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Runner’s Epic Snowplow Fall After Graceful TV Interview

The couple in this video was being interviewed by a Portland television station about their wintery run in the snow. Both runners were eloquent and smooth in describing being out in the wintery mix and how good the conditions were for runners.

Chelsea tells the reporter that the snow is a “Perfect texture for running, very light impact..”

After the couple’s interview, they take off running and Chelsea’s feet slipped out from underneath her and she snowplowed the asphalt hard.

She did get up and give a painful thumbs up to the camera crew and reporter who asked to see if she was ok.

The lady in the video, ‘Chelsea,’ posted this comment on Deadspin about her epic running fa(i)ll:

“As the chick in this video, all I can say is that running in powder when there’s no one else out at night is a shitload of fun. But stopping to pose for the local news station in the middle of the icy street hurts like a bitch. Glad it’s as funny for everyone else as it was for us.”

She sounds like a really good sport about her fall. Falls happen to all runners of all levels in all conditions. She appears to be tough and is ok after her fall.

Of course after her fall this runner is now being referred to nationally as a ‘jogger.’ (SMH)

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Interview with Across The Years 6-Day Winner Joe Fejes (Video)

Interview with Across The Years 6-Day Winner Joe Fejes (Video)

Aravaipa Running wasted no time in interviewing Joe Fejes just minutes after he knocked off the once immortal Yiannis Kouros at the Across The Years 6-Day endurance race in Glendale, Arizona on January 3, 2014.

In the interview, Joe discusses his strategy before and during the race, sleep, diet, and details about his 6-day indoor Alaskan race coming up in August.

The best line from Joe’s interview about what he ate during the race: “I had two buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken, original, crispy!”

Across The Years 2013/14 Results

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Meghan Vogel Shows Extreme Sportsmanship in Helping Injured Competitor Across the Finish Line (Video)

West Liberty-Salem (Ohio) high school runner Meghan Vogel won the 1,600 meter race at the OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) state track meet on June 2, 2012.  However, her most impressive feat of the day was stopping during the 3,200 meter race to help injured opponent Arden McMath, who was severely hurt, hobble across the finish line.

A West Liberty-Salem runner helps carry a struggling Arlington runner who collapsed just short of the finish line at the DIII 3200 meter race at the OHSAA state track meet at Jesse Owens Stadium in Columbus on June 2, 2012. The West Liberty-Salem athlete finished first in the 1600 meter race earlier in the day. She was running in last place in the 3200 meter race when she approached her opponent struggling to pick herself up from the track on the home stretch. Without hesitation, she scooped her competitor up and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. As the crowd roared, the incredible sportsmanship continued to the finish line…

Often we get too caught up in the competition to remember our fellow competitors during a race.  Meghan’s sportsmanship is a prime example to many of us, much older, that we should never be too consumed with ourselves to help out an injured or struggling competitor.

Meghan’s story reminds me of Chris Estes stopping at mile a mile short of the Strolling Jim 40 Miler to help a runner who had collapsed and fallen over a guardrail (full story).

I’ve found out that the longer the event, the friendly runners are and more willing to help one another out. This is one of the reasons I love running ultras.

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Walt Disney World Marathon 20th Anniversary

Walt Disney World Unveils New Marathon Course to Celebrate 20th Anniversary (Video)

The Walt Disney World Marathon is getting a course facelift to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the popular race.  The changes should please many veterans of the popular Florida race.

Earlier today WDW released a video, featuring Mickey Mouse, that highlights the biggest changes to the course for 2013.

The most noticeable changes will be removing one of the big loops around EPCOT to start the race. Instead the race will go from EPCOT straight to the Magic Kingdom where runners will run through Cinderella’s Castle just before Mile 6. This will be roughly 4 miles sooner than in past years.

Runners will also be running through the Disney Motor Speedway this year, around the NASCAR track, instead of outside of the facility, before rejoining the traditional course that then goes to the Animal Kingdom.

The last major difference will be that instead of the unpopular out and back at Mile 20 from previous WDW Marathons, runners will instead run to the Disney Wide World of Sports where they will run around the inside of Spring Training stadium of the Atlanta Braves.

Runners will then head to Hollywood Studios before finishing back at EPCOT.

The 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon will take place on January 13, 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

The WDW Half Marathon takes place the day before in the same location.  

Runners can complete both races in what is called the Goofy Challenge. The GC does fill up fast.

2013 Walt Disney World Race Maps (January)

If you are wanting to do your first marathon or half marathon then Disney is a great place to do it. It’s one of my favorite races that I go back to every year.

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Sh!t Ultrarunners Say (Video)

The fad of late is all of these comedic videos being made like ‘Sh!t Girls Say,’  ‘Sh!t White Girls Say to Black Girls,’ ‘ ‘Sh!t Christians Say to Jews,’ ‘Sh!t People in Los Angeles Say,’ et cetera that people are posting to You Tube.

Naturally, there is now a ‘Sh!t Ultrarunners Say’ video that is rather humorous.  If you haven’t said most of the things in this video during an ultra then you have for sure heard them from others.

Watch and enjoy!

“You guys go ahead I’ll catch up!”

“Whoa, was that a mountain lion?”

“I haven’t run on the road since 1983.”

“Hey do you have an extra sock? Did you bring an extra shirt? Do you have any wet wipes?”

“Someone needs to invent toe socks for my junk!”

Hat tip to Beth McCurdy.

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Judge Bans Naked Runner from Future Flying Pig Marathons

Judge Bans Naked Runner from Future Flying Pig Marathons

Back in May, we told you about Brett Henderson who streaked naked at the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati.  He was arrested for his lewd act that day.

Today he had his day in court:

The judge placed Henderson on a year of probation, ordered him to spend 80 hours doing community service, to never run in the Flying Pig marathon again and to pay the marathon the $110 entry fee he never paid.

YouTube Video of Henderson Streaking at the Pig:

I can’t argue with the sentencing, but would the judge have been as severe with his ruling if the runner had been a woman?

RELATED: 2011 Flying Pig Marathon Medal

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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – Iron Maiden & Forrest Gump (Video)

I tweeted this video a couple of days ago but wanted to post it here as well.

It’s a video of Iron Maiden’s ‘The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner’ with film footage from the movie Forrest Gump of all of the scenes where Tom Hanks (Forrest) is running in the film.

YouTube user ‘Residualbill’ did a really good job of editing the scenes to match the song.

The best part being Forrest’s machine gun fire in Vietnam.

BTW: Really great song to run to for those of you that listen to music!

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Elite Marathoner Josh Cox’s 3 Tips for Finishing Your First Marathon (Video)

Elite marathon runner Josh Cox shares three of his best tips in this video for finishing your first marathon or half marathon.

Cox won the 2010 Las Vegas Marathon with a time of 2:25:06.

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Scott Jurek Discusses Running Ultra Marathons with Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Video)

Ultra marathon legend Scott Jurek discusses how he became interested in running, ultra marathons, and how he gets through such extreme races and distances with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Scott has won Badwater, Western States several times, and almost every other endurance running race in the United States.

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Ben Davis Running 120 Pound Journey

You Say You Can’t Run, He Says Anyone Can! (Video)

Millions of Americans love to run for a host of many reasons. There are many more that would love to run but claim they just can’t. That it is too hard.

The video below shows the inspirational story of Ben Davis and his transformation from a 358-lb lazy sofa ornament into a marathon and ultra-athlete one step at a time. He lost over 130-lbs in the process.

Davis started running, very slowly at first, and he kept at it until he did his first 5K, then his first marathon, then his first Ironman.

Watch the video and pass the link along to one of your friends or family members that needs just a little push to get them out there running and on there way to a more healthy lifestyle.

Running is something anyone can do from anywhere. It all starts with a single step.

Watch Ben’s Transformation Below:

Be sure to share with fellow runners and those you want to see running as well!

Ben’s Tumblr Website

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