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Runner’s Epic Snowplow Fall After Graceful TV Interview

The couple in this video was being interviewed by a Portland television station about their wintery run in the snow. Both runners were eloquent and smooth in describing being out in the wintery mix and how good the conditions were for runners.

Chelsea tells the reporter that the snow is a “Perfect texture for running, very light impact..”

After the couple’s interview, they take off running and Chelsea’s feet slipped out from underneath her and she snowplowed the asphalt hard.

She did get up and give a painful thumbs up to the camera crew and reporter who asked to see if she was ok.

The lady in the video, ‘Chelsea,’ posted this comment on Deadspin about her epic running fa(i)ll:

“As the chick in this video, all I can say is that running in powder when there’s no one else out at night is a shitload of fun. But stopping to pose for the local news station in the middle of the icy street hurts like a bitch. Glad it’s as funny for everyone else as it was for us.”

She sounds like a really good sport about her fall. Falls happen to all runners of all levels in all conditions. She appears to be tough and is ok after her fall.

Of course after her fall this runner is now being referred to nationally as a ‘jogger.’ (SMH)

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Tim Nelson

Seattle Police Call Runner Hit by Semi-Truck a ‘Dumbf**k’

Seattle runner Tim Nelson was hit by a semi-truck while running to work back in late October. He suffered a fractured skull in two places, broken back, punctured lung, and broken arm.

Nelson’s lawyer demanded to see the dash cam from the police car.  Nelson quickly discovered that the Seattle Police Department had added insult(s) to his extensive injuries at the scene of the accident.

Via Q13 Fox in Seattle:

“It ain’t my problem,” one officer said about Nelson’s injuries.

“Why don’t you drive a car?”

“Yeah, don’t try to jog to work, dumbf—.”

One officer was identified as Doug Jorgensen.

Nelson, as we all would be, isn’t too happy about the officer’s comments:

“As citizens, we pay their salaries and we are going to hold them to a higher degree of responsibility because they are public servants. In a situation like this, when you have someone lying on the ground near death, I don’t see any reason to excuse that,” said Nelson.

Some reports state that Nelson ran against a red crossing light.  No mater the case, he should have been treated with more respect from the SPD even if he was unconscious.

Watch the video above from the police dash cam.

To make it even worse the local news kept referring to Tim as a ‘jogger’ and ‘jogging’ to work.

See -> Does Being Called a Jogger Offend You?

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President Bill Clinton and Al Gore Running/Jogging During the 90’s

Does Being Called a ‘Jogger’ Offend You?

We asked on Twitter earlier today if the term ‘jog’ or ‘jogger’ offends you as a runner.

Here are some of the harsh, funny, and interesting responses we received from our followers:


Ana Murray – Yes! ‘Jogger’ classifies runners as slow but running has no predetermined speed – speed is relative to the person. Run on!

Troy Bratton – yes because I’ve worked my butt off to improve. Jogging is closer to walking than running…

Christian Hiteshew – b, just proves who runs and who doesn’t

Melissa – I don’t care what anyone calls me. All I care about is getting my miles in 🙂

jason candy – A…because I don’t jog…my pace is more to a runner…gray line???

Kat – I don’t even know what jogging looks like. Something you do in place? I think you run or you don’t run. There’s no middle ground.

Eddie Wooten – Either is good for you. Running, to me, suggests more effort.

Gerard Pescatore – no because, as a runner, I’m laid back

Stuart Clayton – Yes, very much so.

Kristy – I’m not offended. There are different types of people. If someone wants to go out for a jog, it’s still a great form of exercise.

BMonty – Yes, but only when it’s used in a derogatory manner. “They’re not a real runner, they’re just a lazy jogger.” That riles me.

Sebaskid:p – No, somedays you have to jog to rest from running

baxterimahounduknow – mmmmm nah… But I’m no jogger lol !

Vic Arvizu – Does it matter? It’s still faster than walking

JeremyAntonAnderson – it totally offends me to be called a jogger when I can run a sub 6 minute mile for 7 miles

Jo – No ‘runs’ are for training ‘jogs’ are for recovery. Although used to hate polar software classifying my hard efforts ‘light jogs’

elizabeth v rehmer – b)no because people that use that term do not know what they are talking about… no active person says that.

HaroldShaw – A and here is my post on it http://bit.ly/vdVwXR 🙂

Yvonne Dehn – A. Because I’ve worked hard for my ‘runner’ status. Jogging is what u do as recovery between intervals

Stewart Crouch – I jog 4 days a week and run 3 days a week.

Lisa Gonzales – No. As long as it isn’t in a news story. Bad things happen to “joggers” in the news.

More Lisa Gonzales: Oh, forgot to say it’s because I don’t give a rat’s backside about what anyone else thinks. I know what I am! #badass 😉

Frank S#runners train for something specific. Joggers jog w/no specific race goals typically. I’ll say this, no one calls me a jogger 🙂

(Everyone tweet Frank S and tell him what a good jogger he is!!! ;))

Jonathan Bobbitt – A. But only when another “runner” asks “how far did you jog” while looking down nose condescendingly. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

(Bobbitt refuses to disclose how far he jogged this morning!!!)

Brad Dulay – Only if someone called me a jogger. If you’ve run more than a 5k you shouldnt be called a jogger

Euan Jardine – Yes!! Joggers are not runners.

Paul Nottoli – A. Jogging is what middle aged Mom’s with to much money do to look cool.

dunlapa – Nope not at all. Jogging/running same thing to me 🙂

NaomiPipes – Not offended. But I use the term runner and disclaim that I am not fast.

Sarah – No, because those that call me a jogger are non runners and they just dont understand

Stevie Ferguson™ – A because in a race, I guarantee we are *not jogging! 🙂

angela dively – yes, it does. Jogger connotates someone who has a hobby. Runner is someone who competes, even if it’s against oneself.

John Shepard – Confused as to why this would offend anyone.

Rebecca Rene – Have a marathoner friend who gets INFURIATED when called a jogger. Maybe it’s a dedication/hobbyist/purist thing? IDK

More Rebecca Rene – Hell, run, jog call it whatever as far as I care. For me, it’s about getting my butt across the finish.

Pavement Runner – “offend” is a strong word. But there is a difference, right? I would never refer to myself as a jogger

thomas ransome – jogging implies a definite lack of effort, also makes it sound pleasant, its not pleasant running hurts…in a good way!

Versa Dave – I don’t take it offense since my 11 min pace is kind of a jog anyways.

Lee Price – No, as somedays I ‘jog’ somedays I ‘run’.

John Shepard – Kind of like Underwear/Underpants. I don’t care so long as I feel good. F it.

CYU#runners train 4something specific. Joggers jog w/no spcific race goals…..No one calls me a jogger :)” <3 this!

Crystal – yes only cause I work on my running everyday I didn’t get in Boston by jogging

Richard Lima – Those who say “jog” or “jogger don’t run at all.

Cazz Singson – Honestly?? YES!!! 🙂

TJ – YES because we all should have higher self-esteem aka confidence and believe in the power of our runs #RWRunStreak#Running #run


Francis L. – YES. Joggers wear matching sweatsuits & are more concerned w looks than fitness. And runners don’t find dead bodies. Joggers do.

With that said, here is first article I saw a friend had posted on Facebook this morning, Jogger hit by Semi discovers police ridiculed him at the scene

If you want to play it safe you shouldn’t call another runner a ‘jogger’ or mention they are ‘jogging.’  However, I say if you know the runner then have fun and be sure to compliment him or her on their ‘jogging.’

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