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2011 Half Marathon Championship Male and Female Winners (Results)

Here is a quick rundown of the male and female winners from the 2011 Half Marathon Championship in Houston on Saturday.

1. Mo Trafeh, 1:02:17
2. Ryan Hall, 1:02:20
3. Patrick Smyth, 1:02:32
4. Fasil Bizuneh, 1:02:47
5. Jason Lehmkuhle, 1:02:49

Ryan Hall was leading at the 13 mile mark before Trafeh unleashed a Michael Phelps like kick over the  last tenth of a mile to beat Hall by three seconds.  It was a tight finish among the top five with just 32 seconds separating the group.

1. Jen Rhines, 1:11:14
2. Serena Burla, 1:11:38
3. Nan Kennard, 1:12:03
4. Katie McGregor, 1:12:12
5. Tera Moody, 1:12:30

The women had a little more separation with Rhines winning by 24 seconds over Burla.  5th place finisher Tera Moody finished 1:16 behind Rhines.  The win for Rhines, a 3-time Olympian, was a personal record.

The same course will be used next year for Olympic Marathon qualifying.

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