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Death Valley Trail Marathon – 2011 – Front

Death Valley Trail Marathon Medal (2011)

The 2011 Death Valley Trail Marathon was technically cancelled by the race director due to 70 MPH winds up in the Titus Canyon. However, that didn’t stop a group of us from meeting and deciding to hold the marathon ourselves.  About 40-50 runners went over to the canyon there in Death Valley, braved the winds, and ran a memorable marathon that none of us will ever forget.


[Medal photos submitted by Joshua Holmes. You can follow me on Twitter @bayou]

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2011 Chicago Marathon Results

You can search the link below for searchable results from the 2011 Chicago Marathon after the race.

Male Results
1. Moses Mosop – 2:05:37
2. Wesley Korir – 2:06:15
3. Bernard Kipyego – 2:06:29
4. Bekana Daba – 2:07:59
5. Ryan Hall (USA) – 2:08:04
6. Evans Cheruiyot – 2:10:29
7. Kouji Gokaya – 2:12:15
8. Hirunori Arai – 2:13:17
9. Takashi Horiguchi – 2:14:48
10. Madani Shinoju – 2:17:49

Female Results
1. Lilya Shobukhova – 2:18:20
2. Ejegayehu Dibaba – 2:22:09
3. Kayoko Fukushi – 2:24:38
4. Belainesh Zemedkun Gebre – 2:26:17
5. Christelle Daunay – 2:26:41
6. Claire Hallissey – 2:29:27
7. Yue Chao – 2:32:57
8. Askale Tafa – 2:33:35
9. Cruz Nonata da Silva – 2:35:35
10. Jeanette Faber (USA) – 2:36:58

Searchable 2011 Chicago Marathon Results

I will be updating this post after the race as soon as I can obtain a WIFI signal to publish the top 10 men and women finishers.

Tweets from Ryan Hall’s Wife and Runner’s World:

“@runnersworld: Shobukhova, first threepeater in #ChiMarathon history, wins in unofficial 2:18:19. 2nd fastest woman ever behind Paula Radcliffe.”

“@higdonmarathon: Moses won in a course record 2:05. Ryan Hall 5th in 2:08”

“@runnersworld: If Shobukhova breaks 2:19, she’ll be only the third woman in history to do so. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: Wesley Korir second, 2 minutes under his old PR, Kipyego 3rd. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: Mosop wins in unofficial 2:05:36, 5 seconds under course record. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: First-time marathoner Dibaba (in 2nd) on pace to break 2:21 – could be 2nd fastest debut after Paula Radcliffe’s 2:18:56. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: Mosop will run a huge negative split–his first half was 1:02:54, and his second half will be under 1:02. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: 4:54 23rd mile for Mosop. Let’s go Ryan, you can get that AR!!!”

“@runnersworld: Barring a disaster Mosop will be more than a minute under the current course record of 2:05:41. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: 4:40 last mile for Mosop. He’s up on his toes sprinting! Can’t see Ry”

“@runnersworld: Mosop opening up lead. He’s on 2:04:30 pace. Shobukhova leading women. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: Korir 1:28:46 at 30K, Mosop 1 second back. That last 5K went in 14:31. It’s now a two-man race. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: New American record for 30k! Yay Ryan! 1:29.47”

“@StepsFoundation: Ryan’s riding out the surges and staying even, but he’s got some work to do to catch the lead pack, they are rolling! A 4:38 last mile”

“@runnersworld: Hall is now 15 seconds behind the five men in the lead pack at 15 miles. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: 9 sec of the 25k American Record- so close! He’s got a good one going, can get the 30k by maintaining pace”

“@StepsFoundation: Here’s @RyanHall3 at Mile 13. #chicagomarathon  http://t.co/N1trzH4Z”

“@runnersworld: Hall and Gomes dos Santos gone from immediate lead pack. Lead pack just ran a 4:36 mile. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: Halfway- 62:53. 2:05.47 pace”

“@StepsFoundation: Still a tight pack, they are under course record pace! 6th mile 4:46, 10k- 29:38. He got his cytomax at 2nd stop!”

“@StepsFoundation: 7th mile-4:43. They are ROLLING! Ryans still chilling in the back, no ones broken from pack”

“@runnersworld: Women’s pace is erratic (5:09 7th mile, 5:25 8th mile). May cause problems for new marathoner Dibaba and 2nd-timer Fukushi. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: Ryan’s got a great shot at the 25k and 30k American Records!!!”

“@runnersworld: Women on low 2:18 pace through 15K, men on course record low 2:05 pace. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: For the Tv commentators wondering, it’s normal for Ryan to blow his nose this much!”

“@StepsFoundation: Cytomax successfully grabbed again! Ryan still content to sit in the back. No ones broken from the back of 9”

“@StepsFoundation: Correction- they are on 2:05.24 pace”

“@StepsFoundation: 4:44 last mile, rabbits are going half way, their goal 62:40. will be interesting to see what happens when they pull out.”

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Lost Dutchman Marathon 2011

Lost Dutchman Marathon Medal (2011)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Lost Dutchman Marathon that was run February 20, 2011 in Apache Junction, Arizona.

The medal, pictured above, is the 10th anniversary medal.

Lost Dutchman Marathon Website

[medal pics submitted by Lisa Gonzales @runlikeacoyote]

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Vikena Yutz Awards Ceremony Across The Years Endurance Race

Vikena Yutz Wins Across The Years 72-Hour Endurance Race (Results)

The Across The Years 72-Hour Endurance Race is over and Vikena Yutz was the female winner putting down 216.237 miles during the three-day race.  Not only was she the #1 female, but Kena placed sixth overall.

Second place female went to Joan Hellman with 200.082 miles and third to Iliana Dimitrova with 157.518 miles.

All of the ATY races take place in Buckeye, Arizona at the Nardini Manor each year.

Across The Years 72-Hour Female Results

  1. Kena Yutz – 216.237 miles
  2. Joan Hellman – 200.082 miles
  3. Iliana Dimitrova 157.518 miles
  4. Juli Aistars – 155.964 miles
  5. Martina Hausmann – 153.168 miles

The 72-Hour male winner was George Biondic who covered an astounding 248.548 miles. Truly, a bionic man! Second place went to Andreas Falk and Ed Ettinghausen who both  did 238.607 miles.

Across The Years 72-Hour Male Results

  1. George Biondic – 248.548 miles
  2. Andreas Falk – 238.607 miles (tie)
  3. Ed Ettinghausen 238.607 miles (tie)
  4. Jeff Hagen – 222.762 miles
  5. John Geesler – 217.791 miles

And here is a look at the results from the rest of the 2010 ATY races that took place from December 29, 2010 – January 1, 2011.

Across The Years 48-Hour Female Results

  1. Debra Horn – 182.994 miles
  2. Jamie Huneycutt – 155.343 miles
  3. Alene Nitzky – 151.304 miles

Across The Years 48-Hour Male Results

  1. Davy Crockett – 187.033 miles
  2. Randy Ellis – 163.421 miles
  3. Ben Blessing – 150.683 miles

Across The Years 24-Hour Female Results

  1. Jamie Donaldson – 123.653 miles
  2. Melissa Williams – 112.468 miles
  3. Tracy Thomas – 110.293 miles

Across The Years 24-Hour Male Results

  1. Matt Watts – 111.847 miles
  2. Keith Blom – 107.187 miles
  3. Norbert Leinfellner – 100.973 miles

View All of the 2010 Across The Years Results


[image by: Ray Krolewicz]

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