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Day 5 Run It Fast Race Across the USA Map

Day 5: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – Metcalvary Rising

Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA now has 5 days in the bag. Friday is always a low mileage day for most teams and runners before the weekend splurge. Of course this formula held true today with the exception of Rev ‘EPO’ Run that was wonderful once again. As far as the mortal teams, The Metcalvary made a strong charge with the most miles amongst the mortals. They are now knocking on the door of second place overall. The Grapes of Rath have really been humming along nicely the last two days as well.  All the numbers and highlights below.

The Top 6 Teams on Day 5

  1. Rev Run – 176.89
  2. The Metcalvary – 141.21
  3. Grapes of Rath – 132.68
  4. Tuck n’ Stroll – 122.60
  5. Crowe Bars – 121.36

Link to the Google Map showing where each team is on it’s Race Across the USA

Race Across the USA Overall Standings (daily total)

  1. Rev Run – 931.26 miles (176.89)
  2. Mojo Rising – 693.32 miles (100.26)
  3. The Metcalvary – 687.86 miles (141.21)
  4. Grapes of Rath – 669.41 (132.68)
  5. Crowe Bars – 652.90 miles (121.36) +1
  6. Trip 2 My Lou – 649.26 miles (113.80) -1
  7. Tuck ‘n Stroll – 627.64 miles (122.60)
  8. Alfa’s Omegas – 574.21 miles (93.85)
  9. Kicking Glass – 551.46 miles (97.83)
  10. The Beetroots – 544.80 miles (106.17) +1
  11. Peers One – 541.97 miles (98.20) -1
  12. Eli’s PR Ice – 506.96 miles (96.96)

New York City to Santa Monica Pier Distance: 2,907.00 Miles

Elva Matamoros is the Race Across the USA’s Peak Performer of the day with 33.56 miles for the Grapes of Rath.

Top 10 Miles of the Day

  1. Lisa Devona (REV) – 36.99
  2. Elva Matamoros (GOR) – 33.56
  3. Randy Broadway (MET) – 31.66
  4. Steve Troxel (CB) – 31.50
  5. Francesca Muccini (ELI) – 30.05
  6. Ximena Kriete (TNS) – 29.05
  7. Marylou Corino (LOU) – 25.00
  8. Chris Clemens (GOR) – 24.30
  9. Emily Ryan (REV) – 22.77
  10. Alfa Severino (AO) – 22.60

The Day’s Quick Team-by-Team Recaps

REV RUN- Day 5: 176.89 Miles (1st) – 1st overall

Train kept a rollin’ all night long. Lisa Devona kept her Floridian hot streak going into Day 5 with 36.99 miles. Emily Ryan was strong with 22.77 miles and Steve Snyder landed on 21.15 without busting. Sherry Meador also cracked open a 20.07 today, which was also her 115,331 lifetime mile on Tennessee asphalt.

The team is currently in the Harpeth Hills of Tennessee after a quick stop for some Prince’s Nashville Hot Chicken. No word if team captain, Steve Kerr was able to talk Prince’s into a team discount.

RR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisa Devona – 36.99 miles
  2. Emily Ryan – 22.77 miles
  3. Steve Snyder – 21.15 miles

MOJO RISING- Day 5: 100.26 Miles (8th) – 2nd overall

Mojo falling fast after a strong start to the race. They were led by Lindsay Phenix’s 22.21 miles and hope to rise up out of the ashes tomorrow to a better result. JR Reynolds, always solid, put down 15.63 miles in the rain. The Skins remain in second place, but not by much, as The Metcalvary is charging towards them.

The team is currently in Learn, Pond, Tennessee.

MR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lindsay Phenix – 22.21 miles
  2. JR Reynolds – 15.63 miles
  3. Joshua Holmes – 15.10 miles

THE METCALVARY – Day 5: 141.21 Miles (2nd) – 3rd overall

Everyone contributed today for The Mets, and behind ‘Rowdy’ Randy Broadway’s 31.66 miles they made up substantial ground on 2nd place. Today alone they gained 41 miles on Mojo. Andy Glaze added 21.25 miles and the race had a re-appearance from Heather ‘Double-Dime’ McComb with 20.43 miles. Kelly Tipple added 15.35. The Mets have all the momentum heading into Day 6.

The team is currently in Kodak, Tennessee

MET’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Randy Broadway – 31.66 miles
  2. Andy Glaze – 21.25 miles
  3. Heather McComb – 20.43 miles

GRAPES OF RATH – Day 5: 132.68 Miles (3rd) – 4th overall

GOR is on a mission. After a slow start they have found their groove. Today they were led by Elva Matamoros and her 33.56 miles. Tom Orr delivered 18.10 miles, and Chris Clemens covered 24.30 miles. Saturday could be very interesting for GOR. If they have a super strong day they could all the way to 2nd at the rate Mojo has fallen off the last two days.

The team is currently in Blue Hole Spring, Tennessee.

GOR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Elva Matamoros – 33.56 miles
  2. Chris Clemens – 24.30 miles
  3. Tom Orr – 18.10 miles

CROWE BARS – Day 5: 121.36 Miles (5th) – 5th overall

We are a couple days away from 50K’s being renamed to ’50 Troxel’s.’ Steve with a brilliant 31.50 miles once again for the Bars. Marj Mitchell, who has really shined this week contributed a massive 20.24 miles. Rookie-to-the-race Amy Hazlewood added 18.06 important miles to her team.

The team is currently in Mohawk, Tennessee.

CB’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Steve Troxel – 31.50 miles
  2. Marj Mitchell – 20.24 miles
  3. Amy Hazlewood – 18.06 miles

TRIP 2 MY LOU – Day 5: 113.80 Miles (6th) – 6th overall

Lou is now playing leap frog with the Crowe Bars, and Crowe did the leaping on Friday. Lou was led on Friday by team captain Marylou Corino’s 25.00 miles. Tennesseans Christy Brewer and Jeremy Kluttz almost 38 miles combined.

The team is currently in Lick Branch, Tennessee.

LOU’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Marylou Corino – 25.00 miles
  2. Christy Brewer – 19.32 miles
  3. Jeremy Kluttz – 18.51 miles

TUCK N’ STROLL – Day 5: 122.60 Miles (4th) – 7th overall

The women brought it for TNS on Friday behind Ximena Kriete (29.05 miles), Jess Britt (16.01), and Donna Bullington (15.01). They had a 4th place finish on the day with everyone contributing to the cause. Tuck has put together a strong 3-day run.

They are currently in Jearoldstown, Tennessee.

TNS’s Top Performers of the Day.

  1. Ximena Kriete – 29.05 miles
  2. Jess Britt – 16.01 miles
  3. Donna Bullington – 15.01 miles

ALFA’S OMEGAS – Day 5: 93.85 Miles (12th) – 8th overall

Team captain Alfa Severino sets the example for this team every day, and she did again today with 22.60 miles. She had solid contributions from Kelly Paul (13.56 miles) and Houston Wolf (12.59). However, the team opted to be the Omegas for the day.

The team is currently in first place of the teams not in Tennessee. Their current location is Meadowview, Virginia.

AO’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Alfa Severino – 22.60 miles
  2. Kelly Paul – 13.56 miles
  3. Houston Wolf – 12.59 miles

KICKING GLASS – Day 5: 97.83 Miles (10th) – 9th overall

For both of our cross country races, Tiffani Glass has given it her all for both her teams the entire way. She was great once again with 21.13 miles today. Lisa ‘No Photo Available’ Van Wolde was a steady sidekick with 15.20 miles. Barry ‘Rocketman’ Reece added 15 as well.

The team is currently in Goodpasture Hollow, Virginia.

KG’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Tiffani Glass – 21.13 miles
  2. Lisa Van Wolde – 15.20 miles
  3. Barry Reece – 15.12 miles

THE BEETROOTS – Day 5: 106.17 Miles (7th) – 10th overall

The Roots after an early week ‘beetdown’ have responded in an inspirational way. Today they were led by Brenda Cross with 20.91 miles. Amy Costa broke 20 with 20.09, and Glenn Richardson contributed a half marathon’s worth. The Roots jumped up a spot in passing Peers One.

The team is currently in Atkins, Virginia.

BR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Brenda Cross – 20.91 miles
  2. Amy Costa – 20.09 miles
  3. Glenn Richardson- 13.15 miles

PEERS ONE- Day 5: 98.20 Miles (9th) – 11th overall

The other McComb, Wayne McComb, broke out his old Louisville Slugger from deep in his closet to lay down 17.59 miles. Las Vegas native Karla Kent assisted the team with 17.30 miles, and team captain Rich Peers was good for 16.04 miles.

The team is currently in Retreat, Virginia. (no jokes please!)

PR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Wayne McComb – 17.59 miles
  2. Karla Kent – 17.30 miles
  3. Rich Peers – 16.04 miles

ELI’S P.R. ICE – Day 5: 96.96 Miles (11th) – 12th overall

In ancient Greek lore double-96’s are good luck. This could be a good sign for PR Ice heading into the weekend. They might be in the rear, but they did have the 11th most miles on the day. Francesca Muccini led the team with 30.05 miles. Team captain Melissa Price laid down her 15-spot, and Brittany Aussieker had 12.67.

The team is currently in Last, Place.

ELI’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Francesca Muccini – 30.05 miles
  2. Melissa Price – 15.00 miles
  3. Brittany Aussieker – 12.67 miles

Daily Updates and Standing Archive


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Day 4 Run It Fast Race Across the USA Team Map

Day 4: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – Whip It

Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA was dominated on Day 4, once again, by Rev Run. At this point, they could take tomorrow off and still likely be in first place to start the following day.

Two super strong individual performances today. The first by Rev’s Lisa Devona. Some how she has increased her mileage each of the first four days of the race 33.03, 35.04, 38.21, and 42.85 today. he other was by GOR’s Chris Clemens who led all runners today with 45.05 miles.

The Top 6 Teams on Day 4

  1. Rev Run – 197.18
  2. Grapes of Rath – 162.93
  3. Tuck n’ Stroll – 153.27
  4. Alfa’s Omegas – 148.16
  5. Trip 2 My Lou – 146.48
  6. Crowe Bars – 143.85

Link to the Google Map showing where each team is on it’s Race Across the USA

Race Across the USA Overall Standings (daily total)

  1. Rev Run – 754.37 miles (197.18)
  2. Mojo Rising – 593.06 miles (133.09)
  3. The Metcalvary – 546.65 miles (106.41)
  4. Grapes of Rath – 536.73 (162.93) +2
  5. Trip 2 My Lou – 535.46 miles (146.48) -1
  6. Crowe Bars – 531.54 miles (143.85) -1
  7. Tuck ‘n Stroll – 505.04 miles (153.27) +1
  8. Alfa’s Omegas – 480.36 miles (148.16) +2
  9. Kicking Glass – 453.63 miles (85.22) -2
  10. Peers One – 443.77 miles (125.67) +1
  11. The Beetroots – 438.63 miles (92.62) -2
  12. Eli’s PR Ice – 410.00 miles (96.13)

New York City to Santa Monica Pier Distance: 2,907.00 Miles

Lisa Devona is the Race Across the USA Peak Performer of the day with a smooth 42.85 miles for Rev Run. Lisa leads the entire race with 149.13 miles.

Top 10 Miles of the Day

  1. Chris Clemens (GOR) – 45.05
  2. Lisa Devona (REV) – 42.85
  3. Ximena Kriete (TNS) – 35.03
  4. Shane Tucker (TNS) – 33.70
  5. Thomas Fowler (ONE) – 33.13
  6. Ed Ettinghausen (REV) – 32.67
  7. Laura Eriks (LOU) – 32.59
  8. Steve Troxel (CB) – 31.20
  9. Tom Orr (GOR) – 28.16
  10. Marylou Corino (LOU) – 27.50

The Day’s Quick Team-by-Team Recaps

REV RUN- Day 4: 197.18 Miles (1st) – 1st overall

An epic powerhouse. It’s repetitive, but this team is clicking on all cylinders. To even make the top performers of the day for Rev you have to run a marathon distance. They’ve been perfect so far. They entered team captain David Pharr’s home state of Tennessee today, but they won’t be there long.

RR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisa Devona – 42.85 miles
  2. Ed Ettinghausen – 32.67 miles
  3. David Pharr – 26.97 miles

MOJO RISING- Day 4: 133.09 Miles (7th) – 2nd overall

A middle of the pack day for Mojo, but they held onto second place overall. Ultrarunner in the making Audrey Davis continues to put down more and more miles. Today she landed on 24.20.

MR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Audrey Davis – 24.20 miles
  2. Lindsay Phenix – 21.34 miles
  3. Joshua Holmes – 15.72 miles

THE METCALVARY – Day 4: 106.41 Miles (9th) – 3rd overall

Elissa Higgins and her 20.76 miles were the bright spot for The Mets on a otherwise bleak day that saw them barely cross over 100 miles. They finished 9th for the day. They still remain in third place overall.

MET’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Elissa Higgins – 20.76 miles
  2. Jen Metcalf – 18.02 miles
  3. Randy Broadway – 15.64 miles

GRAPES OF RATH – Day 4: 162.93 Miles (2nd) – 4th overall

A statement day made by The Grapes and powered by Chris Clemens’ mammoth 45.05 miles. GOR finished second on the day and jumped two spots overall to 4th place.

GOR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Chris Clemens – 45.05 miles
  2. Tom Orr – 28.16 miles
  3. Lisamarie Griffin- 22.73 miles

TRIP 2 MY LOU – Day 4: 146.48 Miles (5th) – 5th overall

Breakout star Laura Eriks led The Lou’s on day four with 32.59 miles providing a great boost to team captain Marylou Corino’s 27.50 miles.

LOU’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Laura Eriks – 32.59 miles
  2. Marylou Corino – 27.50 miles
  3. Jeremy Kluttz – 16.30 miles

CROWE BARS – Day 4: 143.85 Miles (6th) – 6th overall

Steve ‘Professor Fartlek’ Troxel laid down the perfect run/walk combo once again today to land on 31 miles. The Bars were solid on the day, and they are in a great spot heading into the weekend windup.

CB’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Steve Troxel – 31.20 miles
  2. Cathy Downes – 16.07 miles
  3. Amy Hazlewood – 16.03 miles

TUCK N’ STROLL – Day 4: 153.27 Miles (3rd) – 7th overall

There are not enough adjectives to describe how strong Ximena Kriete has been every day of the race so far. Today she put down 35.03 miles and inspired team captain Shane Tucker to nearly match with 33.70 miles.

TNS’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Ximena Kriete – 35.03 miles
  2. Shane Tucker – 33.70 miles
  3. Rene Fosdal-Griffin – 17.34 miles

ALFA’S OMEGAS – Day 4: 148.16 Miles (4th) – 8th overall

David Essary broke 20 miles for the first time in the race with 20.22 miles. His strong miles helped boost the team to a 4th place finish on the day that now has them in 8th place overall.

AO’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. David Essary – 20.22 miles
  2. Alfa Severino – 16.41 miles
  3. Kelly Paul – 16.40 miles

KICKING GLASS – Day 4: 85.22 Miles (12th) – 9th overall


KG’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Barry Reece – 15.72 miles
  2. Tiffani Glass – 13.56 miles
  3. Yvette Campos – 12.29 miles

PEERS ONE- Day 4: 125.67 Miles (8th) – 10th overall

Thomas ‘the Night Train’ Fowler no doubt cuts his pizza’s in thirds. 33.13 miles on the road again today for Thomas. A great bounce back day for Peers One.

PR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Thomas Fowler – 33.13 miles
  2. Rich Peers – 18.84 miles
  3. Karla Kent – 16.03 miles

THE BEETROOTS – Day 4: 92.62 Miles (11th) – 11th overall

BR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Leslie Studtmann – 20.04 miles
  2. Michael Racine – 14.89 miles
  3. Stewart Crouch – 12.56 miles

ELI’S P.R. ICE – Day 4: 96.13 Miles (10th) – 12th overall

A 10th place day for Eli’s which is a better day than they thought they had. Francesca Muccini led the way with 17.18 miles. Melissa Price and Ed Barnette worked hard to hit double-digits today.

ELI’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Francesca Muccini – 17.18 miles
  2. Melissa Price – 15.41 miles
  3. Ed Barnette – 12.24 miles

Daily Updates and Standing Archive


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Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA Top 30 Solo Totals (thru Day 3)

Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA Top 30 Solo Totals (thru Day 3)

Here is a quick look at the Top 30 Individual Miles after the first 3 days of Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA.

Days 1-3 Name Team Miles
1 Kit Brazier (MR) 106.35
2 Lisa Devona (REV) 106.28
3 Thomas Fowler (ONE) 96.05
4 Marylou Cara (LOU) 95.88
5 Steve Troxel (CB) 93.12
6 Lisa Van Wolde (KG) 91.19
7 Ximena Kriete (TNS) 87.29
8 Chris Clemens (GOR) 83.30
9 Andrew Glaze (MET) 73.78
10 Laura Eriks (LOU) 73.42
11 Francesca Muccini (ELI) 72.29
12 Tom Orr (GOR) 64.10
13 Randy Broadway (MET) 64.00
14 David Pharr (REV) 63.20
15 Tiffani Glass (KG) 61.19
16 Lindsay Phenix (MR) 60.55
17 Alfa Severiono (AO) 59.43
18 Ed Ettinghausen (REV) 56.75
19 Seth Crowe (CB) 56.69
20 Jeremy Reed (REV) 55.96
21 Jen Metcalf (MET) 55.71
22 Steve Snyder (REV) 55.51
23 Carrie O’Bryan (BR) 54.55
24 Marjorie Mitchell (CB) 54.44
25 Emily Ryan (REV) 54.30
26 JR Reynolds (MR) 53.17
27 Amy Costa (BR) 53.04
28 Joshua Holmes (MR) 51.92
29 Kimberly Atkins (GOR) 51.57
30 Audrey Davis (MR) 50.84


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Dip Dogs

Day 3: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – The Story of Lazarus Beetroots

The Beetroots went from worst to first on Day 3 of Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA. The team flipped the table with a race leading 176.51 miles for Wednesday after an abysmal, last place total of 67.55 the day before. The big day helped them jump from 12th place to 9th overall.

The top 3 teams remain in tact, but the nine below them have been reshuffled. The overall race miles for the league increased for the third consecutive day.

The Top 5 Teams on Day 3

  1. The Beetroots – 176.51
  2. Rev Run – 175.53
  3. The Metcalvary – 167.40
  4. Mojo Rising – 164.08
  5. Trip 2 My Lou – 137.42

Link to the Google Map showing where each team is on it’s Race Across the USA

Race Across the USA Overall Standings (daily total)

  1. Rev Run – 557.19 miles (175.53)
  2. Mojo Rising – 459.97 miles (164.08)
  3. The Metcalvary – 440.24 miles (167.40)
  4. Trip 2 My Lou – 388.98 miles (137.42) +2
  5. Crowe Bars – 387.69 miles (121.96) -1
  6. Grapes of Rath – 373.80 miles (135.05) +1
  7. Kicking Glass – 368.41 miles (121.93) -2
  8. Tuck ‘n Stroll – 351.77 miles (135.22) +1
  9. The Beetroots – 346.01 miles (176.51) +3
  10. Alfa’s Omegas – 332.30 miles (111.21) -2
  11. Peers One – 318.10 miles (107.47)
  12. Eli’s PR Ice – 313.87 miles (112.89) -1

New York City to Santa Monica Pier Distance: 2,907.00 Miles

Marylou Corino is the Race Across the USA Peak Performer of the day with a smooth 40.00 miles for Trip 2 My Lou.

Top 10 Miles of the Day

  1. Marylou Corino (LOU) – 40.00
  2. Lisa Devona (REV) – 38.21
  3. Ximena Kriete (TNS) – 32.13
  4. Thomas Fowler (ONE) – 32.12
  5. JR Reynolds (MR) – 31.12
  6. Steve Troxel (CB) – 31.12
  7. Francesca Muccini (ELI) – 30.13
  8. Chris Clemens (GOR) – 30.04
  9. Carrie O’Bryan (BR) – 29.56
  10. Lisa Van Wolde (KG) – 25.20

The Day’s Quick Team-by-Team Recaps

REV RUN- Day 3: 175.53 Miles (2nd) – 1st overall

Another superb day from Rev Run and just a mile below The Beetroots explosion. Rev was able to pad it’s lead over all the other teams in the competition. They were led once again by the great Lisa Devona with 38.21 miles. Team Captain David Pharr (24.11 miles) and Ed ‘The Jester’ Ettinghausen (24.35) really solidified the Rev’s for a third consecutive day.

The team had dinner at the Dip Dog Stand (website) in Marion, Virginia where Captain Pharr was able to procure a discount of 75% off if they’d in return bread and fry their own corndogs, along with posing for a team photo with owners. The team was in good spirits after the fair-like food and stories from their successful day on the road. Pharr was vocal in the captain’s meeting telling the other teams to stop by Dip Dog as well and to tell owner Pam Hall he sent them. He also added to be sure to sign DD’s guest book.

RR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisa Devona – 38.21 miles
  2. Ed Ettinghausen – 24.35
  3. David Pharr – 24.11

MOJO RISING- Day 3: 164.08 Miles (4th) – 2nd overall

After Kit Brazier’s 60% drop-off in production today compared to yesterday, Mojo held a team meeting to try to decide her fate on the team moving forward.

Seriously, she delivered once again with 24.49 miles and has 106.35 miles over the first three days of the race, more than any other runner.

Mojo was led today by a strong performance from JR Reynolds with 31.12 miles. Former college cross-country star Audrey Davis had her biggest day of the race with 24.82 miles.

MR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. JR Reynolds – 31.12 miles
  2. Audrey Davis – 24.82 miles
  3. Kit Brazier – 24.49 miles

THE METCALVARY – Day 3: 167.40 Miles (3rd) – 3rd overall

The Met’s biggest strength so far seems to be it’s consistency and daily contributions from everyone on the team. They were led once again by Andy Glaze with 23.32 miles. Downtown Randy Broadway must have been wearing his UNC baby blue shorts, under his running shorts, as he recorded a smooth 23.00 miles. Erik Pascual doubled his mileage from yesterday with 22.21 miles.

The Mets are currently in Fincastle, Virginia getting a night of sleep at the Bethel Ridge Assisted Living Center where team captain Jen Metcalf had a connection from her work back home in the same industry. A security guard at the center did catch Randy Marks ‘sneaking’ chocolate milk out of the cafeteria refrigerator around 2am. (Jen’s connection isn’t that good, Randy).

MET’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Andrew Glaze – 23.32 miles
  2. Randy Broadway – 23.00 miles
  3. Erik Pascual – 22.21 miles

TRIP 2 MY LOU – Day 3: 137.42 Miles (5th) – 4th overall

The Lou’s were led by captain Marylou Corino 40.00 miles (~ 178 kilometers). She had everyone show up for work today, and it was huge as it moved the team all the way up to 4th place from 6th.

Mare had help from the 17-club consisting of Laura Eriks (17.36 miles) and Christy Brewer (17.12). Jeremy Kluttz just missed initiation with 16.01.

After Mare’s team never surfaced above last place in our initial voyage across the states, she’s not used to the phenomena of teams being in front and behind her…but that’s the novelty she is currently trying to adjust to. She’s almost like an owl with this current swiveling neck action she’s unlocked.

LOU’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Marylou Corino – 40.00 miles
  2. Laura Eriks – 17.36 miles
  3. Christy Brewer – 17.12 miles

CROWE BARS – Day 3: 121.96 Miles (8th) – 5th overall

The Crowe Bars dropped from 4th to 5th place after recording the 8th most miles on the day. They had a couple mates not run, and that fact with the midsection of this race being tighter than Billy Blank’s abs it made the difference.

Steve Troxel, whom captain Seth Crowe winds up and the start of the day and let’s wander down the highway, knocked out another 31+ mile day. Crowe added 20.76 miles and was joined by South African native Marj Mitchell with 20.19 miles.

CB is on Lou’s heels. Matthew McConaughey’s younger brother has pissed over objects further away than Lou’s team van currently sits from the CB’s.

CB’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Steve Troxel – 31.12 miles
  2. Seth Crowe – 20.76 miles
  3. Marj Mitchell – 20.19 miles

GRAPES OF RATH – Day 3: 135.05 Miles (7th) – 6th overall

GOR lives by the four absolutes in life: Death, Taxes, Chris Clemens, and Tom Orr. Clemens did Clemens things with 30.04 miles. Orr made it look easy, as he has so many days over the past month with 21.26 miles. Lisamarie Griffin rounded out GOR’s top 3 with 19.04.

The Grapes are stationed at the Augusta Woods Manufactured Home Park. Now, I am just the balladeer, but how many people had Staunton, Virginia down in their pool for the most likely place in America for a trailer park to be so modernly and sensitively named a manufactured home park? It does make it a lot more difficult to call someone, “manufactured home park trash!”

GOR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Chris Clemens – 30.04 miles
  2. Tom Orr – 21.26 miles
  3. Lisamarie Griffin- 19.04 miles

KICKING GLASS – Day 3: 121.93 Miles (9th) – 7th overall

Yesterday would have been Malcolm X’s 95th birthday, but it was today that KG captain Tiffani Glass told David Pharr, “Enjoy your lead while it lasts because soon Chick-fil A chicken biscuits are going to be coming home to roost.”

Glass and Lisa Van Wolde combined for 50 miles, but the team as a whole had a down day as the miles simply weren’t there as a collective unit. Joan Lamayo-Buse added 15.07 miles.

KG’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisa Van Wolde – 25.20 miles
  2. Tiffani Glass – 24.83 miles
  3. Joan Lamayo-Buse – 15.07 miles

TUCK N’ STROLL – Day 3: 135.22 Miles (6th) – 8th overall

TNS was once again Dyna-Kriete as Ximena Kriete ran 32.13 miles (87.29 over the last 3 days). Rend Fosdal-Griffin added 18.33 and Donna Bullington was solid with 18.04 miles.

The team is currently at Funky’s Skate Center in Harrisonburg, Virginia. They moved up a spot in the overall standings.

TNS’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Ximena Kriete – 32.13 miles
  2. Rene Fosdal-Griffin – 18.33 miles
  3. Donna Bullington – 18.04 miles

THE BEETROOTS – Day 3: 176.51 Miles (1st) – 9th overall

The story of the day for sure belonged to The Beetroots as they bounced back from a horrific Day 2 to finish 1st place in miles for Day 3. They finished the day wit 176.51 miles. A total of 110 miles over yesterday’s output. They improved three spots in the overall standings.

Today they had several huge performances. The largest coming from Carrie O’Bryan with 29.56 miles. Badwater vet Amy Costa added 25.01 miles. Stewart ‘Lone Star’ Crouch added 25.00 as well.

Team captain Lance McDermott went over 20, too. Whatever he told his team after yesterday, he should bottle up and sell on QVC or TBN.

BR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Carrie O’Bryan – 29.56 miles
  2. Amy Costa – 25.01 miles
  3. Stewart Crouch – 25.00 miles

ALFA’S OMEGAS – Day 3: 111.21 Miles (11th) – 10th overall

The Alfa’s were a bit off today but still got 20.13 miles from captain Alfa Severino. Kelly Paul added 15.46 and Ryan Malecha donated a half marathon to the cause.

The team is currently in New Market, Virginia.

AO’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Alfa Severino – 20.13 miles
  2. Kelly Paul – 15.46 miles
  3. Ryan Malecha – 13.11 miles

PEERS ONE- Day 3: 107.47 Miles (12th) – 11th overall

PO was more boy than box today, but Thomas Fowler still showed up, Danzig blasting, as he ran 32.12 miles. It’s the third consecutive day of 30+ miles for Thomas.

Team captain Rich Peers accumulated 16.30 miles. Diane ‘Song of the South’ Taylor clocked in with 12.07 miles. Wayne McComb made his presence known with 11.57 miles.

PR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Thomas Fowler – 32.12 miles
  2. Rich Peers – 16.30 miles
  3. Diane Taylor – 12.07 miles

ELI’S P.R. ICE – Day 3: 112.89 Miles (10th) – 12th overall

The Virginia heat and P.R. Ice didn’t get along today. Francesca Muccini led the team with 30.13 miles. Melissa Price (15.00) and Ed Barnette (12.54) made solid contributions as well. The team fell to 12th place, but the race standings are very fluid and will be changing day-to-day.

The team is currently in Woodstock, Virginia.

ELI’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Francesca Muccini – 30.13 miles
  2. Melissa Price – 15.00 miles
  3. Ed Barnette – 12.54 miles

Daily Updates and Standing Archive


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Day 2 RIF Race Across the USA Map

Day 2: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – Knight Rider Speeds Off

Day Two of Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA saw more of the same dominance from race leaders Rev Run. After Rev, the rest of the field leap-frogged, played dead opossum, and pushed each other to big days.

The Top 3 Teams on Day 2

  1. Rev Run – 208.83
  2. Mojo Rising – 167.07
  3. Crowe Bars – 145.13

Link to the Google Map showing where each team is on it’s Race Across the USA

Race Across the USA Overall Standings (daily total)

  1. Rev Run – 381.66 miles (208.83)
  2. Mojo Rising – 295.89 miles (167.07)
  3. The Metcalvary – 272.84 miles (141.92)
  4. Crowe Bars – 265.73 miles (145.13)
  5. Kicking Glass – 246.48 miles (119.79)
  6. Trip 2 My Lou – 244.56 miles (136.00)
  7. Grapes of Rath – 238.75 miles (117.40)
  8. Alfa’s Omegas – 220.99 miles (133.63)
  9. Tuck ‘n Stroll – 216.55 miles (114.99)
  10. Peers One – 210.63 miles (119.68)
  11. Eli’s PR Ice – 200.98 miles (113.29)
  12. The Beetroots – 169.50 miles (65.20)

New York City to Santa Monica Pier Distance: 2,907.00 Miles

Kit Brazier is the Race Across the USA Peak Performer of the day with a massive 62.85 mile day for Mojo Rising.

Top 10 Miles of the Day

  1. Kit Brazier (MR) – 62.85
  2. Lisa Devona (REV) – 35.04
  3. Thomas Fowler (ONE) – 32.42
  4. Ximena Kriete (TNS) – 31.13
  5. Steve Troxel (CB) – 31.00
  6. Lisa Van Wolde (KG) – 30.86
  7. Steve Snyder (REV) – 29.26
  8. Marylou Corino (LOU) – 28.57
  9. Chris Clemens (GOR) – 28.24
  10. Russ Metteer (LOU) – 28.01

The Day’s Quick Team-by-Team Recaps

REV RUN- Day 2: 208.83 Miles (1st) – 1st overall

Rev Run was heavy on the accelerator into Day 2 with a whooping 208.83 miles. A massive amount for a 11-person team. Rev had 9 of it’s 11 runners post double digits with 6 of them doing 20+ led by Lisa Devona with 35.04 miles. This team went hard at it all day, refusing their smoke breaks, and working the road like they were being paid double-time. Steve Snyder was huge with 29.26 and Jeremy Reed ran a RNR Marathon’s worth of miles with 24.65. Ironically and appropriately Rev Run is at the Top Dog Boutique in Staunton, Virginia looking at getting some embroidered gaitors and skirts for the team.

RR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisa Devona – 35.04 miles
  2. Steve Snyder – 29.26 miles
  3. Jeremy Reed – 24.65 miles

MOJO RISING- Day 2: 167.07 Miles (2nd) – 2nd overall

Mojo was rising in the standings on Day 2 as they leaped into the 2nd overall spot with a massive and historic day from Kit Brazier with her 62.85 miles. She came just a couple miles shy of placing 12th among our teams today (by herself). It was truly a performance that Michael Knight would be proud of. She has 81.86 miles over the first two days of the race.

Used in most episodes, a pair of rocket boosters mounted just behind the front tires that lifted the car, allowing KITT to jump into the air and pass over obstacles in the road. Also, occasionally, Turbo Boost was used to allow KITT to accelerate to incredible speeds in excess of 200 mph (322 km/h). The boosters could fire forward or backward.

Mr. Mojo Rising is positioned in Middleton, Virgina just outside of Nana’s Irish Pub. They also had 100% participation once again.

MR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Kit Brazier – 62.85 miles
  2. Lindsay Phenix – 20.14 miles
  3. Joshua Holmes – 15.30 miles

THE METCALVARY – Day 2: 141.92 Miles (4th) – 3rd overall

The Mets had the fourth most miles on the day and currently sit in 3rd place. Andy Glaze led the team once again with 26.02 miles. He currently leads the entire race for shirtless miles. Randy Broadway was super solid once again with 21.00. Metcalf had everyone participate as well with eight hitting double figures. The team is right on the West Virginia/Virginia border at Piggy’s Club in Bunker Hill.

MET’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Andrew Glaze – 26.02 miles
  2. Randy Broadway – 21.00 miles
  3. Jen Metcalf – 17.28 miles

CROWE BARS – Day 2: 145.13 Miles (3rd) – 4th overall

This team is just solid from top to bottom. Today had strong performances by everyone on the team. They were lead once again by Steve ’50K’ Troxel with 31.00 miles. He was buttressed by Seth Crowe (18.55) and Marj Mitchell (16.17). Double-digits also came from Amy Hazlewood, Troy HarpAdam Holloway, Cathy Downes, and Jimmy Girten.

CB’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Steve Troxel – 31.00 miles
  2. Seth Crowe – 18.55 miles
  3. Marj Mitchell – 16.17 miles

TRIP 2 MY LOU – Day 2: 136.00 Miles (5th) – 5th overall

Who would Marylou tag team with today to lead the Lou’s? The answer was Russ Metteer who laid down 28.01 miles to go with Mare’s 28.57 miles to help the team put down an impressive 136.00 miles on Day 2. And truth is always stranger than fiction, the team is pinned down for the night in Falling Waters, West Virginia. They are 14 miles behind the Crowe Bars.

LOU’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Marylou Corino – 28.57 miles
  2. Russ Metteer – 28.01 miles
  3. Rachael Howard – 15.00 miles

KICKING GLASS – Day 2: 119.79 Miles (7th) – 6th overall

Less than five miles behind Skip 2 My Lou is Kicking Glass in 6th place overall. They were led with 30.86 miles from Lisa ‘Lives in a’ Van ‘in the’ Wolde (photo unavailable). The team called it a night early to take a side-trip to Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Williamsport, Maryland to cool off with water-slides and down chocolate covered tater tots.

KG’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisa Van Wolde – 30.86 miles
  2. Tiffani Glass – 15.28 miles
  3. Barry Reece – 12.11 miles

GRAPES OF RATH – Day 2: 117.40 Miles (9th) – 7th overall

A long day on the hot asphalt shriveled up the Grapes a bit today. They finished 9th on the day with 117.40 miles and currently sit in 7th overall. They were led by Chris ‘the Street Sweeper’ Clemens who knocked out four boroughs during his time on the road today. Tom ‘Mr. McFeely’ Orr punched in with 18.61 and Elva Matamoros was elegant in striding forward for 17.71 additional miles for the Grapes.

GOR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Chris Clemens – 28.24 miles
  2. Tom Orr – 18.61 miles
  3. Elva Matamoros – 17.71 miles

ALFA’S OMEGAS – Day 2: 133.63 Miles (6th) – 8th overall

The Omega’s had the biggest improvement from Day 1 to Day 2. They recorded 50 more miles today than yesterday and jumped from 12th to 8th in the standings. Leadership starts at the top and it certainly did for this team today as their captain Alfa Severino ran 26.20 miles. Ryan Malecha, amped up on vinegar water and kale donuts, ran 15.18 miles and Rob Kelly added 12.21.  The Omega’s pumped their runner mile average today up to 8.91 from yesterday’s 5.82. Everyone contributed for the second day in a row.

AO’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Alfa Severino – 26.20 miles
  2. Ryan Malecha – 15.18 miles
  3. Rob Kelly – 12.21 miles

TUCK N’ STROLL – Day 2: 114.99 Miles (10th) – 9th overall

Ximena Kriete was the lifeline for the Tucks today. She ran 31.13 miles and has 55.16 miles over the first two days of the race. Team Captain Shane Tucker, winning captain from our initial voyage across country last month, keeps promising big things in the captain’s meetings. If he can motivate his mates to put down some Ximena’s then they will be well on there way. Other top performers for the team today included Henriett Blodgett with 16.00 miles and Rene Fosdal-Griffin with 12.87. The team is docked in Woodstock, Pennsylvania.

TNS’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Ximena Kriete – 31.13 miles
  2. Henriett Blodgett – 16.00 miles
  3. Rene Fosdal-Griffin – 12.87 miles

PEERS ONE- Day 2: 119.68 Miles (8th) – 10th overall

Peers One wasn’t going to be shut down on Day 2 of the race. They were once again led by Thomas Fowler. Owlette galloped strong for 32.42 miles. He got great help from Badwater veteran Karla Kent (20.17) and Badwater rookie-to-be Rich Peers (18.74).  They were 8th place on the day and 10th overall. You could tell at the captain’s meeting earlier that Rich was really feeling positive about the energy the team had today and their plans to carry it into tomorrow.

PR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Thomas Fowler – 32.42 miles
  2. Karla Kent – 20.17 miles
  3. Rich Peers – 18.74 miles

ELI’S P.R. ICE – Day 2: 113.29 Miles (11th) – 11th overall

Easy does it. Eli’s had a nice 26 mile improvement over yesterday. It’s an improvement that team captain Melissa Price believes they can continue to build on. They were led today by Francessca ‘Fast in Translation’ Muccini with 22.06 miles. She was flanked with help from Price with 15.58 miles and Florida native Ed Barnette with 14.67. The team plans to hit the road early in the morning to start trying to make up some ground on Peers One.

ELI’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Francesca Muccini – 22.06 miles
  2. Melissa Price – 15.58 miles
  3. Ed Barnette – 14.67 miles

THE BEETROOTS – Day 2: 65.20 Miles (12th) – 12th overall

There is no way to sugarcoat Tuesday for The Roots, they simply took a ‘beeting.’ Four runners didn’t even step out of the van to record miles, leaving team captain Lance McDermott frustrated and digging for ways to get to the root of the problem. Wednesday will bring a fresh day for the team and often that is the only positive you rely on. The team was led today by Brenda Cross with 13.31 asymmetrical miles, Leslie Studtmann (11.62), and Amy Costa (10.92). The Beets are 31 miles back of the pack, but all ‘Hope’ is not lost this early in the race.

BR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Brenda Cross – 13.31 miles
  2. Leslie Studtmann – 11.62 miles
  3. Amy Costa – 10.92 miles

Daily Updates and Standing Archive

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Laura Eriks – Race Across the USA Peak Performer of the Day

Day 1: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – Rev Run Takes Lead Out of NYC

Day One of Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA started as the twelve teams left Battery Park in New York City on their 2,907 mile epic journey towards the West Coast. These teams seem to be, by and large, evenly match as they are filled with some of the most driven people from across the globe. We started with 132 runners from sixteen states and four countries.

All the teams were revved up out of the starting corrals, but Rev Run took off and made it all the way to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Day 1 to take the early lead. They finished the day with 172.83 miles and were led by Lisa Devon’s 33.03 miles.

About forty miles back of Rev Run there was a cluster of teams that included The Metcalvary, Mojo Rising, Breaking Glass, Crowe Bars, and Grapes of Rath all within 10 miles of each other.

All twelve teams are roughly between Allentown and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with Alfa’s Omegas deciding to be the Omegas…at least for today.

Link to the Google Map showing where each team is on it’s Race Across the USA

Race Across the USA Overall Standings

  1. Rev Run – 172.83 miles
  2. The Metcalvary – 130.92 miles
  3. Mojo Rising – 128.92 miles
  4. Kicking Glass – 126.69 miles
  5. Grapes of Rath – 121.35 miles
  6. Crowe Bars – 120.60 miles
  7. Trip 2 My Lou – 115.56 miles
  8. The Beetroots – 104.30 miles
  9. Tuck ‘n Stroll – 101.56 miles
  10. Peers One – 90.95 miles
  11. Eli’s PR Ice – 87.69 miles
  12. Alfa’s Omegas – 87.36 miles

Laura Eriks, of Trip 2 My Lou, was the Race Across the USA Peak Performer of the day with her massive 50.02 mile day.

Top 10 Miles of the Day

  1. Laura Eriks (LOU) – 50.02 miles
  2. Lisa Van Wolde (KG) – 35.13 miles
  3. Lisa Devona (REV) – 33.03 miles
  4. Thomas Fowler (ONE) – 31.51 miles
  5. Steve Troxel (CB) – 31.00 miles
  6. Marylou Corino (LOU) – 27.31 miles
  7. Kimberly Atkins (GOR) – 26.28 miles
  8. Chris Clemens (GOR) – 25.02 miles
  9. Carrie O’Bryan (BR) – 24.99 miles
  10. Andrew Glaze (MET) – 24.44 miles

The Day’s Quick Team-by-Team Recaps

REV RUN- Day 1: 172.83 Miles (1st) – 1st overall

The odd’s on favorite wasted no time breaking loose out of New York City and claiming the yellow jersey for Day 1. They were led by a 1/3 slice of a 100 from Florida native Lisa Devona. The team had nearly half it’s members break 20 miles for the day.

RR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisa Devona – 33.03 miles
  2. Emily Ryan – 21.49 miles
  3. Ed Ettinghausen – 21.1 miles

THE METCALVARY – Day 1: 130.92 Miles (2nd) – 2nd overall

Team captain Jen Metcalf humbly voted her team as the favorite to win the race in a poll conducted earlier in the day. She stated, “My team doesn’t get out of bed for anything less than 1st place.” The Mets were led by Andrew Glaze with 24.44 miles. The California native started the race ‘fresh’ off a 200-mile week he completed before hopping his flight to NYC. The team is bedded down at the Lamp Lighter for the night.

MET’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Andrew Glaze – 24.44 miles
  2. Randy Broadway – 20.00 miles
  3. Elissa Higgins – 19.16 miles

MOJO RISING- Day 1: 128.82 Miles (3rd) – 3rd overall

This team must have thought it was bad mojo to hit 20 miles or more as all their top runners for the day stopped in the 19’s. They were led by Lindsay Phenix with 19.51 miles and got contributions from all everyone on their team today. They are two miles down the road from The Mets by the Penn Jersey Pork & Beef Farms. By the smell of things, there is no meat shortage as reported by several media outlets.

MR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lindsay Phenix – 19.51 miles
  2. Joshua Holmes – 19.11 miles
  3. Kit Brazier – 19.01 miles

KICKING GLASS – Day 1: 126.69 Miles (4th) – 4th overall

Kicking Glass was kicking the back heels of Mojo with a really strong first day. They are just two miles off the podium, and were led by Canadian Lisa Van Wolde’s 35.13 miles.  She had great support from Tiffani Glass with 21.08 miles and Barry Reece with 20.31. Both of them put up big miles on the inaugural Race Across the USA as well. They are currently positioned on the corner of Bloody Spring Rd and Power Dr.

KG’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisa Van Wolde – 35.13 miles
  2. Tiffani Glass – 21.08 miles
  3. Barry Reece – 20.31 miles

GRAPES OF RATH – Day 1: 121.35 Miles (5th) – 5th overall

GOR was a fierce 3-headed monster consisting of Kimberly Atkins 26.28 miles, Chris Clemens 25.02, and Tom Orr 24.23. Atkins and Clemens were on the same team of our last cross country journey and are heavy hitters. It would appear they packed the lumber for this race too. Orr was the breakout star last round, and he delivered today for his new team. GOR is only about a kilometer ahead of the Crowe Bars.

GOR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Kimberly Atkins – 26.28 miles
  2. Chris Clemens – 25.02 miles
  3. Tom Orr – 24.23 miles

CROWE BARS – Day 1: 120.60 Miles (6th) – 6th overall

The Crowe Bars were led on day one by Steve Troxel with 31 miles.  Steve really set the tone for the team with his strong effort, but kept them loose with his newly braided pigtails. The Queen of Pinson Mounds, Marj Mitchell got all her gardening done over the weekend, because she made it clear she was going to bring the hammer starting on Monday morning for her new team. Did she ever…with 18.08 miles. The Bars are chasing GOR and plan to keep the heat on them tomorrow.

CB’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Steve Troxel – 31.00 miles
  2. Marj Mitchell – 18.08 miles
  3. Seth Crowe – 17.38 miles

TRIP 2 MY LOU – Day 1: 115.56 Miles (7th) – 7th overall

A 50-spot on Day 1, much less from a rookie – Laura Eriks, is something to behold. Laura and team captain, Marylou Corino combined for 77.31 of the team’s 115.56 miles for the day. Their two-person total would have put them just 10 miles behind our 12th place team on the day. Quite appropriately, Laura’s legs and the team currently are positioned next to Lehigh Cement.

LOU’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Laura Eriks – 50.02 miles
  2. Marylou Corino – 27.31 miles
  3. Jeremy Kluttz – 13.09 miles

THE BEETROOTS – Day 1: 104.30 Miles (8th) – 8th overall

The Roots were led by Carrie O’Bryan with a quarter spot. A strong race debut that helped her team break the century spot for the day. She had help from Florida native Amy Costa with 17.11 miles and Brenda Cross with 15.00. After dinner, the team spent a couple hours touring the Old Spokes Car Museum in New Smithville.

BR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Carrie O’Bryan – 24.99 miles
  2. Amy Costa – 17.11 miles
  3. Brenda Cross – 15.00 miles

TUCK N’ STROLL – Day 1: 101.56 Miles (9th) – 9th overall

X marked the spot for TNS on Day 1 with 24.03 miles from Ximena Kriete. Ironically, our 9th place team is showing up on the map at Cloud Nine Pet Services. Hopefully, TNS will unleash the greyhounds tomorrow as they try to move into the top half of the field.

TNS’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Ximena Kriete – 24.03 miles
  2. Donna Bullington – 15.02 miles
  3. Jd Barnette – 12.15 miles

PEERS ONE- Day 1: 90.95 Miles (10th) – 10th overall

Thomas Fowler did his part for Peers with a 31.51 mile marker. He told his teammates in their pre-race pep talk to get on his back and he’d carry them on Day 1. Perhaps he forgot to buckle them in before his torrid rampage. The team is camped out for the night by the Little Lehigh Creek.

PR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Thomas Fowler – 31.51 miles
  2. Diane Taylor – 10.96 miles
  3. Sofie Romero – 10.08 miles

ELI’S P.R. ICE – Day 1: 87.69 Miles (11th) – 11th overall

Former Vol State 500K winner Francesca Muccini led Eli’s PR Ice with 20.10 miles. The team got off to a bit of a slow start. Team captain Melissa Price contributed 15.50 miles. Eli’s is just south of Harrisburg with the Omegas tight on their tail.

ELI’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Francesca Muccini – 20.10 miles
  2. Melissa Price – 15.50 miles
  3. Ruth Thomas – 10.26 miles

ALFA’S OMEGAS – Day 1: 87.36 Miles (12th) – 12th overall

This race is all about pacing. It will test you as it’s relentless day, after day, after day. With that said, the Alfa’s should be fresh for Day 2. They were low on the totem pole today, but they can see teams in front of them they will be chasing tomorrow. They were led on Day 1 by team captain, Alfa Severino with 13.1 miles.

AO’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Alfa Severino – 13.1 miles
  2. Kelly Paul – 10.35 miles
  3. Houston Wolf – 10.33 miles

Daily Updates and Standing Archive

  • Day 1: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – Rev Run Takes Lead Out of NYC

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Steve Troxel with Son and Grandson

‘3 Days at the Fail’ – Steve Troxel’s 3 Days at the Fair 48 Hr Recap

Lessons Learned from my 48 Hour ‘Failure’ at 3 Days at the Fair

I didn’t want to post about my race at 3 Days at the Fair this past weekend, but I figure that if I post about my good races I really should post about my bad races as well. One of the reasons to post about bad races is to encourage others not to make the same mistakes. However, even as I hope others will learn from my mistakes, they probably won’t. Why can I say this? Because I certainly have read many posts warning me about the mistakes I made and I obviously didn’t listen! Perhaps you need to have a clear failure to cement the lessons deep into your neural processing. I can only hope that this failure was bad enough that I won’t make these same mistakes again. I repeat, I can only hope!

3 Days at the Fair is held on a certified one mile loop in Augusta NJ. The race has many different events – 10 day, 6 day, 3 day, 2 day, etc.. I signed up for the 2 day – 48 hour – event. I felt very confident about my ability for this race since I had run 150 miles in 31:30 in March and felt reasonably good at the end. Between March and this race I had put in a short marathon training block and run a PR of 3:13:58 at the St. Jude Nashville marathon just 3 weeks prior to the start of my 48 hour race. I tapered well coming into this race and felt good several days out. Nothing but good things to say about the location of this race and the way it was run.

First the good things about my race:

The best part was definitely the people. First, my son, Shawn Troxel, and grandson were able to come out as crew. This was so fun! And when my race ended early, we made the best of it and enjoyed a trip into NYC. Memories! I was also able to meet the great Gina Slaby. Well, I didn’t actually meet her, but I did say “Good job!” as she passed me several times an hour. I was able to meet and chat with Amy Mower – who won the 48 hour race – and Benjamin Timoner. I also met David Christy and Jimmie Barnes. I was able to run with Jeff Hagen, who holds several American AG records, and Steve Tomajko, who has run for the Canadian 24 hour team. The ultra running community is simply incredible!

As far as the actual race, I believe my preparation was good, except for the one big mistake listed below. My training was good; my sleep was good; and my taper coming in was good. I was well prepared. I also think I did a good job with nutrition. So far, it seems I have this somewhat figured out. Things may certainly change as I run longer times or have to push harder, but my body seems to respond well on mainly liquid calories, about 125 per hour, and then a supplement of other stuff like coke, chips, and sweets. This requires a little monitoring of the “other” stuff but it seems to be manageable.

Now for the mistakes:

The first mistake has been several years in the making. I train hard. I run lots of miles and am learning about the different energy systems and what paces are needed to train each system. However, I have never been good at stretching or strengthening my core. This has never really been a problem, other than the embarrassment at not being able to come close to touching my toes, but when combined with my second mistake I was almost unable to even start the race.

My second mistake was deciding to drive 16 hours to the race. I don’t think I will drive that far to a race again unless I travel with someone else who can do the driving while I lie down or recline. The race started on Friday morning so I left home early Wednesday and drove 11 hours before stopping and sleeping in the back of my van. When I got up in the morning I could barely walk. My back was so messed up that I couldn’t even think about running. I drove the rest of the way, checked into a hotel and spent the rest of Thursday working on my back with stretching, heat, and ibuprofen. I was able to make it to the start line but I truly hope I have learned this lesson. As we ask more and more of our bodies, and especially as we get older, the extra things like core and stretching (and other things like diet and strength) become more and more important. I am now absolutely committed to making core and stretching a prioritized and integral part of my training! Note: I am an anti-NSAID runner, but I took several doses before and during the race.

My third mistake was with hydration and actually probably began on Wednesday. I’ve never been good with drinking while traveling and tend to focus on an early coffee and maybe a Monster to keep me awake. I have a little bit of old man prostate issues which can sometimes lead to bathroom emergencies, so my traveling solution is to not drink. Not smart when you have a race coming up. On Thursday I was so focused on my back that I only had a cup of coffee in the morning. On race morning I, again, only had a cup of coffee with breakfast.

As the race got started, I drank my calories but this was only 8 ounces per hour. The temperatures were mild and there were no triggers to tell me I needed to drink. After 8 hours I hadn’t peed so I went into the bathroom at the first indication that I might have to go. What came out was about a tablespoon of very dark liquid. On the way out of the bathroom, I momentarily blacked out and had to stand still while I figured out where I was. After running another mile, both calves cramped and caused me to fall into a pile of mulch, which was quite fortunate. Several other runners quickly came to my aid and helped me back on my feet after I screamed and pounded the ground for a few minutes.

I started drinking extra water but I was 11 hours in before using the bathroom again. What did I learn? I obviously started the race dehydrated. There is no excuse for this! You need to come into a race fully hydrated. ‘nuff said! Then, once the race started, I was so focused on how I was feeling, with concern about my back, and my pacing, that I didn’t give hydration the thought it required. Yes, I know we should be concerned about drinking too much, but I certainly did not drink enough. What will I do differently? I will make sure to start the race hydrated. I will also go extra slow for the first hour, which leads into my final mistake, and drink a little extra to make sure I have a good bathroom break sometime in the first couple hours.

My last mistake, at least the last I can think of, is pacing. For this, I owe a big apology to Bob Hearn. It’s a little presumptuous of me to call Bob my mentor, but I have learned so much from his race reports on The Puzzle of Running and consider myself a disciple of his system. It was as if I just did a data dump on what I had supposedly learned. This is quite frustrating. I felt good starting the race and was glad that my back was allowing me to run. I decided to just run my regular easy pace for the first hour. The problem is that an easy pace is completely unsustainable for an ultra distance event – unless you are one of the top runners in the world. My thinking was that my goal pace, which is several minutes per mile slower than my easy pace and requires walk breaks, is kind of difficult when you are feeling good and rested, so why not build a little “tired” into the legs to make the goal pace more reasonable. Stupid, stupid, stupid! All this does is expend unnecessary energy. After the first hour I was 14 minutes ahead of schedule and I fell into thinking this was good as it allowed me to go slower than goal pace for a bunch of miles and stay on goal.

After the first hour, I tried to slow down and take walk breaks but my pace was still too fast for the next hour…and the next. At one point I was 47 minutes ahead of schedule. My goal pace put me at a very aggressive mileage for the full 48 hours. When you set a goal like this, you ought to be terrified – TERRIFIED! – if you find yourself ahead of your goal early into the race. What did I learn and what will I do differently? For a relatively flat course, I need to have a much more detailed plan of how much I am going to run and how much I am going to walk, from the very first lap. I also need to plan my running pace and my walking pace in order to meet my goal pace. Then I need to race by a Thou Shalt Not go faster than goal pace for any mile, or at least as averaged over every few miles. I also think I will go slower than goal pace for the first hour to let my system relax before settling into a rhythm.

I decided to end my race at 91 miles at 18:13:16. I have zero regrets about stopping when I did. It was the right thing to do! My anterior tibialis had been hurting for the last few hours. I’m sure this was due to a combination of dehydration and poor pacing, especially with trying to go too fast while walking. You need to train your walk, and you should train to walk fast, but once in a race I think you should pull back from your fastest walking speed. There may have also been a problem with wearing the ankle strap with the timing chip. I might see if there is an option to wear or carry this another way in the future. When the anterior tibialis becomes inflamed it is difficult to push off while walking. For the last hours it hurt more to walk than it did to run. I had a prior injury to this tendon and know that if damage occurs, the recovery can be very long. I am now several days post race and my anterior tibialis has no lingering pain. After the race, my back quickly tightened up and it will take several more days before I can think about running, but I’m content with stopping and with the lessons learned.

I’m looking forward to getting back to training and am really looking forward to my next race. I am registered for the 48 hour race in the Dome in August and may try to sneak in a race in GA in July.

Thanks for reading!

Steve Troxel
RIF Member

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[photos: David Christy, Steve Troxel]

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Steve Troxel, Whit Guthrie, and Joshua Holmes

Trail of Fears Race Recap from Steve Troxel

Trail of Fears Race Report by 2nd place finisher Steve Troxel

To put this report in perspective, you ought to know a few things about me.

I’m 58 years old with 10 grandkids.
I’m relatively new to running – been consistent for about 6 years.
I’m very new to this ultra world – first ultra distance was 50 miles at RUTS last year.

I ran TOF last year and made it 10 loops for an 8th place finish. This year I knew I was in better condition and said I would be absolutely thrilled to make it to the final 5 or 6. I have such great respect for the group that showed up for this race.

The intriguing thing about ultra events is that you really don’t know how your body will respond. There are so many variables with nutrition, gut, and muscle fatigue/strain that it’s difficult, if not impossible to accurately predict a specific outcome – too many things can go wrong, and they usually do.

My plan from the beginning was to run super easy and meet new people. The first several loops were great as I talked a bunch and was usually one of the last to finish the loop. By loops four and five I noticed my quads were a lot more tired than they ought to be. This was not a good sign. I had just run a PR marathon (3:17:01) at St. Jude two weeks earlier and figured I wasn’t fully recovered. I kept with the plan and the loops just kept clicking off.

On loops eight and nine, I had to run a little faster so I could change into my tights and different socks. This transition went well and I felt prepared as darkness approached. Loop 10 we had 13 runners and this was the first loop we had to switch on our headlamps. By the start of loop 11 we were down to 7 runners, and as we took the picture to start the loop I actually teared up. As I looked at the group I was on the line with, I just felt so incredibly blessed.

Now a side bar. One of the issues with getting a little older is with night vision. My vision becomes more and more blurry as the lights begin to fade. I knew this was going to be a problem so I ordered a new headlamp and some handheld flashlights. Loop 11 was great! I felt I could see as well as in the daylight. But on loop 12 my lights began to dim. What the heck!!? The rest of the loops became a lighting headache.

No one dropped on loop 11. On loop 12, I ended up behind Francesca Muccini and we power walked much of the second half of the course. This is actually not a bad strategy. Francesca is a fast walker and, if you stay focused, you can almost walk as fast as you can run over much of the course. Plus, walking behind allowed me to get some help from her headlamp.

I changed batteries after loop 12 and thought I was good. All 7 runners started loop 13 and I, once again, fell in behind Francesca. However, she was doing a lot of power walking at the beginning of this loop and I started to get concerned. By the halfway point, I felt we were too far behind to continue this strategy so I said I had to press ahead. Francesca just missed the cutoff for loop 13. That left 6 for the start of loop 14.

No one dropped on loop 14 but my headlamp problems continued. The lamp/flashlight combination would work for a short time and then begin to dim. As the lights dimmed, I became tentative in my steps and fell hard on both the 14th and 15th loop.

All 6 runners started the 15th loop and I started behind Randy Broadway. When we came out of the first side branch, he stopped and said he was done. I gave him a big hug – I really like and respect Randy – and continued. I really just kept plodding along. My legs felt good and I wasn’t having any major stomach issues. I still have a ways to go with proper eating in these longer races but at least I wasn’t completely falling apart. But as I already said, my lighting was not good and I fell hard. Marylou sprinted in with just 1 second left on the clock and Stewart Crouch said he was done. That left 4 runners to start loop 16.

Loop 16 was exciting since it was going to set a course record. I continued to fight my headlamp issue. I found that if I turned it off for a while and just used the flashlight I could then turn it back on for a while. This was working but it was draining me mentally. After completing the 16th loop, I asked if anyone had a headlamp I could borrow.  William Pinson let me borrow Megan‘s. This allowed me to step to the line on the 17th loop. I was surprised that Marylou decided to drop. Three of us started loop 17.

Though the borrowed headlamp helped, I really needed something brighter. I was able to run but had to keep telling myself, “Get ready to fall, get ready to fall.” Midway through this loop I decided this was no longer safe. I felt ok, but just knew I was going to get hurt. Again, this is more a mental struggle than anything, and I was getting mentally worn out. I decided I was going to line up for loop 18 but if Joshua Holmes started running I was going to stop.

All three of us lined up for loop 18. Josh said go, I took several steps and, to my surprise, Josh stayed on the line and said, “Have a good run.” I quickly ran up to Whit Guthrie and let him know Josh was not continuing. I said that if he would help guide me with his headlamp we could call this the last lap and he would win. Turns out, he was very ready to be done and was glad for the plan. We made it through the loop without incident and Whit is a true champion!

In my limited experience, I have found that competing at the ultra level is both physical and mental. I was definitely prepared physically and would not change anything in my training. Mentally, I learned a bunch, as we probably do in every race we run. I will NEVER be in this situation with lighting again – this is an easy problem to fix. The mental lessons are something I will take with me into my next bunch of races, including 2019 TOF, and will make me stronger.

My parting note to older runners: You can do more than you think is possible!

My parting note to all runners: I lost my mom to cancer when she was 43 and then lost by baby sister to cancer when she was 43. NEVER forget that what we do is a wonderful gift. Be determined to truly live each day we are given!!

Steve Troxel (2nd place finisher of the 2017 Trail of Fears)
December 16, 2017

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