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Josh Ripley Carries Injured Cross Country Rival 1/2 Mile to Get Aid

Andover High School (Minn.) cross-country athlete Josh Ripley was running at a meet last week when he came upon Mark Paulauskas, a rival from Lakeview South High School, who was on the ground bleeding and in pain after being unintentionally spiked by another runner.

Ripley, instead of racing past Paulauskas or finishing the race and then sending help back to him, picked up Paulauskas and carried him back to the start area to his family and coach.

“I didn’t think about my race, I knew I needed to stop and help him,” Ripley said in the school district release. “It was something I would expect my other teammates to do. I’m nothing special; I was just in the right place at the right time.”

Paulauskas ended up needing a walking boot and 20 stitches for the wound.

Read More HERE at Yahoo!

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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – Iron Maiden & Forrest Gump (Video)

I tweeted this video a couple of days ago but wanted to post it here as well.

It’s a video of Iron Maiden’s ‘The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner’ with film footage from the movie Forrest Gump of all of the scenes where Tom Hanks (Forrest) is running in the film.

YouTube user ‘Residualbill’ did a really good job of editing the scenes to match the song.

The best part being Forrest’s machine gun fire in Vietnam.

BTW: Really great song to run to for those of you that listen to music!

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NorthCoast 24 Hour Endurance Run

Philip McCarthy Wins 2011 NorthCoast 24-Hour (Top 30 Results)

Here are the Top 30 finishers from the NorthCoast 24 Hour Endurance Run that took place this past weekend in Cleveland, Ohio.

“The 2011 North Coast 24 was selected as the 2011 USATF 24-Hour Run National Championship.”

Congrats to Philip McCarthy who was the overall winner with a total distance of 153.37 miles and Connie Gardner who was the overall female winner with a total distance of 144.72 miles.

Place – Name – Total Miles – Total Time

  1. Philip McCarthy – 153.37 (23:56:43)
  2. Jonathan Savage – 146.28 (23:56:32)
  3. Kai Horschig145.56 (23:53:40)
  4. Connie Gardner (F) – 144.72 (23:53:05)
  5. Harvey Lewis140.58 (23:59:59)
  6. Byron Lane133.07 (23:53:03)
  7. Debra Horn (F) – 131.75 (23:55:00)
  8. Serge Arbona129.77 (23:59:59)
  9. Volodymyr Balatsky 127.07 (23:52:33)
  10. Lisa Bliss (F) – 125.98 (23:50:33)
  11. Randy Ellis119.32 (23:55:29)
  12. Matt Clay117.82 (23:53:02)
  13. Rick Meyers116.38 (23:58:52)
  14. Christian Creutzer113.61 (23:59:48)
  15. Laura Bleakley (F) – 112.53 (23:44:29)
  16. Leon Rothstein 112.17 (23:54:17)
  17. Phillip Apel111.93 (23:58:11)
  18. Mark Godale111.69 (22:24:13)
  19. David Corfman111.27 (23:55:10)
  20. John Geesler110.61 (23:52:56)
  21. Bonnie Busch (F) – 108.51 (23:53:47)
  22. Joe Winch107.55 (23:56:50)
  23. Tammy Massie (F) – 107.19 (23:59:59)
  24. Pamela Rickard (F) – 106.53 (23:56:47)
  25. Vikena Yutz (F) – 106.05 (23:52:27)
  26. Ric Munoz105.69 (23:56:03)
  27. Anna Piskorska (F) – 105.39 (21:32:08)
  28. Roy Pirrung105.39 (23:21:44)
  29. Hideki Kinoshita104.79 (23:57:33)
  30. Juli Aistars (F) – 104.55 (23:59:05)

View Complete 2011 NorthCoast 24 Results (HERE)

NorthCoast 24 Hour Endurance Run Website

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Killian Jornet’s Killa’ Slo-Mo Quest Trail Grinding (Video)

Many of you have seen this but here is the Kilian Jornet in a newly released Salomon Running video called “Kilian’s Quest S3 E07 – Slow Motion.”

It was recorded at 1,000 frames a second and uses excessive slow-motion technology to show Jornet shredding some intense trails.

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Bart Yasso Twitter

ESPN’s Dana Jacobson Finishes First Half Marathon

ESPN’s First Take anchor Dana Jacobson finished her first half marathon on Sunday in Philadelphia at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon.

Jacobson ran the 13.1 mile course in a time of 2:19:49.

Congrats to Dana and her coach Bart Yasso who helped her train via one of his patented Runner’s World training programs.

Dana tweeted afterwards, “The @RunRocknRoll folks are amazing put on a great show! Made me feel so welcome can’t wait for another.”

So it looks like Dana has the bug like the rest of us now!

[image: @djacobsonespn]

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Lisa Buohler – Elite Runner/Cyclist

Elite Endurance Athlete Lisa Buohler in ICU After Being Hit By Car

Elite runner/cyclist Lisa Buohler was riding her bicycle on Wednesday when she was hit by a car in Lehigh Acres, Florida.  Buohler suffered a broken back and bruised liver.

“Being propelled 20 feet in the air and landed on the grass, I have to consider the facts – I’m extremely lucky to be here,” she said. “You can be as careful and safe as you like, and it just takes one.”

Buohler and her friend, Mary Rine, were supposed to be traveling to Spain today to compete in the Duathlon World Championships.  Buohler was going to be competing for the first time as a United States citizen, something she was very excited about.

Buohler has been a Facebook friend for several years.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Lisa as she recovers and heals from the accident.

I hope everyone will use this as a wake-up to be even more careful while running and cycling on the roads.  Many behind the wheel are impaired or simply not paying attention.

Earlier this year we lost elite marathoner Sally Meyerhoff who was killed when a semi-truck collided with her bicycle while she was cycling.

Lisa Buohler’s Facebook Fan Page

[images: Lisa Buohler]

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Reebok Insta Pump Fury Road (1994) Ranked #38

Complex’s Controversial List of The 50 Greatest Running Shoes of All-Time

Complex Magazine has published it’s list ofThe 50 Greatest Running Shoes of All-Time.’

Perhaps a better name would have been ‘The 27 Greatest Nike Shoes of All-Time and 23 Others.’

I don’t know if Nike owns Complex or if the Complex writers were simply trying to remember the 50 most popular pairs of shoes they saw their friends wearing through the halls of junior high school.

The #1 shoe on Complex’s list was the Nike Air Max 1 from 1987.

I’m no shoe snob and have only been running a decade or less so I don’t recognize most of these shoes, but in the past decade MANY really good shoes have been made that should have made this list.

  1. Nike Air Max 1 (1987)
  2. Nike Air Max 95 (1995)
  3. adidas ZX 500 (1984)
  4. Nike Air Max 90 (1990)
  5. New Balance 1300 (1984)
  6. Nike Cortez (1972)
  7. Nike Air Huarache (1991)
  8. adidas SL 72 (1972)
  9. adidas EQT Torsion Support (1991)
  10. ASICS GT II (1986)
  11. New Balance 1500 (1988)
  12. Nike Bermuda (1979)
  13. Nike Air Stab (1988)
  14. adidas ZX 8000 (1989)
  15. Nike Terra T/C (1981)
  16. ASICS Tiger X-Caliber (1982)
  17. Nike Zoom Preston (2000)
  18. ASICS Gel Lyte III (1990)
  19. Nike Air Footscape (1995)
  20. New Balance 577 (1989)
  21. Nike Zoom Talaria (1998)
  22. Saucony Jazz (1981)
  23. Nike Air Rift (1995)
  24. adidas Fire (1986)
  25. Nike Waffle Trainer (1975)
  26. adidas EQT Running Support (1992)
  27. Nike Zoom Spiridon (1997)
  28. Nike Air Huarache Light (1993)
  29. adidas APS (1986)
  30. Nike Epic (1984)
  31. Nike Zoom Citizen (1999)
  32. Nike Omega Flame (1983)
  33. Brooks Chariot (1983)
  34. Nike Cram Vendetta (1985)
  35. adidas Torsion SP (1995)
  36. New Balance 991 (1999)
  37. Nike Air Tailwind (1978)
  38. Reebok Insta Pump Fury Road (1994)
  39. Nike Air Mariah PR (1990)
  40. adidas Oregon Ultra Tech (1991)
  41. Nike Air Windrunner (1987)
  42. Nike Air Pegasus 92 (1992)
  43. Etonic Quasar (1984)
  44. Nike Free 5.0 (2004)
  45. Nike Zoom JST (1998)
  46. Reebok ZL6000 (1986)
  47. Nike Air Span (1989)
  48. Nike Lunar Racer (2008)
  49. Mizuno MZ-84 (1983)
  50. adidas ZX 930 (1988)

View Complex’s List Complete with Photos and Commentary @ Complex

Most runners agree that Nike makes horrible running shoes. I wore them for my very first marathon and could barely walk for two weeks afterwards.  I haven’t even thought twice about lacing up a pair of them since.

However, those that I know who wear Nike running shoes are usually elite runners and they are often wearing the Nike Lunar Racer.  The only shoe from the 2000’s that made this list.

Others I recognize on this list are the Nike Air Cortez (1972) which created a huge hoopla in the running community in the early 70’s, New Balance 991 (big boys wear), Nike Air Pegasus, and of course the Nike Air Max versions.

The list is laughable in the fact that a Reebok Insta Pump (#38) made the list.

What’s up with a shoe named after Mariah Carey (Nike Air Mariah PR #39) making the Top 50?  Surely that’s not really named after Butterfly Carey is it? Although, she first made it big around that time.

What is your favorite running shoe of all-time?  What do you think about this list?

Hat tip to @katierunsthis

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Lost Dutchman Marathon 2011

Lost Dutchman Marathon Medal (2011)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Lost Dutchman Marathon that was run February 20, 2011 in Apache Junction, Arizona.

The medal, pictured above, is the 10th anniversary medal.

Lost Dutchman Marathon Website

[medal pics submitted by Lisa Gonzales @runlikeacoyote]

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STP Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon – Winchester, TN

Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon & 1/2 is October 1st (Special Discount Code)

Last year, the Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon & 1/2 Marathon took place in Winchester, Tennessee in early October. Not many knew much about the event, but those that showed up were more than impressed by the organization, bling, and swag from the 1st year race.

The half marathon had 150 runners while the full marathon had 48 finishers.  Race Director Whitney Franklin is expecting to build on those numbers for the 2011 version.

This year the full marathon course is suppose to be even faster (fewer hills) and the finishing bling (medals) for both races will be even better than the inaugural version.  We’ve been given a preview of the finisher’s medals and they are VERY nice.

Franklin added, “The course is not pancake flat, but it’s not extremely challenging either. It has a few rolling hills and is very scenic, especially around Tims-Ford Lake.”

Both races start and finish on the square in downtown Winchester.

Also, the Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon is offering all readers a $10 discount for the race. Just use the code ‘RunItFast’ when signing up.

Run It Fast will also be giving all runners who sign up with the ‘RunItFast’ code a running tech shirt as well.


The race also offers prize money both to the top runners in the full and half races.

Marathon (Male and Female): 1st – $350, 2nd – $300, 3rd – $250
Half Marathon (Male and Female): 1st – $200, 2nd – $150, 3rd – $100

Top Masters and Grandmasters will receive prize money as well.

Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon & 1/2 Website

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Podog Vogler, Trapper Presley, and Feb Boswell at Bartlett Park Ultra

Feb Boswell, Matt Walker, Podog Vogler Crush Bartlett Park Ultra 50K, 40 Mile & 50 Mile Course Records

Memphis runner Feb Boswell crushed the Bartlett Park Ultra (BPU) 50K course record on Saturday in Bartlett, Tennessee with a blazing time of 4:02:12.

Feb on Facebook after the race, “Pretty stoked with doing a training run at the BPU 50K this morning and getting a course record! Great race put on by some great folks!”

The previous course record for the BPU trail ultra was 4:07:10 by Eric Charette back in 2009.

Stacey Shaver-Matson broke the female 50K course record with a 5:16:27.

BPU 50K Top 5 Results

  1. Feb Boswell – 4:02:12
  2. Trapper Presley – 4:21:56
  3. Erno Lindner – 4:51:47
  4. Joseph Antoine – 4:58:02
  5. Stacey Shaver-Matson  (F) – 5:16:27

The beauty of the BPU race is that you have three options.  You can stop at the 50K or continue to run either a 40 miler or 50 miler.

Matt Walker set a record, as well on Saturday, for the BPU 40 Miler – finishing in a time of 6:37:30.  The previous course record for the 40 miler was by Mark Denherder in 6:48:02

Second place finisher Chris Estes had the fourth fastest time in the 40 mile course’s history running a 6:52:32.

BPU 40 Mile Top 5 Results

  1. Matt Walker – 6:37:30
  2. Chris Estes – 6:52:32
  3. Christy Scott (F) – 7:06:20
  4. Gary Thornton – 7:49:50
  5. George Peterka – 8:07:23

But the most impressive performance of the day came in the BPU 50 Miler where Podog Vogler demolished the course record by over 72 minutes, running a 7:28:12 to beat Harry Camp’s record of 8:40:27 from 2007.

Karen Martin also broke her own female 40 mile course record by nearly 35 minutes.

BPU 50 Mile Top 5 Results

  1. Podog Vogler – 7:28:12
  2. Karen Martin (F) – 9:01:10
  3. John Loucks – 9:39:27
  4. Michael Poole – 9:42:25
  5. Bruce Tanksley – 10:12:04

Congrats to all three men who set course records in the 50K, 40 miler, and 50 miler on Saturday. Impressive feats on a trail with so many roots and turns.

Race director Mike Samuelson and his team of volunteers do a really great job of putting on this race every year.

Bartlett Park Ultras Official Website (Link to Full Results as well)

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