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Ironman Maryland Medal (2014)

Ironman Maryland Medal (2014)

Ironman Maryland Medal (2014)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Ironman Maryland that took place on September 21, 2014 in Cambridge, Maryland.


[medal photo submitted by Dustin Washam – follow him on Twitter @washamrunning]

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Susan Ford – Ironman

Ironma’am Susan Ford

Susan Ford at Ironman Florida, November 4, 2006

Susan Ford is a monster. Stay out of her way and you won’t get hurt. That’s a hyperbolic way to paint the tender-hearted veterinarian from Cookeville, Tennessee, but, too, a way of saying she is the hardest charging training and racing fanatic I’ve seen.

At this moment she is in Kona, Haiwaii awaiting Saturday’s World Championship Ironman. As is Amy Dodson, another friend, with whom Susan is sharing a hotel room. Yesterday’s post was about Amy. This one is about Susan.

Recent training ride along Blackburn Fork, Jackson County, Tennessee

I knew Susan when running a 10K put her at risk of overuse injuries. No more. Fourteen Ironman races have changed that, transformed her to a hard body that could cut glass. Her Twitter handle is @Ironmaam. That’s a good title for the story too.

Read the full story by Dallas Smith by clicking HERE

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Amy Dodson: Tempo Allegro

Amy Dodson on the cover of Runner's World, July, 2011


Amy talking with @smithbend at Bell Buckle, June, 2001

It has been my good luck to stand in a place where I met some pretty amazing people. Two of them—Amy Dodson and Susan Ford—will be running The Ironman World Championship at Kona, Hawaii this coming Saturday. Both are my good friends, although they never met each other. And both began their endurance journey in Cookeville, Tennessee. Because of that commonality they planned to share a hotel room at Kona.
This story is about Amy. It’s an old story, first published in Running Journal. Although already written, it was on my mind in April, 2000 as I was running the Boston Marathon for the first time, because that’s when the story appeared.
The story is about how Amy started running. In one sense, it’s a disservice to her, because she has since accomplished so much. Just part of it makes a long list: Boston Marathon first woman leg amputee, marathon world record, 100-mile ultramarathon, two-time ITU World Paratriathlon Champion… It goes on. But this story is about how she began.
Read the full story by Dallas Smith by clicking HERE

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Lance Armstrong Finish Line Photo Panama Half Ironman

Lance Armstrong Finishes 2nd in Panama Half Ironman (Results)

7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong finished second on Sunday in the Panama Half Ironman to New Zealand’s Bevan Docherty.

Docherty won with a time of 3:50:13 holding off Armstrong by 42 seconds as Lance finished in 3:50:55.

Men’s Race – Top 10 Finish

1 3:50:13 16 Bevan Docherty Santa Cruz CA NZL
2 3:50:55 0:42 24 Lance Armstron Austin TX USA
3 3:52:59 2:46 5 Richie Cunningh Boulder CO AUS
4 3:53:38 3:25 4 Rasmus Henning Tuineje DOM
5 3:54:44 4:31 12 Romain Guillaum Montmorot FRA
6 3:55:30 5:18 7 Jesse Thomas Springfield OR USA
7 3:56:21 6:09 1 Chris Lieto Danville CA USA
8 3:58:32 8:19 23 Ivan Vasilyev Moscow RUS
9 4:00:53 10:40 9 Oscar Galindez Santos ARG
10 4:01:24 11:11 6 Bert Jammaer Boom BEL

Docherty, who overtook Armstrong in the latter portion of the run, claims Armstrong ignored him somewhat after finishing.

“I’m not sure what it was all about. I can only assume he was just disappointed to get beaten,” Docherty said.

Docherty said that later on that Armstrong did finally shake his hand and congratulate him.

“I did shake his hand a little bit later. He’s on a completely different level and planet to us guys [triathletes],” Docherty said. “It’s great to have him in the sport, he certainly adds something. It’s an eye-opener to see how he gets mobbed and the chaos around him.”

Which of the three legs did Armstrong struggle the most? You’ll never guess it…

Docherty stated, “I thought Lance would absolutely cream us on the bike, but he was probably in a similar position to me where he wasn’t too sure how to pace himself,” he said. “He certainly looked like he was holding back and that was probably why he ran so well off the bike.”

Either way, Armstrong was impressive on Sunday and perhaps the greatest endurance athlete of our generation or any generation.

Armstrong will keep working at it until he can dominate the triathlon and Ironman.

Post Half Ironman Interview with Lance:

Women’s Race – Top 10

1 4:15:31 40 Angela Naeth Prince George BC CAN
2 4:19:11 3:40 36 Kelly Williams Austin TX USA
3 4:19:34 4:03 52 Margaret Shapiro Herndon VA USA
4 4:21:42 6:11 35 Leanda Cave Tucson AZ GBR
5 4:25:29 9:58 44 Tine Deckers Kessel – Lo BEL
6 4:29:00 13:29 37 Yvonne Van Vler Schwarzach NLD
7 4:29:17 13:46 39 Natascha Badmann Oftringen CHE
8 4:30:20 14:49 49 Michelle Vesterby Odense DNK
9 4:31:09 15:38 48 Bree Wee Kailua-Kona HI USA
10 4:33:03 17:32 43 Dede Griesbauer Boston MA USA

[images: Ironman Live]

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Ben Davis Running 120 Pound Journey

You Say You Can’t Run, He Says Anyone Can! (Video)

Millions of Americans love to run for a host of many reasons. There are many more that would love to run but claim they just can’t. That it is too hard.

The video below shows the inspirational story of Ben Davis and his transformation from a 358-lb lazy sofa ornament into a marathon and ultra-athlete one step at a time. He lost over 130-lbs in the process.

Davis started running, very slowly at first, and he kept at it until he did his first 5K, then his first marathon, then his first Ironman.

Watch the video and pass the link along to one of your friends or family members that needs just a little push to get them out there running and on there way to a more healthy lifestyle.

Running is something anyone can do from anywhere. It all starts with a single step.

Watch Ben’s Transformation Below:

Be sure to share with fellow runners and those you want to see running as well!

Ben’s Tumblr Website

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