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Runner’s Epic Snowplow Fall After Graceful TV Interview

The couple in this video was being interviewed by a Portland television station about their wintery run in the snow. Both runners were eloquent and smooth in describing being out in the wintery mix and how good the conditions were for runners.

Chelsea tells the reporter that the snow is a “Perfect texture for running, very light impact..”

After the couple’s interview, they take off running and Chelsea’s feet slipped out from underneath her and she snowplowed the asphalt hard.

She did get up and give a painful thumbs up to the camera crew and reporter who asked to see if she was ok.

The lady in the video, ‘Chelsea,’ posted this comment on Deadspin about her epic running fa(i)ll:

“As the chick in this video, all I can say is that running in powder when there’s no one else out at night is a shitload of fun. But stopping to pose for the local news station in the middle of the icy street hurts like a bitch. Glad it’s as funny for everyone else as it was for us.”

She sounds like a really good sport about her fall. Falls happen to all runners of all levels in all conditions. She appears to be tough and is ok after her fall.

Of course after her fall this runner is now being referred to nationally as a ‘jogger.’ (SMH)

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