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Middle Half Marathon Medal 2012

The Middle Half Murfreesboro Half Marathon Medal (2012)

This is the medal for The Middle Half Murfreesboro Half Marathon that was held on October 13, 2012 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Solid medal with a cool middle spinner.


[Medal photo submitted by RIF #40 Scott Stader.  Follow him on Twitter @scottstader]

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The Middle Half Marathon Logo

Murfreesboro’s ‘The Middle Half’ Has 500 Spots Left

I received an email this morning from Melinda Tate, the RD for The Middle Half (Marathon) in Murfreesboro, TN, that the race has less than 500 spots left for the popular half marathon that takes place on October 15th.

Less that 500 spots are available for The Middle Half which will be held Saturday, October 15, 2011.

Once the race sells out, the cap will not be increased and there is no waiting list.


Thanks to those of you who have already signed up…it’s going to be a fun year!

Melinda Tate
Race Director

The course is extremely flat and a great one to set a PR on.

Estes better hop on this now to retain his title as the ‘Half King!’


The Middle Half Website

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The Middle Half 2009 Marathon (Joshua Holmes)

Micah Tirop Wins The Middle Half Marathon (2010 Results)

Micah Tirop, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, won The Middle Half Marathon this morning in Murfreesboro with a blistering time of 1:05:43.  He held off  Joseph Maina, from Richmond, Kentucky, by just 15 seconds.  Paul Michel rounded out the medal stand with an impressive 1:07:02

Men Top 9 Results (Sub 1:20)

  1. Micah Tirop (Murfreesboro, TN) 27M – 1:05:43
  2. Joseph Maina (Richmond, KY) 28M – 1:05:58
  3. Paul Michel (Gunnison, CO) 27M – 1:07:02
  4. Scott Wietecha (Goodlettsville, TN) 29M – 1:10:37
  5. Bradley Chronister (Manchester, TN) 24M – 1:16:54
  6. Cameron Aly (Bowling Green, KY) 21M – 1:17:15
  7. John Thorpe (Nashville, TN) 36M – 1:18:35
  8. Chad Hintz (Thompsons Station, TN) 25M – 1:19:43
  9. Timothy O’Leary (Antioch, TN) 48M – 1:19:49

Janet Cherobon was the fastest female on the day. She finished the flat and fast course with a time of 1:17:12.  Sonja Freind-Uhl (1:19:00) and Jillian Mastroianni (1:24:12) were the 2nd and 3rd place female finishers respectively.

Women Top 7 Results (Sub 1:30)

  1. Janet Cherobon (Rome, GA) 32F – 1:17:12
  2. Sonja Friend-Uhl (Brentwood, TN) 39F – 1:19:00
  3. Jillian Mastroianni (Nashville, TN) 28F – 1:24:12
  4. Ashley Comstoct (Bare, ON) 24F – 1:26:22
  5. Sue Ann Heins (Brentwood, TN) 43F – 1:28:42
  6. Catie Caldwell (Franklin, TN) 32F – 1:29:05
  7. Kristi Phillips (Murfreesboro, TN) 35F – 1:29:47

View All Results from The Middle Half

The Middle Half Website

Congrats to personal friends Kirk Catron, Scott Flowers, Gene Caballero, and Chris Estes who all had a great race today.

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