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Deo Duckface Runfie – Run It Fast

‘Runfie’ Today, Gone Tomorrow: Should the Term Disappear?

Joshua Holmes - Runfie Today, Gone Tomorrow- - Run It Fast

The term ‘RUNFIE‘ spurted up recently and made a mini-splash on Twitter, Instagram, and most vastly on Facebook.  While the popularity of the term has sky-rocketed in the past few weeks, the word has annoyed just as many runners, if not more.

So what is a Runfie?

Here’s one definition via RunSelfieRepeat:


Show off some form of badassery? (Someone should probably check rule #1 of The Unspoken Rules of Being a Badass: A Runner’s Guide)

The Facebook Group ‘Runfies of the World‘ quickly gained 3,000+ members by becoming a place where runners simply post sweaty runfies/selfies of themselves running or standing completely still after supposedly running. Some of the photos are works of art, a few are inspirational, many are quite egotistical, and others are very humorous!

Deo Duckface Runfie - Run It Fast

And then there are those that post photos of their new hair color while sitting in a salon chair. I’m pretty sure that’s a confused selfie posted within the runfies. I also came across photos on ‘Runfies of the World’ that were tagged colorfie, hairfie, plankies, and outfie (woman laying across a bed). When I was growing up an outfie was the funny way my younger sibling would talk about his protruding belly button, technically an outtie, but he always said it in his toddler english as ‘outfie.’

When it comes down to it, there’s actually not all that many true runfies on ‘Runfies of the World.’

Personally, I believe the term runfie sounds way too similar to roofie, the date rape drug. It makes me think it’s some sort of pill runners are slipping their competition, in their handhelds (or at water tables), to make them groggy and/or passout so they can scoot right past and beat them.

VOTE: Do you like the term ‘Runfie?’

Do we really need another selfie term specifically customized for runners? Is it a form of aggravated abuse to add the hashtag #runfie to our running posts that already annoy so many of our non-running Facebook friends?

Or is it a cool, hip term that is going to take over social media, and runners will still be using the phrase to describe their running selfies 5-10 years from now?

Love it or hate it, the term ‘runfie’ is uniting a certain sect of runners that have found a bond amongst themselves because of the transformed word.

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The End of Something

It is eighty miles from my home to Nashville. Give or take a few miles. It depends on where in town you are going. Yesterday I was going to LP Field, the place where most Country Music runners park.

I got up at 3:30 a.m. drove I-40 blurry-eyed. Once parked, I headed across the Shelbly Street Pedestrian Bridge, joining a stream of runners. A slate gray morning light that earlier had hit the downtown towers now turned red. I hoped to meet a Twitter pal I’ve never seen.

I was assigned Corral 6. Always before I’d started from Corral 1 so as to lower the gun time used in state records. This year it didn’t matter. Even though I wore a marathon bib number I intended to run the half marathon. And I intended to run it slow. State record was a non factor.

Intended to run the half because on Monday I’d run the Boston Marathon, and by some miracle actually finished it, although I’d not run much prior in a couple of months. So wasn’t going to run 26.2 again so soon.

Read the full story by Dallas Smith by clicking HERE

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Little Rock Marathon – 2014 – Run It Fast

Little Rock Marathon Live Tweets/Results (2014)

Some of the live and featured tweets we came across for the 2014 Little Rock Marathon in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Bad weather caused some of the runners to be diverted to a shorter distance. The really fast and really slow runners (that took the 6am start) where able to finish the official 26.2 mile distance.

The overall winner was Mark Chepses in 2:25:42 and the overall female winner was (RIF #34) Leah Thorvilson in 2:42:39, her fifth Little Rock Marathon win.

Little Rock Marathon/Half Marathon Results

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Runner Resolutions for 2014 from Twitter

Runner Resolutions for 2014 from Twitter

We asked on Twitter for some of your running resolutions and goals for 2014, and you responded with these New Year Resolutions.

Thanks to all who took time to respond and good luck in 2014!

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Jennie Finch NYC Marathon

Apolo Ohno Runs New York City Marathon in 3:25:12

8-time Olympic speed skating champion Apolo Ohno ran the ING New York City Marathon on Sunday in NYC.

Ohno showed he is a great all-around athlete by running the 26.2 mile course in 3:25:12.

Apolo decided to enter the race back in February when Subway spokesman Jared Fogle challenged him to do it (full story).

He jokingly tweeted a warning to fellow warnings pre-race:

Warning 2 all, I apologize in advance 4 those who run on my left side. I’ve a severe tendency 2 take sharp lefts consistently. #shorttrack

Follow Apolo Anton Ohno on Twitter @ApoloOhno

Congrats to Apolo!

Related Celeb NYC Marathon News: Jennie Finch Passes 30,000 Runners at NYC Marathon to Raise $30,000 for Charity

RelatedGeoffrey Mutai won the 2011 ING NYC Marathon

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Cookeville Haunted Half Marathon 2011

Cookeville Haunted Half Marathon Medal (2011)

Here is the unique and creepy finisher’s medal from the 2011 Cookeville Haunted Half Marathon that took place on October 22, 2011 in Cookeville, Tennessee.

A very cool medal….notice the swinging legs hanging off the knee joints?


[submitted by the great Dallas Smith who set the Tennessee state record for a 71-yr old in the half marathon with a time of 1:36. He took nearly 8 minutess off the old time.. Follow him on Twitter @smithbend]

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Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Oct 1-2, 2011)

Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Oct 1-2, 2011)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 32 of you responded!

Where You Are Running This Weekend:

Joshua Holmes – @bayou – Southern TN Plunge Marathon in Winchester, TN

Rocio Martinez – @rociomartinezg – the next! 9.10 the international marathon in buenos aires! Good luck everybody!

Mari Hansen – @MariHansen – don’t know but it will finally be OUTSIDE!!! Can’t wait!

Kevin Leathers – @kevinleathers – Tour d’Esprit 24 Hour Run!

Adam Trausch – @atrausch – Warrior Invite!

Sylvia Jiminez – @sylchichi – 8k race against breast cancer

Casey – @VivaRunVegas – I’ll be supporting my husband who is racing the St George Marathon. I didn’t get picked on the lotto for the 2nd time!

Nicholas Flom – @nflom09 – Twin Cities Marathon

Nancy Waggoner – @nlwdreamer – Devil Mountain 50 mile in Pagosa Springs, CO.

Alen Zelenika – @alenAdepto – Nike We Run Zagreb @jarun, Zagreb, Croatia

Veronica – @duncandesign – Probably on & around the #BostonMarathon route from Newton to Boston!

Larae – @LaraeTX – I’m running in Belton, Tx at the UMHB Cru 5K Sat Oct 1

Bill – @billrbrown – Twin Cities 10K!!

JKL – @JamieKL – Manhattan Beach 10k!

Jeremy Holley – @jeremy_ms – I’m running the Corinth Rotary 5K on Saturday in Corinth, MS. My first race since June 4.

Kevin Wiens – @kwiens4 – I’m running in Calgary XC trail race on Saturday (includes 2 river crossings). Should be great

Naomi Pipes – @NaomiPipes#SusanGKomen #RacefortheCure 5K in Houston.

Andrew McGuire – @WTGWTG1911 – racing the beautiful Bridge to bridge event in San Francisco on Sunday

Jamie Yardley – @yadman00 – running in Great Edinburgh Run on Sunday

Lisa Trevino – @malzabarea – Odessa, TX

Heather Weins – @Runsforfood – The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday.

Kristine K. McGilvray – @kkolzing – I’ll be running my last “long” run (easy 10 miler) before #ChiMarathon next weekend! #chicagomarathon

Miriam Ferrari – @admiradora – This wk I`m running in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, over the 32th Street.

Patrick McGilvray – @patrick_mcg – 10-miler this Sunday. Last significant run before #ChiMarathon!

Dean – @deanlu1 – Long run – Rehoboth Beach, DE !!!

Ashley Hart – @World_to_Dust – 16 miles along the Erie Canal bike path

JJ Frankleman – @jjfrankelman – 12 miler to prepare for my Oct. 29th half marathon!

Meyer – @florencemeyer – running 10km in Paris for #odyssea with 9 colleagues!

Laurie – @LZalac – 18 mile training run in Savannah!

Wrytersview – @wrytersview – First run in new neighborhood. Be making up my route as I go.

Jordan Lee – @JoJo_runnr – running @STG_Marathon by this time tomorrow I will have my BQ!!

Scott Stader – @ScottStader – how bout the Stader double! Shelby Bottoms 15k in Nash on Sat and Music City Half on Sun – also in Nashvegas

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Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Sep 24-25, 2011)

Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Sep 24-25, 2011)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and you responded!

Where You Are Running This Weekend:

Joshua Holmes – @bayou – West TN School for the Deaf 5K

Lindsay Edwards – @RuNnaroundD – XC meet at FSU tonight!! Let’s go university of tampa spartans!! @utspartans

Brad Dulay – @braddulay – Newport Liberty Half in Jersey City on Sunday!

Lisa Gonzales – @runlikeacoyote – I’m just running a local trail. But it will be the first time in months so I’m excited!

Amy Trent – @amylynnetrent – 10-Miler Lynchburg VA!!!!

Sarah Matthews – @SarahEMatthews8 – Running the Northeastern University Big Dog 5k race on Saturday in Boston. It’s an alumni tradition!

Tim Savoy – @tsavoy1 – this Saturday in Vienna VA…. Vinson hall run with the Warriors 5K! Donations go to wounded warrior project

Lauren Chin-You – @Lchinyou – Toronto Zoo 5k tomorrow and the Oakville 1/2 marathon on Sunday!!

Molly P. – @MollyMarie4 – In southern Indiana, a four mile trail run!

Underground Fitness – @UfitAZ – Our very own @Ufit_Steph is doing a Rim-to-Rim race in the Grand Canyon!

Kaci Mercer – @kn_mercer – Fort Wayne @Fort4Fitness half marathon!

Laura Raeder – @LauraRaeder – Omaha!

Megan Duron – @meganduron – running a long run tomorrow around Plano, TX!

Jordan Lee – @JoJo_runnr – I’m running @STG_Marathon on Oct 1st!! Its my time for a BQ!!!

Herpreet Kaka Virk – @Kakavirk – running London half marathon run to the beat on Sunday

Adele Read – @AdeleRead – Toronto Zoo 10k run

Best of luck to all of you and be sure to Run It Fast!!!

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Bart Yasso Twitter

ESPN’s Dana Jacobson Finishes First Half Marathon

ESPN’s First Take anchor Dana Jacobson finished her first half marathon on Sunday in Philadelphia at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon.

Jacobson ran the 13.1 mile course in a time of 2:19:49.

Congrats to Dana and her coach Bart Yasso who helped her train via one of his patented Runner’s World training programs.

Dana tweeted afterwards, “The @RunRocknRoll folks are amazing put on a great show! Made me feel so welcome can’t wait for another.”

So it looks like Dana has the bug like the rest of us now!

[image: @djacobsonespn]

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Run It Fast  Twitter SS

Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend!

Here are a few responses to our Tweet asking, “Where are ‘YOU’ running this weekend?” You can follow us on Twitter @runitfast

Joshua Holmes – @bayou – Bartlett Park Ultras 40 Miler (50K & 50 Mile options as well, will see how it’s going)

Dave Elario – @runner_dave01 – The Chicago 1/2 marathon in tribute to those lost on 9/11 and all of our brave soldiers!

Anthony Holly – @tony_holly – Rio Del Lago 100 miler in Sacramento, CA

Mirian Oliveira – @miamiaa13 – 10 Milhas Brasil-PUMA – (in Brasilia!)

Harry Jamerson – @6ftfive – the chicago HM &5k

Crystal P – @muttizwitschert – I’m Running Marathon du medoc!

Alex Sullivan – @AlexPSullivan – #bristolhalf on Sunday as a build up race before #Abingdonmarathon

Eric Stanbro – @ess286 – 15 miler long run on my usual route

Ace – @PhotoByAce – 5K for the Paw Paw Wine Festival (speed), then 20 miles on the Kal-Haven trail (distance). #Michigan #running #busyweekend!

Joey – @mz_joey – Cronulla in Sydney Australia! Beach views are a great backdrop for a weekend run…

Taylor G – @HokieTay – Outside around the neighborhood!

Massiel Sanmartin – @massielSm – I’ll b running in Dallas, I’m in training for a 1/2 marathon in October.

Alen Adepto – @alenAdepto – Varazdin halfmarathon #croatia , 5k race

Iris Mckines – @Ambitious_Iris – through the streets of Queens, New York! 3 or 4 miles :-

In Training – @Runs_26_2 – trying for 12 around #newarkde

Lynn Weber – @lsmaxx21 – Donner/Tahoe…altitude run!! =)

Joe Montanez – @zonajoe – I plan on running 16 on the Perkiomen Trail PA if it’s not flooded.

Adrienne – @AdrienneRunsAZ – ARR I Did a Green Run 10k

Maria Millsap – @bananablossom – Will be running around at a local park with the ladies from @runningevolve. It’ll be a scorcher – well, by Seattle’s standard.

Fit to Fat – @SlowandFattoFit – very hilly hour and half – Cathkins Braes, Glasgow.

Lizstroebel – @Lizstroebel – audubon park! #audubon

Amy Trent – @amylynnetrent – Knight’s Crossing!

Taryn L. – @Taryn_87 – Red, White, and Blue.<3 #svxc2011

Steph – @scrooge19 – LOL – I’m not doing anything significant (as usual) except logging a few miles in the local trails with my dogs! My best to you!

Elizabeth Rehmer – @turtlegirl00 – 2 events this wknd! 🙂 bozemonster sat (5k w/10 obstacles) and bozeman 1/2 marathon sun

Be safe and best of luck to everyone running this weekend!

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