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Blister In The Sun Marathon Results (2013)

Here are the results from the Blister In The Sun Marathon that took place on August 3, 2013 in Cookeville, TN.

Blister13Results.pdf by Martha 'Powell' Hite

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2011 Flying Monkey Female Champ Traci Falbo with Fan Club

Ben Schneider Wins 4th Consecutive Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon (Results)

2011 Flying Monkey Marathon Winner Ben Schneider

Minneapolis native Ben Schneider won his 4th consecutive Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon on Sunday with a time of 2:38:38.

Here are his winning times from the past four years (most recent first): 2:38:38, 2:38:27, 2:38:56, and 2:36:25.

Gary ‘Avatar’ Krugger, the 2nd human to run a sub-3 hour marathon in all 50 states, came in second place in 2:55:51.  Feb ‘The Great Memphian’ Boswell rounded out the podium with a fleet 3:00:36.

Side note: John ‘You all know what I had for breakfast’ Ramsay came in fourth place.

Top 10 Flying Monkey Marathon Men

  1. Ben Schneider – 2:38:38
  2. Gary Krugger – 2:55:51
  3. Feb Boswell – 3:00:36
  4. John Ramsay – 3:00:45
  5. Greg Kyle – 3:04:19
  6. Jeff Mires – 3:07:36
  7. Doug Boomer – 3:15:00
  8. Josh Hite – 3:18:10
  9. Jason Chidester – 3:19:49
  10. Drew Watson – 3:20:40

Flying Monkey Female Winner Traci Falbo with Fan Club

Traci Falbo repeated as the female winner of The Monkey.  She blistered her competition with a 3:13:49 and finished 7th overall.

She ran a 3:21:43 last year in winning and a 3:44:28 back in 2009.  Congrats to Traci on the repeat!

Meredith Smith was the 2nd female Monkey across in 3:26:51 while Candice Schneider, wife of Ben (overall winner), took third place in 3:31:04

Top 10 Flying Monkey Marathon Women

  1. Traci Falbo – 3:13:49
  2. Meredith Smith – 3:26:51
  3. Candice Schneider – 3:31:04
  4. Theresa Saupe – 3:37:56
  5. Rachel Randall – 3:43:06
  6. Kristen Suvick – 3:43:28
  7. Stephanie Spurgat – 3:47:03
  8. Ashlee Tidwell – 3:47:23
  9. Sonia Mariano – 3:54:17
  10. Jessica Vihon – 3:54:25

2011 Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon Medal

View ALL of the 2011 Flying Monkey Race Results BELOW Read the full story

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2011 Greenway Marathon – Nashville Tennessee

Chris Herren Wins 2nd Annual Greenway Marathon

Greenway Marathon (Joshua Holmes, Jeff Matlock, Chris Estes, Trent Rosenbloom, Tom Smith)

Mt. Juliet’s Chris Herren won the 2nd annual Greenway Marathon on Sunday with a winning time of 2:33:39.

Meredith Smith, of Ashland City, was the top female with a time of 3:21:09.

The 26.2 mile marathon is held along the Greenway in Nashville, Tennessee.

Greenway Marathon Top 15 Finishers

  1. Chris Herren (Mt. Juliet) – 2:33:39
  2. Meredith Smith (Ashland City) – 3:21:09
  3. James Barnard (Oak Ridge) – 3:23:47
  4. Gary Adcock (Springfield) – 3:27:23
  5. Sue Scholl (McMinville) – 3:29:14
  6. Charlie Taylor (Gallatin) – 3:29:45
  7. Chris Estes (Murfreesboro) – 3:35:24
  8. Trent Rosenbloom (Nashville) – 3:49:21
  9. Jeff Matlock (Ashland City) – 3:49:21
  10. Mark Payne (Brentwood) – 3:54:26
  11. Tom Smith (Nashville) – 3:58:18
  12. David Etheridge (Paducah, Kentucky) – 4:04:12
  13. Joshua Holmes (Jackson) – 4:12:50
  14. Sulaiman Seriki (LaVergne) – 4:16:46
  15. Jennifer Whitley (Murfreesboro) – 4:21:14

Greenway Marathon Race Website

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Ben Schneider Wins 2010 Flying Monkey Marathon

Ben Schneider Wins 2010 Flying Monkey Marathon

Ben Schneider pulled off the Monkey-3-peat by winning the 2010 Flying Monkey Marathon for the third consecutive year with a time of 2:38:27.  Schneider holds the course record of 2:36:25, set in 2008.  He has now won the race in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

‘Marathonjunkie’ Chuck Engle came in a distant 2nd at 2:54:43 with Josh Hite on his heels, and in Engle’s dust, with a time of 2:55:40.

Engle won the 2007 Flying Monkey by setting a then record of 2:45:35.  It was the second consecutive third place finish for Hite on Sunday.

Traci Falbo was the fastest female with at time of 3:21:20.  Catie Caldwell came in a close second at 3:23:50 with Meredith Smith claiming third place honors with a time of 3:26:52.

The marathon is considered one of the toughest in the United States with over 3,500 feet of climbs.

The Flying Monkey Marathon (website) is located within Percy Warner Park in the Harpeth Hills on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee.

2010 Flying Monkey Marathon Official Poster

Flying Monkey Marathon Photos

Read the full story

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Flying Monkey Race Director Trent Rosenbloom

Photos from the 2010 Flying Monkey Marathon

Photos from the 2010 Flying Monkey Marathon in Nashville’s Harpeth Hills.

Ben Schneider won the race with a time of 2:38:27 (Full Story).

Traci Falbo was the fastest female finishing at 3:21:20 (Full Story).

Many elite and freak runners were at the Monkey this year, in addition to Ben and Traci, including Dallas Smith, Chuck Engle, Josh Hite, Michael Henze, Naresh Kumar, Angela Ivory, Gary Krugger, Morgan Cummings, Catie Caldwell, Chris EstesMeredith Smith, and Samantha Green among many others.

(Check back later for more photos…maybe)

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