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Vancouver Marathon Medal 2013

Vancouver USA Marathon Medal (2013)

This is the medal the finishers of the Vancouver USA Marathon received on June 16, 2013 in Vancouver, Washington.

Congratulations to RIF #70 Chuck “MarathonJunkie” Engle who was 2nd Masters Overall in the marathon!


[Medal photo submitted by RIF #70 Chuck “MarathonJunkie” Engle. Follow on Twitter @MarathonJunkie]

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Run It Fast at the Boston Marathon

Run It Fast Club members will be representing at the Boston Marathon this year! There will be quite a few members there from Tennessee, Mississippi, New York, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, California, South Carolina, Oregon, and New Hampshire. They’ll all be going for the medal shown above, probably a PR too, and hopefully an Age Group win or two. Whatever their goals, we are so happy and proud that Run It Fast members will be running it fast from Hopkinton, up Heartbreak Hill, and across the finish line in Boston.

Check out our list of Run It Fast Club members who will be there and send them some good luck and well wishes:

RIF #159 Diane Bolton (Bib #26967) will be running her 4th Boston Marathon. Diane is a running machine and just recently completed marathons in Antarctica and Chile in her quest to run this world. Go Diane!

 RIF #28 Kenneth Williams (Bib #20561) has run Boston over 10 times. He’s not only a runner but a coach as well and has travelled the world to run marathons. You can follow him on Twitter here @MarathonKoach and check out his Run It Fast Profile here for more fun facts: Kenneth Williams Profile.

RIF #105 Kathy Shirley (Bib #20098) will be running her 3rd Boston Marathon. You can follow Kathy on Twitter @ipoddess

RIF #92 Steven Lee (Bib #6645) will be running his first Boston Marathon this year. He completed his 50 States quest at the Honolulu Marathon in December and has run a sub 4 marathon in all 50 states. You can follow him on Twitter here: @steventlee

RIF #206 Gary Krugger (Bib #309) will be running his 5th Boston on Monday. He ran a 2:44:48 there last year…when it was hot. It will be exciting to see what he does this year with better weather.

RIF #124 Michelle Walker (Bib #13916) will be running her 1st Boston Marathon. She also just recently completed marathons in Chile and Antarctica. You can follow her on Twitter here @MarathonMomof6, read about her Road to Boston here: Road to Boston, or check out her profile to learn more about her here: Michelle Walker Profile.

RIF #79 Dallas Smith (Bib #18431) will be running his 6th Boston Marathon on Monday. The last 2 years, Dallas finished 2nd in his Age Group! Go Dallas! He also holds quite a few Age records in the state of Tennesse. You can follow him on Twitter here @smithbend and check out his blog here: http://dallasfallsforward.blogspot.com/.

RIF #70 Chuck Engle (Bib #276) “Marathon Junkie” has run a sub 3 hour marathon in all 50 states and has over 275 sub 3 hour marathons on his resume. You can follow him on Twitter here: @MarathonJunkie and read more about him on his blog here: MarathonJunkie.

RIF #101 David Wingard (Bib #19810) will be running his 2nd Boston Marathon. He just completed his quest to run a marathon in each state at the Walt Disney World Marathon. You can follow him on Twitter here: @CockyDW.

RIF #261 Kerri Haskins (Bib #23693) will be running her 1st Boston Marathon. Kerri is on a quest to run a marathon in every state and has only 5 states to go! You can follow her on Twitter here @khrunner0815 and check out her Run It Fast Profile for more fun running facts here: Kerri Haskins Profile.

RIF #139 JD Leman (Bib #3575) is running his 1st Boston Marathon on Monday. It will be only his 4th full marathon. You can follow JD on Twitter here: @lefthash.

RIF #69 Nadia Ruiz Gonzales (Bib #8682) Nadia has completed over 90 marathons and has qualified for Boston over 50 times! You can learn more about her on her Facebook page Nadia Ruiz/Athlete or by checking out her blog: Nadia The Runner. You can also follow her on Twitter here: @IrongirlNadia.

If we left you off it wasn’t intentional. Just message us RunItFast@gmail.com and we’ll add you to the list!!! 🙂

Quite a list, isn’t it? Good luck to everyone running! We will be following along on Monday to see what they are up to. We hope you’ll join us on Monday too and follow along to get the latest info on all the Run It Fast Club members…and oh, yeah…the elites who will be running as well. 😉

If you’d like to join Run It Fast – The Club or would like more information about it, please click this link:

Run It Fast – The Club (JOIN TODAY)

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2012 Maui Oceanfront Marathon Winner Chuck Engle and his Winning Hardware

Chuck ‘Marathonjunkie’ Engle Wins 2012 Maui Oceanfront Marathon (Results)

Famed marathoner Chuck ‘Marathonjunkie’ Engle won the 2012 Maui Oceanfront Marathon on Sunday in Maui with a winning time of 2:50:02.

Chuck ran slower than he expected to and said the heat played a factor during the last 10 miles of the race. However, his performance was still golden enough to hold off Hawaiian native Jon McGonangle who finished four minutes back in 2:54:27.

Top 10 Males at the 2012 Maui Oceanfront Marathon

  1. Chuck Engle – 2:50:02
  2. Jon McGonangle – 2:54:27
  3. Shaun Marshall-Pryde – 3:00:06
  4. Wesley Moseman – 3:05:35
  5. Robert Onders – 3:07:07
  6. Dylah Rist – 3:07:28
  7. Matthieu Marescaux – 3:10:03
  8. Shane MacDonell – 3:13:20
  9. Lavergne Masur – 3:15:01
  10. Alex Ramsey – 3:16:18

VIEW Complete 2012 Maui Oceanfront Marathon and Half Marathon Results

The female race was a good bit closer as Mari Kauri held off Vera Monsao with a time of 3:19:00 to win by a gap of 93 seconds.

Top 10 Females at the 2012 Maui Oceanfront Marathon

  1. Mari Kauri – 3:19:00
  2. Vera Monsao – 3:20:33
  3. Marie Benito – 3:26:32
  4. Bonnie Rouse – 3:39:26
  5. Jonna Brandt – 3:40:08
  6. Ashley Degen – 3:40:54
  7. Diane Sacksteder – 3:47:06
  8. Diana Jones – 3:47:56
  9. Desarae Barrera – 3:48:17
  10. Kimberly Ruple – 3:49:49

Also See: 2012 Maui Oceanfront Marathon Medal

Congrats to all who ran and completed the 2012 Maui Oceanfront Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10K and 5K over the weekend!

More Photos from the 2012 Maui Oceanfront Marathon

[photos by Joshua Holmes. Follow him on Twitter @bayou]

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2012 Maui Oceanfront Parrot Fish Medal

Maui Oceanfront Marathon Medal (2012)

Here is the colorful and beautiful finisher’s medal from the 2012 Maui Oceanfront Marathon held in Maui, Hawai’i every January.

The medal is gold with a pink and light blue Uhu – Parrot fish on it.  Simple, yet nice, and related to Hawaii’s rich underwater culture.

It’s a wonderful marathon held on a beautiful road course that runs right alongside the beach for almost all of the race. Temperatures can get high during the second half of the race as the sun comes up.

RELATED: 2011 Maui Oceanfront Marathon Medal

Chuck Engle won the MOM this past Sunday with a winning time of 2:50:02.


[medal photo submitted by Joshua Holmes. Follow him on Twitter @bayou]

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Louisiana Marathon Inaugural Poster

Matthew Manning Wins Inaugural Louisiana Marathon (Results)

Matthew Manning won the inaugural Louisiana Marathon held Sunday morning in Baton Rouge, the state capital of Louisiana, with a winning time of 2:33:41.

Manning smoked the field, beating his nearest competitor, Chuck Engle, by nearly 11 minutes. Engle finished in 2:44:05 to barely hold off Christopher Reis who took third with a time of 2:45:38.

2012 Louisiana Marathon Results

  1. Matthew Manning – 2:33:42
  2. Chuck Engle – 2:44:05
  3. Christopher Reis – 2:45:38
  4. Matthew Urbanski – 2:51:55
  5. Jacob Marsh – 2:53:20
  6. Micah Mohler – 2:55:59
  7. Karen Meraw – 2:58:54 (female)
  8. Greg Soutiea – 2:59:13
  9. Frank Livaudais – 3:00:01
  10. Kevin Berger – 3:00:51

Karen Meraw was the fasest female marathoner down in ‘Red Stick’ on Sunday with a time of 2:58:54.  She beat Candace Caveny by almost ten minutes. Caveny finished in 3:08:53.  Third place female went to Grace Thacker with a time of 3:09:36.

Louisiana Marathon Searchable Results and Top Finishers

The marathon had 637 finishers.

The 2012 Louisiana Half Marathon was won by Jonathan Granger in 1:17:42 with the top female being Kelly Nicholas in 1:29:42.

2012 Louisiana Half Marathon Results

  1. Jonathan Granger – 1:17:42
  2. Grant Gonzalez – 1:18:12
  3. Michael Anderson – 1:18:21
  4. Jimmy Riccitello – 1:22:16
  5. Michael Baston – 1:23:41
  6. Calvin Conner – 1:24:01
  7. Michael Whalen – 1:24:59
  8. Van Edwards – 1:25:01
  9. Luke Gehbauer – 1:25:05
  10. Russ Bourgeois – 1:25:32

Louisiana Half Marathon Searchable Results and Top Finishers

Congrats to all who took part in the inaugural marathon and half marathon.

Louisiana Marathon Website

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Marathoner Suzy Seely

Suzy Seely Becomes Second Woman to Run Marathon in All 50 States Sub-4 Hours

Houston marathoner Suzy Seely recently became the second woman to run a sub-4 hour marathon in all 50 states.

She finished the Casper Marathon in Wyoming to reach 50 states but had to go back to New York to run a sub-4 hour marathon there to reach the historic milestone.  Seely had run and finished the ING New York City Marathon there back in 1997 but it took her over 4 hours. She ran the marathon that day with her daughter.

How she became interested in running a marathon in all 50 United States:

Seeley, who was named an “outstanding marathoner” in 2005 by marathonguide.com, has now run 161 marathons. She undertook the 50-state effort at the urging of Steve and Paula Boone, the Humble couple who founded the 50 States Marathon Club (website). But it wasn’t until Seeley had completed more than 30 that she started to take it seriously.

So on Sunday, Suzy ran the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY in 3:22:16 to reach the sub-4 hour, 50 state feat.

Suzy is now part of the prestigious 50Sub4 Marathon Club (website).

Seely’s PR is a 3:14:52 at the 2006 Austin Marathon.

Congrats to Suzy on an amazing accomplishment.

Read More on Suzy Seely

[hat tip to Chuck Engle]

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Ben Schneider Wins 2010 Flying Monkey Marathon

Ben Schneider Wins 2010 Flying Monkey Marathon

Ben Schneider pulled off the Monkey-3-peat by winning the 2010 Flying Monkey Marathon for the third consecutive year with a time of 2:38:27.  Schneider holds the course record of 2:36:25, set in 2008.  He has now won the race in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

‘Marathonjunkie’ Chuck Engle came in a distant 2nd at 2:54:43 with Josh Hite on his heels, and in Engle’s dust, with a time of 2:55:40.

Engle won the 2007 Flying Monkey by setting a then record of 2:45:35.  It was the second consecutive third place finish for Hite on Sunday.

Traci Falbo was the fastest female with at time of 3:21:20.  Catie Caldwell came in a close second at 3:23:50 with Meredith Smith claiming third place honors with a time of 3:26:52.

The marathon is considered one of the toughest in the United States with over 3,500 feet of climbs.

The Flying Monkey Marathon (website) is located within Percy Warner Park in the Harpeth Hills on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee.

2010 Flying Monkey Marathon Official Poster

Flying Monkey Marathon Photos

Read the full story

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Flying Monkey Race Director Trent Rosenbloom

Photos from the 2010 Flying Monkey Marathon

Photos from the 2010 Flying Monkey Marathon in Nashville’s Harpeth Hills.

Ben Schneider won the race with a time of 2:38:27 (Full Story).

Traci Falbo was the fastest female finishing at 3:21:20 (Full Story).

Many elite and freak runners were at the Monkey this year, in addition to Ben and Traci, including Dallas Smith, Chuck Engle, Josh Hite, Michael Henze, Naresh Kumar, Angela Ivory, Gary Krugger, Morgan Cummings, Catie Caldwell, Chris EstesMeredith Smith, and Samantha Green among many others.

(Check back later for more photos…maybe)

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2011 Boston Marathon Closed

2011 Boston Marathon Filled Up in Just 8 Hours

The Boston Marathon is a Super Bowl of sorts for marathon runners.  There is usually around 25,000 spots for the race with 6,000 of those going to charities and corporations.  That leaves around 19,000 coveted positions for runners who BQ’ed (Boston Qualified) at marathon races throughout the country over the past year.

Last year it took nearly two months for the race to fill up.  Every year before that you could register almost up until race day for the most part.

Yesterday, the first day you could register for the 2011 Boston Marathon, the race filled up in just eight hours.  26,800 runners registered on the Boston Athletic Association website between 9:00 AM and 5:03 PM.

Extreme marathoner Chuck ‘Marathonjunkie’ Engle and others kept dibs on Facebook as the registration numbers kept rising throughout the day. Engle and others claimed computer issues with the Boston Marathon website made it hard early on in the day to sign up.

What does all of that mean?  It means a lot of runners that set the goal of running Boston and qualified at a race during the past year will have to try to qualify again now for the 2012 Boston Marathon.

It does seem a bit harsh and unfair.  One day, one shot, one good internet connection in order to run the Super Bowl of marathons.

Well, there is always next year….maybe!

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