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Run It Fast – Club Strava Leaderboard (Week Ending Oct 13, 2013)

Run It Fast – Club Strava Leaderboard (Week Ending Oct 13, 2013)

Run It Fast – Club on Strava Club Leaderboard from the week ending October 13, 2013

Here is a look at how Run It Fast – Club members stacked up against each other on our Strava club page:

Total Distance:
1. John Leighton – 68.4
2. Al Edwards – 56.7
3. David Pharr – 48.0

Total Running Time:
1. John Leighton – 13hr15min
2.Wade Anderson – 7hr48min
3. Jen Metcalf – 7hr18min

Fastest Pace
1. Al Edwards – 7:44
2. Natalie Torres – 7:49
3. Alex Barrientos – 8:11

Longest Run
1. John Leighton – 50.2 mi
2. Wade Anderson – 20.6 mi
3. Stewart Crouch – 17.8 mi

Most Elevation Gain:
1. Wade Anderson – 5,118 ft
2. Joshua Holmes – 4,464 ft
3. John Leighton – 3,261 ft

If you are a Run It Fast – Club member then join our club on Strava (free) and see where you compare week to week: http://www.strava.com/clubs/run-it-fast-the-club

Join Run It Fast – The Club HERE

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Run Under The Stars 5th Place Award 2013

Run Under The Stars Endurance Run Medal (2013)

This is the finisher’s medal for the Run Under The Stars Endurance Run that was held on June 8-9 in Paducah, Kentucky.

Fun medal! And it glows in the dark!

This is a 10 Hour run that starts at 8 pm on Saturday night and ends at 6 am the next morning. It is a total blast. 70+ Run It Fast Club Members were there this year and 4 members earned spots in the Top 5 Men and Top 5 Women! Here is a photo of the fun 5th Place award earned by RIF #1 Joshua Holmes:

Congratulations to RIF #236 Jen Metcalf, RIF #160 Jennifer Whitley, RIF #221 Karl Studtmann, and Josh for earning Top 5 spots! In fact, all the club members did amazing there and we are so proud of them.


[Medal submitted by RIF #5 Lisa Gonzales, follow her on on Twitter @runlikeacoyote and the award was submitted by RIF #1 Joshua Holmes, follow him on Twitter @bayou]

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