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2011 Chicago Marathon Results

You can search the link below for searchable results from the 2011 Chicago Marathon after the race.

Male Results
1. Moses Mosop – 2:05:37
2. Wesley Korir – 2:06:15
3. Bernard Kipyego – 2:06:29
4. Bekana Daba – 2:07:59
5. Ryan Hall (USA) – 2:08:04
6. Evans Cheruiyot – 2:10:29
7. Kouji Gokaya – 2:12:15
8. Hirunori Arai – 2:13:17
9. Takashi Horiguchi – 2:14:48
10. Madani Shinoju – 2:17:49

Female Results
1. Lilya Shobukhova – 2:18:20
2. Ejegayehu Dibaba – 2:22:09
3. Kayoko Fukushi – 2:24:38
4. Belainesh Zemedkun Gebre – 2:26:17
5. Christelle Daunay – 2:26:41
6. Claire Hallissey – 2:29:27
7. Yue Chao – 2:32:57
8. Askale Tafa – 2:33:35
9. Cruz Nonata da Silva – 2:35:35
10. Jeanette Faber (USA) – 2:36:58

Searchable 2011 Chicago Marathon Results

I will be updating this post after the race as soon as I can obtain a WIFI signal to publish the top 10 men and women finishers.

Tweets from Ryan Hall’s Wife and Runner’s World:

“@runnersworld: Shobukhova, first threepeater in #ChiMarathon history, wins in unofficial 2:18:19. 2nd fastest woman ever behind Paula Radcliffe.”

“@higdonmarathon: Moses won in a course record 2:05. Ryan Hall 5th in 2:08”

“@runnersworld: If Shobukhova breaks 2:19, she’ll be only the third woman in history to do so. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: Wesley Korir second, 2 minutes under his old PR, Kipyego 3rd. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: Mosop wins in unofficial 2:05:36, 5 seconds under course record. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: First-time marathoner Dibaba (in 2nd) on pace to break 2:21 – could be 2nd fastest debut after Paula Radcliffe’s 2:18:56. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: Mosop will run a huge negative split–his first half was 1:02:54, and his second half will be under 1:02. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: 4:54 23rd mile for Mosop. Let’s go Ryan, you can get that AR!!!”

“@runnersworld: Barring a disaster Mosop will be more than a minute under the current course record of 2:05:41. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: 4:40 last mile for Mosop. He’s up on his toes sprinting! Can’t see Ry”

“@runnersworld: Mosop opening up lead. He’s on 2:04:30 pace. Shobukhova leading women. #ChiMarathon”

“@runnersworld: Korir 1:28:46 at 30K, Mosop 1 second back. That last 5K went in 14:31. It’s now a two-man race. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: New American record for 30k! Yay Ryan! 1:29.47”

“@StepsFoundation: Ryan’s riding out the surges and staying even, but he’s got some work to do to catch the lead pack, they are rolling! A 4:38 last mile”

“@runnersworld: Hall is now 15 seconds behind the five men in the lead pack at 15 miles. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: 9 sec of the 25k American Record- so close! He’s got a good one going, can get the 30k by maintaining pace”

“@StepsFoundation: Here’s @RyanHall3 at Mile 13. #chicagomarathon  http://t.co/N1trzH4Z”

“@runnersworld: Hall and Gomes dos Santos gone from immediate lead pack. Lead pack just ran a 4:36 mile. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: Halfway- 62:53. 2:05.47 pace”

“@StepsFoundation: Still a tight pack, they are under course record pace! 6th mile 4:46, 10k- 29:38. He got his cytomax at 2nd stop!”

“@StepsFoundation: 7th mile-4:43. They are ROLLING! Ryans still chilling in the back, no ones broken from pack”

“@runnersworld: Women’s pace is erratic (5:09 7th mile, 5:25 8th mile). May cause problems for new marathoner Dibaba and 2nd-timer Fukushi. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: Ryan’s got a great shot at the 25k and 30k American Records!!!”

“@runnersworld: Women on low 2:18 pace through 15K, men on course record low 2:05 pace. #ChiMarathon”

“@StepsFoundation: For the Tv commentators wondering, it’s normal for Ryan to blow his nose this much!”

“@StepsFoundation: Cytomax successfully grabbed again! Ryan still content to sit in the back. No ones broken from the back of 9”

“@StepsFoundation: Correction- they are on 2:05.24 pace”

“@StepsFoundation: 4:44 last mile, rabbits are going half way, their goal 62:40. will be interesting to see what happens when they pull out.”

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