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Tiki Gelana – NYC Marathon Favorite – Run It Fast Art

Elite Women at the 2012 ING NYC Marathon (List)

Here is a look at all of the elite women that will be taking part at the ING New York City Marathon on November 4, 2012.

The favorites will be Tiki Gelana from Ethiopia (2:18:58) and Kenya’s Edna Kiplagat (2:19:50).

Be sure to keep an eye on former Boston Marathon champ Sharon Cherop (2:22:39) and Ethiopia’s Bizunesh Deba as well.

We will be pulling for all of these elite women on Sunday, especially Run It Fast’s Leah Thorvilson from Arkansas.


Bib Last First ST Nation Age PB
102 Deba Bizunesh NY ETH 25 2:23:19
103 Gelana Tiki ETH 25 2:18:58
104 Félix Ana Dulce POR 30 2:25:40
105 Smith Kim RI NZL 30 2:25:21
106 Kiplagat Edna KEN 33 2:19:50
107 Cherop Sharon KEN 28 2:22:39
108 Arkhipova Tatyana RUS 29 2:23:29
109 Fukushi Kayoko JPN 30 2:24:38
110 Straneo Valeria ITA 36 2:23:44
114 Prokopcuka Jelena LAT 36 2:22:56
115 Kibet Hilda NED 31 2:24:27
116 Mockenhaupt Sabrina GER 31 2:26:21
117 Hastings Amy KS USA 28 2:27:03
118 Okubo Eri JPN 29 2:26:08
119 Burla Serena VA USA 30 2:28:27
120 Nelson Adriana CO USA 32 2:28:52
121 Demissie Misiker NM ETH 26 2:25:21
122 Da Silva Adriana BRA 31 2:29:17
123 Culley Julie NJ USA 31 15:05/5K
124 Bawcom Janet AZ USA 34 2:29:45
125 Pritz Molly CO USA 24 2:31:52
126 Partridge Susan GBR 32 2:34:14
127 Williams Alisha CO USA 30 2:35:09
128 Thomas Wendy CO USA 33 2:34:25
129 Quaglia Emma ITA 32 2:31:15
130 Frey Michelle MN USA 30 2:35:51
131 Aliyu Aziza NY ETH 27 2:36:55
132 Thorvilson Leah AR USA 33 2:37:26
134 Dikos Jackie IN USA 33 2:45:26
136 Molloy Kirsten NSW AUS 33 2:43:41
137 Gacek Melissa MN USA 36 2:44:10
138 Porath Nichole MN USA 29 2:44:12
139 Karlsson Charlotte SWE 30 2:48:37
146 Keating Paula NB CAN 46 2:47:26
160 Gurmu Muliye NY ETH 28 2:39:55
162 DiCamillo Katie RI USA 25 32:31/10K
163 Cummings Sarah NY USA 23 1:16:06/H
164 Higgins Lesley NY USA 32 1:18:06/H
165 Hullinger Heidi NY USA 30 1:18:10/H
166 Composti Jeanna NY USA 31 1:20:19/H
167 Lauretani Maria NY USA 38 1:21:18
168 Bekele Mekides NY ETH 26 2:47:50
169 Neal Adrian Chouinard CO USA 29 2:44:06

Best of luck to these elite women and all of the women taking part in this year’s ING NYC Marathon!

[source: Let’s Run]

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Sharon Cherop Wins the 2012 Boston Marathon (Female Results)

Sharon Cherop Wins the 2012 Boston Marathon (Female Results)

Sharon Cherop, of Kenya, was the female winner of the 2012 Boston Marathon in a close finish of 2:31:50 for a two-second victory over fellow countrywoman Jemima Sumgong (2:31:52)

Georgina Rono completed the podium sweep for Kenya in 2:33:09.

2012 Boston Marathon Elite Female Results

  1. Sharon Cherop (KEN) – 2:31:50
  2. Jemima Sumgong (KEN)- 2:31:52
  3. Georgina Rono (KEN)- 2:33:09
  4. Firehiwot Dado (ETH) – 2:34:56
  5. Diana Siegi (KEN) – 2:35:40
  6. Rita Jeptoo (KEN)- 2:35:53
  7. Mayumi Fujita (JPN)- 2:39:11
  8. Nadezdha Leonteva (RUS) – 2:40:40
  9. Svetlana Pretot (FRA) – 2:40:50
  10. Sheri L. Piers (USA) – 2:41:55

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2011 Ironman World Championship

Inspiring Women of 2011

Chrissie Wellington Kona 2011

2011 was an amazing year for running. Records fell left and right. There were some very gutsy runs at top marathons, ultras, and on the track. The Olympic Marathon Trials are now less than 2 weeks away and 21 Masters Women qualified for them. 21! Women of all ages are rocking the running world and just about every weekend in 2011, I was inspired by them.

These 5 women/races/adventures in 2011 inspired me the most and made me want to lace up my running shoes and test what I was made of:

1. Chrissie Wellington at the Ironman World Championships

Chrissie always amazes me with her blazing speed, whether it’s setting records or smoking tri guys but she blew me away with her determination and pure grit in Kona this year. Just a couple of weeks prior to Kona, Chrissie crashed her bike. She had major road rash, bruised her hip, elbow and pectoral muscle, and had to battle an infection. During the Ironman, she was 9 minutes behind the lead woman coming out of the swim and 22 minutes behind coming off the bike. She was in pain. She was aching. But she battled back and won her 4th World Championship! You can read about her day here.

Or watch a recap of it here:
2011 Kona Recap-Chrissie

2. Caroline Kilel & Desi Davila at the 2011 Boston Marathon

I was “watching” this through Twitter as it happened and my coworkers were wondering why I kept yelling. It was so exciting and it had me on the edge of seat. I saw the finish later and still got chills. Watching the lead change back and forth between them…you could see neither wanted to give it up. When Caroline collapsed after the finish, you knew she’d left everything out there.

You can watch a recap of the women’s marathon here:
Boston 2011

3. Lauren Fleshman at the London, England IAAF Track and Field Diamond League

Lauren’s run in the 5000M showed how a great finish kick can you help you win. Bam! She just took off and kept going putting a huge gap on the competition. Talk about intimidating the competition!

You can watch a recap of it here:
Fleshman 5000M 2011

4. Devon Crosby Helms, Krissy Moehl, Darcy Africa, and Bethany Lewis at the Grand Canyon R2R2R (Rim to Rim to Rim)

This was quite a year for the Rim To Rim To Rim run for women. Devon & Krissy set the Female Fastest Known Time (FKT) back in April and then Darcy Africa set a new Female FKT just a few days later! Then in November, Bethany shaved almost 10 minutes off of Darcy’s time for yet another Female FKT! This run is hard core but these women rocked it in 2011.

This is a short video of Devon & Krissy’s run:
Devon & Krissy R2R2R

5. Jennifer Phar Davis Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail

Jen set the speed record for a thru-hike of the Appalachian trail, man or woman, and she did it in 46 days, 11 hours, and 20 minutes! For a girl who gets lost on trails she runs frequently, this floors me. What an adventure and what a great experience.

Here is a short interview with her about her hike:
Jennifer Phar Davis Interview

These women rocked 2011 and inspired me and countless other women (and men, I’m sure). Who inspired you? Who have you inspired? Or better yet…who will you inspire in 2012? Happy running!

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