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Sh!t Ultrarunners Say (Video)

The fad of late is all of these comedic videos being made like ‘Sh!t Girls Say,’  ‘Sh!t White Girls Say to Black Girls,’ ‘ ‘Sh!t Christians Say to Jews,’ ‘Sh!t People in Los Angeles Say,’ et cetera that people are posting to You Tube.

Naturally, there is now a ‘Sh!t Ultrarunners Say’ video that is rather humorous.  If you haven’t said most of the things in this video during an ultra then you have for sure heard them from others.

Watch and enjoy!

“You guys go ahead I’ll catch up!”

“Whoa, was that a mountain lion?”

“I haven’t run on the road since 1983.”

“Hey do you have an extra sock? Did you bring an extra shirt? Do you have any wet wipes?”

“Someone needs to invent toe socks for my junk!”

Hat tip to Beth McCurdy.

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