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Justin Gillette – St Jude Memphis Marathon Winner – Run It Fast

Justin Gillette Wins St. Jude Memphis Marathon (Results)

Indiana native Justin Gillete won the St. Jude Memphis Marathon on December 1, 2012 in Memphis, Tennessee with a time of 2:35:13.

Justin is member RIF #153 of Run It Fast – The Club, and we had a chance to ask him about his preparation leading up to and victory in Memphis:

“Memphis has always been on my list of races that I would like to experience winning because the race is for a great cause. Since I am a more popular runner than some, I always feel that winning a race that is for such a good cause gives that race a little more publicity.

I entered the marathon several months ago, and briefly considered withdrawing as I had to miss 11 days running in the 3 weeks prior to the marathon due to poison ivy and an injury while cutting wood.

Overall I didnt run as fast as normal but that doesnt diminish the value of winning such a great event.

Prior to the race starting I was not allowed into the elite athlete pre race suite, I used that as motivation during the race.”

It was the 55th marathon win in Justin’s running career. Truly an amazing accomplishment.

Gillette was able to hold off Cookeville’s (TN) Brian Shelton who finished close behind in 2:37:43.  Third place went to Greg Lemmon, from Cincinnati, with a time of 2:39:16. It should be noted that Matthew Thomas, from Alexandria, Virginia, was a very close 4th place in 2:39:24.

What an exciting and close field of runners that finished atop the field down in Memphis.

On the women’s side the win went to Angie Zinkus, from Eads, Tennessee, who finished with a time of 2:55:39. Her finish was fast enough to be 16th overall.

Second place female went to Laura Blaylock, from New Orleans, in 3:02:21 with third place female going to Floridian Carrie Pustilnik (3:08:15).

Full List of 2012 St. Jude Memphis Marathon Results

You can follow Justin Gillette on Twitter @gilletterunning

[image by Cindy Rickert via Justin Gillette]

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Justin Gillette Wins 2012 Georgia Marathon (Results)

Indiana native Justin Gillette won the 2012 Georgia Marathon on March 18, 2012 with a winning time of 2:32:43.

Second place went to Atlanta’s Andrew Heath in 2:36:14 with third going to Brady Bennett in 2:40:12.

The first female across the line was Jill Horst in 3:00:52. Mary Chind and Patricia Coppel finished second and third respectively.

2012 Georgia Marathon Top 10 Results
1. Justin Gillette (Goshen, IN) – 2:32:43
2. Andrew Heath (Atlanta, GA) – 2:36:14
3. Brady Bennett (Rome, GA) – 2:40:12
4. Juan Soto (Gainesville, GA) – 2:46:34
5. Gary Krugger (Flagstaff, AZ) – 2:49:34
6. Ryan McClay (Atlanta, GA) – 2:50:40
7. Enrique Sanchez (Atlanta, GA) – 2:51:28
8. Philip Blong (Albuquerque, NM) – 2:56:57
9. James Bickelhaupt (Smyrna, GA) – 2:58:23
10. Humayun Zafar (Kennesaw, GA) – 2:58:50

2012 Georgia Marathon Top 3 Women 
1. Jill Horst (Rome, GA) – 3:00:52
2. Mary Chind (Decatur, GA) – 3:02:09
3. Patricia Coppel (Atlanta, GA) – 3:05:52

Full Searchable Results for 2012 Georgia Marathon & Half Marathon

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Lost Dutchman Marathon

Justin Gillette Wins 2012 Lost Dutchman Marathon, Leah Thorvilson Takes Female Crown

Justin Gillette won the 2012 Lost Dutchman Marathon on Sunday (February 19, 2012) in Apache Junction, Arizona with a winning time of 2:31:03.

The Indiana native beat out second place finisher Tom Lipsie by over 9 minutes. Lipsie finished in 2:40:26.  Third place went to O’Canada’s Ken Myers in 2:41:41.

Top 10 Male Lost Dutchman Marathon Finishers

  1. Justin Gillette – 2:31:03
  2. Tom Lipsie – 2:40:26
  3. Ken Myers – 2:41:41
  4. Boone Ebel – 2:45:51
  5. Stephen Anders0n – 2:49:58
  6. Matthew Brake – 2:54:16
  7. Gary Krugger – 2:54:49
  8. Cliff Richards – 2:56:41
  9. Brian Zacher – 2:58:17
  10. Steve Dirkse – 2:58:39

Olympic Marathon Trials marathoner Leah Thorvilson easily won the Lost Dutchman Marathon winning by nearly 30 minutes with a time of 2:47:15. Leah finished 5th overall. She ran so fast that rumor has quickly circulated that she DID FIND the Dutchman.

Second place went to Traci Falbo in 3:14:23 with third place going to Brittany Orkney in 3:17:04.

Top 10 Female Lost Dutchman Marathon Finishers

  1. Leah Thorvilson – 2:47:15
  2. Traci Falbo – 3:14:23
  3. Brittany Orkney – 3:17:04
  4. Mary Hanna – 3:20:48
  5. Linda Tivorsak – 3:25:17
  6. Talva Parker – 3:25:42
  7. Camille Bloom – 3:26:33
  8. Ashlee Thomas – 3:27:27
  9. Angela Warren – 3:27:27
  10. Wendy Lathrop – 3:27:48

Full and Searchable 2012 Lost Dutchman Marathon/Half Marathon Results


*chip times and clock times were inverted, converted, and perverted on official race results page. I went with the chip time for each posted.

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