B
@runitfast Back to back 13 miles, Saturday and Sunday. Phoenix summer.Robert Boluyt
@runitfast Tahoe Rim Trail 26-mile training run! See awesome photos here: http://www.tahoerunco.com/2012/01/a-tale-of-two-winters/Tahoe Running Girl
@runitfast @GrandmasMara in Duluth MN – rail?nhapp
@runitfast running the Ragnar wasatch back relay tomorrow with 5 runners instead of the customary 12 per team.40 miles apiece, lets rock!Jason Howard
@runitfast I’m running the RC cola moon pie 10 miler in Bell Buckle, TNRunning Franklin
@runitfast Run for the Pies 5k, Jacksonville, FL.E. Smith
@runitfast Gonna try out a 10 mile route I’ve never done beforeJamie Yardley
@runitfast Got myself a place in the inaugural Karrimor @Great_Trail Challenge in Keswick courtesy of @TrailRunningMag – doing the half.Amanda Crozier
@runitfast running 20km in Tampa, Fl. Nothing like a good run in the middle of your vacations.Jorge Angel
@runitfast 3000m Sunday at the Moscow Med. Institute Track Meet 1000m Monday eve at Moscow State U. 5000 was cancelled :-((((Michelle Mitchell
@runitfast philly! 1/2 Sour 1/2 Kraut Marathon.Laura Raeder
@runitfast San Jose Giant Race, San Jose, CA. http://j.mp/NCZZgF (RIF#140)Dennis Arriaga
St. Charles Trail Run 5k.. My 1st Trail Run!!“@runitfast: Where are you running/racing this weekend? Responses will be posted on RIFnicole
@runitfast trail run in bozemanelizabeth v rehmer
@runitfast RC cola and moon pie 10 milermike
@runitfast Big Green Tri in Hanover NH tomorrow, whoop!Michele Lash
@runitfast 10mile road race in Llandudno, North WalesGavin
@runitfast Running in the @RelayColumbus in OHIO!Ann Driscoll
@runitfast ruckus race in marshfield MA woop woop!!!!April feeney
@runitfast racing the Woodminster Trail race, 3rd leg in East Bay Triple Crown. Raced the 2cnd leg after racing Reno-Tahoe Odyssey relayJim Elliott
@runitfast @runitfast @ruckussports tomorrow! my first obstacle race!! #GetOutAndPlayShalini Patel
@runitfast christopher newport university in newport news, virginIaDavon Guerrier
@runitfast tangamanga park 8.6 km runFernando Avila Alvar
@runitfast Just some training runs in the Smoky Mountains and West TN. #runitfastJoshua Holmes

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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (June 9-10, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (June 9-10, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (June 9-10, 2012)

Storified by Joshua Holmes · Fri, Jun 08 2012 11:51:14

Here is a look at where everyone is running this weekend. We had 52 responses this week. Good luck to everyone and Run It Fast!

To join Run It Fast – The Club then click HERE to read more details.

@runitfast My 3rd consecutive Run Under The Stars 10HR. I’m hoping to improve on last year’s 51.5 miles. 8pm-6am 1/2 mile horse trackJoshua Holmes
@runitfast I’m running the Cougar Run Trail Half Marathon in San Diego on Sunday. #runitfast #5 #animalracingLisa Gonzales
@runitfast Run Under The Stars – Paducah, KYPhil Min
@bayou RUTS. Bring. It. On. Tomorrow.Scott Stader
@runitfast comanches trail park Odessa, Texas tomorrow morning.Josh Caudill
@runitfast running the Utah Valley Marathon in Provo UtahJason Howard
@bayou Thanks! Looking forward to running #RUTS all night with @runitfast friends #CantStopCan’t Stop Endurance
@runitfast. Never Quit, Jacksonville Beach, FLJess
@runitfast First long runs for #ChicagoMarathon 2012 training are this weekend. October can’t get here soon enough. #ChiMarathonCarl Chantigian
@runitfast I’ll be running my last long training run before my first 10K in Boston in 2 weeks!Kelsey Stevens
@runitfast Sutton coldfield, the great midlands fun run, 7000 taking on the 8.5 mile event that includes cardiac hillMatt Stephens
@runitfast Going to Houston for a conference… I’m taking my running clothes just in case!Su Wilcox
@runitfast at @ParqueChipinque mty, mxDiana MaribeL.
@runitfast Kremlin Mile (yup they run it right outside the Kremlin)Michelle Mitchell
@runitfast Chicago! 13.1 series. Can’t wait for my slice of Lou Malanati’s pizza!Josh Gambill
@runitfast Run Under the Stars 10 Hour Race in Paducah.David W
@runitfast Arizona Roadracers Summer Series 2Eric Rutin
@runitfast 13.1 ChicagoBilly Zuccaro
@runitfast Ironman Kansas 70.3 this weekend. Should b a fun awesome race. Camping too. Still need to sign up for my #runitfast#Brian L
@runitfast running the Hatfield McCoy Marathon in the Tug Valley Kentucky/W. VirginiaAlvin Lee
I’m running 5 kilometer at the pink ribbon ladies run in rotterdam sunday @runitfastKay-Cee vd Parre
@runitfast Rockin’ Tomahawk Half Marathon, Tomahawk, WI!Amy Auner
@runitfast Gibson Guitar 5k in Memphis on Beale Street/Riverside loop.Robin Robbins
@runitfast I’m running the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Raleigh, NC for my BFF since first grade, Rebecca Newsome.#cancersucksMary Williams
@runitfast half marathon by lake health in painesville, oh. #runitfastWilliam Jordan
@runitfast Utah Valley Marathon, Provo!Laura Raeder
@runitfast girls on the run 5k with my 16. Third graders!Kristine Nader
@runitfast 1st annual CASA 5k in searcy Arkansas! Supporting a good cause :DRaquel
@runitfast @Trinona sprint tri on Sunday in Winona, MN. My debut triathlon!Laura Gulso
@runitfast long run on Sunday in Bozeman.elizabeth v rehmer
@runitfast LuLu 5k on Sunday to benefit Girls With Sole!cmillsmt
@runitfast ladiesfest 8k in Lethbridge Alberta CanadaCarmen H
@runitfast Texas City, Tx Run By the Bay 10K Sat! My 2nd 10K & 9th race since March! Look forward to #runfast @RunHouston @snapfitnessmotxVanessa Goodman
@runitfast Muddy Buddy in GA!Elizabeth Kalifeh
@runitfast Running my first marathon on Sunday! Edge to Edge in Tofino/Uclulet, B.C.!Mary Grieder
@runitfast Tremont IL. At the Tremont-Turkeyfest 5K on Saturday 🙂 #readytorunDalton
@runitfast Heritage Half Marathon, Dover, De on SundayShawna
@runitfast Lakes Calhoun, Harriet and Lake of the Isles :)Red

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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (March 17-18, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (March 17-18, 2012)


We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 55 of you responded!

Good luck to you all this weekend and Run It Fast!

Joshua Holmes – Savage Gulf Trail Marathon. 4,500 ft of climb and put on park rangers that have no clue what they’re doing. Water every 9 miles 😉

Naresh Kumar – Fall Creek Falls 50K 🙂

OnTrack Fitness – 5 miles w our half mary grp at a local park.

Mystic – on the back country roads of fouborg holla

Emily Stacey – first race for the season with #LAC! 5k super excited!

Nicholas L. Norfolk – Running with a friend for his first half. #GermantownHalf

Reggie Dunn – Where are you running/racing this weekend?” L.A Marathon

Sean Lewis – Wabash College!

Katie Grant – I’ll be going for a run in Honolulu. Can’t wait! #girlyfatbet

Scott Stader – youth villages 5k in Jackson, Tn & Germantown, TN half marathon #staderdouble

Mandy F – st pats 5k..!!

Martyn Fisher – Offord, near St Neots, Cambridgeshire. An 18 mile road race.

Diego Eluchans – “Corrida Nocturna Luchetti”, Santiago, Chile.

Yaz – Mmsha Mishrif chinna

Fabrizio Colella – Roma marathon :))

Christy Bowers – Dash Down Greenville in Dallas!

Lynsey Rimmer – Liverpool half marathon!

Rohnny Petitjean – A long the river Meuse in Liège.

Amber Goetz – Beer Run 5 miler in Greensboro NC 🙂 #HappyStPattysDay

Ashley – running by La Tour Eiffel in Paris! #springbreak

Kiki – Three races this weekend – Rhodes City Run 10K in Louisville, KY on Saturday morning, followed by Run for the Gold 3K in Frankfort, KY Saturday evening; then have indoor triathlon on Sunday in Jeffersonville, IN

Mary Jane Schriver – Shamrock Shuffle 1/2 marathon, Harmony PA.

Andy Scott – Rocket Run 10-miler

Stacy L.#NYCHalf! It’s finally here! Wheeee!

Willie Way – Las Vegas Six Tunnels Half Marathon – Saturday 17th.

Michelle Mitchell – Moscow University Indoor Championships. Speedwork after a high volume block:) 100k Worlds and Euros in a month!

E.B. – Georgia Half Marathon, Atlanta

Sarah Gipe – my family is in the Heart Run/Walk in Cinci, OH in honor of my Mom who is a heart attack survivor. We’re blessed she is with us.

Colene Lord – 8k Shamrock Run in Portland, OR!! After we hit up some college hoops on Saturday, of course!!

Sid Wegener – Wild Goose State Trail in Dodge County, WI.

Kevin Ronayne – Long runs in central MA this weekend

Ms. Swan – 20mi w/ #RunningExcels running grp #Chicago #CARA#marathontraining

Left Hash – Cary March Madness Half Marathon.

telisa – USA marathon in DC

GLITZANDBLITZ – woke up and ran a quick 1.6 miles before work.#babysteps

titeyogarunner – ultrabericus.it 1st #ultratrail of the season. Tomorrow, Vicenza Hills, Italy. 65k, +2550m. In the sun, for once!

Mark Shipley – Running the JC Stone 50K

Freda Miller – Nashville. Springer Mountain Farms 5K.

Ace – Irish Jig 5K in Grand Rapids

kelli – Louisville, KY – Rodes City Run 10k

TriStateSportsNut – NYC 1/2….sunday !!!!

Jason Perdew – Kingdom of Bahrain, around Al Amwaj Islands.

Jared Friesen – 18 mile training run on still very snow packed trails in Anchorage.

Grace Hunsberger – Shamrock 10k in Yorktown, Indiana, to benefit the recent tornado victims in our area. @Ms_Yale

Sambeaux WhoDat – In between kids soccer and baseball games. 2 mile loop around the park of game fields in Lake Charles LA.

Elizabeth Kalifeh – ga Publix 1/2 marathon in Atlanta!

Angie Gerber – Tackling our first 20 mile training run on the Terwiliger hills in Portland, Oregon! Yahoo!

Michael Redlich –  I am #running the @RunRocknRoll #RnRUSA#halfmarathon this weekend in Washington, D.C. with my neighbor, Richard.

Nicole@lamarathon !! And in the rain again apparently

BeardRunJax – Skipping St. Patty’s 10k on Saturday, for a long run on Sunday. #SundayRunday

Josh Liggett – doing the Portland shamrock run 15k.

Larry Medina – running my first @NYRRLive #NYCHalf. Looking forward to running in the streets of manhattan.

Can’t Stop Endurance – Training in Memphis but cheering #CantStop Endurance runners at Shamrock Marathon, NYC 1/2, Germantown 1/2, RnR USA!

Leah Pate – Through the heart of downtown, along the Sunset Strip, to Santa Monica for the LA MARATHON!!!!!!

Cameron Adamson – shamrock half! 5000 feet up- at the base of the Wasatch mountains, some good hills and a humbling early season tuneup race!



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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Mar 3-4, 2012)


We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 30 of you responded!

 Good luck to you all this weekend and Run It Fast!

Joshua Holmes – MS 50 Miler on Sat and RNR NOLA marathon Sunday. #runitfast

Lauren Stone – 9 mile birthday training run tomorrow! Hopefully in the park and not on the treadmill!

Jeff Cook@tamshaw331 @Twitchaloupka We are all running the LR Half Marathon!

MsPump&Run – Columbus Ohio, @ArnoldSports #5kPumpnRun #LiftRunRepeat

BOTPP – Home sweet home, but some pals are doing a 10k in Holyoke, MA on March 18.

Betty Pecas#YoCorreréElMaratónLala2012 @MaratonLala

Anji Nussbaumer – will be slopping through the mud and rain at the Umstead Trail Marathon in NC

Pilar Laurido – #NikeSunsetRun Pta Carnero Ecuador @Nike_Ec

Robin Thomas – planning a long run through the #EastSussex countryside starting in #Uckfield

Victor Fleitas – You know it, the Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi 50 Trail Run 50k! #Mississippi50

Stephen G – The Woodlands (TX) Half Marathon.

Lisa Gonzales – I’m doing 25 miles tomorrow w/lots of hill repeats! And 13 on the trails on Sunday. All local.

Kevin Ronayne – Looooong runs in Central Mass this weekend #marathontraining

James Meredith – Little Rock. The weather is shaping up to be perfect, so we’re hoping for an all-around great weekend.

Kevin Leathers – MS Trail 50 Mile with Run It Fast & Can’t Stop Endurance friends!!

ChrissyCarroll1– Hopefully a 10 mile training run in prep for some upcoming half marathons, if my hip chooses to cooperate!

Jon Yezerski – Black Cat 10 miler in Salem Ma

Stephen Cox – UNF Spring Break invite in Jacksonville, FL. 5000m tonight. #stoked

Arturo Moreno – running the #RnRNOLA marathon on Sunday

Damian Foley – Running the #RnRNOLA 1/2 – can I finish 13.1 before @bayou finishes 26.2? lol

Disneywifey – #rnrnola half 🙂

April Werling – Running the Mountain Marathon in Olympia, Wa! My 2nd marathon!

Jonathan Stewart – 12 today, 14 Saturday and 13 tempo Sunday, all in the prettiest town in Madison county Tennessee!

Will McDonough – Hey @runitfast : racing the final leg of the @BostonBuildup winter series on Sunday — 25k @ Silvermine, CT #weekendruns

wrytersview – Les Bois 10k Trail Run http://t.co/bxx39Hvg

Ike – running on school track. Have 800s ahead of me today. Should be interesting. #getitdone

Gregory Wilson – On Saturday, Hellyer 5k in San Jose, CA. On Sunday, the Napa Valley Marathon.

Fernanda De Hoyos – beautiful san Diego bay, and ski beach

Alvin Lee – B & A Trail Marathon Severna Park, MD. Marathon 7 and still luvin it!

Scott Stader – Heading down to New Orleans for the #RnRNOLA marathon! Who’s ready to #runitfast with me? @runitfast


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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Feb 25-26, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Feb 25-26, 2012)

 We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 46 of you responded!

Good luck to you all this weekend and Run It Fast!

Joshua Holmes – Denmark Dash 5K and some training runs on the trail!

Travis Hutchinson – Running in Bozeman at 5,000 ft. Nice getaway trip for the weekend. Plan on doing 35 miles in 2 runs!

rebecca kell – Running Warm Your Heart 5K with several friends.

John Shepard – I will be at @BigRiverRunning‘s Castlewood Cup on Saturday. Completely pumped.

Lisa Gonzales – I’m running the La Jolla Canyon 50K on Sunday. My 2nd! Woo!

Kiki – I’m running in the Making Tracks for Celiacs 5K in Hoover, AL.

Ev•••••• – Saturday, 5 miler – Ortega River Run 2012, Jacksonville, FL.

Carissa – ….conference meet!!! #emutf

Lauren Karn – Disney princess half marathon 🙂 @DisneySports

Indika McCampbell – time to get nice long 17mile training run on the trails this weekend!!

Paul – Xterra GA Thrill in the hills marathon

jjfrankelman – Trek Up the Tower in Omaha! Race up 40 flights of stairs.

elizabeth v rehmer – Disney baby!!! Princess half and my first time to Disney!

Susie K – 8 mile training run in Montauk, Long Island, NY 🙂

Tisha White – Mardi Gras Mambo 10K in Baton Rouge this Saturday

Jonathan Stewart – 16 easy breezy miles in J town. AJM just around the corner.

Heather Bily#ragnardelsol. Bring it!!!

Lisa B. – Ft Worth. Cowtown Challenge 🙂

Kevin Ronayne – looong training runs this weekend in Central Mass

Jonathan Harrison – Leah & @ScottStader are running the Oxford Run 4 Hope Half Marathon in Oxford, MS.

Chad Lapp – running the febapple frozen 50k – south mountain preserve – NJ on Saturday!

Mike Kottmer – Mud In Your Eye 8K

jen bussey – in snowy calgary, helping my friend train for her first 1/2 marathon in prague mar 31 🙂

Danielle Elyse – I am RUNNING into the ocean for the Seaside Polar Bear Plunge on Saturday!! lol

Kevin Kozuszek – The Castlewood Cup 15k trail race by @bigriverrunning. It’s the best reason to train during the winter.

James Meredith – Sticking close to home, 8 miles; last long run before Little Rock, hoping to avoid injury, fatigue. Tapering can be a challenge.

We Run This – running in the fresh snow of WI…if it sticks around that long’

Camille Breckenridge –  #Oxford Run for Hope 5K

Casey – Princess 1/2 Marathon at Disney World on Sunday!

Gina Sassone – Super Spartan 8 mile obstacle course in Miami@Spartan_Race

Fernando Avila Alvar – at the parque tangamanga!

Lindsay Edwards – The Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando on Sunday!!! #disneymagic #readytorun

Sarah Malaney – 6 mile run Saturday with the Bridge the Gap Half Marathon training group!

Angie Gerber – 18 mile training run in beautiful Trout Lake, WA. Snow and wind will not stop us!

Nathan Bugg – <–Cowtown 10k in Ft.Worth Texas

Kimberly Tucker – Runniny my last long run before my half in NOLA next Sunday!

Chris Mateer – 5k/3k double at the SUNYAC championships….should be a fun weekend, both races are looking stacked!

Herk the Giant – 15km along the Birmingham Canal Main Line Upper and Lower levels via Smethwick

Connor Sorrells – george rogers clark 10 miler in vincennes indiana

William McArthur – half marathon race from Colorines to Valle de Bravo – Mexico!

Dina Kwit – Scenic City Half Marathon, Tenn.

AMI Round the Bays – wellington’s biggest ever fun run will gave 12,000 people running #AMIRoundTheBays

Kelly Belch – Doing my first 7k tomorrow for @Wgtnroundthebay ‘s. Very nervous and excited at the same time #cheeky7k

Jimmer0 – Running the Snow Joke half tomorrow in Seeley Lake, Montana.

Justin Gillette – Helping organize the Goshen Indoor Marathon…2 marathons held Saturday (8am and 230pm start times) and 1 on Sunday (7am start). One brave man is going to run all 3….204 laps on indoor track per race.

Marj Mitchell I forgot to write I will be doing a 19 miles on the hilly trails for week 13, marathon#2 training, it’s also my birthday and I can’t think of a better thing to do on my special day than to run long:)

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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Feb 4-5, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Feb 4-5, 2012)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 40 of you responded!

A good number of you will be down at the Rocky Raccoon 100/50 miler, the Krispy Kreme 10k Challenge in North Carolina, and the Jackass 50K.

Best of luck to you all and Run It Fast!!!

Joshua Holmes – What should be a very wet and sloppy Jackass 50K!

Tianna Marshall – Hansen Dam Friendship 30k run

Sandra Laflamme –  @RaggedMountain NH-Winter Wild Series @TeamAMPllc#running

Katie Grant – Where are you running/racing this weekend? Fish Creek Park in Calgary AB Canada

Kelly Bruce – Cherokee Park in the Snowman Shuffle 4miler…wish me luck 😀

Vanessa Probert – I am still in recovery from shin splints & stress fracture, so I have 2 run on soft track. Will be running @ the local highschool

California Footwear – Davis Stampede 1/2 marathon. Woot!

Leah Mary Clark – The hilly roads of Indianola, IA. #SimpsonCollege#GoStorm!

Stacey Crawley – Superbowl 5k in Columbus, GA!

Suann – rocky raccoon!

RacingItOff – Rocky Raccoon 50 miler!

737 Guy – hills of central texas

Heather Blackmon – Jed Smith 50k in Sacramento – my first ultra!

Michael J. – krispykreme challenge in Raleigh, NC! Just for fun 🙂

aimee bellwood – 13.5k Richmond park, London with @stevensongemma tomorrow – hold off snow!

Kayleigh Nias – Thames Trot 50miler… Terrified! X

Angie Gerber – 16 mile training run in beautiful Helvetia, Oregon.

Craig Brett – Longleat 10k on Sunday, plus 22 miles training run on Saturday

Matty Brennan – long mynd valleys fell race, UK. 11 miles, 4500 feet of climb, and some snow. Should be fun.

Casey – Surf City Marathon for me!

Amber Goetz – Winter Flight 8K in Salisbury, NC

Kiki – I’m running the Snowman Shuffle 4 Miler in Louisville, KY on Saturday.

Lisa Gonzales – I’ll be running in the mud on Saturday at the Jackson Jackass 50k!! And hopefully Shelby Farms on Sunday or Monday.

Rachel Matuszek – probably 3 mi on trail tomorrow with my dog and definitely a 10 miler on Sunday with my husband on the bike path in Bristol RI.

Aaron Johnstone – 12-miler. Tapering for @austinmarathon on 2/19!

Jonathan Bobbitt – Jackson Jackass 50k!!! My first ultra long training run!!

Jeff – River Trail 15k in North Little Rock, AR

Jason Howard – running the surf city marathon in Huntington Beach Ca this weekend.

Lee Anne Hooley – Super5k in Lowell on Sunday, around town for a tune-up tonight and tomorrow.

Joshua Guiles – Superbowl 5k in Ann Arbor, MI.

Gerard Pescatore – 11 Mile training run in Philly.

Kevin Ronayne – looking forward to the Super Sunday 5 in Cambridge, MA

kelli – snowman shuffle 4 miler, louisville, ky

jose hernan jimenez – 10K XXXI Ed. La Candelaria – Greetings from Costa Rica 😉

Lauren Stone – 7 mile recovery training run in STL

Anji Nussbaumer – 50k in Charlotte, NC. First Ultra race for the Queen City!

Sarah Malaney – 3 mile group run. the first of many for Bridge the Gap Half Marathon training

Jade Blackford – around the block 🙂

Nicole Johnson – Krispy Kreme Challenge, NC

Williamson Owners – 50k in Charlotte, NC. First Ultra race for the Queen City!


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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Jan 28-29, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Jan 28-29, 2012)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 34 of you responded!

Best of luck to you all and Run It Fast!!!

Joshua Holmes – DebatingMt. Mist 50K. #brokerib Leaning ‘no’ at the moment.

Miguel DeJesus – I’ll be running the @F3Events 1/2 marathon on Chicago’s lake front. #f3jan2012 #runnerds

Timothy G. Huguenin – If the weather’s good, I’ll be out on a relaxing jog in the New River Gorge, WV! No races for me–I’m broke.

Sonja N. – St. Paul MN Winter Carnival half (more likely than not).

Lisa Gonzales – I’m running the Wild Horse Half Marathon in San Diego on Sunday! Woo!

Phil Horn – Toohey Forest, Brisbane, Australia – best part of the world

Jonathan Bobbitt – okay, if I must decide, imma do a BTB on some trails. Maybe a couple of 12s or 15s

Matt Ambos – 10 mile easy run on Sunday! Making the push for a 100 in January!

pensive pumpkin@TheBoringRunner is having his #freezeyourthornsoffvirtual 5k! I’m running naked in my shower as instructed.

Stephen G – Remission Run 5K (Conroe, TX)

Can’t Stop Endurance – We are running the Sylamore Trail in AR to prep for#JJ50K & #Sylamore50K

Claire Orfanos – f^3 Lake Half Marathon in #chicago!

NaomiPipes – Dawson 5K in Pearland.

Emily Conley#MountainMist50K in Huntsville, AL. #embracethemud

Gregory Wilson – I’m running the Coyote Hills 5k with my two sons in Fremont, CA on Saturday.

Tanya Strandlund – on the edge of the Alberta Rockies

Aaron Johnstone – last 20-miler before tapering for the @austinmarathon!

Rachel Matuszek – I am running the inaugural Frosty Road Runner 10.5 miler in Rochester MA Saturday AM. Cant wait!

Kevin Ronayne – I will be adding to my #marathonaweek mileage in Shrewsbury, MA this weekend #runitfast

Gerard Pescatore – 10 miles on the trails

Allison Ustynoski – Winter Trail Half Marathon in Indy. Have to run with headlamp or flashlight. Did I mention it starts at 6PM and is in the woods?

Robert Boluyt – Desert Classic Half Marathon, Surprise AZ

Craig Brett – having a well earned rest this weekend, in preparation for 21 miles next weekend and 20 mile race the weekend after

MJP Running – Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual 5K!

Gina Sassone – Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in West Palm Beach Florida 🙂

JESUS REYNA HERRERA – I ll be Running in @lalomacd SLP Mex

Jared Friesen – Last big training run before the 50k, 24 miles with high of 2 degrees!

Susan Eastman – Last Grand Prix race (#7) of series here on Cape Cod on Sunday – 4.5 miles w/a couple hills. I’ve run all 7!! Banquet 2/4

Vanessa Probert – can’t run due to a stress fracture 🙁 but I’m biking at montano de oro in morro bay, ca instead!

Casey – I’ll be running the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon at Disneyland on Sunday.

Bill Peters – ING Miami Half Marathon @runmiami

Robbie Lawless – More epic runs on the trails of La Palma, Canary Islands. Need to get me some more views like this…http://pic.twitter.com/oniExn5r

Todd Apgar – BU terrier classic tomorrow!!

Naresh Kumar – Mt Mist 50K 🙂 with @trailjunke

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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Jan 21-22, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Jan 21-22, 2012)



We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 20 of you responded!

Best of luck to you all and be sure to Run It Fast!!!

Joshua Holmes – Will be running the Maui Oceanfront Marathon here in Hawai’i.

Scott Stader – yo! Hope y’all r havin a great time! Running Eagles 5k in Henderson and Race on the Trace 5 Miler at Natchez Trace tomorrow.

Nolan Holloway – running at Stone Mountain Park tomorrow.

Lisa Gonzales – I plan on running 24.5 miles tomorrow and 12 or so on Sunday. No trails but hopefully some hills.

Jonathan Bobbitt – Frostbite 1/2 Starkville, MS and some trails back home in Jackson on Sunday!! #runitfast

Can’t Stop Endurance – Back-to-back weekend… long trail runs at Wolf River Trails and then Shelby Forest!

Dixie Chicken – Nowhere – spare a thought for those nursing an injury.

MKDR – 5k at the Riverfront in Wilmington DE

BeardRunJax – I have a long training run this weekend in #dtjax, 10-12mi. Getting ready for the @RunRocknRoll St. Petersburg Half in February!

Nadia Sarudiansky – in Gran Canaria Maraton Spain

coreen steinbach – Hartshorne Masters Mile. Cornell University. tomorrow high noon

Robert Boluyt – Coldwater Rumble 31K, Goodyear AZ

Kevin Ronayne – running the #TwitterRoadRace tomorrow

Aaron Johnstone#TwitterRoadRace tomorrow!

Craig Brett – quiet one this weekend, parkrun tomorrow, then a 19 mile training run on Sunday.

paolo ro$$etto – montebelluna – Treviso – Italy

Bruce Williamson – will be running the trails at Lake McMurtry, OK when the Enid running club comes to town!

Anywhere5K – The #twitter5k tomorrow!

Bill Peters – Central Park – Manhattan Half…in snowshoes?

Martyn Fisher#Folksworth , Cambridgeshire. Nice little 15 mile race.

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