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Carmel Marathon Medal – 2012

Carmel Marathon Medal (2012)

We posted the Carmel Half Marathon medal earlier and now hear is the Carmel Marathon finisher’s medal that took place on April 21, 2012 in Carmel, Indiana.


[Submitted by Andy Scott. Follow him on Twitter @DAndrewScott]

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Carmel Half Marathon Medal – 2012

Carmel Half Marathon Medal (2012)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Carmel Half Marathon that took place in Carmel, Indiana on April 21, 2012.

Colorful and pretty with a nice mention of Earth Day along with the date at the bottom.


[Submitted by Skip Keltner. Follow him on Twitter @skipkeltner]

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Melissa Gillette and Leah Thorvilson – Carmel Marathon – 2012

Leah Thorvilson Wins 2012 Carmel Marathon (Results)

Arkansas native Leah Thorvilson won the Carmel Marathon earlier today with a winning time of 2:42:13 in Carmel, Indiana.  The winning time by Leah was also a new course record.

The win comes just one week after Thorvilson was the overall winner at the Hogeye Marathon in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Thorvilson bested the second best female by nearly twenty minutes. Melissa Gillette finished second with a strong time of 3:02:25.

Third overall female went to Laurissa Dalrymple in 3:07:37.

Top Female Results from the Carmel Marathon

  1. Leah Thorvilson – 2:42:13
  2. Melissa Gillette – 3:02:25
  3. Laurissa Dalrymple – 3:07:37
  4. Melissa Hendrix – 3:20:56
  5. Lauren Shirey – 3:21:13
  6. Jennifer Dice – 3:24:45
  7. Megan Brazill – 3:26:54
  8. Christiana Cioffi – 3:27:04
  9. Mandi Jacquinot – 3:32:19
  10. Kristen Holm-Hansen – 3:32:47

The overall winner and top male was Jesse Davis with a time of 2:22:05.

Second place male went to David Mart in 2:27:13 with third place going to Jared Rothlauf in a time of 2:29:34

Top Male Results from the Carmel Marathon

  1. Jesse Davis – 2:22:05
  2. David Mart – 2:27:13
  3. Jared Rothlauf 2:29:34
  4. Justin Gillette – 2:34:11
  5. Andy Hass – 2:39:30
  6. Brad Mason – 2:40:02
  7. Jonathan Kinsey – 2:40:32
  8. Scott Colford – 2:41:21
  9. Colin Muehlenkamp – 2:43:31
  10. Greg Doyon – 2:49:21

Full List of 2012 Carmel Marathon Results

Congrats to all 564 finishers today in Carmel.

Leah Thorvilson is member RIF #34 in Run It Fast – The Club. You can read more about it and join by clicking HERE.

[image: Melissa Gillette and Leah Thorilson]

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